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Personal History

Brian Randall Shaffer born 02-11-1979 in Baltimore, Ohio;

Son of Randy and Renee Shaffer.

Brother Derek is three years younger than him.

Since youth, Brian demonstrated the ability to excel in any sport and plays soccer, baseball and tennis.

He also has a great passion for music, which he inherited from both of his parents. He says he wants to have his own band and put out a record.

Brian met his girlfriend, Alexis, during the summer of 2005; he had a crush on her since he first saw her and as it turned out, she too had a crush on him. Ever since they met they have been inseparable; he is very much in love with her and, according to Randy –Brian’s dad- he couldn’t wait to marry her and have a baby with her.

This last year was very difficult for the Shaffer’s as Renee was diagnosed with myelodysplasia, which affects the function of the bone marrow to produce white cells, red cells, and platelets.

This was a major tragedy for the entire family; it was extremely difficult for all of them to see Renee suffering throughout the treatments and getting weaker. She meant the world to her family and they all went through very a difficult time dealing with her illness. Brian wrote about his mom: [what he likes] "doing things with my mom, who was the greatest most wonderful person in the world!!!!!” [His hero]: "Me mum.........she will always inspire me to do my best and I don't want to let her down".

Sadly, Renee lost her battle against myelodysplasia; she passed away on March 6, 2006.

Only 25 days later, tragedy struck the Shaffer family again with Brian’s disappearance in the early hours of April 1st.

Details of Disappearance:

Brian Shaffer is a 27 year old medical student at Ohio State University (OSU). [Columbus, Ohio]

On the night of Friday, March 31st 2006; Brian went out with friends to have a few drinks and celebrate the beginning of Spring break 2006; it was his 'time out with the guys'.

At around 9:30pm, the men headed to the Ugly Tuna Saloona, a bar located near the OSU campus.

At 9:56pm, Brian called Alexis -his girlfriend- who at the time was visiting her family in Toledo, OH. He told her he loved her and that he would see her when she came back to Columbus; the two had planned on taking a vacation to Miami and were schedule to leave to Florida on Monday, April 3rd.

Shortly after talking to Alexis, Brian and his friend walked down to the Arena District in Columbus, OH; they stopped at the North Short tavern and then went to Brother's, where they met with other friends.

One of the friends drove them back to the Ugly Tuna Saloona, where they are seen in the surveillance tape at 1:15 am. The next time Brian is seen on cameras, he was outside of the Ugly Tuna, at the top of the escalator, talking with two girls; he appears to say 'bye' and turns towards the bar, he then disappears from the camera's view;

He has not been seen since.

Help Find Brian

Saturday, Aug 25, 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- By Denise Yost

Search and recovery teams continued their efforts on Saturday to find two missing Columbus men.

Volunteers with Texas-based organization Equusearch searched Central Ohio on horseback, all-terrain vehicles and on foot for signs of Brian Shaffer and Tony Luzio Jr.

Late Saturday afternoon, volunteers found a bone in a wooded area on the city's east side, NBC 4's Mikaela Hunt reported.

"It was about the size of your forearm," said Diana Downs, a volunteer. "It looked like it had been there for a while."

Downs' partners, two retired police officers serving as volunteers, made the discovery across from Sutherland's Lumber in an area shaded by leaves and overgrowth. The team called Columbus police detectives.

"He said that it could be a deer bone or a human bone, so he took it back to check it out," Downs said.

Shaffer's father said his son had no direct connection with the area where the bone was found.

Shaffer, an Ohio State University medical student, was last seen at the Ugly Tuna Saloona on campus in April 2006.

"We're just checking out all areas that are remote and easily accessible. If somebody would have taken him, whether they murdered him and wanted to dump him someplace, unfortunately. I hope that's not true," said Randy Shaffer, the missing man's father.

Downs said that authorities took the bone to the coroner's office for testing.

Equusearch founder Tim Miller said he won't give up, NBC 4's Matt Alvarez reported.

"Anytime we get called, it's because a parent is in distress, missing a loved one," Miller said. "We promised the families we will do the best we can do."

Teams concentrated on a field near Scioto Darby Creek Road. According to officials, Shaffer's cell phone was last used in the area.

"There's a report that the last (cell phone call) did ping off a tower in this area, so we want to take it serious and eliminate areas," Miller said.

Seth Bendo, a fourth-year OSU medical student and friend of Shaffer, joined the search and recovery efforts.

"Brian was one of the people who I hit it off with at the beginning of medical school," Bendo said. "It's sort of a mixed wish. You want to find something, but you don't want to find something. But nonetheless, we want an answer."

During the search, teams found several areas of interest and restricted access to them. As a precautionary measure, crews will soon call for cadaver dogs.

Teams said the search efforts will resume on Sunday.

"They're starting again at 9 a.m. and they definitely need more people out here. I was actually kind of disappointed today that we didn't have as many people as we thought they would," Downs said.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call 614-940-7826.

Ohio News Network

The Ohio News Network (ONN) first reported on April 4th about the disappearance of the 6'2", athletically-built Shaffer. ONN's Maureen Kocot wrote that Brian Shaffer was last seen around 1:30 a.m. leaving a bar on North High Street in Columbus on April 1st.

The bar where Shaffer was last seen was the Ugly Tuna Saloona (sic), located at 1546 N. High Street. Columbus TV station NBC 4 reported on April 6th that surveillance cameras had confirmed Shaffer's presence at the bar on the 1st. NBC 4 also reported that along with the usual search efforts, Shaffer's family had enlisted the services of a psychic.

While the death of Shaffer's mother in early March of 2006 might be considered a significant factor in his vanishing, neither his family nor his girlfriend, fellow med student Alexis Waggoner, age 24, seem to believe that Brian would disappear of his own accord. Not for more than 5 days.

After all, in a comment left on Waggoner's MySpace.com profile on March 31st, Shaffer wrote, "I can't wait to go to Miami, Miami!!!!"

Brian Shaffer and Alexis Waggoner had been planning to leave on their trip together on Monday, April 3rd. In an article published on NBC 4's website on April 4th, Sgt. Mike Woods of the Columbus Police said, "Everything was set for these two to take this trip to Florida. That's what makes this unusual."

Brian Shaffer had his own personal page at the incredibly popular MySpace.com, a social networking and blogging website - www.myspace.com/sleepinggiant.

There you could see photos of the strikingly handsome Shaffer and learn a little about him and his life, as well as his sense of humor. Under the standard-issue MySpace heading, 'Who I'd like to meet,' Shaffer wrote, in part, "Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam because he helped hair metal come to an end"

Help Find Brian

Randy Shaffer

It is with much sadness that I report that Brian's father Randy was killed on September 14, 2008, by a falling tree during the high winds that swept through Ohio after hurricane Ike.

Even while dealing with the loss of his wife, and Brian's mother, Renee, Randy was always looking for Brian. This is a real tragedy, and my heart goes out to the remaining family and friends of Brian, Renee and Randy Shaffer.


Bonnie M. Wells

Bonnie M. Wells

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Please note:

I am [NOT] the psychic that was contacted.

Nobody has asked me to work this case, and if the family or anyone else objects to the inclusion of this case in my Without A Trace Series, I will remove it from my web site and files.

My main concern is the unusually large number of missing people and unsolved homicide cases in the Columbus, Ohio area. It's been a concern to me for several years now -- long before Brian Shaffer disappeared.

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