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A Little Background Info:

The man I call *Wild Bill in my stories went to jail in April of 1994 for sexual solicitation, public masturbation and threatening to rape a woman in broad daylight, on a public street, in front of her little 2 year old child: Nice guy, huh?

He got out of jail in June of 1994 and hit the streets in a vengeful rage.

Besides picking up numerous hookers and other available women, Wild Bill began dating a woman who lived near his house. She drove a little gray Chevette, and since I didn't know her name, I promptly dubbed her *"Chevette Woman". He dated her throughout the summer of 1994, and she moved in with him in October of that year.

New Job - New Woman - Same Old Game

Wild Bill landed a new job with Martin ------ Company in June of 1995. He ran "Chevette Woman" off on September 21st, 1995, and moved Bonnie Hickman into his house on September 27th, 1995. What a guy!

**Wild Bill [is] all over the map with his new job. A certain source reported to me that he worked all up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and even the Mississippi Rivers. Sometimes he [is] gone for days at a time. Other times he drove for 2 or 3 hours to get to work.

Wild Bill's travels continued throughout the summer, fall and winter of 1995, as did his fights with Bonnie H. She moved in .... and out ..... back in ... and back out so many times it was difficult to know when she was living there or when she wasn't.

As the winter holidays of 1995 approached I knew Wild Bill was in another rage. He always went bonkers around the holidays ..... and anniversary dates .... and birthdays; especially his own... December 8th:

A 13 Year Old School Girl

Barbara Barnes was a thirteen year old school girl who lived in Steubenville, Ohio

News reports said she was on her way to school on the morning of December 7th, 1995. She never arrive at school.

She was not the first "school girl" to go missing in 1995, but she was the first 13 year old.

The first one that caught my attention had been 14 year old Kimberly Agent of Oak Hill, West Virginia. I was told that she was the niece of a state trooper. I didn't know his name. Didn't need to. All I could think of was the trip Wild Bill and I made to that area on August 28th, 1993.

{As far as I know the Kimberly Agent case remains unsolved in Oak Hill, West Virginia.}

December 7th? That date sure rang bells for me. That was the date in 1991 that Wild Bill had gotten into an altercation with my daughter and her boyfriend. I remembered how he said it was a "hell of a birthday present," ....

Now, Barbara Barnes had disappeared on the **anniversary of that fight.

Between the time that Barbara disappeared and the time she was found Wild Bill bragged to my son-in-law that he'd been driving back and forth to *"Steubenville" to work every day.

Barbara's murdered body was found on *February 26th, 1996 in "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Although I never had much information on the case, an FBI agent did tell me she was found near the *"river," and I wasn't surprised. I recalled what my source had told me about Wild Bill working all up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and the Mississippi rivers.

Chevette Woman and I had become did the other Bonnie and I ...... and his ex-wives and former girlfriends ..... they all looked me up as soon as they got away from him and asked me what in the hell was wrong with that man. I was actually afraid to tell them what I thought his problem was. It scared the hell out of me, and I was fearless!

Shortly after Barbara Barnes was found murdered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wild Bill told Chevette Woman that he'd been working with the guy who operated the crane, that had just been killed in a crane accident in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

*Strike On 2-26-08?

Wild Bill Indicted:

When I wondered about Wild Bill's possible involvement in some of the cases involving girls as young as nine, ten, twelve or thirteen years of age, I was told by certain cops that "he didn't mess with children, just women."

Well, I'm telling those cops {and everyone else} today that they are wrong. I have done considerable background work on this man, and I wouldn't trust him with a female infant, much less an older child: His former mother-in-law begged me before she died to "never trust him with a female from nine to ninety!" I thought the woman was exaggerating. She wasn't!

Do any of the Belpre cops remember a couple of girls ... 12 or so coming to them in the summer of 1997 and reporting a man who fit Wild Bill's description? They claimed that he exposed himself to them at Civitan Park .... remember? Some of the officers came to his house and asked him about the incident. He promptly denied any knowledge of it usual. The cops left. I assume they told the girls they could not find the guilty man ... as usual.

Well, I've got news for the Belpre Blues .... within 30 minutes after you left his property he confessed to Bonnie H. that it was him who had done what the girls claimed he'd done! He took Bonnie H. down to Civitan Park and showed her the girls! Bonnie was shocked. She said she thought they would be teenage girls or older, but they weren't. Her exact words were .... "My God, Wild Bill, those are just little girls .... those are someone's kids!"

And when she questioned him as to what he actually does, he told her that he watches {fixates} the girls while he masturbates and pretends he's raping them! That's really something to be proud of Belpre PD. But, all things considered, I guess its par for the course, isn't it?

According to Bonnie H. {and her kids} Wild Bill has several pictures of unconscious women/girls {not children} that he showed to them. He said he took the women out, got them drunk and waited until they passed out so he could rape them! When Bonnie H. asked him why he wanted to have sex with unconscious women he said .... "That way, I don't have to listen to their damned mouths."

In *March of 2000, Wild Bill was indicted by the Washington County Grand Jury on three sex charges .... one of which was rape. He was accused of raping his current girlfriend's [Cindy B.] {12 or 13 year} old daughter in 'the winter of 1998.' [They waited 2 years to indict the man!] The prosecuting attorney let the charges ride until the day it came into the court room. Meanwhile I was rounding up witnesses/victims for him to put on the witness stand. It was the best chance we'd had to get this thing off our streets. However, Mr. Spahr wasn't interested in the testimony of anyone and asked the court to drop all charges! Of course the court complied. It is my understanding that the victim never recanted her statements against him.

It's also my understanding that he has bragged to several people {one of which was Bonnie H.} that he did have sex with the girl, but that it wasn't rape because she "owed him," because he'd taken her places, bought her gifts and had been 'nice' to her!

{Wake up Cindy B. You are aiding and abetting a piece of trash.}

News Articles:

Who Murdered Barbara Barnes?

Eight-Year-Old Crime Bothers Community


Like so many other school children, 13-year-old Barbara Barnes walked to and from school each day. She was described as a quiet girl, a good student, who spent time volunteering at the Salvation Army.

But on December 7, 1995, Barbara vanished.

"She usually comes home after school," said Kathy Barnes, her mother, back in 1995. "And she never returned."

She was last seen at the intersection of Brady Circle and Ridge Avenue, just blocks from where she attended Harding Middle School. At first, Steubenville Police treated her disappearance as a missing person's case. Law enforcement, family, friends, and people who didn't even know Barbara started to search.

Police Sergeant Bob Villamagna was in charge of juvenile cases at the time.

"Even if I retire, I'll never rest until this case is done," he said at the time.

Crews roamed wooded areas, river banks, and places like Union Cemetery, which sits right behind Barbara's school. But searches turned up nothing. Days turned into weeks and months, the family hopeful she'd return.

But then, three months later, disturbing news traveled back home. A young girl's body had been found by surveyors near Clinton, Pennsylvania. Someone had dug a shallow grave in a creek bed, an local police were called to the scene.

"The surveyor took one last look at the stakes," said Villamagna. "He wanted to go down the hill and look at these stakes again and make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. And when he went down over the hill, he saw part of her body exposed."

The search was over. Barbara had been found -- her cause of death -- strangulation.

Back home, a community mourned and wanted to know how this could happen to such a young, innocent girl. Then, police became overwhelmed with leads, calls, even a psychic who had visions of how the murder happened.

"There was a lot of information," Villamagna said.

Police questioned suspects, some as far away as the desert southwest. But just when it looked like they were making progress, they hit road blocks.

They were no closer to finding the murderer, which prompted the FBI to offer a $90,000 reward. Now, more than eight years have passed, and the people closest to the case still can't rest.

"I left everything at work when I came home, but that bothered me then and it bothered me now," Villamagna admitted. "I can't think of another crime that's more horrendous than to do something to a child like that. If you can do what they did to that kid, you can do anything to anybody."

Barbara Barnes' murder case has been revisited recently as Steubenville Police and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department follow up on new leads. But the critical pieces of evidence are still out there, and law enforcement agencies remain optimistic they'll find them.

"Everyone that's involved in this case is 99.9% sure who the perpetrator is but just can't get that one little thing to lock the door on that case," Villamagna said. "Somebody knows something."

From the Jefferson County Mobile Newsroom

-Brandon Weghorst, NEWS 9

By Mike Wereschagin


Sunday, [*October 2, 2005 ]

She rarely spoke to anyone about her family, her poverty or her father's murder.

Encased in a frosted mauve casket, Barbara Ann Barnes keeps her secrets still.

The 13-year-old vanished the morning of Dec. 7, 1995, while walking to Harding Middle School in Steubenville, Ohio.

No one realized she was gone until after 3 p.m.

Though blessed with intelligence, beauty and affability, Barbara cultivated a low profile. She helped teachers after school and volunteered at the Salvation Army, but rarely spoke without being asked a question.

Children who walked to school along her route told investigators they couldn't remember whether they'd seen Barbara the morning she disappeared.

Once she vanished, however, the city of about 20,000 could talk of no one else. Mystery and fear laid siege to Steubenville until a surveyor found her decomposed, partially frozen remains Feb. 22, 1996.

They were buried in a dry, 3-foot-wide creek bed near Pittsburgh International Airport.

The coroner couldn't determine how she died.

During the 2 1/2 months Barbara was missing, hundreds of people crowded Steubenville's streets for candlelight vigils. Children refused to go outside alone, and Barbara's classmates wore yellow ribbons to school. The FBI rented office space in Steubenville, while Findlay and Allegheny County police combed the airport area.

No one could find the killer.

"It struck a nerve here," said Rob Rembold, then the vice principal of Harding Middle School and now the principal. His son knew Barbara.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare. ... She was just a very lovely young lady and never bothered anybody. That's why just the circumstances of what happened had everybody uneasy," Rembold said.

More than 300 people attended Barbara's funeral at First Westminster Presbyterian Church in Steubenville. Salvation Army Major Edith Copeland tried to soothe the stricken city by assuring them the murder "will not, in the end, go unpunished."

Most in town have been able to dim the memory of Barbara's disappearance and grisly discovery.

Steubenville Police Det. John Stasiulewicz, however, still stays up nights thinking about it.

No one has been charged with Barnes' murder.

"It's a thing that never leaves you," Stasiulewicz said. "It always feels like the job's not finished."

The case might have caught a break late last year, when Florida authorities arrested a man on child abduction charges. Detectives in Florida re-traced his movements over the last decade or so and found he had been in Steubenville around the time of Barbara's abduction and that Stasiulewicz had tracked his movements when the accused man returned to Ohio several years afterward.

If Florida police convict the suspect, Stasiulewicz said, he plans to send a DNA sample -- he would not say where he obtained it -- to be compared to that of the Florida's man.

The detective refused to disclose the suspects identity. Not when he's this close.

"I'd like to solve this and let the city know that he'll spend the rest of his natural life in a state penitentiary," Stasiulewicz said.

Jefferson County, Ohio, Sheriff Fred Abdalla, Stasiulewicz and others suspect someone much closer to Barbara somehow played a role in her death. Some theorize the Florida man had nothing to do with the slaying.

Barbara's body was found within 1 1/2 miles of a farm owned by a relative of Louis Boyce, Barbara's uncle, Abdalla said.

Investigators took soil samples from shovels found on that property, but they didn't match soil from the creek bed where Barbara's body was found.

Still, Abdalla said, Boyce was given a lie-detector test. "He flunked the polygraph miserably," Abdalla said. But those test results are not admissible as court evidence.

Stasiulewicz said he first became suspicious of Louis Boyce and his wife, Mary, when they hired a lawyer to represent them early in the investigation of the case.

"I can't understand why a member of the family would get an attorney," Stasiulewicz said.

From their home in Midland, Beaver County, Mary Boyce told a Tribune-Review reporter that interview requests had to go through their attorney, Columbus, Ohio, lawyer Gary W. Deeds. Deeds relayed the interview request back to the Boyces.

"He said I don't have to talk to you if I don't want to," Mary Boyce said after a subsequent phone call. "I don't have nothing to say."

James Montgomery, a friend of Louis Boyce who still lives in Steubenville, bristled at police accusations that Boyce is hiding something.

"That's a bunch of crap. Louis would never hurt any one of those kids," Montgomery said, referring to Barbara, her sister, Melissa, 19, and brother, Gary, now 17.

Police questioned Montgomery in Barbara's disappearance, and they suspected him of playing a role in the murder of Barbara's father, Gary Barnes, in 1989. Mike Dugan, a friend of Montgomery and Gary Barnes, is serving a life sentence for the slaying.

Montgomery was one of the last to see Gary Barnes, 37, when the two had "one or two beers" at an American Legion near both men's homes the night of his murder, Montgomery said.

"He said he had to go home and he left," Montgomery said. "Kathy (Barnes, Gary's wife) called me the next morning and said, 'They shot Gary.'"

Accounts differ on the relationship between Montgomery and Kathy Barnes.

Montgomery said the two were friends.

Kathy Barnes, a soft-spoken woman who police describe as "slow," said she only vaguely remembers Montgomery as someone who occasionally lent Gary Barnes his van.

"I don't talk to him," she said.

Stasiulewicz and Abdalla, however, said informants told them Montgomery and Kathy Barnes began a romantic relationship around the time her husband got shot.

Nearly seven years later, in the days before Barbara's abduction, a van that looked like Montgomery's Ford Econoline was spotted around the Barnes home, Stasiulewicz said.

"They're just trying to cover a case, and trying to get anyone they can get," Montgomery said.

Since an interview with the Tribune-Review, Montgomery died of natural causes.

Kathy Barnes, during an interview in her home in a Steubenville public housing development, said she doesn't believe a relative or friend kidnapped her daughter.

In the next breath, however, she said she doesn't think her daughter would have gotten into a car with someone she did not know.

"If it was a stranger who picked her up, did she struggle? Why didn't anybody see it?" said Pete Basil, assistant superintendent of Steubenville's school district and the former principal of Barbara's middle school. "Why go way out into the woods, in another state, and bury her? Whatever happened, that person felt he had to dispose of the body in a way that didn't come back to Steubenville."

Barbara had changed during her final few months, Kathy Barnes said. Memories of her father began to resurface frequently and clearly, causing Barbara to cry a lot more often.

"Barbie was attached to her dad," she said. "She was daddy's girl."

Mike Wereschagin can be reached at or (412) 391-0927.

A Few Comments From Me

I have the discovery of Barbara's body listed in my notes as February 26th, 1996, not the 22nd as stated above:

She was not listed as "buried" at the time her body was discovered, nor was there any mention of her being "way out in the woods," as stated above. I was told [by an FBI agent] she was dumped along a creek, near an airport.

The "cause of death" is listed in the first article as "strangulation," which is the same thing I was told. However, by the second article, "cause of death is unknown."

It appears the "people of interest" list has continued to increase over the years, with no one being eliminated. - Well, obviously one has been "eliminated" or ignored - whichever.

Wild Bill also drove a "van" at the time Barbara disappeared, and he too was in the Stubenville area, and bragging about being there, and NO ONE has EVER bothered to question him concerning the case, although I have spoken with or written to several people mentioned in the above articles. And they wouldn't have had to chase this guy to Florida, because he didn't go any further than his home in Ohio.

I am NOT the "psychic who had visions of how the murder happened" mentioned in the first news article on this page. I did speak to an FBI agent concerning the case and I did contact the Pittsburgh police in an effort to get Sgt. Bruich's mailing address so I could send him my information - information that was NOT PSYCHIC, but was actual information about a man, accused by several different women [two wives and a dozen other women] of molesting, raping, exposing himself to, trying to entice young girls into his vehicle, and voyeurisms. A man who "was there," and who has been "there" in at least two dozen "unsolved" murder cases. [ 2006 note: You can make that 4 dozens cases by now! ]

I remember a phone call: "Hey 'Bill, this is Dave. I'm over at the truck stop and wondered if you had Kathy's number."

I never knew who this call came from, but I do know that ' Bill didn't receive it, because he was sitting in jail for exposing himself to a woman on a public street, in broad daylight and threatening to rape her in front of her little two year old child!

The man is a twisted, perverted creature with a sex offense record, and yet he's not listed as a sex offender even here in his own home county. Why? I know the answer to that question, but I'm not going to tell it, because I want to see what answer others give when the day comes that this man is apprehended in some other state, some other county, and it all comes tumbling out - and it will happen. I want to hear the excuses of all those people that I have written to and given, free of charge, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of information, - I want to hear their excuses.

I'm not surprised they - "can't get that one little thing to lock the door on that case," - in other words they can't coerce, threaten or intimidate their chosen into confessing. Same game, city after city, case after case, all across this nation. Meanwhile the dead bodies pile ever higher, and a serial killer chooses his next victim at will.

And since I'm on a roll - someone better check the "Salvation Army" connection. You might be surprised whose name pops up!

Another News Article


After 10 Years, Search Continues For Local Teen's Killer

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