Barbara Ann Barnes - II

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Bonnie M. Wells


After 10 Years,

Search Continues For Local Teen's Killer

It's been 10 years since Steubenville-teen Barbara Barnes was found murdered in Pennsylvania. Her killer was never caught.

And now, the case is getting national attention as a friend tries to find her killer with the help of the Internet.

Tom Smoganovich of Steubenville, a friend and neighbor of Barnes, is featured in the "My Story" section of the website for "America's Most Wanted."

Smoganovich, of Steubenville, said he thinks about Barbara's case every day and thinks publicity from the site may help generate some new clues.

The 13-year-old vanished while she was walking between her home and Harding Middle School. Police interviewed several suspects, but never found enough evidence to press charges.

"It's been 10 years and somebody's got to know something. There's got to be a tip out there that can lead to this person," Smoganovich said.

To view Smoganovich's story, please visit the America's Most Wanted website.

-Renee Cardelli & John Paul, NEWS9


"There's Got To Be A Tip"

As told on previous pages of my web site, I'm certain I was among the first people to speak to FBI agents after Barbara Barnes disappeared and was found dead.

I also wrote to the sheriff of Stubenville and police officers in Pittsburgh .... sent each the information that I had gained through my own work. None ever responded.

In recent years I've heard that several people have been questioned concerning Barbara's murder, and I can only continue to wonder why none of them was ever the man that I told them all about..... the man that was bragging about being where the girl disappeared from, and then bragged about working where she was found dead.

Today, ten years, and nearly two dozen dead bodies later, Mr.Smoganovich's words cut me like a knife - "There's got to be a tip out there that can lead to this person."

And all I can think is - there is. One lone woman has been screaming her head off about this same man for nearly twelve years now, and she's been tracking him even longer. There's a trail of dead bodies a mile wide behind this creature, and for some unexplained reason, no one in this entire nation wants to consider that this man may in fact be a serial killer. I mean, how damned many dead bodies can one innocent man be around anyway!?

What's he Done?

On the "local scene" he's ---

1. Been caught watching women and children with binoculars:

2. Been arrested and jailed twice on sex charges:

3. Been jailed for domestic violence against a girlfriend and told a police officer that he tried to kill her [and did put her in the hospital] and that it was all her own damned fault:

4. Been jailed for fleeing and eluding a police officer:

5. Makes obscene phone calls to women and girls:

6. Been indicted for the rape of a twelve year old girl:

7. Taken video's of people's children as they played on public playgrounds [mostly 'crotch' shots]:

8. Taken videos of cheerleaders at school games - there again, mostly crotch shots:

9. Taken pictures of people without their knowledge and then spent years stalking those people:

10. Watched children through peepholes as they showered:

11. Exposed himself to several women and girls in public places:

12. Been caught parked around schools watching the children as they came and went:

13. Sneaked into the bedrooms of children who were related to his wife or girlfriend and slipped his hands up under the blankets of sleeping children:

14. Molested and tried to rape step daughter's and other children:

15. Bragged about [and showed] pictures of 'unconscious' [??dead??] women that he's taken out, gotten drunk, waited until they passed out and then raped:

16. Exposed himself to school girls, and then admitted to people that he fantasizes about raping the girls while he's masturbating:

17. Carries changes of clothing with him at all times, and has been caught changing clothes along back roads:

18. Modifies his appearance on a regular basis - dies his hair, cuts his hair, shaves his head, grows his hair back out; grows a full beard, trims the beard, shaves most of it off, leaving only a jawline beard, grows it back out and dyes the hair and beard:

19. Drives numerous vehicles, and runs up thousands of miles while trolling and stalking:

20. Leaves home and is gone for days at a time [ sometimes for work reasons ] and sometimes for no apparent reason:

21. Been "in the neighborhood" of several 'unsolved' homicides - and can be connected to a few others:

22. Given women clothing and jewelry without any explanation of where the items came from:

23. Hidden clothing that appears to belong to girls 10, 11, 12 years of age, and other people have found the clothing but never knew who the items belonged to:

24. Been caught with descriptions of women, license number's from their vehicles and even hand drawn maps to their homes:

25. Noted for 'following women and girls' to see where they live:

26. Tries to find reasons to be left alone with, or take people's children places by himself - especially restaurants:

27. Left his own child [ about 5 years old at the time] unattended, asleep in his vehicle, while he went bar hopping in search of a woman:

28. Exposed himself to girls while sitting at stop lights [while riding his motor cycle] on numerous occasions:

29. Is a habitual liar:

30. Is a thief:

31. Well known to the hookers of almost every town he goes to, and some of the hookers have warned one another and other women that he is "one twisted son-of-a-bitch," and they wouldn't go out with him for any amount of money:

32. Been out with hookers who later claimed he wanted to 'insert a knife - and wiggle it around!!' and that he could 'get off that way' instead of having sex with them, if they would allow it!

33. Been out with hooker's who later claimed [and told private detectives] that he offered them extra money to allow him to 'pull off one of their long fingernails' with pliers!

34. A lone wolf with no close friends.

35. Has previously had no hobbies, other than butchering rabbits and hunting!

36. Has recently [past few years] become interested in show cars, and attends such events by himself - with a mannequin, wearing provocative clothing and posed in a sexually explicit manner, by his side!!! He tells people that's 'his woman'!!

37. Noted for carrying several sets of disposable gloves; rope; handcuffs; duct tape; and a set of coverall's in vehicle with him:

38. Has an uncanny knack for trading vehicles within days of the disappearance or murder of victims:

39. Has been seen hosing off [and out] vehicles at time of murders, even in below freezing temperatures:

40. Has changed tires on vehicles when tire tracks at murder scenes were being investigated:

41. Has done body work and painted vehicles in dead of winter when murder victim was found on old logging road:

42. Goes by several aliases .... including names of other men in his family or coworkers:

43. Continued to carry high school jacket in his motor cycle 20 years after he'd graduated:

44. Like to tie women up to perform sexual acts with them, but claims he cannot breath if he's tied up!

45. Has been known to wear and carry wigs:

46. Formerly owned a gorilla suit and liked to dress up in it at night and "scare" people:

47. Has asked people to provide him an alibi [and lie to police] if he was ever questioned about a murdered woman: {case remains unsolved. He was never questioned.]

48. Has made the statement - "Maybe I'm the killer. Maybe I'm coming after you," in reference to a murdered girl. {case remains unsolved.]

49. His last name was found in the pocket of a murdered woman. {He was never questioned. Case remains unsolved.}

50. Some eight years after murder, introduced his son to someone using the same name that was found on the paper in the victim's pocket: {case remains unsolved}

51. Noted for hiding his vehicles and riding bicycles: {At time woman was murdered, and witness saw man fitting his description riding a bicycle beside woman thought to be victim at a park}

52. Stalks parks: Several women have reported meeting him in parks:

53. Likes amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, karaoke singing, malls, restaurants:

54. Likes to go to yard sales, flea markets, second-hand clothing & furniture stores;

55. Goes on 'dairy product' binges, which precede rages in which he disappears for days at a time:

56. Told people that he always thought a certain, old, abandoned building "would be a good place to hide a dead body!"

57. Seems to have a fascination for the American flag but at the same time has much contempt for those in uniform - military, police, etc:

58. Keeps diaries with detailed descriptions of women he's encountered. Also has coded inscriptions in diaries and on calendars of events:

59. Has told people of witnessing a woman being choked to death with a phone cord, on top of a picnic table - in an area where there are no phones or picnic tables. Fantasizing:

60. Goes into some type of 'trance' that is actually noticeable to people watching him:

61. Continually repeats himself when there is something on his mind: "Nice night for a walk."

62. Likes to ask women and girls for directions to motels, bars, stores, etc. that he already knows the location of:

63. Becomes sexually dysfunctional in relationships, but recovers right after encounter with prostitutes, or after 'someone' kills a woman!

64. Had scratches, bruises, etc. on his body right after women were found murdered - two or more cases:

65. Documents mileage from one point to another without apparent reason.

66. Keeps records of temperature at various times of day during certain months of the year:

67. Always has three or more sexual relationships going at any given time - some of which are with hookers:

68. Has name of wife of murdered cop in his diary: [case unsolved]

69. Said word for word, eight months in advance of what an anonymous caller said to a teenage murder victim just two weeks before she was killed: Was not home the night she was killed:

70. Asks birthdays of women, girls that he meets:

71. Has had relationships with many women who have same first name; same last name; same birthday; same address; same hair color, style, length, or same general appearance of a dozen or more murder victims:[cases not solved]

72. Goes for 2, 3, 4 days at a time without sleeping:

73. Has admitted to having "things" hidden under rocks along river banks:

74. Is into pornography, including child porn:

75. Tried to outrun a cop at time of 'suspicious' death of a man - and was shacked up with the man's 'common-law wife' some ten months later. Did not know the woman at time of man's death, but had encountered the man while stalking another woman several months earlier. Man ran him off that day, and a few months later he was killed.

76. He has framed other men for crimes that he committed - and then actually bragged about it when he knew he was safe.


2005: A video tape was turned in to our local police that Wild Bill had made of two young [5 or 6 year old ] girls, in which he could be heard telling the youngsters to --- "Spread your legs way apart," -- and then he took 'crotch shots' of the children! NOTHING was EVER done about this. {Jessie Jackson; Al Sharpton -- you guys out there anywhere? Is anyone listening to me? We have an extremely dangerous situation here and no one to do anything about this man.

2007: November 27, someone put forth a tremendous effort to get into my home. They busted the door facing, thus exposing [and rendering useless] the dead bolt lock. Only the heavy duty, chain lock that my grandson and I installed as an extra precaution prevented them from entering my home via the back basement door. This was reported to the Washington County Sheriff's Department, and an officer came to my home to investigate.

For your information Billy Boy, when you come in, they will carry your damned dead body back out.

This is the third attempt to get into my home and get to me. What's it going to take before law enforcement opens their eyes?

Seventy Six Red Flags

There are seventy six {78 counting the 2 new ones just added} different things listed above - and I'm certain there are several more things that could be added [ and may be as I think of them ].

According to the research that I have done, each and every one of these items should be a red flag for any member of law enforcement, and when several of them show up together, they should signal some serious trouble.

There is nothing listed on this page that hasn't been told time and time again to dozens of cops - local, state and federal, to reporters, to private detectives, to lawyers, to friends, foes and strangers on the street.

These crimes and cases span several years and several states. In my opinion they are escalating .... but that's just the untrained opinion of a common housewife. Perhaps that's the reason no one has ever bothered to take this seriously.

I don't know what their reasoning is. I've never been able to figure it out .... and to be honest, I haven't had much time to worry too much about it. I've been pretty busy tracking a man that I honestly believe is a serial killer, and who obviously demonstrates more characteristics of a serial killer than any other person I've ever heard of .... including such notables as John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, the BTK Killer, and Gary Ridgeway, all put together!

I'd really like to see him stopped, but I've pretty much given up on that idea in recent years.

Regardless, this page is done for Mr. Smoganovich. He cares enough to believe - "There's got to be a tip out there that can lead to this person."

I've just supplied him with seventy six tips that should have led authorities to this man's door step many years ago. We'll see what Mr. Smoganovich can do with them.

Good luck sir.


Bonnie M. Wells

Well, it's pretty obvious to me at this time that Mr. Smoganovich wasn't any more successful than anyone else has ever been. Barbara's case remains unsolved, and dear old Wild Bill remains free - and alive, for now!

Bonnie M. Wells

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