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The Last Case

The last case I worked and posted was that of Allison Jackson-Foy, which appears on my July and August story pages. In the 'prediction' areas of Allison's page I said the following ---

"The next victim should have darker hair than Allison had, .....'

Name themes remain the same: They haven't changed in years, so why change them now: ...; ....; .....; Bonnie; ... etc.

August strike dates: -- 8/03; ..... ..... ....:

Chosen victims / Age range - 17 to 38:

Brandi Ellen Wells

I was watching FOX NEWS on the evening of October 4th, 2006, when Gretta mentioned a case that had apparently been reported earlier by Fox News, but which I obviously missed.

If Gretta mentioned the state that the missing girl was from, I didn't hear it. All I caught was Longview and Brownsboro. A trip to my office and the computer revealed a Brownsboro and a Longview in Louisiana, and for awhile I thought that's where Brandi Wells had disappeared from.

I checked The Charley Project files but could not find a listing for her, so I did a search just to see what I could find. It felt like 'one of my cases,' but when I realized the girl disappeared in Texas, I thought I was mistaken. I must simply have tuned in to her name .... and of course the date of her disappearance ... 8-03 ... since that was the very first date in my August prediction list.

Although I could not find a picture of Brandi on the internet, there was one shown on tv, and I'd noticed her hair was in fact several shades darker than Allison Jackson-Foy's hair color.

She was 23 years old, so that fit into my age span prediction of 17 to 38.

But, Brandi Wells had not disappeared from any of the 'eastern' states that I'd been concerned with and had mentioned on the Allison page, so I wondered, why did I feel it was one of my cases?

It was somewhat unusual for me to 'take on cases' that were not in my general area -- about a five state radius. But, it wasn't unheard of. I did have a page for Rachel Cooke, also a Texas girl, and then there was Jenifer Servo, and Brooke Wilberger. I'd worked the Dru Sjodin case from beginning to end, and had several pages posted about Jodi Huisentruit, so yes, I guess I did occasionally pick up on cases that were not 'local,' and could not possibly belong to the man whom I believed was a serial killer. This must be another one of those, I figured.

Search For Missing Woman Planned

Brandi Wells Last Seen Leaving Local Nightclub


*9/23/06: A national organization for abducted children is in Longview this morning, asking volunteers to help them search for a woman who has been missing since Aug 3.

Brandi Ellen Wells, 23, of Brownsboro was last seen on a video recording as she left Graham Central Station after midnight Aug. 3. Days later, a state trooper found her abandoned vehicle on Interstate 20 near FM 2087.

Today, volunteers will comb the area for clues in Wells' disappearance.

"No. 1, we hope to find no body," said Ellen Tant, Wells' mother. "But if there is a body out there to find, I'd like to do that too. More or less, we're trying to mark this off our list as one place she's not. If there was some foul play involved, and they did dump her body out there somewhere, she deserves a burial."

The nonprofit Laura Recovery Center, based in Friendswood, will coordinate the search.

"There hasn't been any more information that we've gathered," said Dawn Davis, Laura senior case manager. "We've just done a lot of talking with the family about Brandi and about how this is something that wouldn't be in character for her. She had been in good spirits, she had plans for her future, and it's highly unusual for her to just disappear."

The recovery center will begin signing in search volunteers at 8 a.m. at the Elks Lodge at 2101 E. Marshall Ave. Afterward, they will conduct a ground search around the area where Wells' 2000 Pontiac Grand Am was found. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and bring identification.

Longview police will be on hand but won't have an official role in the search, said Sgt. Shaun Pendleton, police spokesman.

"We're going to be there as a liaison," he said. "If there's some property they need help getting access to, if we can do what we can, we will."

Tant said Wells had planned to return to school this fall and had a full scholarship to join the Trinity Valley Community College flag corps. She was to study to become a teacher.

"She's very outgoing. She really didn't meet a stranger, and she thought everybody was like her, that they were kind and wouldn't harm anybody," Tant said. "She had dreams."

Wells was waiting for band camp to start when she went to Graham Central Station on Aug. 2. According to video surveillance, Wells was alone when she entered the nightclub at about 10 p.m. and was also alone when she left shortly after midnight.

On Aug. 6, Wells' mother reported to Longview police that she was missing. Two days later, when police learned of her abandoned car on I-20, officers and dogs searched the area.

The Laura center has conducted 73 searches in several states since it was formed in Friendswood in 1997. Davis said the chance of finding a missing person increases greatly when friends, community members and law enforcement come together to share information.

"If anyone saw Brandi or her vehicle that morning of Aug. 3, anything out of the ordinary, what might appear as something unusual to them might actually mean something," Davis said. "And it might be the little piece of information that fills in the puzzle."

Oct. 7/06:

Investigators now believe foul play could have been involved in the disappearance of a Brownsboro woman who has not been seen since August 2nd. 23 year old Brandi Ellen Wells is described as 5 feet 2 inches tall weighing around 120 pounds and having shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Her 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix was discovered near Interstate 20 and Texas highway 31. Anyone knowing information that would lead to her whereabouts are asked to contact police at 903-237-1122 or 903-531-1000.

Search Intensifies For Missing East Texas Woman

By Jason Grubbs

The search intensifies for a missing East Texas woman last seen nearly nine weeks ago in the parking lot of a Longview nightclub

Brandi Wells disappeared Aug. 3. No one knows if she left on her own or if someone kidnapped her -- or worse.

Investigators brought in cadaver dogs from Louisiana Tuesday to help solve the mystery. Those dogs were brought in from Shreveport. The animals were used in an wooded area at Griffin and Joy. About two weeks ago a search party simply couldn't get to it.

Cadaver dogs from the Shreveport Fire Department made their way to Longview to search for Wells. She's the 23-year-old woman who's been missing for nine weeks. Wells was last seen at a popular Longview nightclub Aug. 3. Six days later police found her car along I-20 near Highway 31, with Wells’ cell phone inside.

Ellen Tant, Wells’ mother, said, "I've got to do anything and everything I can to help bring her home."

Just last month Tant helped organize a weekend search party. The group covered a several acres and turned to police when they reached a heavily wooded area.

Sgt. Shaun Pendleton of the Longview Police Department said, "It's very thick and overgrown with a lot of brush, and they weren’t able to get into it, so we decided that we would bring in some dogs to search the area."

Police say, several years ago a body was found in the same area, but Tuesday’s search turned up nothing.

"Which in one way is good for Brandi. But, we’re back to square one still not knowing, 'where is she?'"

Tant told KETK 56 News Tuesday she's working on getting another search group together. There are a few more areas she's wanting to check out.

Longview is a city in Texas, United States, located between Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA. The population was 73,344 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Gregg County, with a small portion extending east into neighboring Harrison County. It is situated in East Texas, on the grid of Interstate 20 and U.S. Highways 80 and 259. Longview is located on the Sabine River.

From: Shreveport, LA

To: Longview, TX

Distance: 65.5 miles

What Does It Mean?

"9-23 was the wedding anniversary of my parents - Dick and Stella 'Martin,' as well as the wedding anniversary of my brother Mike 'Martin.' All are deceased now, and I wonder if the word/name "Martin," could be involved in Brandi Wells' disappearance? If so, how is it involved? Is it the name of her abductor? Is it the name of his employment; the name of a county or town in the area where she disappeared - or where she is?

I honestly don't know, and probably won't know until she is found and whoever took her is apprehended -- [if] he's ever caught, that is. It seems we have far too many cases in which there are just no answers. Of course I suppose we all have our opinions and possible suspects, but never any real answers.

All I know for certain is that Brandi's case fits into the same pattern that I have been watching for several years now.

And I know there are a lot of people who will say that if a person goes looking for the right names - such as Wells, in this case - that they can certainly find a victim somewhere with the right name. And I'd have to agree. However, when one considers that I am coming in with the name and the date, and that my predictions are based upon the actions of a man whom I was once a close friend to, and whom I honestly believe is a killer, then as far as I'm concerned that puts everything in an entirely different light.

Even at that, I suppose a person could actually make some educated guesses and every once in a while hit the date and the name --- but over and over again? Is that possible? Can it be coincidence or just plain luck after so many times and so many years?

I honestly don't know anymore.

Bonnie M. Wells

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