The Abduction Of

Alice Donovan


Bonnie M. Wells


I never knew Alice Donovan, but I wish I had. In fact, there are many things I wish. I wish I could have understood the events that occurred at my sister's house in late October, and I wish I could have reached someone with the information before Alice Donovan was taken hostage. But, I didn't, and now she is gone and no one knows where she is.

I followed the case as closely as possible from my local tv news, and did up the only information that I had on the case in hopes that the info would help someone. I can't say that it has. But I can say that Alice's oldest daughter has contacted me and asked for any help that I can give. Partial copies of her letters appear below .....

Dear Ms Wells,

I stumbled upon your website in hope to find out information on my mother. And I can't put your clues together. Could you please help me.My name is Angie Warner. I am the oldest daughter of Alice Donovan. The women abducted by Basham and Fulks. I really need to find her soon. It is like she is haunting me. Please help me please. You have helped law enforcement with other cases in the past could you please find it in your heart to help me. I need your help I don't know where else to turn to. I miss her so much and she deserves to be lay to rest.

Her birthday is approaching in May along with mothers day. I do hope you can find some free time to help me.

Angie Warner


I answered Angie's first letter

and asked for some background info on her mother:



She was abducted in Walmart parking lot. Never even got out of her car. They pulled up behind her as she pulled into parking space and one got out and hopped in the car and the white pick up truck drove off and she followed it and the other guy got in.

Yes she drove a blue BMW.

Law has the vehicle in their possession. The two men have admitted to taking her but wont say where she is.

I have no pics but you can go to her website. There is a pic there. Keep in mind it is long in that pic but now it is short. Very short.




Thank you for your offer to make a memorial page of mom.

My aunt is the one who is doing that web page you went to.

Here is some info on my mom. She was born May 7, 1958 to Lorriane Moore and Ted Ritchie. She was the third of six children. Four sisters Judy, Gloria, Carol, Sally, and one brother Leo.

She grew up in a rural town in New Hampshire.

At sixteen she married George Warner and had two daughters Angie and Jennifer. After seventeen years of marriage, they divorced. She met a wonderful man named Barry Donovan.

After a year of courtship they wed in December of 1991. They shared a love so deep and great. They were like two puzzle pieces that fit together.

They became grandparents in the year 1998 to a granddaughter Amber by daughter Angie and to a grandson Anythony by daughter Jennifer. A year later another grandbaby came and granddaughter Chloe by daughter Angie.

She was a Quality Techniction at Precision Southeast in Marion SC.

My mom didn't have an easy life by far. It was actually at times horrid. But she made it through anything thrown her way. And no matter what she went through, she never let anything bring her down. She always walked out stronger than ever. She was a remarkable women.

If you need anything else let me know. I will get you pictures also. The white pick up was a man's truck they stole after robbing a house on Juniper Bay Road, November 14 just before going to Walmart and taking mom.

Thank you again.



News Article

Donovan's Habits, Style Recalled


By Elaine Gaston and Jay C. Grelen

The Sun News

Heather Byrd knew something was wrong last Friday when she arrived for work and Alice Donovan wasn't there.

"She's always at work," Byrd said. "She's always on time." In her four years at Precision Southeast Inc. in Marion, Donovan has stayed home sick only a few times, Byrd said.

Byrd phoned the Precision Southeast plant in Myrtle Beach to check with Donovan's husband, Barry, who is an engineer for the company. He wasn't at work, either.

Then their co-workers called the Donovans' new home, which the couple built together, and that's when they learned Alice Donovan had not returned from a shopping trip the day before.

Now, anybody who reads the newspaper or watches TV news knows the story: Police say two escapees from a Kentucky jail stole Donovan's car, and her with it, from the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in Conway.

Although both men have been recaptured, police have found no trace of Donovan, except for her blue BMW.

As film of Donovan's car appeared on news programs and Internet sites after police captured the kidnapping suspects, Donovan's co-workers gathered around a computer monitor and replayed the video images frame by frame, searching for a glimpse of their friend in her car.

Someone would think they saw her, she said, but it was only the imaginings of their wishful thinking.

Despite the passing of a week, Byrd and her co-workers remain optimistic they will see Donovan again.

"The word of choice is concern," she said.

"We have to have hope. Without hope, we don't have anything. Everybody's kind of walking around in slow motion."

Precision Southeast, a injection mold company, is a quieter place without Donovan. "She was definitely not quiet," Byrd said. "When she came in a room, everybody knew it.

She was a people person. She knew how to befriend someone, how to get them to open up."

Donovan became an inspiration to her niece, Gina Archuleta, because Donovan left high school early to start a family but went back for her high-school diploma.

"She has inspired me to be the best person I can be," said Archuleta, who lives in Wiley, Colo. "She encouraged me to get back into school, cried with me when I received my GED, rejoiced with me every time I managed to pull great grades in college. She is a wonderful listener and great friend, and I love her deeply."

Donovan was born Alice Richie 44 years ago.

She and her four sisters and a brother grew up in a two-story house on Main Street in Kingston, N.H., a small town of about 7,500 people southeast of Manchester near the Massachusetts border.

Their mother was a waitress; their step-father worked for the U.S. Postal Service.

"It was a big family," said Judy Ezell, one of Donovan's sisters. "We kids fought and scrabbled. Alice was the hub. She got along well with her siblings in either direction. She was in the middle. She tried to be the peacemaker."

Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs lived next door to the Richie children, and Briggs' parents socialized with Donovan's.

"They were all good kids, very well-behaved," Briggs said.

"Alice was a quiet kid. ... My sister used to baby-sit for them."

Donovan and her siblings often played outside, riding bicycles and running around with the other children.

"This is a real nice community where people care about each other, and they fit into the character of this community," Briggs said.

After the children left home, their mother moved into a smaller home in Kingston, Briggs said.

Donovan attended Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston during the mid-1970s, but dropped out early to marry, Ezell said.

The former librarian there, Mary Penney, remembered little about Alice "except for being very quiet."

Donovan was still in high school when she met her first husband, a drummer in a band, and the couple moved to Haverhill, Mass., where her daughters were born, Ezell said.

The couple later moved to Barrington, N.H., but split up after Donovan's husband lost his job, Ezell said.

Her first husband died of a heart attack after they divorced, Byrd said.

Alice met her current husband, Barry, while in Barrington, and the couple moved to South Carolina about seven years ago, her sister said.

"They fell in love with the South," she said. "They enjoyed the climate, the customs, the food."

Although Ezell was four years older than her sister, the two were so close, Ezell was in the delivery room when Donovan delivered her two children, she said. "She was my closest sister, my closest friend," Ezell said. "Alice and I just had a bond."

Ezell described her sister as bubbly, friendly and caring.

"She had that way about her," Ezell said. "She knew how to touch people's hearts."

Ezell visited her sister while the Donovans were building their home.

"At the airport, she just stood there with the biggest, happiest smile and just hugged me," Ezell said. "We went out to dinner, and she kept playing with my hair. She had just gotten her hair cut short. And we snuggled with each other. She was the only sister I was affectionate with."

Donovan also was a hard worker and loved piddling around her home, said Gloria Lindsey, Donovan's older sister by a year.

"She loved flowers and gardening," Lindsey said from her home in Bristol, N.H. "She's had to put that on hold while she and Barry worked on their house. But she truly loved to do that."

Donovan held other jobs before taking a position at Precision Southeast Inc., but Lindsey wasn't sure what jobs she held in the past.

"She's a hard worker and gives her heart and soul to whatever she's doing," Lindsey said.

Donovan works a swing shift, 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., two days on, two days off, then three days on, Byrd said.

Her job as a quality technician is to inspect their plastic products after each leaves a mold.

She measures and inspects the company's products for precision.

The Donovans spent two years building their home in rural northwest Horry County and moved into it in the spring, Byrd said. "She would come into work with blisters on her hands from hammering," Byrd said.


From the information that I have gathered, Alice Donovan was a wonderful person. She is sadly missed by her friends and family, and although I never had the pleasure of knowing Alice, I feel slightly connected to her and her family.

Although I will not be able to say with certainty until Alice Donovan is found, I feel a strong connection between her and the state of Ohio. Perhaps she is in Ohio.

Following is another news article that I ran across on the internet. / BMW



Second Escaped Convict From Prison

In Kentucky Recaptured In Indiana

Aired November 20, 2002 - 13:01 ET



A second escaped convict from a prison in Kentucky was recaptured today in Indiana. His partner was caught Sunday night in Kentucky.

There is still no word on the fate of a woman the pair allegedly kidnapped.

In Conway, South Carolina, Charles Molineaux is not far away from Conway, and he brings us now that story. What do you know?



Well, I tell you what, Martin, we've come up to North Carolina. We're in Shalotte, in Brunswick County, North Carolina, where investigators have been looking for, perhaps, some trace of Alice Donovan in the area.

Police helicopters have been in the sky from South Carolina, including officials from Horry County, South Carolina, Brunswick County, South Carolina.

The state police have been looking around as well as investigators.

They've been flying through the air as well as teams on the ground, trying to see what they can find in this area. Where we are is the area where Alice Donovan was kidnapped in Conway, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina, where they are believed to have used her ATM card.

Chadrick Fulks was captured after trying to hold up a bank in Middlebury, Indiana. Now, Fulks is the one who on Monday night, led police on a high speed chase. That was in Marion, Ohio, north of Columbus. This entire case has been unraveling rather rapidly over the course of the past couple days, as we now have both suspects back in custody.

Of course, the two of them, Chadrick Fulks and Brandon Basham broke out of a jail in western Kentucky, then they allegedly went up into Indiana, then back down to South Carolina, where

Alice Donovan was kidnapped, and where another man was apparently shot at after he allegedly found them burglarizing a house.

Brandon Basham was captured on Sunday.

He was captured in Asheville, Kentucky. According to the police, he was attempting a carjacking, and after shooting it out with the police, jumped into the Ohio River, and apparently got so cold he ultimately surrendered.

He was in custody on Sunday night, although police actually did not know who he was until Monday, because he gave them a false I.D.

They actually had to identify him with fingerprints. He was picked up Sunday, identified on Monday night.

And now Chadrick Fulks has been identified as the second man, also captured. He was captured in Middlebury, Indiana, according to police, after apparently trying to rob a bank. But the question still remains, ....

Martin, where is Alice Donovan?

And investigators say that time is not on their side in this one. They're very concerned about one scenario that is very grave,and that was as they look at what happened after these two escaped from the jail back in Kentucky, they are accused of carjacking a man, kidnapping him and leaving him tied to a tree.

Now if anything like that happened to Alice Donovan, the question becomes, what happened to her, how long has she been in the elements? She's not been heard from since. And in this latest incident, the high speed chase back in Ohio, there was no indication that there was another person involved, meaning that apparently Chadrick Fulks was by himself. Again, the question, where is Alice Donovan?

Not a real promising picture right now. We are in the sixth day after her kidnapping --


SAVIDGE: All right, Charles, you're right. It's not optimistic, but we will stay in close touch with you, should you hear anything.

Thank you very much.


Sometimes....we wonder,

why things happen to those we love...

The answer is held, God above...

And yet .... sometimes ....

I think I can see...

Why he works so mysteriously...



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