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April 2006: I have just learned of Amy's case, and have chosen to copy and paste some information below that I would like to comment on:

Copied Material:

"On October 27, 1989, ten year old Amy Renee Mihaljevic was kidnapped from the Bay Square Shopping Center in Bay Village, Ohio. The abductor had contacted Amy by telephone and arranged to meet her to take her to buy a gift for Amy's mother who had recently been promoted. On February 8, 1990, Amy's body was found in a field off of County Road 1181, Ruggles Township in rural Ashland County.

Amy's mother, Margaret, first reported to the Bay Village Police that Amy had not come home from school. Margaret had spoken with Amy sometime after school but had no idea Amy would be going somewhere other than home.

Police learned quickly from Amy's friends that Amy had received several phone calls from an unknown male caller. The male caller knew enough about Amy and her mother to convince Amy to go with him to buy a present for Amy's mother. Margaret had recently been promoted at work and he would take Amy to buy her a gift. Amy agreed.

Amy was last seen at the shopping center after a male called her name. Two of Amy's friends described the person calling her name as 30 to 35 years old, 5'8" to 5'10", medium build, dark hair with a bald spot on the top rear of his head. He may have had on tan glasses and a tan jacket.

For 106 days, law enforcement searched for Amy, following up on thousands of leads from not only Ohio, but throughout the nation. The search for Amy ended on February 8, 1990 when her body was found in a field off of Route 1181 in Ashland County. The search for Amy's killer then began.

The police say Amy died from two stab wounds to the neck. She was killed shortly after being abducted. Police say that leads poured in after Amy was found. An army of law enforcement officers continued working on the case full time for nearly two years. Clues from the crime scene provided other leads. Police indicated that Amy was missing some personal items that she had with her when she was abducted. These include a blue denim backpack with red piping and black plastic buckles; a plain white nylon windbreaker; a black leather binder, measuring 10 inches by 12 inches, with a brass clasp emblazoned with a Buick three chevron logo and "Best in Class"; a pair of black leather ankle boots, bloused at the ankle, with vertical rows of studs; and finally a pair of tiny blue turquoise earrings with silhouettes of a horse's head mounted on gold metallic studs (some items pictured below).

Police say that the killer may have kept these items as souvenirs or trophies and even fifteen (15) years later, may still be in his possession:"

End of copied material

1989 & Wild Bill

Wild Bill is 5'8" tall, was 35 years old in October of 1989: Was married, but having serious trouble with his second wife [whose name was Renay]: Was of medium, well muscled build and weighed about 175 - 180 pounds in 1989: Had dark hair and usually a beard, but has been known to shave the beard off from time to time: Usually wore a cap even in 1989, to hide the balding spot on the top/back of his head: Wore almost exclusively 'button down shirts,' and cowboy boots. Usually wore a 'western style' leather belt: Drove a red and white Ford, Ranger truck in 1989: Also owned a dark wine colored 1980 Honda motor cycle 1100 series: Owned a tan colored 'Car-heart" type jacket:

Pictures of some of Amy's missing items:

Question: Did Amy have a ring that matched her turquoise earrings? Was it white gold or silver, size 4 or 5; did it have stones set in this type of pattern [provided I can do this on a computer!] here we go --- pattern follows:


The [*] are turquoise dots, followed by 2 silver dots [:], followed by an oblong turquoise dash [-], two more silver dots, etc. for a total of 5 small turquoise sections which run across the entire top of the ring. All very narrow with overall width being approx 1/8 inch in width:

Also: Did Amy have another ring - yellow gold with two small diamond chips on each side of an oblong, pink stone that is set off center and running toward inside of hand at top and outside of hand at bottom of stone - example =


In this example, the [**] represents the diamond chips, and the [\] represents the pink stone and the angle in which it is set into the yellow gold band.

These rings can be produced if anyone's interested: They have been in my possession since 1990 - given to me by Wild Bill - and I've always felt they belonged to some kid, and have searched since 1990 to determine just exactly who they belonged to. Maybe - after 16 years of searching - Maybe. Oh, and by the way, I did inform local cops of these items years and years ago. No one was ever interested.

I guess if anyone is interested now they can send me an email.

2013 Update:

No one has ever been interested.

Bonnie M. Wells

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