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Little Hocking


Bonnie M. Wells






Near Little Hocking



I'd been emphasizing Little Hocking to Detective Winstanley for several weeks before Jenifer McCrady disappeared.

Somehow, I knew it was going to be the axis on which the next case spun. Little did I realize just how important Little Hocking would be or just how much "spin" there would actually be on the next case!

I'm sure Detective Winstanley didn't realize it either. Little Hocking was officially "put on the map" when Jenifer's body was found buried just off Township Road 298, in a heavily wooded area, of private property where oil and gas wells were located.

I noticed though that the local news media could not actually bring themselves to say that the woman was found in Little Hocking. The best they were ever able to do was say "near" Little Hocking.

If one took the road, it was 7/10ths of a mile from our elementary school. If you stood on the hillside, where the body was found buried in a shallow grave, you could look slightly northeast and see the school property.

I had stood on school grounds, looking to the south, and right at the area where Jenifer McCrady was found, just hours before the discovery, as I spoke to a man about a horseback search party.

So the world could rest assured it was "in Little Hocking," and not "near" it.

Torch, located in Athens county would have been "near" Little Hocking, as would Porterfield in the opposite direction.

I never understood their West Virginia reasoning, and wondered if something that happened on Dudley Avenue would be considered "near Parkersburg!" But after the case against Jackie McCrady got rolling, the news media's ignorance took a back seat to the stupidity of others.


The Great Sighting



Mary Dye was the state's "best" witness. She claimed that she saw Jackie McCrady in his patrol car, on a rainy day, through the rear view mirror, leaving the area where his murdered wife would be found some three days later, right here in Little Hocking. It was difficult to believe, but it probably wasn't the most difficult testimony that had to be believed before the state could get the conviction they so desperately wanted and needed. After all, it was an "election year." Everyone had to prove they were worth re- election! I thought it was very odd that there had been 3 local cases in 1996, and all three had been "solved" almost immediately.

Never mind that all three may very well have been solved incorrectly!

That didn't matter. It hushed the masses and soothed the nerves of the elite, and made elected officials look trustworthy and capable. To hell with the fact that cases remained unsolved from as far back as 1975. That didn't matter at all because most people couldn't remember back that far!

Then again, some people’s memories appeared to "improve" with time!


The Next Best Sighting



The state's next best witness also involved Little Hocking. In fact, looking back, I realize without Little Hocking's witnesses the state wouldn't even have had a case against Jackie McCrady!

Now that's really an interesting realization, not to mention scary!

The Marathon Service Station and Convenience Store was owned and operated by the brother of a Belpre police officer. A lot of cops hung out there in their spare time and even pitched in and helped make pizzas for the store! I thought that was nice of them, considering I'd been offering to make pizza's for "Washington County" ... if they would come out here and help me stop this damned killer that had been ravishing our area for about 20 years now. I received no response, and of course had anticipated none.

That was one thing about these people, they seldom disappointed me!

One man testified that he remembered seeing a trooper at the service station the morning of September 19th. He didn't recall what the trooper looked like so he couldn't really give a positive id on Jackie McCrady.

A clerk recalled a trooper coming into the store that morning and paying for gasoline, but she couldn't recall the vehicle he was driving. She did say that when she saw Jackie McCrady's picture in the newspaper she thought it was not him because the guy she remembered looked older than Jackie.

Jackie had just turned 31 a few days before Jenifer disappeared.

The man that remembered seeing a trooper pumping gas into a red blazer testified that he didn't pay much attention to the officer, but did get a good look at the vehicle.

When asked if he thought he could pick the vehicle out of a photo lineup he said he thought he could.

The defense produced pictures of Jenifer's red Chevy Blazer, as well as others, some of which were pictures of Robert Dunn's red Chevy Blazer.

Robert Dunn was Jackie McCrady's commanding officer - the man who attacked McCrady from behind, dragged his chair over back-wards and began kicking him and calling him a son-of-a-bitch after Jenifer McCrady had been found.....

Jackie didn't know she'd been found! Dunn sent him to the station to view training videos while Dunn and Garvey handled the grave site.

Garvey had known Jenifer McCrady since she was a child, growing up in Belpre, just a couple of blocks from the police dept. While Dunn testified that he had only met Jenifer on a couple of occasions when she and Jackie attended social events of the State Patrol. And yet, Garvey could not identify Jenifer McCrady when they unrolled her from the sleeping bag and comforter that she was wrapped in.

But officer Dunn could! It was Dunn who gave the positive id on Jenifer McCrady, not her husband, not her family, not her friends, not even Garvey ... but Robert Dunn. Amazing.

The witness looked carefully at the pictures presented to him in the court room. You could tell he took the situation seriously and wanted to be sure of his identification of the vehicle he'd seen at the Marathon that early fall morning in 1996.

He didn't hesitate. There was no confusion as he selected the pictures that showed the vehicle he'd seen the trooper pumping gas into. It was Robert Dunn's vehicle!

I remember my husband asking about the trial when I went home that night. And I remember telling him that if the prosecution continued the way it was going, Jackie McCrady wouldn't even need a lawyer because they were destroying their own case! I was wrong.

Two people had said they didn't think it was officer McCrady, because "he looked too young," and "it wasn't Jenifer's vehicle."

The words of both witnesses must have sailed right past the jury!



Some Memories Improve



I've heard it said that sometimes, memories improve with time. I always thought they were talking about personal things like bad relationships that a person finally got away from. But, I was wrong again. The principle obviously applied in the McCrady case too.

One witness testified that she was standing at the counter speaking to the clerk, who was a friend of hers, when this mean, nasty looking trooper came into the station. He walked past her and the clerk and went into the rest room. The woman claimed she turned to her friend and said that he looked mean and she certainly wouldn't want to run into him along the road.

The cop supposedly came from the rest room and to the counter where he paid for gasoline he'd just put into his vehicle ... a vehicle that was not noticed by either women.

At this point, the witness said she looked at his name tag ... as he stood directly beside her... and noticed it said McCrady.

The other woman who was actually facing the officer said she didn't notice a name tag on his uniform, but did notice he did not appear dirty or unkempt.

The witness who stood beside the cop testified that she spoke to the man and asked if he was "having a bad day," to which he replied...

"Yeah, but it's fixin' to get better."

The defense didn't waste any time going after this witness.

They were well armed with copies of the woman's statements to investigating officers within days of the supposed event.

The woman had told those officers that she saw the cop come into the station but had noticed nothing unusual or out of the ordinary except she said she told her friend that he looked mean and that she wouldn't want to be pulled over by him.

Well, most Highway Patrol cops are not overly friendly people. Primarily because they have a job to do and the last thing any cop needs or wants is to be accused of favoritism. Letting one speeder go because he knows them, while nailing the next because he doesn't know them. Most people in positions of that sort are very careful to make sure that no one can accuse them of improper actions.

I even took the great chance of proving this to myself at the McCrady trial. The court gave us a break and I waited until Judge Boyer came past me and asked how long she said we were to be on break.

The woman immediately stopped, repeated my question...loud enough so that everyone could hear it and then answered so everyone could hear it. I appreciated that.

And then I wondered if anyone realized why I'd done that. Of course they didn't. No one cared why I did it.

Regardless, the witness finally admitted to the cross-examination of the defense that yes, she had told the officers that there had been no conversation between her and the trooper that morning. And that she had heard no conversation between the cop and the clerk.

He just paid for his gasoline and left.

By trial time her entire story had changed. When McCrady's attorney asked her about the sudden memory she said she had "forgotten" about the conversation "in the beginning" but remembered it months later!

I was surprised that the woman's testimony was not thrown out or that something wasn't done with her. But not here ... not if it helps the state's case. And I must admit, I seemed to be the only person in the entire court room that was offended by the woman's testimony. None of the news reporters seemed to see anything at all wrong with it ... or several other things that I found distasteful or unethical.

Still, probably the most outrageous thing to come out of the McCrady court room was how McCrady dug the grave for his wife and then managed to get home.

If it wasn't so serious, it could have been the comedy of the century!

But Jackie McCrady isn't laughing ... Jenifer's family and friends aren't laughing. They think it's all over, and the right man is sitting in prison. Is he?






Jackie McCrady had a pretty good education, and [as most of the Ohio troopers] was not noted for using improper English when speaking to a stranger. He says he NEVER laid eyes on the woman who testified against him, and would never have used the term --- "Fixin' to get better." I have spoken with several people who knew Jackie pretty well, and they tell me he never talked that way in their presence.

Another thing that I want to mention here: The same woman that said there had been no conversation with the officer in the Marathon when interviewed right after Jenifer was found -- but then who, nearly a year later testified in court, under oath, that she had a conversation with the officer herself, but had 'forgotten about it' and only remembered it when it was time to come to court!! This same woman went to some of my friends and told them about seeing 'my husband' outside, late at night, helping me put up my Christmas lights. She said she just thought he was such a nice guy, and admired how he helped me....

Apparently it was quite cold at the time and she remarked about the 'brown coverall's' that he wore.

Now you know, this web site is quite large and has many stories on it. A person wishing to fabricate something could find a lot of ammunition for their story on this web site. However, there is one thing that everyone should remember, and remember it well. This is my web site. The stories are all true. I wrote each and every one of them and did it almost exclusively from memory.

You can ask anyone that I've ever spoken with --- cops, lawyers, doctors, judges, news reporters, prosecuting attorneys, anyone; I never bring notes, and I can rattle off names, times, dates and places faster than they can write them down, and that's a fact. Even my friends can't keep up with me when it comes to my cases.

I like to decorate - inside and outside, and my front yard is one of my favorite places to relax and do some serious thinking -- winter and summer. It is NOT my husband's hobby. My husband does not own a pair of 'coverall's' of any color, and he has NEVER been in my front yard in the middle of the night working on my Christmas lights. [IF] anyone was ever out there working late at night it was me. I might have had a friend or two with me or perhaps my daughter or my grandchildren, but it was never my husband.... and, whoever was helping me, was NOT wearing coverall's - brown or otherwise!

Of course, if one reads a story on this web site titled -- The Man In The Brown Cover-All's -- it's not difficult to figure out who does wear coverall's.

And if they follow my writings far enough they will notice another story called The Electric Games. In this story I tell about someone coming onto my property late at night and destroying things -- my Christmas lights; my Halloween decorations; Easter decorations that disappeared and were never found; etc. This 'game' went on for several years, and I'm well aware of who was doing it. I always have been, and I admit he does wear coverall's and he's closer to my size than my husband's 6' 4" framework. 'My size'- 5' 6"- fits the description of the man supposedly seen far better than it fits my husband.

However, I have a slight problem with the witness who claims to have seen the man in cover-all's working on my lights. I was sitting in that court room. I heard with my own ears what she told, and I did not believe her -- then or now.

So, for everyone's information -- I did NOT report her claims concerning the man in coverall's in my front yard. I never said one word to the police about it, and have no intentions of ever 'reporting it' and lending any credibility to her word, because I know how things work around here.

And if the day ever comes that I'm called into the court room -- which I believe will come eventually -- no prosecuting attorney is ever going to be able to say,

"Well Mrs. Wells, I see here a report filed concerning property destruction, based upon this woman's eyewitness account, so can you explain to the jury why this woman's word is good enough when it supports a claim you have made; but is not good enough when it comes to Jackie McCrady?"

This is never going to happen folks, so a new plan of action needs to be devised -- oh, and by the way, you'd better get someone a little sharper than the last halfwit you tried it with because it didn't take me fifteen minutes to discredit that idiot, and produce enough witnesses to stop the entire game in its tracks! Hell, I thought Washington County and I did one fantastic job and I'm still proud of 'my cops' --- and if you want to call it biased Mr. Attorney, then you go right ahead. And another thing, I was looking forward to seeing you and your client in that court room. I like our courts, and I like our county cops, and I don't care who knows it. And I have no use, no respect for a liar whether she is in uniform or not, and will never stand in silence while a liar frames an innocent person, no matter who he is, and that includes Wild Bill. He's done enough himself, and I'm well aware of what he's done, and we just don't need any lies told on him.



2007 note: This is absolutely hilarious! From half-witted cops sending in half-witted thieves to entice me into accepting stolen merchandise; which wasn't really stolen by the thugs to begin with but which was furnished to them!! To other half witted cops trying to discredit me - but in the end actually cutting their own throats -- to the relatives of other half witted cops!! What a way to live! And I'm just enjoying the hell out of it all, so send 'em in boys, just send 'em in!



WTAP News / Parkersburg, West Virginia

Jan 11, 2008

A Belpre Police officer is on administrative leave for suspected criminal activity.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation says it's looking into allegations brought against Sergeant Dave Garvey.

BI&I says Garvey has not been charged with anything at this point and it would not release any information regarding the allegations.

The Belpre Police Chief and the Washington County Prosecutor would not comment on the investigation.




Nothing Matched

9-19-06- Another Anniversary; Another Coincidence






"Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday."

 Psalm 37:1-6


Georgia Ann Smith Rudolph


Georgia Ann Smith Rudolph was born Oct. 15, 1948, and passed away at the age of 64 on Feb. 12, 2013, in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Georgia attended Medina High School in Medina, Ohio, and graduated with the class of 1966. She enjoyed taking care of older adults, and followed her dream, attending college to become a licensed practical nurse. Georgia became well known for her psychic abilities and was featured on several local and national radio and television programs over the years. She was also credited with using her abilities helping in police crime work. Georgia will be most remembered by her surviving family as a caring mother and fun-loving sister. She loved practical jokes, playing bingo and telling a good story. She was a dog lover. She enjoyed writing poetry about God, spirituality, heaven, angels and American patriotic ideals. She especially loved to reminisce over a good cup of coffee, and talk about those happy times with her family, friends and fond childhood memories. She had a special bond and cherished the love and memories of her grandmother, Lucile Mason Smith, all her life. Georgia had a generous and giving spirit, and was very adamant that her body be donated to science as a way to make a contribution to benefit others, for greater knowledge and discovery, to help save lives, and to advance medical research and education.

Her wishes were carried out with a human gift donation to the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. "Greater love hath no man than this" John 15:13.

A private memorial service will be planned at a later date.

Georgia is predeceased by her mother, Marjorie Heaney Smith; father, Robert Wesley Smith; and beloved soul mate and best friend, James 'Bear' Williams. She is survived by her son, Robert M. Rudolph; and grandchildren, Zachary, Taylor and Skylar of Mitchell, Ind.; sister, Holly Morris of Jacksonville, Fla.; and many other extended family members and friends.













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