The Disappearance Of

Allison Jackson-Foy


Bonnie M. Wells

Posted at the request of Monica Caison

CUE Center For Missing Persons / Wilmington, North Carolina:

Allison Jackson – Foy

DOB: 3/2/1972

Age: 34-year-old

Ht: 5’ 8

Weight: 130 lb.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green/Blue


Allison Jackson-Foy is the mother of two daughters, ages 4, and 12. She had recently been promoted to Assistant General Manager at the local Holiday Inn.

She was last seen talking to a man around midnight, on [Saturday night] July 29/30, 2006, at Junction Billiards Sports Bar at 5216 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC.

She was driving a rental vehicle which was located in the bar's parking lot.

Witnesses say they remember seeing her with a man in a car in the parking lot. Some say she left with the man. Others say she never got in the car.

Anyone having information concerning Allison’s whereabouts please call, Wilmington Police Department at 343-3609 CUE Center for Missing Persons (910) 343-1131 or 24 hour line (910) 232-1687

A Warning Issued:

{Note: * indicates name has been changed or irrelevant details have been omitted}

7/21/06: I (Bonnie Wells) sent the following email to Kentucky State Police Officer Tim Rascoe who [was] working the Heather Teague case. [Note: Rascoe has since retired::]

Det. Rascoe,

* Wild Bill was spotted in [Jackson,]

He's trolling to the [south] again. Something's coming....

Strike Date Warning:

July - 3 - 15 - 23 - 26 - [29]

Probable areas that victim will last be seen: first choice = bar / second choice = restaurant /

Theme: Anniversary / Birthday:

Probable age of victim: 21 - 45:

Name choices / may be camouflaged:

First choice Cindy: second choice Bonnie: third choice Christina: fourth choice ex-wife:

Predicted MO:

Strangulation and/or blunt force trauma to the head:

Body will be transported - possibly across state lines.

Disposal:  Dumping - along a back road, but not far from main route he takes coming into the area: Probably 2.2 miles from main route:

Warning: He's a 'Trophy man' - First choice - rings: Second choice - necklaces and bracelets: Third choice - clothing items: Fourth choice - personal items such as driver's license, id card, appointment books, ledger books, etc."

The Facts Are --

'Jackson' has been a re-occurring theme since my friend Sindee [actual name Cynthia / nickname Sindee] moved to Jackson, Ohio.

According to my calculations, I figured we were due another Jackson strike. However, I suspected it might be a 'camouflaged' strike that few would notice.

The fact that Wild Bill was seen in Jackson, Ohio was [and is] an indicator of 'south,' as was duly noted in my warning to officer Rascoe: North Carolina is one of our 'southern' states.

Cindy/Sindee was my 'first choice' as far as a camouflaged strike is concerned:

Wild Bill lives with a woman named Cindy B.

As noted before, my friend Sindee lives in Jackson: So, we can see a symbolic representation of Sindee/Cindy in this case via the name 'Jackson.'

Wild Bill's girlfriend (Cindy) has long blonde hair, blue eyes and her birthday is March 2nd: Allison Jackson-Foy's birthday is March 2nd!! So now we can see the 'birthday theme' introduced just as I predicted. But, this theme goes even further.

Wild Bill's first wife is now deceased. However, she and 'Bill's only grandchild lives in Conway, South Carolina. He goes there occasionally to visit the child.


Conway, SC to Wilmington NC - 77.4 miles

My fourth choice was 'his former wife' and Allison Jackson-Foy disappeared on his former wife's 'birthday [7-29]. And although I failed to pinpoint this exact date, I did say 'birthday/anniversary theme,' so it was still covered.

As far as 'age' is concerned - I warned that the first choice of someone to abduct would be a woman between the ages of 21 and 45 who was last seen in a bar: Allison was 34 years old -- one number off from being 'exactly' between 21 and 45 -- and she was last seen in a bar!

So, we now have --

'Something coming'

[Note: 7-21 is 'before' 7-29, so I was 'ahead' of the event.]



Sindee/Cindy [via] 3-02






ex-wife [via] 7-29

and one I didn't mention to the cop in Kentucky, but one that has been a 'permanent fixation to my guy' is -- HOLIDAY INN -- and any person who's read any of my writings can tell you this has remained a constant for years -- ever since my daughter modeled at Holiday Inn's back in the early 1990's.

That's [ten] separate identification factors within this case - Eleven counting the Holiday Inn connection.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The next victim[s] should have darker hair than Allison had, because the 'theme' should move from 'light to dark.'

Name themes remain the same: They haven't changed in years, so why change them now: Martin; Davis; Morgan; Hickman; Cindy; Bonnie; Thrasher; Anderson; Christina; Renay; Evans; Jackson;

Important dates in August: 8/03; 8/13; *8/17; *8/25; 8/28:

Important dates in September: 9/03; 9/08; *9/19; 9/21; *9/27;

There are always two categories of victims from which to choose: Random and Chosen: Random victims sometimes do not fit into the 'name' theme, but will fit into the 'date' theme, whereas chosen victims may actually fit into both themes.

[Chosen September victims] will have medium brown to auburn hair color. Chosen victims will have 'long' hair - shoulder length or longer: Age range - 17 to 38

[Random September victims] will probably involve drug users, hookers or school children; hair color and length unimportant: Age range - 12 to 45.

Important dates in October: 10/01; 10/9; 10/10; 10/14; 10/28;

From October until after Christmas, victims will probably be hookers; or women last seen in bars.

State Warning:

Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky - Your strike days are Monday through Friday: Mostly late evenings:

Other eastern states Friday night; Saturday night; Sunday afternoon.

There will be no obvious signs of 'abduction.'

October; November & December bodies should be found within a reasonable time after disappearance, as the 'hiding' phase should be over by the end of September:

Back To Allison Jackson-Foy

I wonder --

What kind of vehicle was the man who was seen talking to Allison driving?

The only report I could find said 'car' so I'm assuming it wasn't a truck: Was it a black, Fiat Spider convertible?? Was it a bronze colored Chevy Chevette? Was it a white car - make and model unknown, but new and Neon size.

If by some chance it was a truck --- was it a red/orange 1965 Chevy [show truck.] // Update: November 2006: I've been told that this truck has been sold and the owner now has a blue Harley Davidson motor cycle. I'm not surprised, as he always was a "Harley Wannabe!"

Or possibly a black [or very dark blue] Ford [Ranger size]; year unknown.

What did the man look like?

Did he have a full beard and mustache?

What age range was he?

Have records been checked at the Holiday Inn to determine who checked in that day - probably early evening? Could this man have seen Allison earlier in the day, and perhaps followed her to the bar that night? Did she work that day? [The name fits the initials WRB.]

Did anyone see the license plate on the vehicle the man was driving? Were they Ohio tags?


Dec. 5, 2006 Information Insert:


Update of facts: The man whom I refer to as 'Wild Bill' on this web site continues to live with the woman whom I have called Mysde Number Two. This will be changing as I do up my "Symbolic cases" for the year 2007. Her actual name is Cynthia, and she goes by Cindy: From this point onward, I will refer to her as Cindy and to my friend [Mysde Number one] as Sindee: / BMW]


If the bar where Allison was last seen is located to the south of the Holiday Inn, and, assuming that there was foul play involved in her disappearance; I would begin my search for her approximately 2.2 miles to the north of the bar.

Also considering the fact that he might have seen her at the Holiday Inn, another search should include the Holiday Inn, and go from that point 2.2 miles north.

Also, search efforts should be concentrated in any areas that contain 'Jackson' -- example - Andrew "Jackson" Highway / Jacksonville / etc.

My attention is especially drawn to Jacksonville because of 'Morgan' Bay. This would be an excellent way of incorporating my second name choice 'Bonnie' into this picture since Wild Bill's former girlfriend Bonnie's maiden name was Morgan.

Highway 17 is important, since as of August it would become a camoflauged representation of my one remaining name choice - Christina. Christina is my daughter. Her son is Joshua. His birthday is 8-17.

If victim was taken across state lines, then search efforts should move north and westward - back toward Ohio.

Wilmington, NC to Marietta, Ohio 538.6 miles

December 5, 2006:

Search For Missing Wilmington Woman Extends Into Triangle

Sister Claims Allison Jackson-Foy Talked To Three Women From Triangle Before Disappearing

CARY, N.C. -- The search for a missing Wilmington woman has moved to the Triangle.

Allison Jackson-Foy, 34, left work July 30 and met a friend at the Junction Billiards Sports Bar in Wilmington and has not been seen since.

Lisa Valentino, Jackson-Foy's sister, came to Cary Tuesday to widen the search. She is handing out fliers and talking to anyone who will listen. She said a private investigator hired by the family has learned three women from the Triangle were staying at Carolina Beach the weekend of July 30.

Witnesses told investigators that Jackson-Foy was last seen in the parking lot of the sports bar talking to those three women. Valentino said those women could help her find her sister.

"A piece of my heart is missing. Every day is just not the same anymore," she said. "Going to bed at night, you think about her. Waking up, you think about her. All points during the day, you think about her, and we just want to know where she is and what happened."

Jackson-Foy has two daughters, a 12-year-old and a 4-year-old. Both are staying with Jackson-Foy's husband. He reported her missing a day after she disappeared, when she did not show up for work.

Investigators found Foy's car in the parking lot of the bar a couple days after she disappeared.

Reporter: John Bachman

Photographer: Robert Meikle

OnLine Producer: Kamal Wallace

Monica Caison

CUE Center for Missing Persons

PO Box 12714

Wilmington, NC 28405

(910) 343-1131

(910) 232-1687 24 Hour Line



Detectives Still Investigating Remains Found Off Carolina Beach Road

May 20th, 2008

More than three weeks after human remains were found off of Carolina Beach Road, detectives are still awaiting DNA results to identify the victims.

While the WPD searches for clues, the sister of a local missing person is searching for answers.

Lisa Valentino flew in from Long Island last night. She's the sister of Allison Jackson Foy, who went missing July of 2006.

Valentino brought flowers today to the site that may be where her missing sister was recovered in late April.

Foy went missing about one mile from where the bones were found.

While it's not confirmed that set of remains are Allison Foy, her sister believes there's a strong chance they might be.

Valentino is hoping that visiting the site will help bring some closure.

"I really kind of needed to see for myself where these remains were and like I said, in my heart I've always known my sister wasn't here anymore, and this seems like it’s probably a pretty good fit, and I want to just pay my respects," said Valentino.

The WPD won't comment on Foy's case until there is DNA identification.

The Medical Examiner’s Office has already confirmed that Foy's file was one of at least two sent to them by the Wilmington police.

The detective handling the case says DNA results should come back within the next 30 days.

Wilmington Police are investigating the case as a homicide, but would not say if there were any suspects at this time.

This story does 'connect' with other stories/cases on my web site, and does fit into the 'symbolic case' pattern which will be presented on my web site in 2007. But, for now, check out the following pages and see if you think the drama has continued, and possibly escalated since Allison Jackson-Foy disappeared:

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