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Access Road Photo's

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Little Hocking, Ohio


Bonnie M. Wells


Looking At The Roads




{photo #1} The photographer was standing in the middle of road 298 when this picture was taken. It is about the first point in 298 where the gravel driveway and my car can be seen. Notice my friend's vehicle at the bottom of the road. It is pulled up to the stop sign, and plainly shows there is just about room enough to park 2 vehicles between the stop sign and the access road. Mary testified that when she saw the trooper in her rear view mirror, she was "in the middle of the road" {left of center, no doubt} and had not come to the stop sign yet. She said she had "stopped too soon," and looked into her mirror to see his face.




{photo #2} Same picture with my car a little further down the hill. Even at this distance anyone can see there are no markings on my car, and certainly no set of flashing lights mounted on the top of it as there would be with a highway patrol cruiser. {or any other "police" car.} This picture also shows the sharp curve from Ohio 7 onto 298. Would you want to sit left of center in this intersection, especially in front of a highway patrol cruiser?




{photo ##} Same photo with my car further down. Anyone can plainly see it has no markings on it. If it was a cruiser, it could have been identified as such from at least half way up the access road.




{photo #4}My car even further down the access road with my friend snapping pictures as it comes down the road. This would have been about the same area that Mary Dye was sitting in as she claimed to have watched the cruiser make its way down the access road.




{photo #5} The rear end of my Pontiac as it is sitting at the end of the access road/driveway: You can see that the road is covered with heavy slag and is somewhat steep. It is about 75 feet in length, not 75 "yards" as Dave Garvey testified: {75 yards would be 225 feet}




{photo #6}This photo shows more of my car and also shows the slight turn at the top of the hill. This area levels out and there is a fairly large "parking or turning" area. It will be shown in another photo.




{photo #7} This picture shows all of my car as it sits at the edge of the access road along Township Road 298 in Little Hocking, Ohio: Please notice the rather steep hillside on the driver's side of the car. Just past this hill lies the four lane highway {Ohio 7}. If you look closely you can see a small slither of it. My friend's car to the left of mine is to help show distance and space. The access road is just about one car length wide at this point. Of course as you start up the hill, you can see it quickly becomes only wide enough for one vehicle to come or go at a time. It is not a "road" but is actually a drive-way that leads to the oil wells located on the farm, which is owned by a Parkersburg, West Virginia fireman.




{photo #8} This picture shows a clear view of the Ohio 7 and Twp. 298 intersection. I was told that it was common for troopers to sit in the same position my car is shown in and watch the highway. Please notice the curve in the road {298} as it approaches the stop signs. {there is a stop sign on both sides of this road that faces into 298! only place I know of that has this.} Also notice the distance from my vehicle to the stop sign.




{photo #9} Here we have a "head on shot" of my vehicle with someone sitting at the steering wheel. This picture was taken while the photographer stood on the yellow divider line on 298 directly in front of the vehicle. Can someone ..... anyone, please describe the person behind the wheel? Is it me? Is it my friend? Is it a man or is it a woman?




{photo #10} Here we have a side shot of my car with someone behind the wheel, and sitting in a natural position. The person was making no effort to hide from the camera. The photographer was slightly "left of center" when this photo was taken. {Mary Dye testified that she was "sitting in the middle of the road when she looked into her rear view mirror and saw the troopers face. Can you see the face of the person in my car? Could you identify them a year from now? By the way ..... the driver's window is completely down, so as not to obstruct view.




{photo #11} This photo was taken with the photographer standing approx. 4 feet "behind" the stop sign on the east bound lane of 298: See the person in the car? Can you describe the person for me?




{photo #12} Same as Photo no. 11, except it was taken from behind the stop sign on the west bound lane of 298. In order to see a person sitting in a vehicle at this 45 degree angle, a person would have to be more than 'in the middle of the road,' as Dye testified. They would have to be all the way across the oncoming traffic lane! What trooper would permit this?




{photo #13} This photo shows the intersection ...Ohio 7 and 298. Notice the hill that quickly blocks your view of the north bound lane of highway. {north is making a left off of 298, as Mary Dye testified that she did.}.




{photo #14} See the mobile home across the highway? This photo was taken from the back bumper of my car. It was in plain sight of this mobile home as it sat on the access road. Notice how the hill blocks the view of the highway. This same hill blocks ones view of the access road almost as soon as they cross the highway, make a left and head north. In this picture my friend's car has been moved so we can see the intersection. I am standing directly behind my Pontiac and aiming across the highway. Notice the mobile home on the embankment across the highway:

This is also the first photo that gives us a good view of the stop sign on the east bound side of 298 - where Mary Dye should have been! She came 'down' 298; headed toward the four lane [Ohio 7]. The access road was on her 'left.' In order to 'block the cruisers exit' as she claimed in the court room, she would have had to have been headed east in the west bound lane!




{photo #15}Here, we see my car sitting at the edge of the access road, and pictured through the windshield of my friend's car. The Lord permitted it to begin raining just as I was re-enacting this portion of the testimony! I thought that was amazing, because the day Mary Dye claimed to see the cruiser sitting here, it was raining. As anyone can see, you can determine from some distance what color and type of vehicle is sitting on the road. If it was decked out with an eagle and stripes on the side of it and a light bar across the top, I'm sure no one would have any trouble "seeing what it was creeping down out of that road," .... as Mary Dye testified to. The thing that amazes me is the fact that although she had to stop her vehicle "in the middle of the road," and stare intently at the vehicle coming down the access road in order to determine what it was, she had absolutely no trouble in looking into an outside rear view mirror, that had to have been splattered with rain drops, and seeing "the face" of the man driving the vehicle!! Amazing ..... absolutely amazing. This picture also shows the severe curve coming onto 298 from the four lane. It is a blind curve. Only an idiot would be "parked" on the wrong side of the road, and looking into her rear view mirror! She could have been wiped right off the map, and it would have been her own damned fault!




{photo #16} This photo was taken from the middle of the four lane just before we turned north on Ohio 7:




Moving slowly northward, as Mary Dye claimed she did: Notice the actual distance between Ohio 7 and the access road. It is about 40 feet, not 75 yards as Garvey testified to.


{photo #17b}

This picture was taken from the back seat as my friend's car traveled northward on Ohio 7. As you can plainly see, there is no evidence that my car was sitting at the entrance to the access road, even though it was. Also, since this picture was actually taken from the back seat of the car, it should be noted that the driver lost sight of my vehicle before I did. It is also quite plain that my car is not traveling westward on 298 as Mary Dye testified that the cruiser she saw "must have been," because it "wasn't on the access road and it didn't follow her onto the four lane." You can rest assured my car is still sitting on the access road, just as it had been for quite some time as we took these pictures.



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