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Allison Jackson – Foy

Following is a repeat of the composite drawing and the actual pictures of Wild Bill, as well as some of my own comments. I will include the picture of the man arrested also, but further down the page:

The 'returning to the scene' does NOT sound like Wild Bill. He dumps and moves on, never to return or look back. Besides that, Wild Bill would not be in the Wilmington area frequently enough to be a regular visitor to the dump site, and from the above article, it sounds as if the man has been seen there several times. Wonder why no one calls the cops 'when' they see him there? Wonder why no vehicle was mentioned - no description, nothing. Seems strange.

Wild Bill 1985 Composite Wild Bill 1990

New Details In Case Of Remains

Found Off Carolina Beach Road

17 July 2008

WILMINGTON -- There are new developments in the case of human remains found off of Carolina Beach Road earlier this year. Police searched the home of a man who they think could be linked to the women's deaths.

Police are not commenting, but they had enough probable cause to issue a search warrant for the belongings of Timothy Craig Iannone.

In June police searched a home, car, and storage unit used by Iannone. Among the seized items are stain swabs, eyeglasses and a case from the trash, a bra, a stick wrapped in black tape, and used duct tape from the woods. They also seized jewelry from his car.

Iannone was arrested in August 2007 for the kidnapping, rape, and assault of a prostitute and plead guilty to a lesser charge. He is currently on probation.

According to police records, Iannone is a fomer cab driver who frequented the area around Carolina Beach Road where human remains were found in April. Police believe the remains may be those of Angela Rothen and Allison Jackson Foy, who have been missing for some time.

The search warrant states that several known prostitutes admitted to having sex with Iannone near the area where the bones were found. Both Rothen and Foy had been known to have spent time in that area. According to the warrant, Iannone had been questioned about Foy's disappearance before the remains were found. His family said he passed a lie detector test in February.

In a phone conversation with Iannone, he said the investigation "has nothing to do with me...I'm not the guy they're looking for...I'm in shock...I never saw this coming...I'm a normal guy with a normal family."

I guess I'm getting like the cops -- I have no comment. // Bonnie

September 11, 2008. I finally have a comment.

They need to stop drawing these composites of 'suspects' and then going out and arresting people who look absolutely NOTHING like their composites!

Allison Jackson-Foy: Remains Found


Posted: Sep. 11, 2008 9:18 a.m.


Wilmington police have received positive lab identification that the remains found in Wilmington in April are Allison Jackson-Foy. It is unclear whether the case is being treated as a homicide.

Allison's family has been notified.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Police are calling a local cab driver a person of interest in two unsolved murders.

According to investigators, witnesses saw a taxi van in the area along Carolina Beach Road where two sets of human remains were found.

Officials are waiting on DNA results for confirmation, but believe they are the bones of Allison Foy and Angela Rothen.

Foy was last seen in July 2006 getting into a taxi at Junction Pub.

The warrant says the man sought for questioning looks a lot like the man in the sketch to the right, drawn from descriptions given by witnesses of a man spotted in a taxi van with a green tarp draped over it to block the windows.

As part of the investigation, police searched the home of the taxi driver, but have not arrested him or officially named him as a suspect in the weeks since that search took place.

The potential suspect had already been arrested for kidnapping, raping, and assaulting a prostitute. She says he held her at knife point. He ended up pleading guilty to lesser charges.

Investigators also spoke to several other prostitutes who say the man is known to be violent.

In the warrant, police allege he knew both women. They say he was a regular at the bar where Foy was last seen, and often picked up prostitutes.

Police say the other victim, Angela Rothen, had a history of prostitution.

The investigation also revealed the man is familiar with the place where the bones were found.

Now, former taxi driver Timothy Iannone and his wife Susan are speaking about the investigation they say has torn their lives apart.

"When the police came I was stunned, but I understand they have to do what they have to do," said Timothy.

His wife says what led police to their doorstep was a terrible mistake made by her husband, that he has already paid for.

In August 2007, Timothy was arrested for raping, beating, and kidnapping a prostitute.

The 47-year-old plead guilty to a lesser charge and is out on probation.

He says his hands aren't responsible for the two sets of bones found off Carolina Beach Road in April.

"I'm very upset, something I did a long time ago. Now, there is a media circus and lots of speculation," said Timothy.

The warrant also makes reference to a sketch drawn from descriptions given by wintesses of a man spotted in the area where the bones were found.

The Iannones admit there is some resemblance, but say its too generic to prove anything.

Police are staying tight lipped about this investigation, and have not named Timothy as a suspect.

Stay with WECT and for more information as this story develops.

Bits & Pieces Of News Articles:

Angela Nobles-Rothen

Angela Nobles-Rothen was last seen June 10th, 2007

Nobles Rothen and Jackson-Foy used illegal drugs and Nobles Rothen had a history of prostitution, according to the affidavit.

Investigators have acknowledged it's possible a serial killer is responsible for the deaths of Nobles Rothen and the other woman. One expert on serial killers said dumping of two bodies in the same spot suggests the possibility of an organized and prolific killer.

Nobles said he thinks his daughter and the second woman were killed by the same man, and that he worries the killer will strike again.

Nobles also said he's frustrated that apparently no one has given investigators the leads they need to catch a killer. Someone who knows of a terrible crime and stays silent is no better than the person who did it, Nobles said.

'If you see somebody doing wrong, let somebody else know it,' he said. 'People don't want to get involved in stuff anymore – to help people. I just don't understand how people think anymore.'

My Comments

Perhaps the killer of these women really is Timothy Iannone. However, this is mid September as I write this and he has not been charged yet. That makes me wonder. But, beyond that, I continue to wonder about that composite drawing, and how much it looks like my suspect -- far more like him than Timothy Iannone -- especially that 'pouty lower lip', which Iannone doesn't even have! And what about that mustache? My suspect has always had a mustache, and almost always had a beard. Iannone has brown eyes .... anybody say what color the 'suspect's eyes were? How about cold, bone-chilling gray? None of the pictures that I've seen of Iannone shows the man wearing glasses. Wonder why?

And there are a couple of other things that I think are peculiar within the cases. Both women disappeared in the month of June. Both women's names began with the letter {A} and both had 'double last names.' Allison's was 'Jackson-Foy,' while Angela's was 'Nobles-Rothen'. This just seems odd to me -- almost as if that was part of the 'victim selection requirement.' Of course that would not be possible unless we are talking about a serial killer with an agenda. Otherwise, I guess it's just another coincidence.

There's one thing about it all though, Mr. Nobles was not talking about me when he said ---'If you see somebody doing wrong, let somebody else know it,' 'People don't want to get involved in stuff anymore – to help people. I just don't understand how people think anymore.'

No sir, he was not talking about me. I've never stood in silence, and I've been out front and moving long before the rest of the world could even get their bearings. This time is no different, and I'll go so far as to say, {if} there was any DNA evidence, and it does [NOT] match Timothy Iannone, authorities are welcome to call me because I just might have the missing piece that can finally nail a psychopathic serial killer. Send me an email, and we'll go from there.


Bonnie M. Wells


Autopsy Report:

Jackson-Foy Died Of Stab Wounds

By Dave Reynolds // Staff Writer

Published: Thursday, September 25, 2008

For more than two years, Lisa Valentino suspected her sister was dead and asked friends and strangers not to give up trying to learn what happened to her. Two weeks ago, she learned more when DNA testing confirmed that Allison Jackson-Foy, 34, was one of the two women whose bones were found in the woods off Carolina Beach Road in April.

Still, through the hours of hanging missing person posters and waiting for test results, Valentino says she tried not to wonder about her younger sister’s last moments.

But this week she had no choice.

On Wednesday night, Valentino, of New Jersey, received a copy of her sister’s autopsy report from the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. It showed the pink sleeveless top Jackson-Foy wore, littered with stab wounds in the front and back.

“That is a horrible, horrific ending to someone’s life,” Valentino said. “I can only imagine the fear and the horror of what my sister was feeling.”

The latest autopsy results mean that both she and Angela Nobles Rothen, 42, the woman whose bones were found next to Jackson-Foy’s, were both killed by someone wielding a knife.


On April 26 a passerby discovered the two women’s bones in a narrow strip of woods behind a shuttered Mexican restaurant in the 3500 block of Carolina Beach Road.

Almost five months later, DNA testing showed the women were Jackson-Foy of Wilmington and Nobles Rothen of New Hanover County, who went missing a year apart in the summers of 2006 and 2007. An investigator earlier acknowledged the possibility the women were the victims of a serial killer, one an expert said could be prolific.

As scientists identified the bones, investigators with the Wilmington Police Department tried to find a killer. In June, police searched a home in the Monkey Junction area – the former residence of a man who had been arrested on an allegation of raping a prostitute at knife-point in the summer of 2007.

The man pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was put on probation. In the affidavit, police alleged several prostitutes had accused the man of violent crimes that were never prosecuted.

On Thursday, Detective Mike Overton declined to elaborate on whether that resident is still a focus of the investigation. “The case is still under investigation,” he said. “Nobody’s ruled out, and we’re still considering all leads.”

While recent identifications and autopsy reports have answered some questions others have recently appeared.

Last week, while visiting the site on Carolina Beach Road with Monica Caison of the CUE Center For Missing Persons, Valentino found five more bones. Police say they believe the bones are missing components from the skeletons they’ve already found and that they were probably underground when they collected the evidence in April, and recently surfaced.

The bones have been sent to the DNA lab in Texas for confirmation that they’re either Jackson-Foy’s or Nobles Rothen’s.

But Overton said the testing could take months because the lab has a backlog of bones to identify. While the skeletons were a priority for the busy lab, the handful of newly recovered bones are not, Overton said.


The autopsy report says the pink knit sweater or shirt that was discovered with Jackson-Foy’s nearly complete skeleton shows multiple defects consistent with stab wounds. The autopsy determined there were 27 defects smaller than an inch. Also, the back of the piece of clothing showed 13 such defects.

Many of the stab wounds were concentrated in the lower left of the front of the shirt, the autopsy showed.

An examination of the remains found evidence of stab wounds to the ribs, vertebrae and sternum.

The condition of the remains led the examiner to conclude that Jackson-Foy’s death, by stabbing, occurred around the time she disappeared.

The report also said two arm bones were missing from her skeleton. One of the bones found last week was an arm bone.

Valentino learned the frightening details of her sister’s death within a few days of receiving Jackson-Foy’s remains for burial. Although it’s painful, she said she’s glad to have answers – something some families with missing relatives may never get.

“What’s most important is we have a resolution. … I know she’s in a better place,” Valentino said. But one question remains – who killed the two women? That Valentino said, is up to the police to answer.

“I do believe that the police are working on it,” she said. “I just hope that they do their job and find the person or persons responsible.”

Staff writer Veronica Gonzalez contributed to this story.

David Reynolds: 343-2075

********** UPDATE **********

CUE Center has returned from the services in New York honoring Allison Jackson Foy to which her entire family attended all but her husband and youngest daughter which he currently has custody. Lisa, Peter (friend of Allison) and myself visited the original crime site after picking up Allison last Friday to lay some flowers and so forth. Most do not know but I feel it is important, as we discovered more human bones upon our arrival. I have personally continued to search for other areas in that region for possible others missing that may be linked to Allison's case and always stop in the area and re-search again, just because and was there just days before this visit, nothing was there! It was horrific for the family to encounter this and I believe fully these bones were placed there as a taunt. Please keep both families in prayer and that an arrest will be made soon.

Monica Caison

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