To Feed A Wild Bird


Bonnie M. Wells


I'd met the elderly lady on my birthday in 1991, when I rented an apartment from her for our friend Bill.

Bill had been working overtime that evening, so I kept the appointment with Wilda Bird, to look at the apartment. Although she had shown the apartment to several people, and even though she didn't get to meet Bill that evening, she decided to rent the apartment to him, because she liked me.

And thus began a friendship that would span a few short years, and which would eventually outlast my friendship with Bill.

Wilda had a lot of health problems. She'd had tuberculosis as a child and it had done a lot of damage to her lungs, as well as taking the life of her mother.

Bill only lived in the apartment that he rented from Wilda for a few months and then moved to a piece of property that his brother owned, but both of us stayed in touch with Wilda even after he moved. He mowed her grass in the summer time, and sometimes I'd accompany him and visit with Wilda until his work was done.

Then, when things fell apart between Bill and me, I'd sometimes just stop to visit by myself when I was in Belpre.

Each visit, I could see that her health was failing more and more. I worried about her, but there wasn't a lot I could do.


By the summer of 1995 I was selling Avon as a favor to a friend of mine ..... 'helping her win a trip, by signing up Representatives,' .....

I probably bought more than I sold, but what the heck. I figured it would make good Christmas gifts ....

The orders always had to be dropped off at the representatives house on a certain date, and the order had to be paid for at that time.

On this particular day, I had somehow managed to leave home without my wallet, and the only 'money' I had on me was the check which was sealed inside the order form and already made out to the Avon company.

Well, it didn't matter, I reasoned, because there was a storm coming and I wanted to get back home before it hit, so I'd just drop the order off and return home ..... no big deal. I should have known better. Everything in my entire life is a big deal -- especially when I think otherwise!

Turn Right

I came out Fifth Street with the intentions of turning left onto Main and going through Belpre on my return trip home.

Just as I began to pull out from the stop sign, 'something' seemed to tell me --- "GO RIGHT." No, I wanted to go left. "GO RIGHT," it insisted. "OK, I'll go right," I muttered as I turned the wheel right and pulled onto Main Street, and headed for the four-lane .... not my favorite route out of Belpre.

But, I didn't make it to the four-lane. I'd gone no further than a block when the 'urge' to turn left hit me, and I discovered myself sitting in the parking lot of Elby's Restaurant!

"What am I doing here?" I asked out loud. Of course I got no answer.

Okay, this is where Terri Roach worked, and I'd been wondering for years who had murdered the kid within a month after her 18th birthday. But .... I had no money with me, and I was NOT going inside that restaurant, and NOBODY was going to make me go in there without any money! What was I supposed to do ..... offer to do dishes for my dinner, or what? Besides that, I wasn't hungry!

I drove across the lot and out the other side. The Pontiac I was driving acted as if it had a mind of it's own [most Pontiac's do, you know!]

Wilda lived directly behind Elby's, so as I slowly pulled off the lot, I thought, okay, maybe I'm supposed to go check on Wilda today. Maybe she needs something. Okay, I could do that, but I was NOT going into Elby's without any money!

Few People Believed

In today's world, few people believe that God continues to speak to people, and expects them to obey ..... I wasn't one of them. My entire life had been incredibly strange. There had been so many 'unexplainable' things that had happened to me over the years, that I'd grown accustomed to it, and actually felt neglected if something weird didn't happen to me every so often. I certainly wasn't going to be disappointed on this particular day!

I stopped at Wilda's and went up to the door. There was no sound from within, but I knocked anyway. There was no answer, and I figured her sister had come and got her and perhaps she was at her house or at a doctor's appointment ... I started to leave, but whatever had been directing me thus far, told me to knock again and stay put. By this time I'd stopped arguing ..... but still felt pretty smug because although directed to Elby's, I'd won that argument! I was NOT going into that restaurant and try to get food without any money. No Sir, not me, not today anyway.

When Wilda came to the door, I knew she was very weak and sick.

I stepped inside just in time to catch her before she fell. She was carrying her oxygen mask and trying to breath, but she was not doing well at all.

I gently led her to the couch and made her comfortable before asking if I could get her something ..... a glass of water .... some medicine ..... anything.

"I'm so glad you came Bonnie, you are the answer to my prayer. I'm so hungry." Wilda whispered.

For a fleeting second, I thought of Elby's ..... and how I'd felt directed onto their lot ..... neah...

"Can I fix you something to eat Wilda?" I asked, only to learn that there was nothing in the house to fix!

"I'll go to the grocery store for you Wilda, and then come back and prepare your dinner," I offered next -- only to be told that she had no money. I had no money either ..... "How about a check Wilda? Can you write a check for the groceries? If we call the store and tell them ahead of time, I think they will let me pay by check, as long as it has your approval and signature?" I felt pretty confident that this would work ..... for about 30 seconds!

It turned out that Wilda had no money in her checking account either -- and wouldn't have until the next day when her check would be automatically deposited. I felt terrible. What a time to have no money with me!! What could I do? Well, I could go home and get food. I could go home and get money and come back and go to the store for her -- but, that storm was right on top of us now. I hated to drive in storms .... in fact I hated storms - period.

I thought of Bill as I looked out the door and tried to decide what I could [or should] do to help Wilda. He'd asked me one time ..... "Isn't there anything that you are afraid of?"

I'd told him no, but there was one thing that I really was afraid of and that was hard storms. I didn't like the darkness and the clouds tumbling around as if they couldn't decide whether to stay in the air or come on down!

I hated the lightening, and jumped with fright with every flash, especially if I was on the road, but even worse than that was the wind. It really upset me, which must be something that ran in my mother's people because I could remember how frightened of wind storms my grandmother had been, and mom didn't like them either .....

Wilda's words brought me back from thoughts of the approaching storm.

"Could you call Elby's and ask them if I could get a dinner and write them a check dated for tomorrow?"

'Funny, very funny,' I thought as I dialed Elby's number and asked if I could come over and get food without paying for it. "Sure,' the manager said, "come on over. We know Wilda, and it's just fine."

I Will Obey

I priced the meal that Wilda wanted and stood in silence as she wrote out the check. There really wasn't much to say .... or even think, at this point.

"Bonnie, honey, take my car and hurry before that storm hits," Wilda said as I started out the door ....

"No Wilda, I'll just walk on over and get your food ... the Lord won't let the lightening strike me ... or a tree fall on top of me," I replied as I went out the door.

No, the Lord was having a really good laugh this time. He wouldn't let anything happen to me ..... at least not before he made me walk into that restaurant and get food without any money!

Besides that, who would know if I'd been struck by lightening? I already had this startled, shocked, country fried look to me ..... who would know the difference? I mused as I walked to the restaurant, got Wilda's dinner and took it back to her, without as much as a drop of rain hitting me!

The End

This is a true story.

The title of this story comes from rearranging Wilda's name: A is taken from the end of her first name [Wilda] thus leaving the word Wild, and her last name was Bird ..... thus, A Wild Bird.

Wilda passed away a short time later. I still miss her.

She was a devout Christian, and she believed in the miracles of God. The last time I ever saw her, she explained to me what was wrong with Bill, and why he did the things he does.

Wilda believed that God led me to her in the beginning. I believe that God led me to her in the end. He must have had a reason.

Wilda's birthday was * December 10th, and I'm sorry to say, but I do not recall the year.

Several years ago, back when Bill was our friend, I usually baked a cake or made something special for him and Wilda to share for their birthdays because his is December 8th. With the two being so close, it only seemed appropriate.

I thought this story should be told in December, near Christmas time, because it demonstrates yet another of the Lords miracles, and one more time that He showed me that He does in fact lead my steps -- even when I am not aware of it. And it's one more demonstration of the fact that I WILL do as instructed, regardless of how much I protest ..... and believe me, there's been many a protest! Why the Lord puts up with me, I haven't a clue! But you know something ..... deep down, I think He has a wonderful sense of humor, and gets a real charge out of my reactions!

Matthew 6:26 "Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? "

Bonnie M. Wells

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