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KTHV and KTHV-DT, Little Rock:

Twenty-year-old Amanda Renee Tusing vanished June 14th, 2000, and her body was found June 18th in the Big Bay Ditch near Twin Bridges. Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann says he and his investigators discuss the case weekly, but there are no suspects. McCann says he believes someone knows who killed Tusing and still hopes someone comes forward.

State police and Tusing's family are continuing their own investigations and each have made little headway.

An autopsy showed Tusing died by drowning and that she had a bruise on her head.

At the time of her death, Tusing [lived in Dell, and ] worked for a Blytheville veterinarian and planned to attend veterinary school in the fall of 2000.

Dell to Blytheville:

Distance: 8.8 miles

Authorities ask that anyone with information regarding the case should contact the Craighead County Sheriff's Department at 870-933-4551.

Craighead Sheriff Dept. 'Who Killed Mandy Tusing'


2004: Four years ago this week, Amanda Tusing was found dead in a ditch in Craighead County.

The 20-year-old woman had last been seen driving to her home in Dell from her fiance`s home in Jonesboro. Her car had been found undisturbed alongside Arkansas 18 near Monette, miles away from where her body was found.

An autopsy revealed that the woman drowned, but investigators also noted a bruise on the side of Tusing`s head.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann says his department is still investigating. He said new evidence is developed from time to time, but none has yet led to an arrest.

Tusing`s body was exhumed earlier this year, but officials said that did not lead to further evidence.

The young woman`s mother, Susan Tusing, says she hopes people remember her daughter and that someone will lead police to the killer.

Haunting Evidence:

In early March 2006, Court TV came to Northeast Arkansas to film Mandy's story for a new program, -- Haunting Evidence. The show will begin in June. This program uses Carla Baron, psychic, John Oliver, medium, and Patrick Burns, paranormal investigator, to bring new life into Mandy's murder.

At 11:30 pm on June 14, 2000, Mandy left her boyfriend's apartment to drive home to Dell, Arkansas. Highway 18 was the road she traveled. She was in a 1992 black Grand Am, Pontiac.

Jonesboro to Dell:

Distance: 43.9 miles

It was a stormy, rainy night. I awoke about 1:15-1:30 am and realized she had not come home. I talked to her boyfriend. Mandy left Jonesboro at 11:30 pm that night.

After contacting her father and brother, it was decided her boyfriend would drive her route from Jonesboro and her father and brother would drive her route from home toward Jonesboro.

They weren't gone long when her boyfriend called to say he found her car just on the west side of Monette, Arkansas. There was no sign of Mandy. He followed the road all the way into Monette to find her Dad. They went back to the car and then called the sheriff's department.

Jonesboro to Monette:

Distance: 25.2 miles

A massive search was conducted. Hundreds of searchers looked for Mandy.

On June 18, 2000, Father's Day, a passing motorist saw what appeared to be a body in the Big Bay Ditch in Lake City, AR. It was Mandy, thirteen miles from her car.

Monette to Lake City:

Distance: 9.2 miles

Anyone with any information on who kidnapped and killed Mandy should call the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, or their local police department and give the information to them. An email address will also be set up for tips on this case. Please help us solve Mandy's murder. It has been nearly six years.

A killer walks among us; he or she may be walking with you.

If you have any information please come forward. You might be saving someone else's life - maybe your own, a family member, or a friend. Please Help.

Craighead Sheriff Dept. 'Who Killed Mandy Tusing'

Comment: The following maps show Monette to Twin Bridges and Twin Bridges to Lake City: The reason I decided to put these maps on this page is because the first article on this page mentioned that Mandy was found 'near' Twin Bridges. Personally, I don't consider 127 or 135 miles away from something as being 'near' it, but, for the sake of clarification I decided to put the maps here so everyone could see them. / Bonnie

Monette to Twin Bridges

Distance: 135.6 miles

Twin Bridges to Lake City

Distance: 127.4 miles

Clarification On 'Twin Bridges'

"You are incorrect about the distance to the twin bridges. I live in Monette. It is only about 20 miles(maybe) from Monette to the twin bridges which is located between Lake City, AR and Paragould, AR. It is called the twin bridges because that is what it looks like, it is not a place or city or town, etc. It literally looks like twin bridges." [V.C. 4/3/07]

Haunting Evidence

What an appropriate name for a TV program -- Haunting Evidence. It could just as easily have been the story of my life! There always seemed to be some kind of haunting evidence left behind that brought Wild Bill and me into the picture. Why? Even after sixteen solid years, I could not answer the why, because it remained a multiple choice answer. Either the killer[s] all knew me, and were deliberately choosing people, places, names of streets, road numbers and dates, that fit into my life -- or it was all 'coincidence' -- the numbers of which ran into the hundreds, if not thousands by this time.

I didn't watch the Haunting Evidence program that profiled Amanda Tusing's case, but my friend Sindee did. And then she called me ....

"Bonnie, you have to write to those people and tell them about Wild Bill!"

Sindee informed me of what was said by psychic Carla Baron and medium John Oliver - how they believed Amanda's killer drove a truck; how he may have posed as a policeman, perhaps a state trooper; how he told her "You are so pretty" just before he killed her, and how they believed he took pictures of her.

Well, I did as Sindee asked. I composed the following letter and sent it off to ---

Craighead Sheriff Dept. 'Who Killed Mandy Tusing'

7/22/06: Dear Sirs,

A friend of mine watched Court TV's 'Haunting Evidence' and phoned me concerning Amanda's case.

According to my friend, either the psychic Carla Baron, or the medium John Oliver made the statement that Mandy's killer said to her - "You are so pretty," before he killed her.

Several years ago I knew a man who said those exact words to me .... "You are so pretty."

I have been watching this man for several years and believe he may be a serial killer. I thought he was going to try to harm me the night he made that statement to me.

My web site is filled with cases in which I believe this man has been involved. The story about the night he said those words to me can be found at - Old Wooden Bridge

My friend said that the psychic also said she believed Mandy's killer took a picture of her, possibly while she was unconscious.

The man that I'm telling you about has shown an ex-girlfriend pictures of unconscious women that he claims he took out, got drunk and then raped. When the woman asked him why he would want to have sex with an unconscious woman he reportedly replied -- "Because that way, I don't have to listen to their damned mouths." Personally, I suspect the women are dead instead of just unconscious.

The psychic indicated that Mandy's killer was driving a truck. The man I'm talking about was driving a white, Toyota truck in 2000. It had a wooden flat-bed on it instead of the one that originally came with it. The rails were painted black.

I'm not certain at this time, but I believe the Toyota was a 1988 model. It was 'dolled-up' with louvers on back window, bug shield, and visor.

In the year 2000, this man was known to make a few trips into Arkansas with his present girlfriend as she traveled from Ohio to your state to see her son who was incarcerated. I do not know the exact location of the prison in which the young man was held, so cannot tell you if it was positively your area or not. However, this man trolls for victims everywhere he goes.

Many of his victims are found near water. Some are in water.

He is a river man, and operates a crane as well as a tow-boat.

Did Mandy still have her engagement ring when she was found?

I have a source who has informed me that this man's girlfriend has an old tin can about half full of expensive looking diamond rings hidden at her house.

Also, the woman who is living with this man at this time, recently told me that she found several items that he had hidden at her home. There is a witness to this in case anyone is interested.

Items she claims to have found --- Hand cuffs; wigs; girl's clothing that might fit a girl of 9-12, years of age; woman's silver watch; and pictures of girls and women whom she does not know.

Also, his girlfriend found a video tape on which he video taped some young girls playing on a playground. He can be heard telling the children to 'spread your legs - way apart.' Also, on this same tape there are cheerleaders wearing red & gray. To the best of my knowledge, these colors are not from our area of southeast Ohio. [PS: Tape turned over to local police, nothing done.]

If anyone is interested in more information on this man, please contact me via email. Also, if you wish to pass this email on to Carla Baron and/or John Oliver, please feel free to do so.


Bonnie M. Wells

The email received no response -- not even a thank you or acknowledgment that my information was received.

The Psychic Connection

Although I do some psychic work myself, I cannot say that I've had anything come to me - either personally or from someone else - that pertains to Amanda's case, and none of the information that I sent to law enforcement concerning Amanda's case was psychic.

And none of the following information is psychic either. This is all facts, based upon actual statements and eyewitness accounts:

Wild Bill drove a truck in 2000. His girlfriend was making trips to Arkansas in 2000 to see her son. Wild Bill sometimes went with her, and probably followed her at other times to see who she did take with her.

Only in the past 24 hours have I learned exactly where in Arkansas all this took place ..... and it's this information that spurred me forward as far as posting this page is concerned.

Wild Bill's girlfriend's ex-husband had custody of her 'twins' while he lived in Blytheville, Arkansas! It was while they were living there that the boy committed some crimes that landed him in a facility located at Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Now I realize I am not a cop -- but, let me tell you all what I'd do if I was....

I'd be checking records at the veterinarian's office where Mandy worked, in an effort to determine if any of this family were customers. Yes, I will provide the 'family name' to law enforcement, and I will say here and now, it fits into the pattern that I've been watching for several years now.

I'm told that Wild Bill and his girlfriend traveled on highway 55 in order to reach the area where they stayed in a motel [ and I wonder if that motel is a Budget Inn and is missing a flowered, quilted bed spread!!]

I live on State Route 555 in Washington County, Ohio, just a short distance from the "Twin Bridges". If one looks at the above maps, the last one on this page is of Jonesboro and plainly shows the street "Washington." This too has been a common theme in most of our unsolved cases..... as has been my maiden name 'Martin.'

How Carla Baron came up with the words - "You are so pretty," is anybody's guess. But this is the second time that I have heard the exact words that Wild Bill said to me months or years earlier, repeated in a murder case. That seems a bit much for 'coincidence,' in my opinion.

Perhaps Carla Baron was simply tunning in to the only thing that would eventually attract my attention .... I don't know, and cannot explain it. However, there is one thing I do know .... in the year 2000, Wild Bill was coming into the exact area in which Amanda Tusing was murdered. And, I know that 'coincidental' as it may be deemed, her body represents at least two dozen girls and women who have been murdered while this same man was 'in the neighborhood.'

My condolences to Mandy's family, friends, co-workers and all who knew and loved her. If I could stop him myself, I would have done it years ago, and you would not have had to go through the same nightmare that many before you went through.


Bonnie M. Wells


I spoke with Wild Bill's ex-wife *Renay on February 25th, 2008, and she told me the following:

Wild Bill once told her about wiring up a light in his vehicle, posing as a police officer and stopping 'girls' that he wanted to meet.

She claims that he told her he saw the girls at various locations, and would wait for them to be out alone, after dark. He would then start tailing them, and if they went out of the city limits or into an area where there wasn't much traffic, he would place the rigged up light on his dash and turn it on.

Renay says that he told her that he would then pull the vehicle with the girl over, walk up to her car, and then he claims he'd 'ask her for a date.'

...... end of report .......

My Comments On Above Information:

Renay divorced 'Wild Bill' in 1990 and has had no further communication with him.

If this man was doing this type of thing when he was in his early twenties [which is the time period he indicated he was doing it] then I can only wonder what else he has done as he has aged.

Since this reminded me of what Carla Baron believes happened to Amanda Tusing, I decided to put this update on Amanda's page. It may also be placed on other pages of my web site as time permits.

In my opinion, this would be a very poor way to 'meet women/girls." If he 'saw' the girls elsewhere, why not introduce himself at that time and ask for a date? Why sneak up on them, pretend to be a cop, and then 'ask for a date?'

This does not sound logical nor reasonable to me, and sounds as if he was bragging about abducting girls as far back as the mid 1970's --- or, he was telling Renay what he planned on doing in the future.

During the years I knew him [1990 - 1993] he did this type of thing to me .... and he's still doing it in a bizarre sort of way although we are no longer friends or communicating with one another.

A Reply From Carla Baron

Date received: 6/7/07

Hi, Bonnie -

I just now have discovered your page. In fact, I may not have received this email on the page, or I would have written you sooner. That week, I was in Aruba filming, and I remember losing all my emails shortly thereafter in a rare Windows crash of my system where I had to reformat everything. For several weeks after, I had posted on my contact page for anyone who hadn't received a reply in a timely manner, they should resend. Perhaps you didn't see the message then. If you'd like, you may post this letter on my official discussion forum listed below. It is quite compelling, to say the least. Let me know of any developments with this in the future. Take care, and stay tuned for Season 2 of "Haunting Evidence" June 20th!

~ Carla Baron

Visit "The Carla Baron Connection" @

It is my opinion that the disappearance of Teresa Butler is directly connected to the disappearance and murder of Amanda Tusing.

Teresa Butler

September 2006: Please go see the new case that I just got posted. I believe it ties in with Amanda's and the common denominator is the same killer: Also see another new case at the following link as I believe it connects to these two cases: And for crying out loud, if anyone out there knows an FBI agent that wants to stop a serial killer, send him these pages! Thanks / Bonnie.

Allison Jackson-Foy

2009 update:

I have recently posted another page that I believe shows even more 'connections' to the Tusing case. I am still working all of my cases, and as things come to me, I get them up so others can see what I've got and determine if it fits with their own information.

The 'Renay/Renee' Girls

Bonnie M. Wells

Amanda Tusing Analysis

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