America, I'm proud of thee...

Land of beauty ... home of the free.

In this day of troubled time,

You're still first in my heart and mind.

No where else on earth

Is there a country of such generosity and girth.

Our forefather's devoted their lives

So that you might prosper and thrive.

For the ones who put you down ... I have no sympathy

They don't deserve you for their country.

No where else could they burn the flag and have their say

Denounce their government ... without death to pay.

In the other country's they think are so grand...

They would be shot and tromped into the land.

You America ... have been up...and down,

But you've tried to be fair ... the world around.

You've given food, medicine, shelter and empathy,

To the world ... in its hour of need.

In some countries you are looked upon with hate ... in others love,

But to me America ... you will always stand far, far above.

B.M.W. 1-09-1973

Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner-Prizes


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