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Bonnie May Wells

Ohio Native

Born under the sun sign Aquarius, on January 21st, 1949, Bonnie "Martin"-Wells has been a resident of Washington County Ohio all her life. She lived first in Belpre, Ohio and then moved to a farm in Little Hocking at about the age of eight, where she attended Little Hocking Elementary School and Warren High School.

Although employed by the B&O Railroad, her father had a degree in animal husbandry and was instrumental in the development of Bonnie's love of animals, wildlife and the environment.

From her parents' examples Bonnie developed a sense of creativity and design. Her father constructed his own saw mill and built their home from the timber cut from the woods on their farm.

Her mother was a talented and self taught seamstress who could make almost anything she chose to make. Her own "hand made and home created" doll furniture for Barbie-size dolls remain items of pride and joy for all she created them for.

Parents: Dick & Stella "Frazer"-Martin

Little Hocking - Home

As a young adult, she lived in the nearby city of Marietta for a short while and then came back to Belpre where her mother's people resided.

In 1976 she returned to the Little Hocking area along with her husband Michael, and daughter Christina, where they bought property on which to build their home.

From her earliest years Bonnie's love of nature has been evident. From the wild pigeons she has as pets to the deer that graze contentedly in her back yard while the German Shepherd's doze on the deck, her world is filled with life....and love of life.

Gift Of Discernment

As a small child, it was determined that she had a gift of discernment, which many people call psychic in today's world. The Native American heritage runs strong in her bloodline, although from the blonde hair and blue eyes, one might never guess. On the Shawnee side, her people go back to Running Bear, and to Pocahontas on the Delaware side. There are also lines to the Cherokee and the Black Foot tribes within her family tree. In their world, and time, Bonnie probably would have been considered a Medicine Woman, or a woman of vision, as many of her predictions are for the welfare of others, and not necessarily of a personal nature.

Interests, Hobbies & Activities

Bonnie owned & operated a German Shepherd Dog breeding and training kennel for 25 years.The name of her kennel was Granville Shepherds, and the dogs were bred from old German lines that were noted for their work as police, military, service dogs and excellent family pets and protectors. She is a former instructor with Parkersburg Obedience Training Club.

She has been a free-lance writer for most of her adult life and has had articles published in magazines such as The German Shepherd Review, The German Shepherd Quarterly, The Australian Quarterly and Prevention Magazine. She worked for a short time as a columnist for a small weekly news paper where she wrote a column called On The Wild Side and another called The Strange. Both involved local experiences.

Bonnie has written many short stories about the animals in her life. Those stories are compiled into a book called Bonny Tails. The book series Pure Coincidence has been her greatest writing accomplishment thus far, with a total of 25 books within the series. These can be seen on this web site on the page titled Pure Coincidence. Another "writing project" has been Dreams: Classification, Identification & Interpretation, a book compiled from Bonnie's own experience as a dream interpretor. After years of documenting dreams, Bonnie saw a need for dreams to be classified, since there are many types of dreams. She also realized there was a need for identification and interpretation of dreams, and decided to compile her studies and cases into a book form which others could read and understand. Thus Dreams: Classification, Identification & Interpretation was conceived.

Although Bonnie makes Native American style dream catchers, her creativity comes forth full force in her own, hand styled "Zodiac Dream Catchers." Based upon the individual's birth sign, these dream catchers capture the essence of each sign by using the proper colors and materials. Although there are twelve zodiac signs, no two zodiac dream catchers are ever the same, and no pattern exists for their making.

Bonnie also does Native American style decorative baskets, wall hangings, arts and crafts.

Bonnie has been a long time supporter of several humanitarian and wildlife groups, such as Habitat For Humanity; Omaha Home For Boys; Mother's Against Drunk Drivers; National Center For Missing & Exploited Children and the National Wildlife Federation. She is a stanch supporter of several law enforcement groups including... BEARS / DARE / PALS / and is a supporting member of the Ohio Fire Chief's Association; the Buckeye Sheriff's Association and The Patrolman's Benevolent Association, is a trained Municipal Court Mediator and former member of the National Institute On Conflict Resolution.

Bonnie's poetry is sprinkled throughout Bonny Tails and Pure Coincidence. A sample poem can be viewed by clicking on The Dusty Horn {below}. This poem originally written for Bonnie's niece LeLanea when she was just an infant.

Political views are conservative rather than liberal. She has a strong faith in God, Family and Country .... and believes the Lord helps those who first put forth their own effort to help not only themselves but others.

Bonnie and her husband Mike reside in Little Hocking, as does daughter Christina, her husband Bryan, grand daughter Mariah, and grandson Joshua.

The Dusty Horn

An original poem by Bonnie May Wells

An old Scottish song that I thought was quite suitable for this page:

The Bonnie Wells O'Wearie


Come let us climb auld Arthur Seat,

When summer flow'rs are blooming;

When golden broom and heather bells

Are a' the air perfuming.

When sweet May gowans deck the braes,

The hours flee past fu' cheerie,

Where bonnie lassies bleach their claes

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

Come let us spend a summer day

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


The "Lily o' St. Leonards" there

Oft spent a sweet May morning,

Wi' gowans gay and sweet blue-bells

Her golden locks adorning.

And there the "Laird o' Dumbiedikes"

Aft gaed to woo his dearie,

And watch his fleecy flocks wi' care,

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

Come let us spend a summer day

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


There Scotland's Queen in stormy times

Forgot her saddest story;

There brave Prine Charlie led his clans

To deeds o' martial glory.

When Johnnie Cope, wi' a' his men

Were scatter'd tamplinteerie,

There Scotland's banner proudly waved

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

Come let us spend a summer day

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


Then let us hail auld Arthur Seat:

Like Scotland's rampant lion,

It tow'rs, a wonder o' the world,

The wildest storms defyin'.

Wi' dauntless front 'neath summer skies,

Or wintry blasts sae dreary,

It stands in peace or war to guard

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!


The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

Come let us spend a summer day

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


O lang may bonnie lassies fair

Wi' Nature's charms around them,

Still bleach their claes on flow'ry braes,

Wi' nae sad cares to wound them!

Lang may her sons 'mid fairy scenes,

Wi' hearts richt leal and cheerie,

Still meet to sing their patriot sangs

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!


The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

The bonnie Wells o' Wearie!

Come let us spend a summer day

Beside the Wells o' Wearie!

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Bonnie Wells O'Wearie

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