Henderson Sheriff:
Body found in Green River

By Araceli Thiele

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HENDERSON CO, KY (WFIE) - It all began when a call came in to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, {3-23-11} regarding a floating body in the Green River.

The sheriff's office put two rescue boats in the river and soon after, located the body about seven miles south of Bluff City, Kentucky.

Deputy Brent Gramig with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office says, "We are at a starting point. We'll find out who the individual is and make a proper identification and take it from there."

The body was pulled by one of the boats onto the Bluff City boat ramp, where a rescue truck and the coroner were waiting. The deputy coroner says although they don't know much, one advantage for investigators will be that the body is in tact.

Henderson County Deputy Coroner Sheila Patterson says, "The upper torso was covered with whatever clothing was still on the body. We didn't remove anything because the pathologist likes everything in tact the way we found it, so that she can do her investigation."

The coroner has not identified whether the person is a male or female. Patterson also says with the change in temperature, it is difficult to tell how long the body has been in the water.

At this point, the sheriff's office isn't sure if the body was found in Daviess or Henderson County.

An autopsy will be performed in Madisonville at 9 a.m. on Thursday. Results should be back by noon.

Body Found In The Green River Identified

Officials in Henderson County have identified the body found last week in the Green River as 41-year-old Kenneth Jarrell of Detroit , Michigan .

Jarrell was reported missing December 29th. Deputies say he was moving to the area to live with family members in Dawson Springs , Kentucky . Investigators say they are not sure how Jarrell's body ended up in the water.

A barge operator spotted the body in the river last week. The coroner's office says Jarrell drowned, and it does not believe foul play was involved.

Deputies say Jarrell was driving a red Ford F-150 pick up with temporary Michigan tags before he disappeared. However, that vehicle has not been found.

Yep, nothing suspicious sounding about this case - right? // Bonnie


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