Bonnie At Six


Bonnie M. Wells

From Pure Coincidence Book # 8

The Dreamer

My mother was a prophetic dreamer most of her life. She didn't have a large number of dreams, but when she did have one, almost everyone that knew her watched for it to "come true." They were seldom disappointed.

Someday I hope to have a special page for some of Mom's dreams, but for today, I want to present the following one because I believe it contains clues to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey ... a little girl that my mother never knew, but who looked so much like me when I was six years old that it would be difficult for a stranger to have told which child they were looking at.

The Bonnie At Six dream was one of Mom's last dreams. She passed away in January of 1997 at the age of 82. Dad passed away in January of 1993:

Dreamer: Stella Martin

Date of dream: 9-13-96

Dream Title: Bonnie At Six

Clues and key words will appear in this color.

Dreamer stands on the ground and watches her six year old daughter walk a set of railroad tracks that are in the air several feet above her head. The child appears very intent on what she is doing and oblivious to a dark tunnel/trestle that looms just ahead.

From where the woman stands, she can see that the tracks end abruptly as they emerge from the other side of the tunnel, and that there is a steep, rocky cliff below. If the child continues to follow the tracks, she will surely be killed in the fall that awaits her.

As the child enters the tunnel, a young, blond haired woman stands beside the dreamer and tries to reassure her that the child will be safe. The woman is not convinced of the child's safety.

Sure enough, the child steps out of the tunnel and into nothingness.

Just as the woman begins to scream in terror the child's decent is suddenly stopped as she reaches out and grabs hold of a cross tie and wraps her arms around it and hangs on for dear life.

The mother is frantic. She cannot reach the child and she knows that even if she and the other woman managed to reach her they could not pull her to safety.

Suddenly the mother has an idea. {** She will call the Ohio Valley Sand & Gravel Company and have them send over a crane with which to rescue her child.

The child does not cry out in fear but clings tightly to the cross tie as a huge crane works its way toward her.

The crane operator expertly slides the bucket of the crane under the child's feet and she releases her grip and rides safely back to the ground.

Much relieved and very thankful, the woman thanks the crane operator for coming to save her child. The man smiles and tells her that she should take the child to the hospital and have her hands and arms checked to make sure there was no damage from holding onto the cross tie for so long.

End of dream


When I was about six years old my dad worked for the Ohio Valley Sand & Gravel Company. Later he was a pilot for the company. By the time I was around nine years old dad had hired on with the B&O Railroad where his father had worked and where his brother Lloyd worked. For the rest of my childhood and until dad retired in the mid 1980's, dad was a railroader. My brother Mike went to work for the railroad after he returned from the Marines and our cousins Floyd and Roger were both railroaders.

Perhaps it was this long line of railroaders, for so many years that made my mother's dream so unusual. That and the fact that she had just moved to Belpre from the Parkersburg area only a few months before she had the dream.

When dad and Mike were alive, my parents had lived at 902 Virginia Avenue in Parkersburg.

Little did I know at the time of the Bonnie At Six dream that my mother would not live to see how the dream panned out. Nor did I suspect that so many things within the dream would play such an important part in a murder case of a little girl that neither my mother nor I ever heard of until after she was dead.

Her name was JonBenet Ramsey. She was murdered on Christmas night in 1996. My mother and I discussed the case a time or two, but only briefly because just one month after JonBenet's death, my mother passed away from a heart attack.

I can still hear her say ...."Look at that pretty little girl. Who would kill that sweet little thing?"

And I can still recall her saying that she thought JonBenet looked so much like me when I was six years old. After looking at some old school pictures, I have to agree.

I believe what drew me into the Ramsey case was my mother's dream and all the "code words," with the primary one being Martin.

At the time of mom's dream, dad was gone and we only knew one man who worked for the company which was once called the Ohio Valley Sand & Gravel Company. The company had changed owners and had a new name by this time. It was now a branch of the Martin -Marietta Aggregate Company, and the man we knew who worked for that company was a crane operator named Bill.

He was not the kind of man though that one would call to "rescue" a child, especially a female child, and for awhile mom and I could not understand the dream. I'm only sorry to say that mom was gone before I got most of it figured out myself. Still, I think she is somehow helping to solve the mystery of who killed JonBenet Ramsey.

The Clues & What They Represent

Me = JonBenet

My mother = Patsy Ramsey {By the way ..... my mother had two daughters. The other one is Patricia}

Martin = Martin Park Elementary School / JonBenet attended:

Martin = Lockheed Martin / John Ramsey worked:

My mother "watching" me walk the railroad tracks = Patsy Ramsey saw JonBenet innocently walk the tracks of disaster, but did not realize what lay ahead: / In 1995, JonBenet took "Santa" by the hand and led him on a tour of the entire Ramsey household....including the bedrooms and the basement areas where the Christmas trees were stored when not in use:

Child does not cry out in fear but clings tightly to = JonBenet did not cry out in fear as she was led or carried from her bed room, but clung tightly to whoever led or carried her. I personally believe she walked down the steps hand in hand with her killer because he was someone she trusted and someone she expected to see "after Christmas."

Woman standing beside my mother = There is a blond haired woman who talked to Patsy, perhaps is/was her friend, that thought everything was going to be okay .... until after Jon Benet was killed. Then she tried to help. / Barbara Kostanick reported that JonBenet told her on Christmas Eve that Santa had promised to visit her after Christmas and that it was a secret!

Crane / crane operator = Bill... man who came when called: Bill McReynolds "came when called" and played Santa Claus at the Ramsey Christmas party:

Train Tracks = In order to reach the area of the basement where the Christmas trees were stored and where JonBenet's body was found, a person walks right past the hobby room in which Burke Ramsey (JonBenet's nine year old brother) had his trains and train tracks:

Rocky cliff = Boulder

Cross tie = JonBenet's hands were crossed and tied

Dreamer on the ground / tracks far above her = In reality this was reversed. The tracks were in the basement, and JonBenet's bedroom was two stories above. Her parent's bedroom was three stories above. What the dream showed was a great distance from where the child originated and where she ended up. This opinion is probably going to be contrary to most opinions on the case, but I believe JonBenet walked from her room down to the basement.

Dark tunnel/trestle = The dark wine room in which JonBenet was found.

Tunnel = One must pass through the boiler room in order to reach the wine cellar where JonBenet was found.

Woman begins to scream in terror / Mother is frantic = All reports said that Patsy Ramsey was hysterical when JonBenet was carried up from the basement.

Scream = One neighbor claimed that she heard a terrible scream in the early morning hours of the night JonBenet was murdered. Examination of the basement area revealed that there was an exposed ventilation duct in the broiler room. It is possible that JonBenet managed to scream at least once before she was rendered unconscious.

Decent is suddenly stopped = JonBenet's trip to the basement ..... for whatever reason .... and with whomever took her there .... was suddenly stopped.

She and the other woman could not pull the child to safety = When JonBenet was found, John carried her up from the basement and placed her on the floor in the living room. There was a female cop present at the time. Patsy is said to have knelt beside her child's body and begged Jesus to bring her back. It was hopeless. She could not be "pulled back" ... brought back to safety: This also shows a great distance between mother and child at the time of the incident. This was the case in reality as Patsy was three stories above the wine cellar. Counting the basement, there were four floor levels in the Ramsey house.

Suddenly the mother has an idea = When Patsy saw Bill McReynolds playing Santa at the local mall .... she suddenly had an idea. She asked him if he'd be interested in coming to their home Christmas party and playing Santa for all the children that attended their party. He agreed, and for the next 3 years he played Santa at the Ramsey's party. For some reason JonBenet called Santa/Bill McReynolds....Old Sam. I have never learned the reason for her calling him this.

Ohio Val ley Sand & Gravel Company

Crane operator = I've already identified the only crane operator that I know or ever knew. His name is Bill: JonBenet was wrapped in a blanket, and was laying on the floor/ground when she was found:

Woman thanks crane operator for coming = Patsy Ramsey thanked Bill McReynolds for coming to their Christmas party and playing Santa even though it had only been a few months since he'd been in the hospital and had open heart surgery.

Hospital = Bill McReynolds / hospital / surgery

Have hands and arms checked = Someone drew a heart on JonBenet's hand. Before death? After death? No one ever seemed to know. Perhaps her hands held yet another clue to her killer ....DNA.

Holding on so long = It would be some time between the time the child fell/went down, and the time that she was rescued/found. And so it was with JonBenet. There were several hours between the time she left her bedroom and the time her father discovered her body in the basement.

If and when I get time .... I plan on showing my work on the ransom note that was discovered in the Ramsey house. It is quite extensive and will take some time to get it added to this web site, but I will do it sooner or later.

I'm sure everyone is now wondering why I emphasized my parents address .... 902 Virginia Ave.

If one takes Old Sam from Ohio Valley Sand & Gravel Company, the letters that are left are .....


Now, remove Virginia Ave. which requires using the same letter {I} three different times ....


And the letters left are ...


Which to me looks like....

Ho ... alley ..... n ..... copy

Note: Bill McReynolds passed away with a heart attack on 902 / September 2nd and I don't know for sure which year it was.

In the dream, there was a young, blond haired woman who stood beside my mother. Mom didn't know the woman. When I first looked at the dream I thought perhaps it was my friend Judy, who lives in Marietta, Ohio. But then I thought.....why would I be portrayed as a six year old child while Judy, who is seven years younger than me, would be portrayed as a young adult? This didn't make any sense.

And it didn't make any sense for some time after JonBenet was murdered. Then it came together. Today, I am confident that the child in my mother's dream was not me, but JonBenet, and the young woman was not Judy but was in fact Beth Ramsey.

Beth was John Ramsey's first born child. She was killed in an auto accident on January 8th {108} 1992.

Patsy Ramsey's maiden name was Patricia Ann Paugh. She was originally a Parkersburg, West Virginia resident.

The name Patricia Ann and the date of January 8th were already well known to me.

It had been January 8th, 1994 when my friend Patricia Ann Mays and I went to the old Sundowner Flea Market in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Wild Bill had sneaked around and followed us to see if we went where I said we were going! That had been the day he came in and told me he'd seen a set of skis that he would have bought if the shop had been open because they had my maiden name ....Martin...on them.

Unbeknown to me in 1994, January 8th was the second anniversary of Beth Ramsey's death. I'd never heard of the Ramsey's in 1994, and wouldn't for another two years.

Janet Miller was murdered in 1986 .... the same night that my brother Mike Martin had been buried .... and her dead body was dumped at the old SunDowner Drive-In Theater: Years later the old drive in was converted to a flea market for local vendors: The Miller case remains unsolved:

Bill McReynolds' wife's name is Janet.

JonBenet Ramsey is buried in Marietta, Georgia. Her funeral was held at the Mayes-Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home.

This concludes the dream work on Bonnie At Six. I realize the work is based upon a dream and would not be admissible to a court room. But, I also realize that sometimes the spirit world does send warnings of things to come and sometimes provides answers that there seems no other way of obtaining.

It's all "psychic .... spiritual," or whatever a person wants to call it, but as far as I'm concerned it tells a story that no living person could have ever told in advance ..... or even after the fact, for that matter. Otherwise, the case would have been solved long ago.

Bonnie M. Wells

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