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I-75 Serial Killer

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Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells


Many of the cases listed on this web site have some psychic work connected to them.

In almost every case, it is that psychic work; whether it be dream work, visions, or some other variation, that makes the case "mine." This seems to be a term that some people have difficulty understanding. I'm not "laying claim to the cases and saying that they are mine..... all mine, and that nobody else can work them."

Those who believe this really don't know me at all.

I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of my own money sending law enforcement information that I've gathered or "received," concerning dozens of cases. The I-75 Serial Killer case is no different, except in one way.

There has been no "psychic" work done on this case. I've personally had no dreams and have had absolutely nothing reported to me by anyone, as far as the "supernatural" is concerned.

The information that I have gathered, and that I think might apply to the case came from a gal who used to accompany me as I worked some of our local cases.

I have faithfully passed the details on to local law enforcement as well as many others throughout the country. Never did I claim it as strictly my own and refuse to share it.

In recent weeks I have met, via the computer, a person who lives in Wisconsin.

This person claims to be a retired private detective ... {and I wondered how one retires!!}

The person asked for my assistance in designing some web pages for their web site, and I agreed to help in any way that I could. This person also indicated that he/she was interested in the case known by all us amateur sleuths as the I-75 Serial Killer.

I sent this person the information that I had formerly given to various members of law enforcement. The person began sending me pictures of people they were trying to identify.

One of the first cases that was sent to me caught my attention immediately because it seemed to go along with the information that I had gathered concerning a local case.

It also made me think of the I-75 Serial Killer.

I re-designed the page as requested and faithfully sent it back to the person.

To make a long story short, within a day or so I began recognizing some of the materials that were being sent to me.

They already existed on the Doe Network as well as other places on the internet.

This person was taking them from those places, stripping all acknowledgments, all contact sources, all credits and sending them to me so that I could re-design them as if they were original work that belonged to this person!!

At first I couldn't believe someone would do such a thing. My own web site has many things that came from other sources. I always try to give credit where credit is due. And I list any contact sources that I locate.

Needless to say, our "relationship" sunk!

I'm good at sinking "ships" that are not sailing smoothly! Just ask Wild Bill ... I sunk that "friend-ship" in a hurry.

There's a few others that could give a person a first hand account of my ship sinking abilities too! It wasn't long until I received a message from this person who had asked me to help him/her, in which I was informed that the page I'd done up and titled 'Wisconsin Jane Doe' belonged to him/her.

So, being the fair and honest person that I am. I have scrapped everything that was on that original page, and have completely re-done it.

And wouldn't you know. When the Lord saw that I was so stubborn that I'd dump it all rather than crawl in bed with a damned thief, he made sure I found even more information than the thief had sent me in the first place!

That story "WILL" be told, whether anyone likes it or not, because I got a gut feeling about all this and I won't back down! And that's a promise.

Page one of this story is the info that I have gathered from a friend.

Page two consists of comments from other sources, news papers, etc. that I located on the net or that came in on one or more of the yahoo groups that I am a member of.

Page three is the revised version of the Wisconsin Doe case. I think the reader can determine for themselves whether there might be a connection. If so, don't call me! Call the nearest branch of law enforcement or contact some of the people listed on pages two or three.

I am a psychic detective, but I am NOT a member of law enforcement...not a cop... nothing but a psychic who seems intent on identifying killers .... It's up to law enforcement to catch them. / Bonnie:

The Local Case

A few years ago, two local teenaged girls decided to hitchhike across country!

It was not an intelligent decision, but the decisions of most teenage girls aren't real swift! The two secretly packed a couple of bags and off they went. Run-a-ways, was the proper term, but everyone figured they were hiding out locally with friends. But no, these two had a plan! They hit the first truck stop they came to and started trying to hitch a ride with a long haul trucker.

They wanted to go west.

The two girls soon landed a ride with a trucker from Wisconsin.

He drove a big black Peterbuilt rig and looked friendly enough .... for awhile.

Something went wrong ... no one has ever learned the details, but something happened that scared girl # 1 and she bailed out at a truck stop somewhere in Indiana or Illinois, and soon found a ride back to this area with another trucker and went home. Either the other girl didn't have as much sense as the first girl or she had more determination because she stuck right with the guy in the big black Peterbuilt semi.

Thank goodness, the first girl had sense enough to tell her parents what she'd done and where her friend was.

And she'd been smart enough to get the trucker's name too! It didn't take law enforcement too long to track girl #2 down using the first girl's information. However, by the time law enforcement reached the man's home, where he'd taken the girl, he had cut the girl's hair to resemble a boy's hair, dressed her in boys clothing, and used a pair of pliers to remove the braces from the girl's teeth!!

What he had in mind, we will never know, but it certainly doesn't sound good to me.

Nothing was ever done with the man for what he'd done to the girl.

The girl's were told not to discuss the case with anyone, and the parents were told the same thing. Law enforcement would handle it.

That's been several years ago. I suppose they are still investigating!

It seems this entire nation is being investigated in every direction we turn.

But there are seldom any answers to the investigations. They just go on and on and on, with never an end, never an answer.

So it is in this case too. The girl's are now both grown women with husbands and children of their own, and Mr. Peterbuilt is still driving our highways; still picking up girls; still doing God only knows what to them.

Meanwhile, the bodies of murdered girls and women begin showing up along interstate 75. There has been much speculation about these dead females. Many remain unidentified. Some are hookers. Some don't appear to be hookers, but by the time their remains are found it's usually pretty difficult to determine what they were.

There are many armchair detectives such as I who are intrigued with the cases.

There are others who really are detectives and members of law enforcement who should be as interested.

I have passed this information on to as many as I have encountered in the past few years.

Some have said the man's name sounds familiar. Others have not commented at all. Still others have told me that they are "working" it ....whatever that means.

Personally, I'm not "working the case." I'm just listing the information for those who are working it! If there's any cops out there who are interested, contact me via e-mail and let me know who you are, what department, state, etc you are with and I'll supply you the trucker's name. Otherwise .... don't hitch any rides with a dude in a big black Peterbuilt!!!

Oh, I can hear them truckers moan! Just ticked off the driver of every black Peterbuilt in the nation!


Breaker, breaker 1-9, ya got the Wild Child here ...... she's asking you to get on those old CB's and do some "truck stop sleuthing" You made your mark with the DC Snipers, and you can do it again with the I-75 Killer...

come on back........


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