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Bonnie M. Wells

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This survey will last throughout the month of August.

Responses will be posted as they come in, and this page will be updated frequently, so check back often - and get your own vote in here!



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Response No. 23


I just opened up your survey and slowly scrolled down through looking at the composite drawing and at possible suspects 1, 2, and 3.

Upon looking at suspect #1 I thought well, I guess maybe at first glance a person might think there was a resemblance, but no, not if you really look at the features of the person.

I even feel that the man in the composite drawing somehow looks older than suspect #1.

#1- Marvin Dill - in my opinion,... No.

Moving on down the page to look at suspect #2.

Upon careful examination, I determined that suspect #2 looks even less like the composite drawing than suspect # 1.

So at this point, as I am scrolling on down the page to suspect #3, I am thinking -- well, I might have to go back and look at suspect #1 again since suspect #2 was even less likely.

At about that moment suspect #3 came into view and I said.... "Oh my God" ..... and just sat here looking at the screen.

It looks to me like someone was looking at a picture of suspect #3 when they drew the composite sketch. I just kept looking at the screen, and thinking, all these years we have suspected this man of all kinds of horrible, gruesome crimes. And this time somebody saw him and was able to give a description of him.

I sat here thinking that I have worked at different businesses in which this man frequented on a regular basis. I have seen him and closely observed him on many occasions over the years. That is Bill! #3 is Bill! We called him Wild Bill, because that's what he called himself.

I proceeded to call my mother into the room and told her I was answering a survey and I wanted her opinion. I showed her the suspects 1, 2, and 3 compared to the composite drawing. She had me scroll down through them once and then a second time.

Upon the end of the second viewing she said after seeing suspect #3 how could anyone even give a second thought to suspects #1 and 2.

"It's as plain as the nose on your face..... that is #3 and that's all there is to it!

Someone needs to be looking at that man."

And I agree someone, somewhere needs to be asking Bill a few questions.

We have suspected him of being a killer since the 1990's. After looking into some of the unsolved crimes around the area we can say we suspect him of being a killer as far back as the mid 1970's.

And here it is in black and white, a composite drawing of a suspected abductor/killer that looks exactly like Bill. I can't think of anything that would better confirm what we have suspected than that.

I sincerely hope that at some point the eye witness will get to see a picture of Bill.

I think he has already seen him in person, and given a very, very good description of him.

Mysde and mother S.D. -- Ohio

Yes Mysde, you, above everyone else, should recognize Wild Bill when you see him! I'll never forget those nights that you spent the entire night on pay phones in Belpre, knowing full well you had to go to work the next day, but so determined to watch his crazy comings and goings as he sneaked in and out of his own home, and to let me know what was going on!

Although we both racked up hundreds of thousands of miles on our vehicles, [and literally kept one Belpre service station in business!! Because when we stopped, they closed up!!] it never seemed to do any good.

About 95 percent of the information I have concerning the time period that Heather Teague was abducted came from you Mysde. It was you who spent most of that time period, sitting in your vehicle or driving past his house every so often to check and see if he was home.

Without you, no one would have ever known that it was Wild Bill who was seen watching the home of yet another woman who was murdered -- not that it did any good. They convicted her husband -- but, with God's help, maybe the day will come when he can come home and put the nightmare behind him.

Regardless if any of it ever works out Mysde -- whether they ever catch this man and do anything with him or not -- my sincere thanks goes to you and all the effort you so un-selfishly put forth.

For some interesting reading, see The Symbolic Murder Of Mysde!

Response No. 24

I Think #3, the bearded man, by far looks the most like the composite drawing. Even down to the way he carries himself while standing. I'm glad I finally have a face to put with the name. To be honest, he looks rather familiar.

I wonder if I've ever seen him around the area.

Peace and Love,

Heather - Ohio

Heather - Ohio is another person who has good reason to wonder about #3, as he was 'in the neighborhood' when one of her relatives disappeared and was later found dead -- floating in ice cold water, in the dead of winter.

Yep, old Wild Bill had spent that week-end away from home too - just like he did when Heather Teague disappeared. Strange how the man just has a knack for never being home when these abductions and murders occur. And yes Heather, you may very well have 'seen him around the area,' because he's forever on the prowl for a new woman ..... doesn't matter who he's living with or even married to, his stalking and prowling continue. And, sad as this sounds, I'm afraid he's going to have a 'life-long career' and never get caught, because there is absolutely no one watching him anymore, and there actually seems to be a great number of people willing to look the other way; make excuses for him; accept his behavior as normal; and ignore every warning sign that he has. Why? I honestly don't know, but it certainly has opened my eyes as far as people's value of human life is concerned. Guess as long as it's not them [or their family member] they just don't want to get involved.

Well, their turn will come. Perhaps not from him, but from somewhere or someone, it will come. Then, they shall see what it means for no one to care - no one to be interested. It's a real shame, and a disgrace, but that's pretty much how it is.

Never the less, I want to thank you for responding to my survey Heather - you and all the others that took the time, and had guts enough to speak their minds, and voice their opinions. You are the reasons I do this kind of work -- you and those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Response No. 25

I pick number 3. The shape to the upper body and head.

And here's yet another person who will never forget old Wild Bill [#3] because he pulled a 'less deadly' trick on D's family member, but devastating, none the less - not to mention expensive. And he got by with that too, just like everything else he's ever done.

Response No. 26


Well, I'd say Number 2's nose looks similar to the composite to me and guy number 1 looks like the drawing as well, but guy #1's nose doesn't seem to match up- I don't know maybe it's just me, but I'm going to vote for guy number 3- his hairline, shape of beard and everything seems to look like the composite.

P.S. I don't have to be a detective or anything to respond to the survey, do I?


No, J.J. you don't have to be a detective to respond to my survey.

As you can see, you are voting with the majority. At this point, even if the rest of the individuals that I sent the survey to, came back with responses indicating one of the other individuals best fit the composite, dear old Wild Bill would still be the 'winner.'..... just like he always has been. He's always 'fit the description' or 'had no alibi' or 'been in the neighborhood [if not the back porch!] when the crime was committed' or 'made incriminating statements' ; etc. etc. and yet, no action has ever been taken against him. Several people are now beginning to ask the same question that I have been asking for years --- "WHY?"

I can guarantee you, if I fit the picture as closely as this man does, I would have been locked up years ago, and so would anyone else. So what's the problem? If anyone can figure this out, please send me an email and tell me, okay?

Response No. 27

Definitely #3. Anyone would be blind not to see that!

T.T. - Ohio

Response No. 28

Hello Bonnie

Just saw the web page and there is not much doubt about who it is. [#3] Wild Bill has my vote.

Too bad the police forces in this country can't see past their own noses. I think it is called near sightedness or just plain blindness.

T. / Ohio

Yes, T. from Ohio, some do call it near-sightedness, while others may consider it blindness. Me? Oh, I keep hoping they will develop 'Tunnel' vision!!!!!

I know, I'm absolutely hopeless! Never the less, old Wild Bill is the winner of this 'contest' regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

PS: I put the counter you requested on this page. I'll add it to a few others when I get time:

Response No. 29

Hey, Bonnie

There can be little doubt, it is Wild Bill in the composite. Too many similarities to say otherwise…

Take care!

D. H. / Oregon

Response No. 30


From my personal and professional opinion - from the composite sketch vs the photo line ups,' it is Wild Bill. The photo that was placed in your survey response column that has the "younger Wild Bill," that I have re-pasted below, is as close to an exact match as you could come. If the authorities do not investigate this, then they are remiss of their duties and do not want to solve the case.

KS-Ohio / Former Police Lieutenant


As of 7-25-06 Mja Inc Investigations has joined in on the search for Heather Teague who has been missing since 8-26-1995.

On that day Miss Teague was abducted from Newburgh Beach in Spottsville,Ky.

We have been in contact with Sarah Teague {Miss Teague's Mother} and this is on going.

A time and date will be released later when we will be able to meet with Mrs.Teague.

We will be working closely with Mrs.Teague. It's our goal to form a plan of attack that might help locate her missing Daughter. It's our goal to find the person or persons involved in Miss Teague's abduction.

It's our goal to make an impact concerning this case and we have shared some success in the past with ColdCases.

It's our work ethic and a fresh set of eyes that might make a difference in solving this case..

Mja Inc Investigations welcomes any help from the public or other investigative groups no matter how great or small the help might be.

We understand there is no Reward Money to be gained by solving this case; we are offering our services for Free.

As many people have learned, money has never been an issue on deciding if we work on a case or not. We are funded by our Staff Members and other cases that have rewards to be collected.

We never promise positive results. What we do promise is we will leave No Stone Un-Turned while working on any case, no matter where the evidence leads us.

We never stop working on a case until its solved, no matter how long it takes..

We try to work with any Law-Enforcement Agency that's in charge of the investigation on any given case. If they decide they don't need or want our help we respect their decision, but we move ahead working on the case without their help.

We don't engage or play politics.

We don't have to be politically correct for we don't work for Law-Enforcement or any other government agency.

We work for the Victim's Family.

Please visit :

Read about her abduction, news related articles, and much more..

If there is anyone who wants to share any info concerning Heather Teague please contact us at:

MJA_Inc Investigations

Phone: 518-314-6770 or 765-475-3124 and ask for Kaz..

Please visit our web-page at

Mja Inc Staff--Juneau: Public Relations Director-Ny.

Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes

"We Speak For The Missing & The Dead"

Heather Teague's case was profiled on my web site at the request of Monica Caison [CUE Center for Missing Persons] of Wilmington, North Carolina:

I chose to post Heather's case, because it appeared to me that I had some information concerning the time period in which she disappeared that might be of value to the case. Also, I had documentation concerning; as well as photo's, of a man who appeared to me [and obviously many others, at this point] to fit the composite drawing of the eyewitness's account of the man who abducted Heather.

I originally contacted the Kentucky State Police [Detective Tim Rascoe] on July 4th, 2006 concerning Heather's case.

Detective Rascoe responded that same day:

This was all [including mailing the documentation to Det. Rascoe 7/15] done at no expense to anyone except myself. There is NO charge for posting Heather's case, so if anyone is saying otherwise, they are lying. I have never charged anyone for working their case, and I have given freely every scrap of information that has ever been obtained by me, regardless of whose case I was working.

On July 18th I completed the first of two special pages for Det. Rascoe, and on July 24th, I finished the second page. These pages contained information on "Suspect No. 3" that I didn't feel the public needed to see, but that the police did. Therefore I have supplied no link to the pages for the general public.

In the early morning hours of August 28th, I contacted MJA Investigations, and sent them links to the following pages:

Heather's page

Seeking Your Opinion Page

August Stories

Starlight Inner-Prizes

There has been no response: If it ever comes, I'll let you all know. / Bonnie

Aug 27, 2006:

11 Years And Still Waiting:

The Case of Heather Teague

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Heather Teague turned 34 this year.

Or that's the age she would have been. These are the years her mom Sarah thought would bring grandchildren. Instead, they only brought misery. She continues to hang purple ribbons and host rallies to keep her oldest daughter's name in the spotlight.

Now, Sarah has some help in the form of legal representation. At her request, Madisonville attorney Chip Adams is working for free on the case. "My role here is to help and facilitate getting answers. There is really nothing legal going on."

Another fresh set of eyes comes in the form of Kentucky State Trooper Mark Carter who's been assigned the case since the retirement of detective Tim Rascoe earlier this month.

Many within the department have long believed that any hope of solving the case died when prime suspect Marty Dill killed himself five days into the investigation. Some out-of-state detectives still maintain the evidence points to Chris Below, a suspected serial killer currently serving time for murdering a young woman in Ohio.

Also investigating is New York-based MJA Inc., a company made up of attorneys and various law enforcement officers who say they're experts at tracking missing persons. Founder Mark Harper says, "We have three pliable suspects. We'll try the searching part first and if nothing becomes of it, that's when we'll approach the suspects and go from there."

Sarah Teague says it's hard to believe Heather is still only a memory. She says the truth about what happened to her will come in God's timing.

Sarah Teague is asking everyone to light a candle Saturday at 8 p-m, the 11th anniversary of Heather's disappearance. The gesture will also honor Sueann Ray, Heather's first cousin who disappeared on August 26th of last year. Her husband has been charged with murder.

Shannon Samson

I have written to Shannon Samson on a few occasions.

On [June 29th, 2006,] I sent the following email to her:

Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 10:48 PM

To: Samson, Shannon

Subject: Heather Teague case


Is there any way that you can send me a picture of the composite drawing of the suspect in Heather Teague's case?

** I have been working Heather's case for a while now, and am trying to find a copy of the sketch so I can put it on the same page as a man whom I believe looks very much like the sketch. This man is a resident of Washington County, Ohio and has been arrested several times for sex crimes against women and girls.

His latest arrest was in 2000 when he was indicted by the grand jury for raping his girlfriend's 12 year old daughter. The charges were ultimately dropped due to lack of evidence, but he actually bragged to his former girlfriend that he did have sex with the girl but said it wasn't rape because "she owed him!" He said he'd taken her places and bought her things, so she owed him! This is the kind of man he is Shannon, and he was not home during the time period that Heather was abducted.

I have documentation of his comings and goings for several years and have been trying to track him myself. Heather is not the only girl who disappeared or was murdered when this man was away from home. There is a long list of them.

By the way, he's a 'river man,' and travels in his line of work ...... he works up and down the Ohio River, ....... Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, etc.

I have reason to suspect he is a serial killer, and has been for twenty [or more] years.

Is there any way that you know of, that I might get in touch with Tim Walthall? I have a picture of Wild Bill that I'd really like to show him.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Bonnie M. Wells

And I sent the last email to her on 8/29/06:


Nice article about Heather's case and all the new attorneys, cops and even the New York based MJA Inc. Investigations that are taking a look at it.

I was sorry to hear that Detective Rascoe had retired, as he's the one that I sent all of my information to back in early July. Well, hopefully he will pass my info on to his replacement. If not, it's all posted on my web site, which I'm sure I will eventually get around to sending to him.


Bonnie M. Wells

I have now sent out [50] requests for people to take part in this survey:

I received [ 30 ] responses, which have all been copied and pasted on this page, or Response Page One:

This survey closes on August 31st, and will be sent to authorities in Kentucky.

Cast your vote for - # 1, 2 or 3



To: bmwells

Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 11:37 PM

Subject: you may contact Soloman if you wish on Heather's behalf.

My Response:

From: bmwells


Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 11:32 AM

Subject: Re: you may contact Soloman if you wish on Heather's behalf.


I have contacted my team and we are willing to move Heather's case to the front burner starting in May and running through September.

Please provide as much background info as possible:

1. Map of beach area [if possible] Photo's would also be helpful:

2. Location where Marvin Dill was living at the time - map, photo's, street or road numbers, etc.

3. Map of general area, including road names and/or numbers.

4. Description of your house [or the house where Heather was living, if not with you.] Please include style and color, as well as street name.

5. Name of anyone who Heather was dating at time of disappearance:

6. Location/name of Heather's place of employment:

7. Any place that Heather frequented with her friends.

8. Did Heather mention anyone in a white Toyota truck or riding a wine colored Honda motor cycle? Had she mentioned meeting anyone new within a couple of weeks before her disappearance?

Please answer these questions when you respond. Thank you:


Bonnie M. Wells

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