The Two Point Two [2.2] Mile Connections


Bonnie M. Wells

Many of the pages on this web site deal with murder cases, and often those cases are very detailed. Those who are interested in specific details are welcome to visit the pages that contain the cases. But for here and now, I want to direct the reader's attention to a very strange phenomena which I discovered quite by accident. It occured while my friend Mysde and I were looking at many of the still unsolved cases in our area. And for awhile I thought it only involved the unsolved cases, but then I discovered that was not correct. It also involved several cases that were supposedly "solved." I thought this was even stranger, and began to document the findings for future research.

On this page I will not be concerned with dates, names or direction of travel, as that research has been done elsewhere on this web site and within my books. But what I intend to deal with today is the unusual occurance of one particular distance measurement. That measurement is 2.2 miles.

The following cases are not in the order in which they occured. They are in the order in which I worked them and discovered the peculiarity of the 2.2 mile distances within each case.

According to law enforcement this is all "coincidence," and means absolutely nothing. I can't say I share their opinions, but IF it is all coincidence, then I'd like to know what the odds of such a thing occuring are. How many killers can be operating on the same "wave length," and what could their reasoning possibly be?

I cannot answer these questions, but perhaps someone in my reading audience would be kind enough to calculate the odds for me. I'd be happy to post the answer on this page or a response page. Send me an email. Meanwhile, think about these cases and ask yourself .... can it all really be coincidence? And if not, shouldn't someone be interested? Shouldn't someone in this nation care that it is highly possible that a signature of a serial killer has been discovered? Shouldn't someone care?

Wild Bill

It is precisely 2.2 miles from the stop sign that Wild Bill ran to the driveway of where he was employed, and where a Highway Patrol officer who lived in Belpre chased him before he'd pull over.

Deputy Ray Clark

It is 2.2 miles from where Deputy Clark lived and was gunned down in his own home, to where Terri Roach's murdered body was dumped:

Terri Roach

It is 2.2 miles from where Terri Roach was dumped to where Patsy Sparks lived:

It is 2.2 miles from where Terri Roach worked to Willd Bill's driveway:

Patsy Sparks

It is 2.2 miles from where Patsy Sparks lived to where Ronda Manley worked:

It is 2.2 miles from where Patsy Sparks disappeared to Wild Bill's driveway: { not same location that Terri worked in}

Janet Miller

It is 2.2 miles from where Janet Miller disappeared to the hotel where she was staying:

It is 4.4 miles from where Janet Miller disappeared to where her murdered body was dumped:

Sheree Petry

It is 2.2 miles from Sheree Petry's home, to her place of employment, u-turn and over to the place where her murdered body was dumped:

It is 2.2 miles from where Sheree Petry's vehicle was abandoned {by her friends house} to a parking spot in front of {my friend's house}:

Marie Blough

Marie Blough worked at a business with the address 220:

It is 2.2 miles from Marie Bloughs home, down past the spot where her murdered body was dumped, and on over to the parking lot of the business where she worked:

Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans lived in Ross County Ohio. Her house number was 202:

It is 2.2 miles from where Stephanie Evans worked to the Ross/Jackson County line:

2.2 was written in red paint on a guard rail post near the site where Stephanie's body was dumped:

Roda Snyder

It is 2.2 miles from Wild Bill's driveway to a parking spot where he was seen parked with a woman believed to be Roda Snyder:

Jenifer McCrady

It is 2.2 miles from the same stop sign that Wild Bill ran, {in the opposite direction} to the driveway of the place where Jenifer McCrady was dumped:

It is 2.2 miles from a parallel position on the highway equal to Jenifer's grave, to my driveway:

Mark Drake

It is 2.2 miles from where Mark Drake died to the place his vehicle was abandoned:

Ronda Manley

The only 2.2 mile measurement that I found in Ronda's case was from where she worked over to Patsy Sparks' home: And I admit, this is a coincidence:

Jill Bohl

It is 2.2 miles from where Jill's dead body was dumped to where her vehicle was abandoned:

A Baby's Grave

It is 2.2 miles from the grave of Wild Bill's dead baby {who's funeral was held where Marie Blough worked} over to the driveway of where Wild Bill lived when the baby was born:

Although the "grave to home" 2.2 appears last in the list, that is simply because it was the last thing to occure to me to check. In actuality, the baby's death occured in 1982, prior to all but the Clark case, listed above. The others range from 1983 to 2001.

As Trooper Jackie McCrady's attorney said at his trial - "Sometimes you have to go backward, before you can go forward."

I may have been the only person in the court room who understood {or cared} what the man meant.

To see how many of the above cases are also connected by 42 days {discounting years, and running forward and backward on a calander}, see the 42 Days & Holding link:

September 11, 2013 Entry:

It is 2.2 miles from Wild Bill's new home to the stop sign on Ohio Route 7.

And now I know why he purchased that particular piece of property!

A Response To This Page & 42 Days And Holding!

Check this out mathmaticians!

Chances Of Precise Mileage In Cases

Figures Supplied By Ken Young

Hi Bonnie,

What are the chances of finding 10 cases with an equal number of miles apart in terms of the crime scene? We will assume a range of zero to 10 miles in increments of tenths of a mile. This will give us 100 points to reference. For example, a distance of 2.2 miles is one of 100 points in this range.

The odds of finding 10 cases with an equal number of miles apart within the range of zero to 10 miles is approximately 100 to the ninth power divided by 100. This gives a figure of roughly 10 quadrillion to one. This is a 10 followed by 15 zeros.

The chances of finding 6 cases with an equal number of miles apart within the range of zero to 10 miles is approximately 100 to the fifth power divided by 100. This gives a figure of roughly 100 million to one.

Bonnie, this may be just as good as a DNA fingerprint. You may be onto something here! :-)


Thank you Kenny. Once again, it appears that I have done something that is nearly humanly impossible, spent my own time and money conducting the research, never charged anyone a dime, tried to give them the information - and once again, no one within the field of law enforcement, apparently anywhere in this nation, is even slightly interested. How sad. / Bonnie

I wish I could say that I am the author of the following "poem," because it is one of the most profoundly intriguing poems that I have ever read.

I ran across it years ago, and it just captured my heart. I know it cannot be possible - and yet, it's almost as if it was written for me and my work. Yet, as I say I know that is not a possibility because I do not know the author personally, have never corresponded or spoken with him. Never the less, I have "adopted" the poem, not as my own "work," but as a theme - as one of the most meaningful and amazing things that I have ever ran across.

Coincidence Spatter Analysis

By Vance Holmes

"One suspicious death, does not a pattern make;

It's impossible, from a single fall, to say it's real or fake;

But a second fatal event is a wholly different matter,

It allows for an inspection of the coincidental spatter.

Some large and obvious similarities, may reveal a single source,

And the smaller the coincidences -- the greater was the force.

Look for tiny dual details, dots in odd and angled degrees,

And the cast off stains of haunted lives that appear in twos and threes.

From guilty smears and transfer stains of similar shape and size,

Two homicides will converge, in a string of deadly lies --

Tying together twin details from remote and distant times,

To a point of common origin, the perpetrator of both crimes."

E-Mails / Bonnie Wells & Vance Holmes:


Dear Sir,

Is the Drowning In Coincidence web site yours? I have visited it a couple of times recently, and admire your style ... if it fact it is your creation. Would it be possible for me to add a link to your site from my own?

The title of my web site is Starlight Inner-Prizes, but from that main page there are dozens of other title pages, one of which is my Pure Coincidence book series from which I have added numerous clips to the web site. This section deals with missing and murdered individuals, primarily women, and primarily women and girls from within 200 miles of my own home. And yes, I believe "we" have a serial killer in our midst, and of greater concern {at least to me} is the fact that I believe he knows me and has becam obsessed with me. But enough about that. If your interested you are more than welcome to visit my site and read the stories and see how I believe it has progressed.

For today, I want to ask permission to provide a link to your site from my Pure Coincidence section.


Bonnie M. Wells


Bonnie M. Wells:

Thank you so much for writing, and for all the great work you're doing! It is most appreciated.

Someday -- I believe much of this will be sorted out. Until then, please know: You are not crazy.


Thank You very Much!

Vance Holmes

AKA "Poetic Justice"

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