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Sources: Alice Donovan Killer

Led Search Crews To Remains

By Jody Barr

WBTW News 13 Reporter

Published: January 26, 2009


Sources close to the Alice Donovan case tell News13 a series of letters and photographs from one of the men convicted of killing Alice Donovan of Galivants Ferry, led search crews to skeletal remains in Horry County.

Convicted killer Chadrick Fulks wrote a series of letters to the founder of the missing person search group, “Community United Effort,” located in Wilmington, who has spent the past several years searching for Donovan after she went missing from the Conway Wal-Mart on Nov. 14, 2002, a source close to the Donovan case said.

The founder of the CUE missing persons search group, Monica Caison, spent the past several months writing and receiving letters from Fulks, who currently sits on death row in a federal prison, a source told News13.

Those letters contained photocopied images of the Watertower Road area near Longs where Fulks highlighted areas where he remembered dumping Donovan’s body, according to a News13 source.

The map Fulks sent to Caison arrived in the mail on Jan. 18.

On Sunday Jan. 19, Caison and CUE searchers conducted a search of the area and later discovered a human skull, according to sources close to the Donovan case.

The skull was turned over to the Horry County Police Department, but the county police never made that information public.

In another search Saturday Jan. 24, CUE search crews discovered an arm bone, according to News13 sources.

The Horry County Police Department responded to the area and took the bone and plan to have DNA tests conducted on it to determine the sex of the remains, and a possible identification, according to a HCPD news release issued Monday.

Donovan’s daughter, Angie Gilchrist told News13 Monday night that she would only confirm that searchers from the CUE organization found the remains on Jan. 19 and again on Jan. 24, but would not say anything about what she saw during both searches this month.

As of this posting Monday night, FBI agents were in Horry County assisting local authorities in the investigation, according to a source.

Fulks and Brandon Basham escaped from a Kentucky prison in 2002 and went on a multi-state crime spree, which included the kidnapping and murder of Alice Donovan.

Both men were convicted of killing Donovan, although her body was never found.

Both men are on death row awaiting execution at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

You can count on News13 to update this story as details become available.


BMW Comments


I received the above information from both Monica Caison and Jim Brown, and wish to express my gratitude to both of these fine people for their continued efforts and determination to locate Alice Donovan, and to keep me informed.

My sincere hope is that Chad Fulks has done the only thing left for him to do that could earn him just a touch of humanity before he meets his maker.

And to Chad Fulks, I must say .... "Thank you. Although you are the reason for so many people's grief and misery, I'm glad you finally decided to at least allow them to find Alice. May God grant you the mercy that you granted none."

And I ask all those involved in Alice's case to please remember - Samantha Burns remains missing in West Virginia. Perhaps Fulks can find it in his heart to tell someone where she is too.

There will be no changes in any of my pages concerning these two cases until both women have been recovered. At that time I will remove excessive pages. Meanwhile, I believe Samantha is still in the area where I originally thought she was -- Huntington, West Virginia area.


After weeks of searching in West Virginia areas that Chad Fulks directed searchers to, has Samantha Burns been found? Has anything been found?

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Did the remains found in South Carolina actually belong to Alice Donovan?


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Bonnie M. Wells



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