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DD5802 {date of this dream 7/17/07}

{drawing number 1} {drawing number 2}

Brian's Interpretation:

1. "look for car in this garage, 876224 bright orange sign"

2. "he will do it again, watch for police lights - not safe -

lock down school now, check location of officer"


{drawing number 3}

Brian's Interpretation:

3. "425892 -- search again -- Michael did not do this"


DD5802 {date of this dream 7/30/07}

{drawing number 4} {drawing number 5}

Brian's Interpretation of above dream drawing:

This dream is related to missing person case # 445, Mahalia Xiong.

4. "224 - Xiong, school yearbook, go to garage. 224"

5. "6 miles, auto sales, she did not drive, 224, it will happen again, 4"

I sent the following email to Brian concerning dream drawing number DD5802 {pictured above}:

RV Number DD5802


Could the letters in DD5802 be MMACo? {drawing no. 4 above}

Is that a mailbox in the lower right corner with a 4 on it? {drawing no. 5 above} My mailbox was stolen on August 2nd [8-02]-- removed from the post and taken! My mailbox number is 625: 6 plus 2 equals 8: 8 plus 5 equals 13: 1 and 3 equals 4:

I was working the Mahalia Xiong case before it was a case! Please see my Symbolic Cases ...

I had reason to believe there would be a 22 connected to the case. Please see my 2 point 2 connections:


Bonnie M. Wells

Little Hocking, Ohio Psychic Investigator; Dream & Vision Interpretor

email me at:

************************ Brian's Reply ***************************

Hello and thank you for your comments on this dream, I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Please ensure you have the included the dream drawing number (DD) in the subject line of your email...if you have not included it, please send me a corrected copy.

Due to large volume of emails sent to this address, please allow 4-12 weeks for a reply.

If you need reply now or would like access to my private email address or phone number, please visit

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Thank You and have a wonderful day :)


January 2009 Note:

My email to Brian was never answered.

My opinions have not changed. I continue to think Mahalia was murdered, and I continue to think her killer will get by with it.

In my opinion, Brian was correct when he said 'he will do it again.' He has, and he's gotten by with those too. Obviously, there is just no stopping this guy.

Cops from one end of this country to the other have been told and re-told about him. It's done absolutely no good at all. So be it.

Bonnie M. Wells

The following info comes from Brian's web site:

Date: 8.25.2007 {8-25 is my husband Michael's birthday}

1. Her drivers side window was open.

2. Her a/c was on.

3. Her body was found in the backseat.

4. That area and the river had been searched the week before and they found her tire tracks and car a week later?

She was also a good swimmer, why would she move to the back if her window was open? None if this makes any sense. We feel and know in our hearts that there was foul play involved. Whom ever did this KNEW what they where doing and it had to of been premeditated. There are just too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies with all the stories from who was last seen with her and who found her tire tracks.

Another fact: The area where her vehicle was found, was between the mason and the main bridges along the fox river. There is a man operated tower on each bridge and a bar across the river. I find it very unlikely that with her headlights on in a remote dark area NO ONE saw or HEARD her vehicle go into the water. Someone somewhere knows something and needs to own up to it. Come forward and let us know. We are only looking for answers.

It is easier to believe that she would of just drove off because of poor judgment due to alcohol, but all the facts and pieces do not fit. Anyone who had lost a loved one in a tragic way would understand, because who would know you better than your own family



Hi, will do although it may take some time...and out of curiosity...if what police say happened is really often does something like this even happen? I believe it's got to be pretty rare, especially with a female and by herself.


My Comments & Information

Although I sometimes have revelationary or prophetic dreams myself, my specialty lies in dream interpretation and identification. There are dozens of dreams, involving dozens of cases, listed on this web site. I, like Brian, post my work and leave it posted so anyone interested can see what I do and how often my interpretations and identifications are correct.

I do not know 'Brian'.... don't even know his last name! We have never met; never spoken over the phone, and have only corresponded a couple of times concerning his dream drawings. The first time involved a dream Brian had that he thought concerned Terri Schiavo. Personally, I believe it concerned Terri Roach - a girl who was murdered here where I live [Washington County, Ohio] back in 1990. There were many 'identification factors' in Brian's dream that did NOT point to Terri Schiavo, but pointed directly at Terri Roach.

That case can be seen on this web site too. I will provide a link at the end of this page for those who wish to check it out.

I am 58 years old, and have been dreaming since I was an infant. My first dream was remembered by my mother all the days of her life, and can be found on this web site also. {My Daddy is the title of it.}

At what point I became able to listen to other people's dreams and tell them what they meant, I'm not exactly certain .... but I recall doing it as a child of 8 or 9, so that ability has been with me for many years also.

Along with the interpretation of dreams came the ability to listen to a person's dreams and 'identify' things from the dream .... or understand the details within the person's dream.

I have never gone to school for any of this -- don't even know that there are schools for such things and probably wouldn't have the time to attend if there was.

My obsession [as some call it] is killers - and getting them off our streets -- especially the serial killers.

I have a firm faith in God, his son Jesus, the angels, and all the old prophets of the Bible. I believe God works today as he did eons ago, and I believe He selects those whom He chooses to do His work. They are not always of the 'mainstream' in society, and seldom are of the upper-crust of society. I believe he selects those who can stand alone if they need to, and rely on Him and their own abilities. And I believe He chooses those who will take a stand in their own defense just as quickly as they will take a stand in someone else's defense.

Now that I have given you some background -- and by the way, Brian is an Aquarian, as am I - both air signs, very 'in tune' with nature and things of the air - spiritual matters. Also probably the most unpredictable of all the signs; possibly because we tend to have so much self confidence, and just don't give a hoot if people like us or not. As Brian said on his web site .... "I'm not running a popularity contest here!" So it is with me. I will give that which I have, and then move on to the next case. For as long as there are killers walking our streets, there will always be a 'next case' for those who possess psychic abilities of any kind.

My own work warned of Mahalia Xiong's murder .... although I did not know her name at the time. I suggest reading the first page of Mahalia's case on this web site.

I have been contacted by a couple of people concerning Mahalia's case, but I noticed as soon as I actually came up with a possible suspect, these people backed off quickly. That's okay. I worked quite well before they came along, and I'll do fine now.

And yes, I do have a suspect .... and it would be fairly simple for the police to check him out and determine if he'd been working in Wisconsin around the time that Mahalia was murdered [or accidentally drove herself into the river - whichever you choose to believe]. I say the girl was murdered, and that's that.

I want to address Brian's dream drawings ...... and consider this 'Dream Identification,' since Brian did his own 'interpretation,' .... although I will address that to a certain extent also.


Repeating Brian's interpretation in DD5802 { which I have numbered - 1 through 5}

1. "look for car in this garage, 876224 bright orange sign"

2. "he will do it again, watch for police lights - not safe - lock down school now, check location of officer"

3. "425892 -- search again -- Michael did not do this"

4. "224 - Xiong, school yearbook, go to garage. 224"

5. "6 miles, auto sales, she did not drive, 224, it will happen again, 4"


I'm just going to lay this right out for everyone to see:

My 'suspects' social security number starts with a [2] has a [4] in the center and ends with a [2]:

Looking at the number 876224; and without telling everyone my suspects exact social security number!!! Let me say this -- when you remove the numbers 876224 from his social security number, all that's left is [53] and that just happens to be the year he was born!

He is a {crane operator for a river} company whose initials are [MMA]

My mail box number is 625, which reduces to the single digit [4]:

Explanation - 6+2+5 = [13] -- 1+3 = [4]:

The mail box was stolen on [802]

Looking at the [6 miles] Back when I knew my suspect, and we were friends -- before I began figuring out that he might be killing people for sport! - It was precisely [6 miles] from my driveway to his! He has since moved to another location with his girlfriend:

In his new location, he built a [single stall garage] in which to keep his [bright orange] 1965 show truck!

He buys, sells and trades vehicles [auto sales] faster than a horse can trot. I have been told he traded the orange truck in on a Harley Davidson motor cycle. I wouldn't guarantee this is true, it's just something I was told.

By the way, a church now owns the property where my guy lived when it was 6 miles between our driveways: I went by there today. They have a huge, scrolling [sign] where his front yard once was. In big, bold, [orange] letters it said --- "Jesus is coming soon."

And there is something in drawing {#5} that Brian did not mention when he did his interpretation or clarification. That is the letter [N] that lies directly under the '6 miles'. Odd that the property where my guy used to live lies [6 miles NORTH] of my home.... quite odd.

In drawing number {3} we see 'Search Again' -- but we also see something else that Brian did not mention when he did his own interpretation -- and that is DIV. The emails to Brian indicate that the area where Mahalia's vehicle was found had been searched before. Brian's dream of the 17th indicates search that area again, and I believe the DIV indicates [dive] -- send divers down, because her vehicle is in the water. How it got there is still a puzzle to me, but haven't had much [inside] information to go on, so I'll just wing it for now. However, she was found in her car, in that area of the Fox River, which supposedly had been searched before, on July 26th {my brother Charley's birthday -- and the anniversary of when rape charges against my suspect were dropped in 2000. }


In drawing number {4} above, where it says {"go to garage"} ... there is something else there that Brian did not address. It appears to me to be two letters, which look like [R. and B.]

I was told {by his girlfriend} that, when they split up {a couple of years ago now} she helped take some of his possessions over to his father's [R.B.] place for storage in his [garage.] One item taken there was the [orange] vehicle.

Also, of some interest {at least to me} is the fact that when my suspect lived in the house that was six miles from my home, he rented from his brother whose initials are also R.B. And it was {in the garage} of that house that many people believe the murdered Jenifer McCrady actually died. {See McCrady case on my September page}

In drawings {2} and {5} Brian says 'he will do it again.... it will happen again.' Both of these drawing were done 'after' Mahalia Xiong disappeared, so I believe they are warnings of future cases .... possibly with similar MO, or dates ... something that will connect the cases for those who are actually watching.

There are several things in Brian's dream drawings that he does not address in his interpretations. Drawing number [1] for example contains an extra word that Brian left out in his interpretation. It could easily change the entire message. Look at number 1, see the message "look for car in this garage," ? If you look closely at the picture (in fact you might want to click over to Brian's page for an even better view of this drawing, since I have reduced the size of it for this page) it appears to me that it axctually says:

[ Look for *lie.] [ car in this garage - 876224 - bright orange.] [ sign.]

But, what if 'sign' isn't really 'sign' at all, but is actually 876224 -- SSN The S and the G look awfully similar in some of Brian's drawings. S.SN could easily stand for Social Security Number.

In drawings [2] and [4] Brian refers to 'school.' In number 2 it's {lock down school now}, and in number 4 it's {school yearbook}.

First, I want to address the 'lock down school now.' Brian had the dream on 7-17. {do you remember this number from my first page on Mahalia?} There is no 'school' in session in mid July folks. What if the 'NOW' is actually 'NOV' {November}? Could we be looking at something yet future? Could Brian's dream drawings actually be prophetic [predicting things in the future] as well as [revelationary] showing things that have happened? Is this possible? Absolutely. Many times I have worked dreams that were both revelationary and prophetic.

So, if I'm correct, and 'lock down school; November,' is really what the dream says -- what school are we looking at? There must be at least a million strung across the nation, so which one [or ones] should we pick to monitor and possibly lock down? I believe the answer is within the date of Brian's dream - the 7-17. That number comes from my friend Judy, and is her {address} in {Marietta, Ohio.} I think Brian may be warning of something that is coming to Marietta in the month of November. Guess we'll just have to wait and see, but it [in my opinion] would not be the first time that Brian has dreamed of things in Marietta, Ohio. {See the Terri Roach case on this web site.}

If I'm correct, I'd venture to guess that the school in question has a security guard, or police officer who may not be where he was supposed to be, or may not notice something that is important, and therefore turns a 'safe zone' into an area that is 'not safe.' A word to the wise -- the old JVS {WCCC} might want to keep an eye out for some trouble in November, and they might want to give their 'cop' teachers a heads up -- oh, that's right, I just did that, didn't I? See if they can handle this one any better than the warnings I gave them in 1996.


School yearbook." This is intriguing. First and foremost because this is the drawing that has Xiong, the 224, the letters out to the side that Brian did not interpret/clarify or even address and even though I wrote and asked him about the letters in July, and this is September, I have received nothing in answer to my inquiry. This is also the drawing that has the R B which Brian failed to mention in his interpretation either.

The man that I have been talking about, whom I believe may have been involved in Mahalia's death, has worn a full beard and mustache all of his adult life. I have been told that he shaved it off a few times, but I was never fortunate enough to see him without it. Few people have ever seen him clean shaven - since his 'school days.' I'm sure there's pictures in his school year books before he began shaving and growing a beard -- which he could hide behind.

Something else of interest in dream number [5] is the 'Auto Sales' .... which I have addressed to a certain degree. However, in another context, I find it strange that Mahalia was driving a Mercury, Sable -- which is a Ford. Her vehicle was found in 'water' -- is it possible the dream indicates [sails] instead of 'sales?' This would give the indication that the 'auto' would be found where 'sails' are usually seen -- [in the water.]

Another fact, unknown to Brian, is that my suspect, grew up [went to school] and lived in Waterford.

The portion in Brian's interpretation that mentions 'police officer' might be an intriguing clue to something that possibly happened just before Mahalia died.

There has been some indication that a killer {and I believe he's a serial killer} may be impersonating a police officer and pulling vehicles over. {see the Amanda Tusing case on this web site - Lookin' For a Killer Series}

I do know that my suspect ran around this area for several years with a set of handcuffs dangling from his rear view mirror: And I do know that a friend of mine ordered two state trooper hats, and one of them disappeared from her home. And we do know that 'someone' was in her home on several occasions, pilfering through things. We do not know how he gained entrance, as the house was always kept locked. However, this is something that has been seen several times now in several unsolved murder cases. {See the Teresa Butler story on this web site - Without A Trace Series.}

In Brian's work - prior to the discovery of Mahalia's car {in water}, he thought police would find her vehicle in a garage. I'm now wondering if the message actually pertained to Mahalia's vehicle at all -- but in fact described a vehicle, its whereabouts, the partial social security number and other significant information about the killer himself!

If Mahalia's car was not in the Fox River {and by the way, I worked the 'Fox' clue years and years ago. Told Winstanley - "Fox is of Veto."} anyway, if her car was not in the river, as some believe, where was it? We saw the same thing in the McCrady case. That vehicle showed up along the river -- right where Marie Blough's body eventually showed up! See folks, I've been working the similarities within these cases for many, many years. And there are so many similarities, however, the problem is -- the cases are not all in one state or one single area, so there's no one out there trying to determine if they are related -- well, I guess I am, but in law enforcement circles, I don't count for

All I know is -- for many years my suspect was caretaker of several 'storage buildings,' that were owned by his brother {the same one he rented a house from}, and he had a master key that would fit any of the un-used buildings. Of course when they were rented, that lock would come off and the renter would supply their own lock. I just wonder, over the years, how many master keys could my suspect have accumulated? I do remember an exceptionally large collection of keys that he had. Now I wonder what they went to.

And in closing, I'll just say that {in my opinion} Brian's dream and drawings have not only identified the case - "Xiong" - but may very well have identified the killer of Mahalia Xiong. It is very possible that at the time of this crime he was clean-shaven, thus we see the reference to 'school year book.'

It is my understanding that Mahalia's case is closed - considered an accident - and that's the end of it. I disagree - which I suppose won't surprise anyone who knows me! It seems that I always disagree -- but I really don't. I just build web pages and post the cases that I disagree with, so therefore it appears I always disagree.

But, Brian's dreams foretell of more murders [or accidents, whichever you choose] because they say -- "It will happen again," and "he will do it again." I'm afraid I must 'agree' with that. It has already happened so many times that I have completely lost track of the number of victims even at this point. Perhaps I don't want to know how many there have been because that somehow reduces them to a number, and I promised long ago that I would never do that. They are people, and as such, each and every one deserves justice. They may never get it, but no one will ever be able to say it's my fault -- and that's a promise.






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3. Guns - Marietta School

Bonnie M. Wells

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