From The Trials & Tribulations Of A Trooper

Book #18a-The Early Warnings



Midnight Messages


Bonnie M. Wells





September 29



I didn't realize the importance of dreams that came in during the night of September 29th, for several years. However, I did notice that the years varied as did the dreamers.

Midnight Messages contains all of the dreams that came in on September 29th from 1993 until 1996: I will not go into great detail here, but will list the dreams and show a brief portion of their fulfillment. Of course they can be read in their entirety in Pure Coincidence Book #18-a.




Dream #1:

The Cowboy's Wedding

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: September 29th, 1993



Wild Bill married a woman by the name of Anita Ambrossa.

The wedding took place in a large church, very elaborate and formal.

The bride had brown hair and reminded me of my own daughter. She appeared several years younger than the groom and wore a beautiful white wedding gown.

The groom, on the other hand, appeared very out of place in his western style clothing.

Wild Bill had that "curled lip smirk" on his face that I was never able to decide if it was actually a smirk or a warning! It always reminded me of how a dog acts just before it attacks!

He was glaring at me and strutting around as if to say...."Ha Ha, I will have this woman and you can't stop me. Just watch me now."

End of Dream



Comments & Common Denominators

Between Dream & McCrady Case



Jenifer McCrady was just one month younger than my daughter and the two resembled one another in hair color and style.

Jenifer was a member of the St. Ambrose Catholic church.

Jenifer hailed from Belpre, Ohio. Her husband, Jackie McCrady came from Parkersburg, West Virginia; due east of Belpre. But Wild Bill came from an area located west of Belpre, and he is several years older than Jenifer, although he is of the same Catholic faith as she.

At the time of the Cowboy's Wedding dream I was still friends with Wild Bill. He was not "seriously dating" anyone at the time, especially anyone named Anita. In fact I never knew of him to date anyone by that name. He'd been picking up women ever since I'd met him, but none had stuck around long enough for him to marry.

I documented the dream and put it away, until 1996.

In 1996, it took on an entirely different implication; especially after Jenifer McCrady was found dead and her wedding rings were missing.

For those who would like to continue the story can be found in Pure Coincidence.




Dream #2:

The Broom-stick

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: September 29th, 1993 {same night as Cowboy's Wedding / different time}



My deceased brother Mike Martin was in a real rage about something. He paced back and forth and repeatedly called his ex-wife Joyce a "goddamned broom-stick."

End of Dream






Mike had been dead since 1986, and this dream made absolutely no sense to me when I had it. Mike had been quite capable of flying into a rage over something ... especially where his ex-wife was concerned, and he was very capable of cussing her head right off her shoulders, and calling her every name he could lay his tongue to, but he would never have called her a "broomstick."

This sounded so childish and immature, and I know that Mike would never have called anyone a broom-stick when he was angry at them. He may have taken a broomstick (the handle from a broom) to their body if they had not gotten out of his way!!! But that was about the only picture that I could think of as far as Mike and a broom-stick were concerned.

I documented the dream, did some dictionary research, and put it all away, until 1996.


Broom-stick: "The 'long handle' of a broom."

Broom: "brushwood; a bundle of long, stiff fibers {straw/twigs} fastened to a handle and used to sweep with."

Handle: "that part of a utensil or tool that is used to lift with; to deal with, treat in a certain way; to sell or deal in a certain commodity; 'fly off the handle - to become suddenly and violently angry or excited,'; to respond or submit to control; a person’s name, nickname or title."

The only thing the dictionary research did was remind me of The Cowboy's Wedding dream.

I could just see Wild Bill riding a broomstick pony around!! He dressed like a cowboy, but he didn't own a horse! Unless you counted that motor cycle he rode around all the time. I guess I'd heard cycles referred to as "iron horses," even though the dictionary listed an iron horse as a locomotive.

Wild Bill's "handle" indicated someone who was wild....or out of control, and his real name was a "long handle," as it contained 23 letters.

After Jenifer McCrady was murdered I took a closer look at the two dreams and decided they actually play into one another or went together to tell a story.

I felt both dreams were symbolic of something, and after Jenifer's murder, I was certain they held several important clues.

Since these dreams came in on the night of September 29th, I felt the date was also of significance.

It would not be until 1996 that I eventually understood the significance. I will explain more later.

Comments & Common Denominators

Dream & McCrady



Name / Handle: Wild Bill. Also the fact that in September of 1993, Wild Bill dated a woman named Joyce whose last ended with rady.

Jenifer McCrady's initials were J.M. So was Mike's ex-wife's...Joyce Martin....J.M.

But, in 1993 I didn't know Jenifer McCrady; had never heard of her or her husband. Although, after she disappeared I discovered she was the daughter of my veterinarian, and in all probability I had met her in his office years ago. I just didn't know who the girl had married.

Nor did I know in 1993 that my sister had dated Jenifer's husband, Jackie McCrady shortly after our brother's death, and before the couple married. Again, I was reminded of Mike Martin.




Dream #3

The Sweeper

Dreamer: Gemini 13

Date of Dream: September 29th, 1993



Dreamer was walking around in an old store, and looking at the expensive furniture and antiques that were for sale.

She picked up a ring and it fell apart in her hand.

Some guy kept walking around with the dreamer ... touching her....caressing her shoulders and arms. He said people needed to be touched.

The dreamer bought a large, black elephant, and kept thinking ....."I'm late for a doctor's appointment at 1:00 pm." She never made it there.

Dreamer was moving into a new house, and the man from the store continued to follow her around.

As the dreamer turned and looked at the man who'd been following her and caressing her, she saw him caressing another girl.

He saw her looking at him and barked out an order for her to "sweep the floor." Dreamer replied ....."I don't think so, I'm leaving."

There were sticks all over the floor. The man grabbed a broom and began to sweep the floor himself.

End of Dream



Comments & Common Denominators

Dream & McCrady

Jackie and Jenifer McCrady had been looking at new houses. They planned on moving from their Belpre home.

Wild Bill had been "following" the dreamer around for years, and by 1996 several people had good reason to believe he'd been following Jenifer McCrady around a lot too!

Jenifer's father was a "doctor."

Jenifer "never made it to work" the day she disappeared.

Jackie McCrady was "late" for work that same day, and didn't arrive until "1:00 pm."

There was a witness in the McCrady case who saw a woman "walking" at Civitan Park, whom the witness believed might have been Jenifer McCrady. It was during the early morning hours of the day she disappeared, and there was a man riding along beside her on a bicycle. The description of the man certainly reminded me of my Wild Bill character. And it reminded me of another description I'd heard one time .... that of the man who at least one person insisted Patsy Sparks was last seen with. {See book number 2 for Patsy Sparks story clips.}

{PS: This witness was never permitted to testify at the trial. In fact, the prosecuting attorney laughed at the witness's description of the man and ridiculed the fact that the man was wearing a heavy coat in mid September, while everyone else was dressed in lighter weight clothing. However, since the jury didn't hear any of this, they had no way of knowing the direct contradiction he presented when he claimed that the "comforter" was common for that time of year! It was not.}

Jenifer's father, Dr. Barrett owned one of the "oldest house's" in Belpre. Formerly owned by Bud Boso, who also owned "Bud's Market," the house and grounds contain many, expensive antiques.

Since "a store" was revealed in the dream, and the man met the dreamer inside the store, I am inclined to think that Jenifer's killer may have met her "inside the store," .... or the family owned business which is located right beside her parent's home, and where she worked as a young adult.

Dr. Barrett had been my veterinarian since the mid 1970's. Wild Bill had accompanied me to the office on numerous occasions.

Doctor Barrett is an animal doctor.... a veterinarian. The dreamer finally selected an elephant.

Jenifer McCrady was found on a piece of property owned by a Mr. Bowers. Her killer placed tree branches (sticks) on top of her grave.

Dictionary: bower = "a place enclosed by overhanging boughs of trees or vines: Jenifer McCrady was in such a place:

Dictionary: bough = "shoulder or arm, hence twig or branch."

The man in the dream was caressing another woman when the dreamer looked. Jackie McCrady didn't appear to have any "other women," but Wild Bill sure did. At the time of Jenifer's murder, the other Bonnie was living in his house. Still, my friends and I knew that it made no difference who he was "caressing" at home, he was forever on the prowl for a new woman; was always watching someone; always plotting and planning his next move. We'd already seen enough to know that the "next move" would come as surely as there would be a sun rise tomorrow. We just never knew "who" it would be.

Although Bonnie was living with Wild Bill at that time, they had split up numerous times and she had moved in and out half a dozen times. During the times she was not with Wild Bill she dated a "fireman."

Was it a "coincidence" that Mr. Bower was a fireman?

The man sweeping the floor himself is an indication that he would "do his own work," .... even the clean up! I believe this is exactly what we saw in the McCrady case. Jenifer's killer had no accomplice. He worked alone, and he cleaned up real well. Be sure and see The Real Dummy ! Very revealing!