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Bonnie M. Wells

Bonny Tails

The collection of short stories was originally undertaken as a book project in 1986.

The author, Bonnie Wells, spent much of her life around domesticated as well as wild animals.

Being a writer at heart, it was only natural for her to write down many of the unusual and cute events as they happened, and thus came the title.... "Bonny"...meaning pretty, or pleasant and "Tails" from the critters with "tails."

Bonnie also combines her years of experience as a breeder/trainer of AKC German Shepherd Dogs and owner of Granville Shepherds Kennel to bring the reader stories of the magnificent dogs of her life.

From her first solid white German Shepherd, Major Bayard's White Erick to the solid black Pedro Gitano (Pete)- her love for the German Shepherd Dog has remained constant. And comes shinning forth in the heart touching stories and poems of Bonny Tails.

Future plans for this web site include a "Granville Shepherds page with photos and a few details of some of the dogs.

A Collection Of Animal Stories.

From the German Shepherd Dogs in the author's own kennel to wild and stray dogs of mixed breed, Bonnie shows the humorous as well as the intelligent side of the animals that filled her life.

But Bonny Tails is about more than dogs. The reader will find stories and poems about cats, wild birds, skunks, deer, coyotes, and much, much more in the book.

Set in the country style living of its author, Bonny Tails takes the reader into the uncanny way animals communicate with Bonnie and often select her instead of her selecting them.

Even in Bonny Tails, the reader will view first hand the supernatural events that have surrounded Bonnie Wells from the day she was born.

The Book

For laughter and tears, suspense and drama, read Bonny Tails and see how the author presents a picture that few have ever had the opportunity to see much less live.

Granville Shepherds page has finally been posted!

Granville Shepherds

Cute story clip...."Chester"

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