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The Anderson Strike


Bonnie M. Wells



This story is a continuation of the "Symbolic Murder Of My Daughter":

**2007 changes:

The person I call Mysde #1 in my stories is actually Cynthia (Sindee) Davis. For a few years she lived with a man named J. Evans. Some people may have thought they were married and her last name was Evans.  As I work my way through my stories/cases I will be changing the Mysde # 1 to Sindee.

The woman that 'Wild Bill' lived with from 1998 until roughly 2007 is also named Cynthia! She will eventually go from Mysde #2 to 'Cindy.'

A Double Play

When "Christine" was murdered on my wedding anniversary {6-04} in 98, and "Gordon" was murdered three weeks later, on Mysde’s (Sindee’s) birthday (6-25) in '98, it was a red flag for me.

I was pretty sure the killer was making his "predicted" move against my daughter whose name was Christina, and whose maiden name had been Gordon, and whose married name is Anderson.

But when another strike indicating "Evans" occurred on the last of June in 1998, just a few days after Gordon's murder, I wondered - had he given up on symbolically murdering "the rest of Christina?"

Had he switched over to Mysde? I'd never seen him "switch" before - in fact, I thought he'd rather fight than switch!

I suspected the killer was working on a "double strike," and that he intended to run them simultaneously, perhaps alternating strikes to confound the issue and confuse authorities.

Regardless, if "Evans" was "inserted" into my daughter's symbolic murder, then years of experience with this killer told me that he would go back and "finish" Christina..... he would go for Anderson sooner or later.

The Warnings:


So, I sent out as many warning letters to as many lawmen as I could, and waited:

Three days came and went - three weeks - three months and finally three years -

When Stephanie Evans was murdered in April of 2001, I knew we were back in action again.

Evans was Mysde's  - Sindee’s  [common-law] husband's name. "Evans" was murdered on another "anniversary date" {4-02}:

For years I've been patiently trying to explain to cops and everyone that these cases are connected by 3's - sometimes it is 3 days, sometimes 3 weeks, or 3 months, but most often it is 3 years.

The pattern held - "Christine and Gordon" had been murdered precisely 3 weeks apart in 1998. Evans had been 3 years later in 2001.

If in fact, I had deciphered a code by which a psychopathic serial killer was operating, then my daughter's last name was up for play, and sooner or later, Anderson was going to be killed. And, after seeing one indicator for Evans, and then a direct strike on EVANS, I felt we needed to start watching for direct strikes on people who bore Mysde's first name and maiden name - "Sindee/Cindy and Davis" - while we continued to monitor Anderson as closely as possible.

Ross County Ohio


Sindee Davis accompanied me to Stephanie Evans' hometown of Richmond Dale, Ohio in June of 2001, to look around the area and speak with a few people about the murder.

I took a packet of materials with me, containing the "Duplication" Theory up to, and including that date; info for the local sheriff, who had not heard from me as of that time, even though the information had already been sent to a few deputies in my area, as well as some deputies in other areas of the country, where other "connected" cases had occurred.

And I gave a copy to a deputy in Ross County and asked that he deliver it to the sheriff. There is no doubt in my mind that the officer did as I requested.

Although I'd repeatedly shown the connections between all the "Duplication" cases, another main reason I sent the information was to alert lawmen of Ross County and surrounding areas that, if I was right, the killing was not going to stop, and for some reason I felt it would be another Ross County strike. I'd had some concerns for "Ross County" ever since Jackie McCrady had gone to prison there in 1997.  

Fool Proof


Apparently the sheriff in Ross County didn't think my information was valid, or something, because it wasn't too long until a suspect had been named in the Evans case, and my suspect was never even considered - as usual. Nor did the Ross County sheriff ever call to ask any questions or to discuss my information. It probably went into the nearest trash can.

Most people didn't know about my suspect - but the law did. I made certain that every cop involved in any of the duplication cases knew of my suspect. I knew what was being said. A few had let tid-bits of information and gossip slip. It no longer bothered me, because if I was right, my suspect would strike again and again, since they refused to get him off our streets. And since he apparently had a fool proof plan. I agreed, it was definitely fool proof - but I wasn't the fool.



From 2001 until 2005 the Duplications lay dormant. We'd still not had the predicted strikes on Anderson, Davis or Mysde [or her real first name, although I did not anticipate that her correct name would be used. 2007 note: I may have been wrong about this! See the 'Cindy' Song story for details]

Perhaps I'd been wrong. There had been many subtle messages, left by someone, left in places that either Mysde or I would see, that indicated I was not wrong - and yet, all the "three markers" came and went, and nothing happened.

Mysde and her family had moved from my area to Jackson County in the early spring of 2004, and after considerable discussion on the matter, Mysde and I agreed - maybe the move had messed up the killer's plan. Maybe it took him awhile to find her.

He'd been seen down in Jackson County several times, and I had no way of knowing if he was working in that area, or if it was "pleasure trips" he was taking behind his girlfriend's back! After Mysde saw him with a woman with long, dark hair, we decided it was "pleasure!"

There was one thing about it. His girlfriend would never think to drive all the way to Jackson, Ohio in her search for him. Perhaps she should have - after all I tracked him all over the map back in the 90's. And his ex-wife had tracked him into Huntington & Charleston, West Virginia; Columbus, Cleveland, Canton, Akron & Steubenville, Ohio. This man really "got around," and had a woman in every beer joint, grocery store, shopping center, service station and drug store in every town!

I understood. It made good sense to know someone in the neighborhood - just in case he was ever stopped and questioned. For example, I remember one "local case," in which a girl was murdered in plain view of the home of a relative of my guy. And, his legitimate excuse for being there had he ever been questioned, [which he wasn't ] could well have been because it was his relatives birthday!

The Anderson Strike



28 wh/F 5' 5 " 130 lbs. blond hair, Hazel eyes:

Last seen 7/28/01 in a 1997 red Silhouette Olds van:

Call Kettering police or Detective Driscoll@ 296-2595:

Part Of News Article:


Investigators have ruled out a Stubenville suspect in July 28Th's disappearance and slaying of Shannon [*Anderson] and Kettering police are now charged with solving the case: They are awaiting DNA evidence they obtained from Anderson's body and "other places" connected to a "few" suspect’s spoke-man Glenn Evans said.

Anderson 28, mother of 2 daughters, lived in an apt on Fair Hills Avenue and sold cars for Voss Dodge for about three months in Centerville before she disappeared.

Her boyfriend reported her missing [*Aug 3rd,] 2001. [*see Brandi *Wells case]

A farmer found her partially clothed body [*Aug 17th,] 01 along a rural road near Deerfield TWP, Ross County. [*August 17th is my grandson's birthday {Joshua Thrasher} see John *Thrasher case.

She died as a result of a skull fracture. DNA TEST were matched to Anderson [*Oct 1st.] [*my daughter's birthday is Oct. 1st.]

Contact Rob Modic at 225-2282 or

Map Search


Kettering, Ohio is located 91 miles from Richmond Dale, Ohio:

Richmond Dale is located in Ross County, while Kettering is located in Montgomery County as well as Greene County.

General info found on the net: Kettering, Ohio. Kettering is a city located in Greene and Montgomery counties in Ohio. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 57,502. ... is named for inventor Charles F. Kettering, a native of Montgomery County

3 Months After Evans:


Until August 19th, 2005, I never heard of Shannon Anderson or her murder.

In fact, we'd already came through the "Davis" strike and the "Mysde/Misty" strike, by the time I learned of it.

I wasn't surprised that the sheriffs in Greene and/or Montgomery counties had not contacted me. They'd never heard of me. I'd never made any predictions to them - although I suppose I should have, considering the fact that several years ago I'd warned of "Washington Court House, Ohio." And if a person looks at the above map, it appears to lay just about mid-way between Kettering and Richmond Dale.

I wondered if any cops [or certain prosecuting attorney’s ] remembered my "Washington" predictions - especially certain ones in Front Royal, Virginia!

But, the sheriff in Ross County should have seen red flags waving in all directions when Anderson was found murdered in his county just 3 months after Stephanie Evans was found there. Why didn't he? I don't know. Perhaps he didn't bother to read the report I sent him. Maybe he should have.

Common Denominators:


There were a few "common denominators" between Stephanie Evans and Shannon Anderson:  

Both were mothers:

Both were blonde's:

Both were in their 20's:

Both were killed on "anniversary or birth" dates -

[I'd guarantee Shannon was killed after midnight on 7-28, thus making it 7-29 - which is both of Wild Bill's ex-wives' birthday!] Now there's a "Coincidence," for everyone! Maybe. {2007 Note: See The Allison 'Jackson'-Foy case of 7/29/06}

Both drove vans

[ one Red, one Blue - perhaps we should look for a White one next time! WRB. Interesting message there! ]

Both vans were located in front of public places

{hospital and airport} miles away from where the victims were found. [The info concerning Shannon's vehicle comes from a source other than the newspaper article.]

Both were found out rural roads:

Both were partially clothed -

and I'd absolutely guarantee both were barefoot. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if one or both shoes were missing in the Anderson case either!

Both died of head wounds:

Blunt force trauma, no doubt - like a rock or a club:

Both women's names started with the letter "S":

Stephanie's hands were tied behind her back, but there's no word on whether Shannon's were or not:

Stephanie's son's last name was "Green," and Shannon was from an area where part of the city was located in "Greene" county:

In Stephanie's case, I found reference to a friend of mine who, at that time, lived on "Montgomery" Street.

In Shannon's case, part of Kettering is located in "Montgomery" county:

Both were murdered and dumped in Ross County, Ohio:

Both women were murdered according to the predicted [ 3 code ] 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days:

Evans was based upon the 3 year plan which began in 1998 with Gordon; and Anderson was based on the 3 month plan since her murder occurred 3 months after Evans.

Both were murdered on "week-end" nights that involved Sunday:

Evans on Sunday night leading into Monday: Anderson on Saturday night leading into Sunday:

A Clip From The 'Stephanie Evans' Page:


Concerning the man who was arrested for the murder of Stephanie Evans, I said - "Well, it probably doesn't matter anyway. He'll be convicted whether he killed her or not, and everyone will feel safe again in Richmond Dale. And then, one day - perhaps on the anniversary of Stephanie's murder - or her birthday - or something - something that only a hand full of people will notice, he will strike again. And once again I will get bombarded with emails and phone calls, and I will search every information source, design another web page and show how it connects to several other previous cases - but no one will notice - except the handful of faithful followers who have been watching and documenting for so long. And the handful of innocent men who sit behind bars for crimes they did not commit. They will notice - and Bill will notice - and that's all that really counts."

I guess I should have said "Ross County" instead of Richmond Dale. Maybe then the SHERIFF of ROSS COUNTY would have noticed when another dead woman was dumped in HIS territory, just a month after I'd driven all the way down there to warn him!

But then, for some strange reason, it doesn't seem to matter that Anderson's body was found in Ross County. The above article states that "Kettering police" are now charged with solving the crime. Wonder how that works?

I remember when Patsy Sparks disappeared. She was a resident of Washington County, Ohio {Marietta} and she disappeared from a night club in Parkersburg, West Virginia. So, in the beginning, it was Parkersburg detectives who "investigated" the disappearance. I know because I spoke to the lead investigator. Then, roughly 30 months later, Patsy's murdered body was found in Noble County, Ohio - just north of Marietta and Washington County - actually just across the county line - and the case became "Noble County's case." The Washington County sheriff's department never was involved in the case, even though certain ones in the department wanted me to think they were. Even if the case had been worked by a Washington County agency, it would have been Marietta PD because Patsy lived within the city limits.

But Anderson's case seems to be completely different. Even though she was found in the jurisdiction of the Ross County Sheriff's Department, her case became the problem of the city in which she lived. Hum ... that's peculiar. Wonder if the sheriff of Ross County mentioned me and my predictions to the cops in Kettering? Yeah, I wonder ...

I also wonder if he spoke to any cops up this direction about me and my predictions - and if so, which ones.

And I wonder why none of the people who have read my pages on Stephanie Evans, saw the predictions, saw that I have plainly stated over and over again that I believed Stephanie's murder was part of an ongoing drama that would eventually cost several other innocent people their lives; stated over and over again that we all needed to be alert for an "Anderson" strike - and have actually written to me about Stephanie's case - wonder why NONE of these people noticed this murder or mentioned it to me??

Case Connections - Plain & Simple:


My Sister is Patty Fulton: The Unsolved murders that duplicated her name are: Order of occurrence = "Patsy and Fulton": {Patsy Sparks & Kimberly Fulton}

Kill Code 3: 3 years 1992 & 1995:

Me: Bonnie Martin Wells: No murders involved until later: Wild Bill "symbolically replaced /duplicated" me: Order of occurrence = Went to work for "Martin," company {95}; Lived with Bonnie Hickman: Dated D. Wells: Duplication Code 3: 3 years 95-98:

He was eventually indicted for raping a girl whose last name is Martin {98}:

My daughter: Christina Gordon Anderson - Unsolved murders: Order of occurrence = "Christine, Gordon and Anderson": {Emily Christine Ullman; Carol Gordon and Shannon Anderson} Kill Code 3: 98 - 01

Mysde Davis-Evans: Unsolved murders: Order of occurrence = "Evans, Mysde and Davis": {Stephanie Evans; Misty Blu Gwinner and Stephanie Davis} Kill Code 4:2001 - 2005 {my friend moved in 2004. Must have messed up a pretty good plan!}

Addresses, Birth dates & Numbers:



Wild Bill's sister's address "before I met him." P.O. Box 303:

My address "when I met Wild Bill" - R.Rt. 1 Box 303:

Part of Carol Gordon's address - 303:

My mother's birthday: 3-03:

Chastity Cottrell murdered: 3-03 {96}

Kimberly Fulton murdered 3-05 {within 3 day spread of 3-03}


42 / 402:

{significance unknown}

Deputy Ray Clark murdered 42 days after Wild Bill's first arrest on a sex charge:

Hooker Maybelle Clark murdered 42 days after Wild Bill got out of jail on his second sex charge:

Bock fire = 4-02:

Stephanie Evans murdered 4-02:

Gina DeJesus disappeared 4-02:

[ The name Gina is connected directly to Bonnie Hickman and Stephanie Evans' mother's name is Hickman:]

And In Conclusion:


There are dozens of other names, dates, times etc. that could be added to this page that would show numerous other "connections," but I've already done that. This web site is absolutely filled with information that does that very thing, so I'm not going to repeat it again - at least not here, not today:

There is one thing that I do wonder about though - and I don't suppose I'll ever know the answer to this question - but -

I'd like to know how far inside the Ross County line Shannon Anderson was when she was found. There are 2 numbers that come to my mind as I think about this. One is 7/10ths of a mile, the other is 2.2 miles. If I had to pick one, I guess I'd go with the 2.2 since it's showed up repeatedly in case after case, including several of the so called "solved" murder cases that we've seen in recent years.

It was in the McCrady case, the Petry case, the Sparks, Manley and Roach cases, the Blough case, the Miller case and it even showed up in the Stephanie Evans' case too!

From the restaurant where Stephanie worked, and where I'm convinced her killer first saw her, to the Jackson County line is 2.2 miles.

Some say it's all coincidence. It doesn't matter to me what they say anymore. I'm tracking a killer, simple as that.

Following are a few links to other stories on this web site that contain other cases, mostly unsolved. Almost every page has links to other pages that show even more connections.

And for those who scoff at "psychics" and "don't believe in them," I only have this to say -

There is not one iota of "psychic" anything on this page. I did not use "psychic" materials to make my predictions. My predictions were made from past experience with Wild Bill and knowing how his mind works. His obsession did NOT start with me. I can prove that. It began long before he ever met me, and it has been "transferred" several times - always to women. I am not the end of it, but I could be the end of his career if those in law enforcement would stop running things based upon personal opinions and actually look at the evidence that is before them.

I did not "imagine" this case. I was contacted by someone who is familiar with the case and they informed me of it. Otherwise, I would NEVER have known that the very prediction I made in June of 2001 actually panned-out barely one month later - and NO ONE wanted me to know a damned thing about it. And no, I don't wonder why. I know why. I've known why all along in each and every case.


Bonnie M. Wells

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Sindee Davis and I are no longer friends, no longer in contact with one another, and I am no longer working any case that appears to pertain to her or any of her family.