An Open Letter About Alice


Bonnie M. Wells

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Following is a letter that I received from Jim Brown on Thanksgiving Day 2006.

Jim was a neighbor of Alice Donovan's, and even now, after all these years, it is not difficult to see that Alice was very special to Jim and his family, and that, in his own way he still grieves very much for his lost friend.

The letter was so touching .... and expressed so well, the sentiments of so many, that I thought I would post it on my November page and share it with everyone.


Happy Thanksgiving to you Bonnie and your devoted readers,

Once again this time of year we stand silent for a moment and feel the loss of loved ones. All of us grieve in our own way. Yet, we give Thanks.

I guess for me it may be a bit different than others. Yet at the same time possibly the same.

We give thanks for our families, their health and well being, prosperity and happiness. To our friends, and especially those protecting us in time of war. To those that serve our communities in our time of emergency or need.

Yet, we all pause and remember those close to our hearts that are not with us.

For me, not in a selfish way but in a calm state of mourning, I remember Alice Donovan.

On Nov. 14th, each year I want to stand before her marker, her burial site, her memorial. Yet there is none.

I become for a brief moment angry, angry at those that have taken her from us and will not allow us to have her back with us. As I stand on the far edge of the Wal-Mart parking lot I can't help but say to myself, this is it, this is the only place we have to remember her by. This is the memorial, this is her marker, this is the last place we knew exactly where she was.

How do I lay flowers here I say, in a busy parking lot.

So sad.

My mind drifts to those killers, they will eat turkey today I think to myself.

I then ponder, am I drifting away. Have I given up hope of finding Alice.

Everyone moves on and goes on with their lives.

Yet, something is pulling at me, it won't let me forget.

It is Alice, she wants to be found.

To the Donovan and Burns families and all that have suffered at the hands of evil, I wish you peace this holiday season.

Jim Brown

This concludes my 'Donovan & Burns Series' at least for now. If, or when anything changes, I will come back and do an update. No search has ever been conducted in the Huntington, West Virginia area that I pinpointed from day one - actually before day one. So be it. I've given my all, and done my best. // Bonnie


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