To Witness A Miracle


Bonnie M. Wells

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T.G. & Solomon

July 7th, 2006 dawned into a perfect day. I'd been hopeful that it would be a nice day, in fact a nice week-end, because I was expecting out of town guests.

Although T.G. and I had never actually met, we had spent a lot of time together on the phone and on the computer, as our common interest concerned finding lost and missing persons.

T.G. arrived about noon and brought with him the instrument that had been used in Springfield, Missouri some three months earlier to locate, what we believed to be, three women that had been missing for fourteen years.

My grandson Joshua arrived shortly after T.G. and within minutes a paint ball game was in full swing in my back yard.

I watched from the safety of my back door and marveled at how much fun guys could have shooting one another!

After a short game the guys all came into the house and T.G. brought out the instrument that we'd talked so much about, but that few people had ever seen. I'd named the instrument Solomon several months earlier, and was looking forward to seeing how it worked.

T.G. demonstrated how the instrument could locate several things, and of course we were all impressed as we watched the performance.

After demonstrating the instrument for several minutes T.J. asked if any of us would like to try it. Of course Joshua jumped to his feet first. We all laughed as he tried to duplicated T.G.'s performance. Then my husband Mike gave it a whirl, and finally it was my turn.

The item being scanned for was gold, and T.G. handed me the two metal rods that somehow worked with the machine.

I began walking toward the area to be scanned, but suddenly something went terribly wrong!

At precisely 6:30 pm, in front of a room full of family and strangers alike, I had a spell like I'd never experienced before. It was as if my body was weightless ... as if I was floating away!

I shoved the rods toward T.G. and said, "Here, take these things."

Mike and Joshua both came to their feet and were at my side as quickly as I began to sink toward the floor.

They got hold of my arms and led me to a chair at the kitchen table, where I sunk, and tried to explain what was happening to me .... without much success, I might add, because I didn't know what it was myself!

All I knew was, it was the strangest thing I'd ever experienced in my life. I felt as if I wasn't there .... as if I'd floated away!

The strange feeling lasted about 3 minutes ... during which time I could barely talk and could not stand, could not even get up from the chair in which I'd been placed!

T.G. and everyone kept fussing over me and asking if I was alright ... but I honestly couldn't tell them if I was alright, because I didn't know either!

Within five minutes I was back on my feet as if nothing had happened! T.G. told me later that he too had experienced something very odd as I shoved the steel rods into his hands. He said the hair on both arms stood straight up and it was like an electrical shock that ran up his arms as he took the rods from my hands!

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Mary Jo Gilliand

Mary Jo was a cousin to me.Our mothers were sisters, and at various times in our lives Mary and I had been more like sisters than cousins. But there were also times when several years went by without us speaking or being close.

It seemed our personalities always got in the way of our friendship eventually. Mary was quite bossy and very controlling with an explosive temper that could fly out of control at any second. I, on the other hand tended to be more laid back, took longer to anger, and resented the hell out of anyone who lied on me or tried to deceive me in any way. My temper wasn't as forthcoming as Mary Jo's, but once it arrived ... once I'd been betrayed, it was something that stuck with me for years ........ possibly forever.

And so it had been with Mary Jo. As far back as I could remember she had been there ... sometimes friendly and charming, but more often angry, resentful, bitter and bossy.

The final straw had come for me in the fall of 1998, and Mary and I parted ways again. Little did I know then that it would be our final parting.

So, when I learned in 2005 that she had cancer and was dying, all I could think was how she had made it impossible for me [and many, many others] to be around her; to help her in any way. I was saddened by the fact that she was so sick, and had she picked up the phone, or sent a card, or even word through someone else that she was sorry for what she had done to me, I would have been by her side in a heart beat.

The last I'd heard about her condition, she had a few months left to live, and had told people that she would see her next birthday [October 5th] but would not see any others. This saddened me, but there really wasn't much I could do except phone my aunt [Mary's mother] a few times and ask how she was doing.


The Miracle

From the moment I'd learned of T.G.'s instrument I'd thought it was nothing shy of a God sent miracle. That's why I named it Solomon, and when T.G. contacted me and said he and a couple of friends were coming to my home to meet me and my family and to demonstrate Solomon I was thrilled.

After demonstrating the instrument -- and after my very strange experience, T.G. and the guys that had come with him joined my grandson Joshua and some of his friends in a paint ball game just a couple of miles from my home. The break gave me a chance to call a friend or two and tell them about the instrument and about the odd spell that came over me when it was my turn to try the instrument.

By 8:30 pm. I was sitting in the swing out under the big Maple tree waiting for Joshua, T.G. and everyone to come back. The ringing of the telephone startled the old yellow cat that lay sprawled across my lap, and I smiled at him as I reached for the phone.

I was not prepared for the news that the caller had for me.

Mary Jo had taken a hard fall earlier that day while at her home, and had suffered some serious damage. She had been life-flighted to Morgantown West Virginia, where she underwent several hours of surgery. But, try as the doctors might, Mary was too far gone and died on the operating table at precisely 6:30 pm.

I felt my heart skip a beat and my hands trembled as I realized what I was being told. Although we were not close at the time of her death, I had remained very much in tune with Mary Jo, and although I'd had no contact with her for several years, the Lord knew I still cared about her and was concerned for her health.

For some reason the Lord had always chosen to let me know what was coming instead of having it a total shock. I'd experienced warnings with both my parents, my mother and father-in-laws, and my brother Mike, who we'd lost to a heart attack in 1986. I'd received a warning dream about the death of an elderly woman I once took care of while her husband was away from the house, and sure enough, Daisy had passed away at the precise time I'd awakened from my dream. So it was not a great surprise that I'd been notified when Mary Jo passed away.

Only later did I realize that what had happened was not so much for my benefit as for the benefit of those around me.

I'd thought T.G.'s instrument was the miracle and I was the one to 'witness' it, but I was wrong.

The instrument, although it could be of great value to mankind, was not 'spiritual.' If one tried hard enough they could understand how the instrument worked and they could explain it.

But what happened to me, while in the presence of a room full of people, could never be explained in man's terms, and could only be understood through complete faith and trust in Almighty God.

There is no doubt in my mind that the feeling I experienced was the release of Mary-Jo's spirit - once held captive in a disease ridden body, it was now free to go into the spirit world.

I bowed my head and thanked the Lord.... for the gift of Solomon and for allowing T.G. and the others to behold the real miracle.



Bonnie M. Wells



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