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Bonnie M. Wells

Serial Killer: John Wayne Boyer

Case Directory

Kyron Horman Case

Mike Murdock - Expect Blessings

Mike Murdock - Rebellion, The Seed For Loss

Mike Murdock - Master The Art Of Order

Mike Murdock - Losers

Report Slams North Carolina's State Bureau Of Investigation's Lab Work

The Pickton Series:

Robert Pickton, Canadian Serial Killer w/Commentaries By Me

6 Tipsters Split $100K In Pickton Rewards

A 'Sex Worker,' And A Human Being

Statement Of Det/Cst Lori Shenher Regarding DCC LePardís

Report On The Missing Women

How Serial Killer Robert Pickton Slipped Away

Former VPD Geographic Profiler Finds Little Solace In Pickton Report

Distrust, Anger Builds Over Politician's Appointment To Head Pickton Inquiry

Portraits Of The Good Women Pickton Killed

Our Indifference Fostered the Pickton Horror

Our Fractured Forces: Is It Time To Overhaul B.C.'s Police System?

Coleman, RCMP Show Inquiry Needed

Timeline: Problems Prior To Pickton's Arrest

Officer Haunted By Robert Pickton Report: 'I Just Wanted To Do Justice'

The Predator And His Prey

Pickton Documentary Looks At Serial Killerís Inner Circle

Women Being Pushed To Their Deaths By Drug Dealers

Some Questions Need To Be Answered

Pickton Inquiry Could Focus On Lives Of Sex Workers

Oppal The Wrong Man For Pickton Inquiry

Humor: Dogs On Welfare!

Anna Marie Brown

Before & Until Ronda

Ronda Ellen Manley

A Suspect / Manley Case

A Guilty Plea / Manley Case

Questions Remain / Manley Case

Innocent Despite Pleading Guilty?

Response Page / Manley

Marietta PD. Page On Ronda Manley

Heather Teague

Teague Case:
Is This The Man In The Composite Drawing?

Survey Results

Regina Renee Cox

Jennifer Renee Short

John Thrasher

Thrasher - Map Page

The 'Renee/Renay' Girls

The August Girls

The Crystal Girls

Billy Smolinski

Mothman & The BMW

Buffalo Bird Woman

Paw Prints

Ohio To Pennsylvania

Oregon Girls, An Arrest Is Made

Shaylene Farrell

The Old House

Mary Badaracco

Something Borrowed, Something Blue / Badaracco

Emails / Badaracco

All The Martin's Aren't Purple

Don't Close The Blinds

Hal Lindsey; Lebanon & Israel

Maybelle Clark

Dark Dreams / Roy Hazelwood

The Yonder Forty

Margret Dodd & Miami Co. Ohio Jane Doe

Amanda Tusing

The Gwinner Girls / Laney & Misty

The 'Without A Trace' Series

Angel Flight

Audrey Herron

God Speaks To Uncommon Sense


Lebanon, Oh Lebanon, What Hast Thou Done?

Declaration Of Independence

Racist American Empire

Roosevelt On Immigrants 1907

Stupid Cambridge Police

The Messiah Speaks

The Euphrates

David Wilkerson - Raging Fires

So, Let Me Get This Straight

Obama-One Simple Question

Glenn Beck Fights Back

November Is Coming

A Poem By Alabama Judge Roy Moore

Oops! Obama Mama Passport 'Destroyed'

A Scandal Of Epic Proportions / Chrysler's Railroad

Mosque Shut Down

Obama's Impeachable Crimes


"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." --Einstein, Albert

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." --Einstein, Albert

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts, perhaps the fear of a loss of power (Joshua 1:9).


"Books of the Month"

A Nation of Sheep


Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Common Sense


Glenn Beck





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