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Nothing Matched


Bonnie M. Wells







Another Drama



Attorney Bill Kiger insisted that "nothing Matched" in the McCrady case, but the state had a different story.

I didn't have a story, I just wanted to hear the truth of the matter, so I could try to figure out who had used "my story" ... or stories to design homicides, because even at trial time I remained convinced that someone had taken some old stories that I'd written back in 1991 and converted them into outdoor dramas!



Tire Tracks



The tire tracks were said to have been visible right up to the grave. Sounded to me as if whoever put Jenifer into that shallow, hand dug grave, had driven right over to the hole {actually it was holes, because there were two graves dug} and deposited her body in the grave. I didn't think my T-Bird could be driven down into that area and unless Jackie McCrady had changed tires on his police cruiser, it was not the vehicle driven into the area either, and neither was Jenifer's blazer or Jackie's Toyota truck, or the Mustang he was working on restoring. None of the tires on any of their vehicles matched the prints that were found.

When Beyond Chance aired their story called The Trooper's Wife, a vehicle was parked at the parking area on the access road, and a body was depicted as being carried from the vehicle over to the burial spot.

I tried to object to the television version.....actually it was Dave Garvey's version, since he was the star of the program!

But, the news media being what it is in this area, my objections didn't get very far. Still, the TV version was not the version presented in the court room, but since the tracks could never be matched to McCrady, then I guess it made good sense to change the story just a little bit so that strangers could see what "must have happened."

And, after all, it didn't really matter if the tracks matched or not. Personally I was still wondering who made those tracks. If Jackie McCrady really was guilty, had he had an accomplice? Did someone else haul the body to the grave site?

Eventually I decided this was not probable, as McCrady surely would have told someone, and the accomplice would have been arrested too.






Several pink fibers were found on the sleeping bag. Everyone said they were "consistent with carpet" fibers. The McCrady's didn't have pink carpet any where in their house ... or their vehicles. The "pink fibers" were never actually traced back to anyone or anything, although the state did a pretty good job of convincing most people that the old carpet in the McCrady house must have been pink, and therefore the fibers had come from it.

There was never any actual evidence, much less proof, that the old carpet had been pink.

The former owners of the McCrady house remained their neighbors, and did testify at the trial, but there was no mention of the color of the old carpet. I was betting it wasn't pink. Otherwise the state would have made a real issue of it. And why the defense didn't jump on the issue with both feet, remains another of those unanswered questions.

And so, the color of the fibers was added to that "iffy" list that I had tucked away in my mind.

Eventually the list would become about a mile long. And for those who are following the "behind the scenes" drama of that other guy; you remember, the one seen hanging around the McCrady property and watching their house from a distance; the one who had the name "Jenifer" written in a diary right at the time that Jenifer and Jackie McCrady were separated; the one who bought a sleeping bag "like the one Jenifer was found dead in" ... yes, that guy. Would you believe that I helped "that guy" install pink {mauve} colored carpet in his bedroom in 1991!

Now isn’t that a coincidence!




Someone - everyone better read the newly posted story -

The Real Dummy



Not My Words



It was Jackie McCrady's attorney Bill Kiger who first uttered the words, "Nothing matched," but I was probably the first one to "think them!"

Probably because I'd already watched another man convicted of a murder in which none of the evidence matched! {See The Hootin' Honey for details}:

Bill Kiger had been his attorney too. I'd written to Kiger back at that time and told him he would soon be needed in another case, and for God's sake watch his p's and q's and get ready for the fight of his life. Apparently he thought I was a flake and didn't pay any more attention to me. That might have been a bad mistake.






Jenifer's sleepwear didn't match. The top didn't match the bottoms, and the top that did match the bottoms was never found. They said her top was a long Christmas, Mickey Mouse nightshirt.

I figured that would be appropriate to sleep in during September in our area.

The nights were still pretty warm here in mid-September. The neighbors testified that their windows were open the night of September 19th, 1996, so it must have been a nice night.

They claimed Jenifer was also wearing a pair of pink silk pajama bottoms.

First we heard the top was red, then we heard it was white and finally multi-colored, so who knows for sure what color it was?

The thing that bothered me was the miss-matching of sleepwear. Women who normally slept in night shirts didn't usually wear pajamas.

Likewise, those who favored pajamas usually wore matching top and bottoms.

For a while I thought maybe the top to the pajama's was dirty and in the laundry, but that never panned out and the matching pajama top was never located during the 3 or 4 searches of the McCrady household.



A Couple Of Things Matched.



Pillow shams that matched the comforter that Jenifer was wrapped in were found in the attic storage area of the McCrady house.

I wish I could have compared the coloring of the shams to the coloring of the blanket. I wondered if the shams were a lot brighter in coloring.... which would indicate {at least to me} that they had been stored away for some time, while the cover had been used and washed more.

I also wondered if Jenifer hadn't donated the comforter to her friend P. who sold it in a yard sale the year before.

But it didn't do me any good to wonder. The shams matched and that was that.

There was some yellow fiberglass insulation found on the sleeping bag. It matched the fiberglass insulation in the McCrady house .... my house .... my daughter's house .... my cousin's house, and probably 10,000 other houses in this immediate vicinity. The state contended that it also had found pink carpet fibers on the pillow shams that matched those found on the sleeping bag. They held fast to their convictions that the sleeping bag and the pillow shams were stored in two different places in the house.

And, they say the trash bag matched, but there again, that couldn't actually be proven since the crime lab lost it! They said Jenifer's killer had pulled a plastic trash bag over her head. The bag contained a red draw string. They found white trash bags with red draw strings at the McCrady house, so they had another match. They wouldn't have found any of these trash bags in my house, had they searched it, because the first thing I did was get rid of the ones I had! There again, depending on the size and brand of trash bag, you're either going to get a red, blue, or yellow draw string. There was probably matching bags in every household in southeastern Ohio; except mine, of course.

Another thing the McCrady case taught me very quickly was ... you do NOT use large black trash can liners to store things like blankets, extra pillows, out of season clothing, etc. etc. I heard them say that Jackie McCrady had "hidden" the pillow shams in large trash bags and hidden them in the attic. Bet I got the cleanest attic in Ohio!!!! It probably cost me a couple hundred bucks, but I replaced all those black plastic "storage bags" with large plastic containers with snap on lids. Then, just in case I showed up dead and buried somewhere, I decided I'd better write on each container and let everyone know what was inside it. That would save our cops a lot of hard work, not to mention Mike's butt! He'd never go to all that trouble anyway. Knowing him, he'd throw a big party, build a bon fire and roast marshmallows over the evidence!



The Hair Didn't Match



As previously mentioned in other stories on this web site, there were several hairs found on and around Jenifer McCrady's dead body. The most interesting one to me was the one found clutched between two fingers on her left hand. It was a dark colored hair of approximately 3 inches in length. It wasn't Jenifer's and it wasn't Jackie's. In fact, none of the nearly dozen hairs found belonged to either person. I thought this was astonishing. Guess I was the only one who felt that way though, all things considered.

I just kept wondering if the 3 inch hair was tested to see if it contained hair dye. A lot of men dyed their hair now days, just like the women did.

Heck, I once knew a guy who dyed his hair, which was usually about 3 inches long in the back, and dyed his beard and mustache too. 'Course he was pretty vain. I was the person who introduced him to the For Men Only hair coloring for men.

We always used the brown/black on his hair; back when I knew him, back when we were friends; back before I figured out that he was using me for cover and a semblance of normalcy. Boy did he pick the wrong woman!



The Testimony Didn't Match



Probably one of the most important things in the McCrady case was the testimony of expert witnesses.

Among the first expert witnesses to testify for the state was Dr. Lee Lehman, a forensic pathologist with the Montgomery County Medical Examiner's Office in Dayton, Ohio.

Lehman testified that Jenifer had bruising on her hands and ankles, indicating she had been bound {although she was not tied up when found}, but Lehman said ... "He didn't know what she was bound with other than to say it apparently was a soft material that did not cut into her skin."

The next day, this same doctor was on the witness stand again. This time his testimony was somewhat different..... "The skin around her hands and ankles has actually been worn and torn off," Lehman said.

This opened the door for the "flexi-cuff" theory, and by the end of the trial the prosecution was showing pictures of someone's hands {they claimed they were Jenifer McCrady's} that had almost been severed, by something very hard and rough, flexi-cuffs, or so they claimed.

I didn't claim anything at this point. I was too confused. Their own witness had told two completely different stories and no one noticed!

The local newspapers reported, "Jenifer McCrady had ligature marks above her ankles, bruises on her neck, and defensive-type wounds on her hands and a post-mortem, V-shaped cut at the base of her right thumb."

Dr. Joshua Perper, chief medical examiner in Florida, was a well known and respected pathologist who has written numerous books on forensic pathology and co-authored "Medicolegal Investigations of Death."

His testimony was in stark contrast to that of other pathologists, in as much as he testified that Jenifer McCrady had not been buried the full 12 days that she was "missing."

***** See - THE REAL DUMMY! *****

Dr. Perper based his findings on a lack of marbling of the skin, little or no slippage of skin and no decomposition of organs.

But it was Perper's reference to "a bite mark" on Jenifer's cheek that woke me up!

One of the prophetic "clues" that I'd sent to Detective Winstanley prior to Jenifer's disappearance had included the words; "his next bite will come from my green eagle." Granted, it sounded strange, even to me at the time I said it, but later, after Jenifer was killed, and I learned that her husband had dated my sister, who lived on Greene Street and owned a Native American gift shop called the Eagle's Gift shop, I had no problem recognizing ‘my,’ ‘green’ and ‘eagle.’ There were other things that also identified this portion of the warning and those can be seen elsewhere on this web site. But Dr. Perper's testimony was the first reference to "bite" mark that I'd heard.

I also wondered about the "V" that had been cut into Jenifer's hand after she was dead. It reminded me of that other case that Attorney Kiger had handled. In that case the woman had been stabbed in the neck 4 times after she was dead!

It made me wonder what kind of "boyfriends and husbands" these women had. Wasn't killing them enough? What kind of man "cuts his victim's after death?" A sadist, that's what the FBI Profilers called them. Most sexual sadists didn't wait until their 30's or 40's to become sadists. Usually there were many, many signs early in the person's life. Only in this area could such a retarded developer become a state trooper!!! And to think he was "Trooper of the Year" just one year before he killed his wife!

Dr. Perper also testified that Jenifer had "scratches or abrasions on her back which indicated to him she was pulled or dragged prior to her death."

"There is no indication of this on the autopsy report, but those scratches or marks clearly show a pulling," Perper said.

Perper's testimony conflicted with that of renowned forensic [anthropologist] William Bass, who said Jenifer most likely died 10 to 14 days before her body was found.[ Note: In a round about way, Dr. Bass also agreed with Perper. Jenifer was missing 12 days. If she had been buried [10] of those days, then Dr. Perper was right when he said she had not been buried the entire time she was missing, or dead! Bass also disagreed with Perper concerning the marbling, skin slippage, and the "bite mark." I thought it was strange though that Dr. Bass quoted several things from Dr. Perper's book. I suppose this is why the defense asked Perper to testify .... so the jury could see that he did not agree with the other doctor's "interpretation" of his work.

Didn't matter. No one cared. Still, I knew how the man felt. It was a rare person who could accurately interpret the meaning of another person's work. And it was even more unusual for people to take the word of the interpreter when the author said they were wrong? Well, anywhere else it might be unusual, but not here.



Appearance Didn't Match



Jackie McCrady suffered a stroke in July of 1996 and was off from work until September 18th, 1996.

A few days after Jenifer was found Jackie McCrady was arrested for her murder. When weighed, his weight was 195 pounds.

At the time of his stroke in July his weight was documented at 198.

First testimony indicated that McCrady "lost an enormous amount of weight and looked frail and thin."

Then, without hesitation, and in support of the state's "steroid abuse" theory, McCrady regained his 'muscle mass, and body weight,' and looked 'puffed up.'

Of course the contention was that he had gone into a 'steroid rage' and murdered his wife!

Several experts testified about steroid use and how 'rages' were known results of such use and abuse. And how 'rapid weight gain' was a result of such use. However, the thing that concerned me the most was the fact that those same experts said steroids stayed in the system for up to three months even after they were stopped. I couldn't figure out when McCrady had used steroids ..... and neither could they!

He'd had blood work when he was hospitalized in July. There were no steroids or any other 'drugs' found in his system at that time.

And of course he was tested again after his arrest, and there were no drugs of any kind found.

There was never any more than a three pound difference in the man's weight. I wondered if this would be typical of steroid use. And there wasn't any 'three month' time period in which the steroids could have been worked from his system. If he had no steroids in his system on July 4th, went into a steroid rage in mid- September, but had none in his system when he was arrested in October, then I wondered when he'd used them.



The Glove Print



There was one smudged 'glove print' discovered on the plastic trash bag found over Jenifer McCrady head. The defense said they submitted one of McCrady's gloves for comparison. It didn't match. No one ever knew how the print got there or when. It was just like the hair. If it wasn't Jackie McCrady's then toss it aside, forget it, and let's get to hell on with this 'conviction.'

Personally, I wondered if the smudged print lined up with the bruises around her throat! It sounded to me as if the woman might have been smothered to death with a plastic bag, and in the process, the killer left a smudged print.... but, it didn't matter what it sounded like to me.

McCrady vehicles, house and possessions were inspected very closely for blood. First of all they said there was no blood from the head wound, and I found this to be somewhat odd. But not being a pathologist or anything, I figured I didn't have a good understanding of head wounds and how the heart worked. Perhaps the heart stopped as soon as the brain was dead ..... no, that couldn't be. I knew of cases where people were 'brain dead' but their heart kept on beating. If the heart beat even one time after the bullet entered the head, I'd think there would be blood. But, as I said, I'm no doctor, so I must be wrong.

[2006 NOTE:] No I wasn't wrong. In the past nine years I have checked with dozens of people concerning a head wound that does not bleed .... especially a gunshot head wound. There is only one way that it would not bleed. The victim was already dead when the bullet was put into the head, simple as that. And according to recent information, I think this is exactly what happened in the McCrady case. Furthermore, I believe the state knew this is what happened too because of their early 'theory/accusation' that Jackie had kept Jenifer locked up somewhere for a couple of days before he buried her. This theory was ultimately discarded when they were fortunate enough to get hold of some 'witnesses' who were willing to testify that they had seen Jackie McCrady down in the Little Hocking area on the morning Jenifer disappeared. But I still remember it; it and all the other discarded ideas and accusations. Everyone better read my newly posted story -- The Real Dummy, because it has some answers that should have been found clear back in 1996, but weren't.

Regardless, they checked everything and no blood was found. Assuming they were correct that the head wound did not bleed, then I wondered about those areas on her wrists and ankles where the hide had been torn off as she struggled to free herself. Had they not bled either? Apparently not.

Overall, I'd have to say that as far as the evidence went, there were far more things in the McCrady case that 'didn't match' than did. And this list is not complete as it stands today. But for today, I am going to get this page back up because it's been down for a long, long time so that I could add a few things to it and do needed updates and changes. Perhaps at a later date I will come back and add even more, because there are several more things that {in my opinion} should be addressed and re-examined.






A Thought Or Two Before Closing:



January of 2007: We have just come through one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct that I have ever seen, in the Duke Lacrosse players of Durham, North Carolina.

Prosecutor Mike Nifong was removed from the case today and the Attorney General took control of the investigation, which I understand will also involve investigating Nifong to see if in fact he conspired to hide exculpatory evidence from the defense.

I'm not an attorney, but that's never stopped me from speaking my mind before and it's not going to stop me now. I don't have to be an attorney to realize that things are not right ... not moral ... not ethical. If we all had to be attorney's to determine such things, then we'd be in sad shape, now wouldn't we?

I have not stood in silence for the past ten years. I have continued to try to get some attention to several things in this area that [in my opinion] are wrong and should be corrected. In fact, some people should be held liable for what they have done to others.

I honestly do not believe that Jackie McCrady murdered his wife. If I didn't have 'more than a reasonable doubt,' I would never have gone to the trouble and work that I have gone to in this case. And, although most of the readers of this page might not know me personally, anyone who does know me would tell you that I am not the kind of person who would deliberately cover the activities of a criminal of any kind -- much less a damned killer.

Today, as in 1996, I'd really like to know for sure who killed Jenifer McCrady. If it was her husband, then all I can say is that in some ways he was brilliant, while in others he was incredibly stupid.

Why would a man who was so successful at destroying all DNA evidence; getting rid of luggage, clothing, money, jewelry and even making certain there was no grass or dirt evidence on a vehicle that had been used to haul his dead wife into a wooded area to bury her? Why in God's name, would such a man hide her shoes and purse in the ceiling of his garage? Why didn't he just toss the shoes into the closet with the other dozen or more pairs? Why didn't he toss the purse out the window of his cruiser as he crossed a bridge during the dozen days she was missing?

Why did he wrap her in the blanket from his own bed? Why did he feel the need to cover her head with a trash bag? Why did he then feel compelled to stuff the entire bundle inside a sleeping bag and zip it up?

And if there's any forensic scientists in my reading audience, would someone please explain to me how flies managed to lay eggs in this woman's hair, when she was murdered 'inside her own home, at night, wrapped in the comforter, trash bag over her head and zipped up inside a sleeping bag and then buried before daylight the next day! Everyone knows flies are not out at night, and they do NOT burry into the ground to lay their eggs. Can anyone explain this??

If I'm right, Jackie McCrady did NOT murder his wife, and although I'm sure the prosecution is still congratulating one another on what a fine job they did of representing the great state of Ohio, and its people, I'm here to tell everyone tonight -- I am not convinced. I have been doubtful since day one, and I will continue to seek answers to questions that should have been asked in 1996 and 1997. And when I find those answers, I intend to share them with the world, because to do otherwise would be disrespectful to the memory of Jenifer Lea Barrett McCrady.


PS: And by the way -- Dr. Joshua Perper's word was fine and dandy in the Anna Nicole Smith case - good enough for the entire world, but not good enough for the sophisticated folks of Washington County, Ohio! What a disgrace.




WTAP News / Parkersburg, West Virginia

Jan 11, 2008

A Belpre Police officer is on administrative leave for suspected criminal activity.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation says it's looking into allegations brought against Sergeant Dave Garvey.

BCI&I says Garvey has not been charged with anything at this point and it would not release any information regarding the allegations.

The Belpre Police Chief and the Washington County Prosecutor would not comment on the investigation.



February 13, 2012

Jackie McCrady remains in the Ross County Correctional Institute. He continues to maintain his innocence:

Dave Garvey resigned from the Belpre Police Department prior to his own trial. By resigning, he is still able to seek employment as a police officer, and depending on what happens here in Washington County on the next election day for sheriff, I suspect he may end up being hired as a Washington County deputy.

Chris Forshey is running for sheriff. I'll be voting for Mincks ...... unless Winstanley would get off his 'retirement horse' and run!

I continue to work the McCrady case as well as dozens of others. There have been cases since the McCrady case that are so eerily similar to it that I can't help but think whoever killed Jenifer McCrady also killed these other women and girls ..... but, that can't be .... not if Jenifer McCrady's killer was her husband Jackie ..... so I suppose it's all coincidence .... isn't it?

Jennifer Short

From my Jennifer Short Update page comes the following:

Case Comparrison Chart For McCrady & Short Murder Cases:



McCrady case left hand column: Short case right hand column:

McCrady <<<<< --------- CASES ---------------->>>>> Short



Jenifer <<<<<<<<< ---------------- >>>>>>>>> Jennifer

30 years <<<<<< -------------------------->>>>>> 30 miles

Shot in the head <<< --------------------- >>> shot in the head

Stone Road, raised <<<<------------- >>> Stoneville, dumped

Taken south from home <-------------> taken south from home

Husband - 'Martin' <<---------->> passed Martinsville - Stoneville

Worked in Oak Grove <<<< ----------- >>>> lived in Oak Level

Maiden name Barrett <<<< ----------- >>>> lived in Bassett

McCrady: Dressed in pajamas/night clothes <<< --------- >>>

Short: taken from her bed, assume she was wearing pajama's - night clothes

Husband convicted August 15th <--------> Abducted August 15th.

2.2 mile connections <<<< --------- >>>> shot with a .22 gun


The Short case remains unsolved since 2002: Jackie McCrady has been behind bars since October 4, 1996, so he's certainly not the killer. Must be another COINCIDENCE -- don't you think? How about you FBI guys? Just chalk it up to coincidence -- or do you think it's possible that I am right and we got ourselves a very sophisticated serial killer with an agenda?

Wonder which thought is the most frightening ---

a serial killer with an agenda ---- or me being right all along?



February 2013:

Chris Forshey withdrew from the sheriff’s race:

Jackie McCrady remains in prison:

Georgia Rudolph died 2/12/13:

Pat Mays-Hallock died 2/12/13:








The Real Dummy














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