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Bonnie M. Wells


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Dreams Of Chad

The Child

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date of Dream: Early Months of 2004:


I was babysitting for my friend Sindee's little boy, Chad.

We were at my sister {Patty's} house .... a big, old, 2 or 3 story, rambling sort of place with many rooms, that resembled the house Patty lived in when she lived on Greene Street in Marietta.

Her husband Bruce was working on something inside the house and making a lot of noise. Someone {I don't recall who} said something about the rest room, and I began wondering around looking for it. {Perhaps this was the room Bruce was working in. I honestly don't recall.}

Suddenly I realized Chad was not beside me, and I ran over to one of the open windows and looked down at the sidewalk below.

Oh dear, did that child fall out this window? I wondered.

Sindee will kill me if I let anything happen to her son, I thought.

Then, I was sitting in a porch swing on the front porch and Chad was playing in the yard. I still don't know how he got down in the yard, but he was obviously okay.

End of dream


The Market

Dreamer: Former girlfriend of Chad Fulks

{name withheld for privacy reasons}

Date of dream - September 12-14, 2004:


I was in a strange car/suv in Billy's Market parking lot. I was alone. I remember thinking that I was just gonna grab some cash out of my purse and leave my purse there.

I went into the store and felt like everyone was trying to keep me in there for awhile on purpose.

Billy was behind the counter and he just kept talking.... really nervous..... just stalling.

I felt like I was in there for a long time and when I walked out I saw 2 or 3 old friends sitting/crouching up against the wall in front of my car. They looked at me and I felt like they knew not to say something to me for some reason.

Then I got in the vehicle and Chad was in the passenger seat. Then I realized that my window was shattered and I looked down and my purse was gone. I looked over at the guys by the wall and realized that they were crouching because they had my purse! Then they started laughing and going through it and I remember feeling like it belonged to them now and I couldn't do anything about it. Then I looked over at Chad and he said "I can't protect you anymore. I'm sorry. I can't protect you anymore."

end of dream


He Never Took His Eyes Off Me

Dreamer: Former girlfriend of Chad Fulks

{name withheld for privacy reasons}

Date of dream - A fews Days After The Market Dream


The grass was yellowish/gold/brown kind of dead looking, the trees, bare and leafless. It reminded me of fall I guess.. Chad wore a gray sweatshirt and regular slacks, while I wore a sweat suit; we were running... not fast.. yet not slow ... just running in this huge field side by side. Chad kept saying "come on.. hurry.. hurry.. come on." Suddenly I looked at him and wondered 'why am I here, I shouldn't be here.' He never took his eyes off of me .... he just stopped running. We continued to stare at one another as I began walking away from him.....

end of dream


Chad At WalMart

Dreamer: T.

Date of dream: September 13th, 2004

[Note: T. is a sister of the former girlfriend of Chad Fulks,

and she dreamed that Chad was at WalMart.]


Bonnie Knows

Dreamer: Sindee Davis

Date of dream: October 19th, 2004


A man's voice informed the dreamer .... "No, you are not to have a son named Chad. Bonnie received the original dream because she would know about the license plate on the BMW - The Chad in the dream was Chad Fulks, and Bonnie knows."

End of dream


Interpretation For Above Dreams

Even though the above dreams occurred at different times and involved four different people, I have chosen to work them all together because I believe they all pertain to the same people and cases.

To begin with, Sindee doesn't have a son named Chad. In fact she doesn't have a son at all! This leads me to believe that her dream was little more than a reminder to me that I was to do more work on the Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns cases because I did have the answer .... or "I know" the answer.

Since everyone now knows for certain what happened to the two women, then the only real question that remains is 'where are they?'

My sister and her husband have been living separately for at least ten years. The last place they shared was the house on Greene Street. Their last name is 'Fulton' and I can't help but think about how the Donovan and Burns cases began for me .... at Patty's house in Marietta, Ohio. .... which once again reminds me of 'Ohio.'

As far as I can determine, my dream "The Child" was to show how 'Chad Fulks escaped from someone who was supposed to be watching him." Of course this dream was 'after the fact' so I didn't really pay much attention to it. I normally do not work much of anything after the facts are known because I feel it may simply be, my subconscious mind at work.

The Market dream reveals what happened to both Donovan and Burns since both went to a 'shopping area,' and both were abducted by Fulks and/or Basham at those shopping areas. It sounds as if it was Fulks who jumped into the vehicle with the women though. The original intent may have been to simply snatch their purses, but then one or both of the escapees decided to turn it into an abduction. The broken window is symbolic of "forced entry," so neither woman 'invited' Fulks or Basham into their cars or lives. The "Chad At WalMart" dream reveals the dreams may pertain more to Alice Donovan than to Samantha Burns.

Chad telling the dreamer that 'he couldn't protect her anymore' may show us that in the beginning, Chad Fulks thought he and Basham would just have some 'fun' {shown by laughter as they went through her purse} with the women and then turn them loose. If this is the case he either changed his mind, or soon discovered Basham had other ideas.

I believe the "He Never Took His Eyes Off Me" dream shows several different things. First it shows us the 'time of year in question' ... and by this time we are well aware it was the fall of the year when Donovan and Burns were abducted. It also shows us that neither of the women ever actually had an opportunity to 'get away' from their captors, as 'he never took his eyes off of her.' But most importantly of all, at this point, is the information about an open field. I believe this shows us where Donovan or Burns {maybe Donovan and Burns} can be located.

This dream seems to indicate the woman {or women} were 'escorted' into a country type setting .... trees, tall grass, etc. ..... and were left there. The last thing the victim's saw was Chadrich {Evan} Fulks staring at them.

Chad Fulks has already been tried and convicted for his part in the murders, and has received the death sentence. I have no sympathy for him, and yet, according to the dreams, it probably was not his idea to actually kill either woman, but he felt he could not 'protect' them, and went along with Basham's idea. Not that his idea of 'protection' was much above leaving them injured in some out of the way place where they may have died eventually anyway. Neither man seemed to have any compassion or respect for the lives of others.

At one time I had hoped that one or the other would speak up and tell someone where they actually left Donovan and/or Burns, but as time goes by I am realizing neither has a conscience; neither has any compassion for anyone, and in fact probably get a sadistic satisfaction from knowing that they are the only ones who know where these women are.

In my opinion, these two men are as evil as they come, and should be put before a firing squad as soon as possible. Oh, I know, we can't do things like that now days, because we have to treat the uncivilized in a civilized manner. I say, hogwash, shoot a few of them and let the rest know we are reverting back to an eye for an eye, and are going to take back our nation one tooth at a time!!!

This brings us to the final portion of my interpretation of the above dreams. Sindee's dream was the last of the five and she was told that my dream, which was the first of the five, was because I knew or would know the answer because of the license number, or the license plate. We are not certain which way it was presented. However, since Donovan was driving a BMW and those are my initials, then I am almost certain it deals with the 'license number' and not just the license plate. Then again, perhaps it involves both.

I understand that Fulks and Basham were driving Donovan's vehicle when they were caught. I also understand they had put Burns' license plate on the car. This confirmed what I'd predicted early on in the case .... that the two women were abducted by the same men.

The only thing that I can say at this point is ... Before I can go any further, I need the license numbers from both Donovan's vehicle and Burns' vehicle. There is something there that I should be able to work with. Perhaps it's a name, a number, an old address, a road number, a street name, something that will indicate a location to me. If anyone in my reading audience can send me the information, I will be more than happy to do my best to unravel this mystery so that one or both of these women can be found and brought home to their families.

And in closing, I want to say that the girl that Chad dated several years ago lived in West Virginia ..... down in the Huntington area ..... an area that I pinpointed long ago as a possible location for one or both of these women.

I sent the information to the Huntington area news papers, but, as usual, I received no response of any kind.

One would almost think I was asking for help instead of trying to give it!

Same old story, case after case, time and time again. Why would they rather leave their dead unfound than to admit I might be right? Now that's a real intriguing question, isn't it? Wonder if anyone knows the answer to it?



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