Forty-Two Days & Holding


Bonnie M. Wells


A Reminder

The Pure Coincidence book series contains many crime cases.....most of which are homicide or arson cases. I have studied these cases for many years now, and have looked at them from almost every conceivable angle. My methods have sometimes varied, and many times been far from the established norm as far as investigation goes. Still, I have uncovered many things that I find absolutely fascinating.....if not "revealing" about the person or persons who committed the crimes.

The research that revealed, what I refer to as the "42 day pattern," was just such a situation.

In the 42 day experiment, we must ( completely ignore the "years" involved in the cases, and concentrate entirely upon calendar days.) In some instances the 42 days lie between the two cases, while in others it runs from strike date to strike date. I will try to designate the difference by saying 'from' or 'between.'

This project is not complete, but even so, I decided to share it with my readers.

As others are located, and as time permits, I will add the new findings to the list.

The man I refer to as "Wild Bill" in my stories is very prominent in this picture..... as usual.

And once again, I want to remind the reader that this man was a close family friend for several years and during that time he learned my birthday as well as every one of my family member's birthdays.

At one time, it was not unusual for him to attend birthday dinners and other family events for my husband, my mother, my daughter, my sister; etc.

So the man has complete knowledge of when anniversaries, birthdays and other "personal holidays" are within my family and close friends.

The original (42 Days page) was posted on the 5th day of March, 2002 ......on the 7th anniversary of the murder of Kimberly Fulton and her son Daniel.

I have neither forgotten nor forsaken, and it matters not who agrees or disagrees because no one has presented a better theory.

Therefore, my research and documentation rise above the speculations and personal opinions, and shall stand until proven wrong.


Bonnie M. Wells

There Are 42 Days....

between Wild Bill's first arrest in Marietta, Ohio on a sex-crime charge (12-26) to the murder of Washington County Deputy Ray Clark (2-07)

There Are 42 Days....

from the murder of Ray Clark {and Judith Petty} (2-7) to the murder of Stacey Beth Colbert (3-21 )

There Are 42 Days....

from the death of Sammy Lyons (12-28) to the murder of Deputy Ray Clark (2-07)

{Note: Sammy's brother is also a deputy}.

There Are 42 Days ....

from Wild Bill's first sex-crime-related arrest (12-26) to the murder of hooker Roda Snyder (2-05)

There Are 42 Days....

from the fire at Kimberly T.'s home (12-14) to the fire at P. Clark's home (1-24)

{Note: Kimberly T's 2 yr. old son died in the fire}.

There are 42 Days....

from the fire at P. Clark's home (1-24) to murder and fire at Kimberly Fulton's home (3-05)

{Note: This Kimberly's 2 yr. old son also perished in the fire}

There are 42 Days

from the disappearance {and murder} of Leah Hickman ( 12-14 ) to the disappearance of Teresa Butler (1-24)

{Note: 12-14 is my niece's birthday and 1-24 is Wild Bill's sister's birthday.}

There Are 42 Days....

between my birthday (1-21 ) and the murders of Kimberly Fulton and her son Daniel (3-5 ) {**when February has 28 days}

There Are 42 Days....

from Charlotte Russell's death (1-31) to the fire at the home of Emmette Brown (3-13 ) {Feb= 28 days}

There Are 42 Days....

from the fire at Emmette Brown's home (3-13) to the disappearance of Patsy Sparks (4-23)

There Are 42 Days....

from Wild Bill's second sex offense (4-14) to the murder of Sheree Petry (5-25)

There Are 42 Days....

from the disappearance of Patsy Dawn Sparks (4-23) to the murder of Emily Christine Ullman (6-04)

{Note: 6-04 is my wedding anniversary}

There Are 42 Days....

from the disappearance of Brandy Renee Hanna (5-20) to the disappearance of Kimberly Krimm (6-30)

There Are 42 Days....

from Sheree Petry's murder (5-25) to Terri Roach's murder (7-05)

There Are 42 Days....

from my old wedding anniversary {when I was married to G. "Gordon"} ( 5-15) to the murder of Carol "Gordon" (6-25)

{Note: Gordon was my daughter's maiden name}

There Are 42 Days....

from Carol Gordon' murder (6-25) to Anna Marie Brown's murder (8-06)

There Are 42 Days....

from the date that Wild Bill was released from jail on his second sex offense (6-25) to the murder of Maybelle Clark (8-06)

There Are 42 Days....

from Ashley Nicole Summers (7-9) to the murder of Kathryn Menendez (8-21-94) ** (8-21)

There Are 42 Days....

from Ronda Manley's murder (8-24) to the fire at Mrs. Martin's home on Park Avenue in Parkersburg (10-4)

{Note: Martin was my maiden name}

There Are 42 Days....

from Jenifer Servo's murder (9-16) to Amy Renee Mihaljevic's murder (10-27)

There Are 42 Days....

from the disappearance of Holly Bobo (4-13) and the murder of Sheree Petry (5-25)

There Are 42 Days....

from Janet Miller's murder (11-28) to the fire at Bob and Betty Allen's home (1-8)

There Are 42 Days....

from Sarah Rae Boehm's murder (7-14 ) to the murder of Ronda Ellen Manley (8-25)

There Are 42 Days....

from Shaylene Marie Farrell's murder (7-14 ) to the murder of Jenifer Lea McCrady (9-19)

There are 42 Days

from the disappearance of Brandi Wells ( 8-3 ) to the disappearance of Marie Blough (9-13 )

There are 42 Days

from the murder of Judith Petty (2-7 ) to the murder of Ruth Robinson

There Are 42 Days....

between the printing of my stories Sey Von Sharee and Yellow Jackets Galore back in 1991. Of course, this was a true "coincidence" ... or at least it appears to me to be one, since I had no control over the dates in which the stories would appear in the news paper.

However, if I'm right about the "42 Day Drama," the "acting out" of those stories via the murders of Sheree Petry and Jenifer McCrady was no coincidence or accidental event.

Instead, it was calculated, premeditated and deliberate.

So ... assuming Jackie McCrady did in fact murder his wife, and Dennis Rydbom did in fact murder Sheree Petry, and assuming that each of the victims named above did in fact have a different killer .... as most want to believe... I have uncovered yet another extremely unusual pattern within unconnected cases. Is this possible? Sure. I could scout the internet or local news papers and pick victims at random who were murdered 42 days from the last date I pulled out of a hat. Anybody could do that and there would be nothing unusual about it, with the exception of the person doing such a thing. I'd think they had an "unusual problem," if anybody asked me!

Now I know "coincidence" does occur, and I'm aware that "circumstantial evidence" is not "concrete." But, even the concrete doesn't do any good in this nation anymore!

And this seems like a good place to quote two things that I have ran across in my research efforts in the past few months ...

1. From a former federal prosecutor ...."Circumstantial evidence is some of the best evidence you can have because circumstances don't lie."

2. "Three coincidences equals one conspiracy."


The Above Cases:

Over the years I've received an occasional email from someone who accuses me of trying to put myself into the center of 'this picture,' by connecting all these poor unfortunate victims to me.

This has never been true. In the beginning, back there in the early 1990's, all I had to go on was the fact that one victim looked like my daughter, another like my sister. One had my sister's first name and another had her last name; another was murdered on one of my family member's birthdays, and so forth. This was not my imagination. I know what my family members look like and I know their names and birth dates.

And as I tried to tell people -- whoever killed these people had to know my family members and their birth dates too.

Back in those days the murders were mostly local - either here in Washington County, or neighboring Athens or Wood Counties - all within ten minutes of my home, and all well within the playground of my number one suspect.

Still, people who are not from this area, didn't seem to understand what I was saying. For many years this concerned me. I did the best job I could do and I tried so hard to show them that it was not my imagination; it wasn't all coincidence - it just couldn't all be coincidence.

But, as the years have slowly passed, and as my suspect has widened his field of travel both in his work and in his leisure, I have seen the cases take on a new shape - a new pattern. It has taken all these years though to be able to look back and see that pattern, and I guess I can understand why most people have not been able to see it.

There again, had I not devoted the amount of time to the project that I have devoted, I don't think I would have ever been able to see the pattern, and to follow the trail. Although, I still believe that the trail is being laid so that I can see and follow it, which only serves to convince me that the killer knows me and knows the dates that I'm aware of even in his own life. That really narrows the field of suspects, in my opinion.

So you see, for those who think I get on my computer and roam around looking for names, dates, times and places connected to me --- you are wrong.

And I freely admit that I have made a few mistakes over the years. Every once in a while, there really is a coincidence .... someone with the right name or the right address, birthday or disappearance day. When this happens I am only too happy to admit it, and actually glad that it turned out that way.

But you see, eventually you have to be able to tie the strings.

Oh sure, anyone can talk the talk, but the real question is, can you walk the walk?

Can you show a repeat pattern, year after year, case after case .... can you follow the strings once the trail has been laid? Can you see where the strings have been and where they lead in the future? Can the strings {cases} be tied together in a nice neat bow? In other words, has your research led to an answer? And what was 'your' question to begin with?

My question has remained the same from day one --- who is killing our people?

Note: I have "adopted" the following poem. It is about the greatest thing I've ever ran across on the internet, and I honestly think God had me in mind when the author laid pen to paper!

Coincidence Spatter Analysis

By Vance Holmes

"One suspicious death, does not a pattern make;

It's impossible, from a single fall, to say it's real or fake;

But a second fatal event is a wholly different matter,

It allows for an inspection of the coincidental spatter.

Some large and obvious similarities, may reveal a single source,

And the smaller the coincidences -- the greater was the force.

Look for tiny dual details, dots in odd and angled degrees,

And the cast off stains of haunted lives that appear in twos and threes.

From guilty smears and transfer stains of similar shape and size,

Two homicides will converge, in a string of deadly lies --

Tying together twin details from remote and distant times,

To a point of common origin, the perpetrator of both crimes."




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