Anna Marie Brown

Anna Marie Brown was nine years old, living in a *trailer park in Reno, Ohio, on the outskirts of Marietta, Ohio, with her parents when she was abducted from her own yard and murdered on *August 6th, 1975.

Her body was discovered in a rambling rose thicket within 1,000 feet of her home.

As of the last update to this page, her case remains unsolved in Washington County Ohio.

Anna Marie's story can be found in book number five of the Pure Coincidence series: The book's title is The Cop Connection:

Ronda Ellen Manley lived in Marietta, Ohio and received a warning phone call on *August 6th, 1992. A man warned that if he caught her out alone he was going to kill her.

By August 25th she was dead.

Years later, three more young girls would disappear from *trailer parks in the month of August, leading officials to ask, -

Could the Police be dealing with an “Anniversary Killer”?

Teresa Melissa Dean (8-15-99), Shannon Nicole Paulk (8-16-01), & Heaven LaShae Ross (8-19-03),

By 2002 there was yet another 'child kill' that, at least to me, seemed to fit the same August pattern as the above cases. But, since the cases were so scattered, it doesn't appear that anyone, other than me, has attempted to connect the cases to one common killer. In my opinion, that's exactly what we have, one killer, and yes, he's an 'anniversary killer' --- and a number man --- and a birthday man --- and a name sake man, but above all, he's a dangerous man for he is a killer.

Jennifer Renee Short (8-15-02)

{ whose father owned a *trailer moving business }

Jennifer Renee Short

Jennifer Renee Short - Updates


In 1975 and 1992 my ‘suspect’ was living and working in Washington County, Ohio. He did very little traveling except at vacation time.

In 1995 he went to work for a large aggregate company that has operations in almost every state in this nation, and he began to travel in his line of work. By the year 2000 he was working throughout the entire eastern half of this nation, and by 2005 he was traveling all across the country. He could be in California one week and Florida the next, and North Carolina the next. Or he could spend several weeks working in any given area, and then be transferred almost anywhere in the country.

He owned several vehicles himself and also had a company vehicle that he drove. He received one traffic ticket in this area (Ohio) in 2007, and the vehicle had Wyoming license plates on it.



Defendant Information


William R Bxxxxxxxx


360 XXXXX  Road







Date of Birth


Drivers License Number


Drivers License State


Vehicle Information









License Plate #


License Plate State


Ticket No




Vehicle Seized


Date of Violation


Crash Report #

Date Arrested

Date Filed




Agency Name




Section #




BMV Points






Payment History



CS Credit


Balance Due














Marietta Municipal Court
Clerk's Computerized Public records

Washington County Vs William R Bxxxxxxxx

Docket for Case Number : 2007TRD02558



Case # : 2007TRD02558

Case filed on : 04/30/2007 Date of violation : 04/26/2007

Filing agency : OSP Officer badge : 1522

Ticket # : x513728 Ticket location :

Violator name : William R Bxxxxxxx

Violator address : 360 xxxxxx Road Marietta OH-45750

Vehicle identification : WY 1C4876

Applicable violations :

(1) 4511.35 CROSSING DIVIDED HWY Degree : MM

Original plea : G

Final plea :

Sentence : Waiver Date : 04/30/2007

Fine & costs : 130.00 Total amount to pay : 130.00

Receipt no : 00096432 Date : 04/30/2007 Amount : 130.00



Initial Court Date: 05/07/2007 Initial Court Time: 09:00AM

Receipted $130.00 on case violation 012007TRD02558 having receipt number 00096432 (Waiver Payment) Total costs receipted $80.00 Total fine receipted $50.00 Receipted by jennifer

Waiver receipt printed



Bonnie M. Wells

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Special Note:

News Clipping from The Marietta Times:

William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998.



The 13 year old girl that Bauerbach was accused of raping in the above news article had a sister that was a twin, not to her but to her brother.

The twins were a couple of years older than the alleged victim at the time of the alleged crime and were residing with their father in Blytheville, Arkansas. By the time they were 21 both twins had returned to this area and the girl was living with her mother and Bauerbach. It was during this time period that Bauerbach bragged to a former girlfriend that he did in fact have sex with the 13 year old as well as her older sister.

It was also during this time period that his girlfriend, the twins mother, caught him in bed with her daughter, so we know that portion of his brag is true. Knowing him, as I do, I am convinced the information about the 13 year old is also true. But, that is not the reason for this update today. Whatever he did back in 1998 and the early 2000's is water under the bridge. He got by with that just like he's gotten by with everything else in his worthless life.

Elsewhere on this web site there is a page that lists the number of cases involving twins. It is always the girl twin that disappears or dies when the set involves a male and a female.

By 2010 Bauerbach had permanently separated from the mother of the girls mentioned above. He had found himself a 'new woman' who also has a daughter. They lived together for a year or so and then married.

Meanwhile, he gave up the job that had permitted him to travel to all corners of this nation, and resumed the same type of work locally. His new wife was a bartender, which I'm sure afforded Bauerbach plently of time for his extracurricular activities!

2015: Two local 'suicides' captured my attention.

Number one was the 'alleged' suicidal death of a 'twin' that worked with Bauerbach's wife.

Number two was the alleged suicide of the 'twin' mentioned above. The sister of the alleged victim from 1998.

Bot young women in their 20's, both with direct connections to Bauerbach, both deemed suicides just like Dawn Holliday and Jill Bohl, both connected to me by name only since I never met either one, but ones name was Chrissy (my daughter's name is Christina and many people call her Chris or Chrissy) and the other ones name was Martin (my maiden name was Martin) and it is all .... Pure Coincidence .... of course.



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