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The Brutal Murder Of

Brittany Phillips

Presented By:

Bonnie M. Wells

Tulsa Cold Cases: Brittany Phillips

By: Caitlin Alexander

Maggie Zingman can't forget October 1, 2004.

"I mean it was almost out of a movie," she said. "It's so bizarre, but it was pouring down rain. Rain was coming in my door."

Zingman said a young sheriff's deputy told her that her daughter, Brittany Phillips had been murdered and she had to contact a Tulsa Police detective.

"I just remember almost like the room caving in on me," Zingman said.

Brittany Phillips' murder is one of about 200 cold cases being investigated by the Tulsa Police Department.

Zingman lives in Chandler. Her daughter had recently moved back from school in Florida to attend classes closer to home. Brittany was living at an East Tulsa apartment complex near Union where she had graduated high school. Zingman said Brittany was a kind, studious girl who stayed out of trouble.

A friend had found Brittany dead in her apartment. Police said she had been raped and suffocated. Investigators were able to extract some DNA from the scene, but after almost nine years, have not found Brittany's killer.

With the recent investigation that led OSBI to three female bodies near Jennings after 21 years of searching, Zingman admits that along with compassion, she feels jealousy.

"You begin to go, why can't ours be solved?" Zingman said.

That is why Zingman covered her car with photos of Brittany and tip line phone numbers. She has traveled around the country some 67,000 miles. She calls it her "Caravan to Catch a Killer."

She also runs a website dedicated to finding Brittany's killer. She said sometimes her efforts are economically, physically, and emotionally draining, but she is doing this for Brittany and others.

Zingman has also become an advocate for DNA at arrest to make it easier to solve crimes. Currently 26 states have it, but Oklahoma does not. A state senate committee gave the legislation the go-ahead several months ago, but it has not moved since. Many believe it is an invasion of privacy. However, Zingman and some law enforcement representatives said it is simply an investigative tool.

The Tulsa Police Department has one detective assigned to cold cases. Detective Eddie Majors said many other cities this size have multiple detectives assigned to this department. He said Tulsa has excellent homicide detectives, which keeps his workload from getting unbearable.

"It's going to take the community to solve these," Majors said.

He said tips are vital to solving cold cases and that no tip is too small.

"It may be a very minor thing, but it may play a major role," Majors said.

Majors said it is sometimes incarcerated people who withhold tips until they can try to bargain their knowledge for some other purpose.

However, tips continue to arrive even for Brittany's case nearly nine years following her death. A man in Texas agreed to a DNA test in April. Majors was waiting for those test results.

Anyone with information regarding Brittany's murder or others is encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS.

Brittany Phillips case unsolved after seven years

10/04/2011 // By: Casey Roebuck

TULSA - Seven years ago Tuesday, Tulsa college student Brittany Phillips was laid to rest on her 19th birthday, after she was raped and strangled inside her South Tulsa apartment. The murder remains unsolved.

Dr. Maggie Zingman has driven across nearly every state in the nation, trying to bring awareness to her daughter's unsolved murder.

Tuesday she parked her car outside the apartment complex near 61st and Mingo where Brittany was killed - in the hope that someone would remember something that may help police.

Zingman says, "I never imagined that at seven years I would be standing here and we still haven't solved the murder."

On October 1, 2004, Zingman's world came crashing down. That is when she learned Brittany had been murdered. Police believe she had been dead for three days before her body was discovered.

The 18-year-old chemistry major at TCC was brutally attacked in her apartment. The DNA profiles of thousands of men have been compared to DNA at the crime scene. But so far, no match had been found.

Zingman has dedicated her life to traveling the country in her car, which she has turned into a mobile billboard about her daughter's case. She drives the country raising awareness about Brittany's case. She's logged 50,000 miles through 45 states during eight voyages she calls 'Caravan to Catch a Killer'.

Zingman uses the media exposure from the caravans to push for legislation that would allow law enforcement to take DNA samples at the time of a suspect's arrest. It's a controversial law that has been passed in about half of the states in the nation. Zingman says about half of those states have yet to implement the gathering of DNA samples.

She says, "I'm sure that half the reason we haven't found our killer yet is because so many states don't take DNA at arrest."

Zingman is working with Oklahoma Senator Clark Jolly to once again author such a bill during the next legislative session. She hopes this time it will become law. A similar bill written by Jolly was never assigned to a legislative committee during to last session.

The measure has met with resistance from legislators who believe the measure would violate a suspect's constitutional right to privacy, or may cost the state too much money to process the DNA samples.

Zingman along with many sources inside law enforcement believe the cost would be offset by the savings that would come with catching potential killers before they escalate to homicide cases.

She tells 2NEWS, "It's (Brittany's death) something I can't change. On the anniversaries the loss really hits home. It's because of her - and because of my not wanting anyone else to go through this pain that I'm able to go on."

A profile of Brittany's case is currently on display at TPD's cold case booth at the Tulsa State Fair. Police hope the exposure to her story may generate new leads.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

Killer's Profile:



(Detective's description)

Because we have compared over 2000 suspects' DNA to our killer's without any matches, there is a chance he is from elsewhere or has gone elsewhere!




LEAD DETECTIVE--VIC REGALADO vregalado@cityoftulsa.org

918 596-9141



WHAT HAPPENED: Raped and suffocated without instrument (by hand?)

WHERE: Inside her 2nd story apt (bedroom) NW end of complex (facing a *Storage Center ) Somerset Park at Union Apartments (Was Gleneagles) next to Union High school –9407. 65th (65th & Mingo)

HOW: Unclear if he .....

A) broke in through small, west facing balcony frenchdoors by hoisting himself up to balcony or if he went to porch by getting on apartment building roof,(easily) by climbing onto it by the overhang roof that covers stairs to the 2nd story apartment

(B) or windows, removing screens

(C) or if he was waiting for her before she came home from school OR broke in when she was sleeping.

WHEN: Between 9pm and 8am Sept 27-28, 2004, found Sept. 30 2004



(A) * He may be someone who seems to be out alone at night and is vague about what he is doing.

(B) * May have sexual “problems” but he either denies them with anger or it seems he focuses on them all the time.

(C)* He may be into high risk behaviors that are dangerous or cause pain- (for himself or for others such as "hurting" during sex, watching snuff films)

(D) He may always be angry, almost anything will set him off or * is quiet and then out of the blue explodes into anger.

(E)* He may or may not have been arrested for rape but if he was, he may have a charge such as Endangering or Outrageous Public Indecency” and won't say these were rape (Those arrested for rape are often charged with misdemeanors like” endangering”).

(F)* He may have traveled SEPT/OCT 2004(Southwest anywhere) . Did he then return and began acting VERY different: ---anxious, angry, depressed, started using drugs/alcohol or increased use.

(G) He may have been outgoing prior to this time--changed to isolating himself.

(H) He may have attempted to hurt or kill himself (guilt) around this time.

He may have committed suicide.

(I) * He may drive I-35, I-44, I-40---for work; to see close friends; visit family, children or because these reasons are true related to other surrounding states and must go through Oklahoma.

(J) He could have public service job like: bill pay, cell phones, etc where he accesses customer addresses! Or like someone in gas, electric, water companies might.



A Note From Bonnie M. Wells

I am adding Brittany's page on my web site because I was asked to. If anyone involved in the case - ie, her mother, police, etc. feel that I am sticking my nose in where it is not wanted, just send me an email and I will delete this page and all the information it contains.

Insert/update 7-29-13 BMW:

I have changed my mind. I will not take this page down from my web site. If asked, I will remove all reference to Brittany Phillips, but from the PROFILE section on down it stays, because those things that I have marked fit Wild Bill to a T.

The items marked above with * in the PROFILE section are things that I know for certain about a man whom I have been tracking for some 20 years now. He has been 'in the neighborhood' of murders and disappearances so many times that I have actually lost track.

On my web site I refer to my suspect as Wild Bill, so that's what I will call him here too. Although there are places on this web site where his true identity can easily be found. I will add some links at the bottom of this page that I feel are important and might possibly show that perhaps this man should also be considered in Brittany's case ---- at least until he can be cleared as a suspect.

I have had no personal contact with Wild Bill since the 1990's and have relied on information given to me by other people. Anytime I discover any information is incorrect, I remove it from my web site because I do not want to accuse any innocent person, regardless of how vile I think that person is, of something they did not do.

I do know that from 1995 until sometime around 2010, Wild Bill was employed by a company that has operations in almost every state in this nation. And I know that Wild Bill traveled from coast to coast - north/south and east/west.

He could be in California one week and in North Carolina the next week --- or Florida for awhile and then off to Michigan. His jobs sometimes lasted days and sometimes weeks.

At one point he owned a small, silver, tow-along camper. I do not know exactly when he bought this camper or when he sold it, but he did own it throughout the mid 2000's.

The company he worked for also provided him a white Chevy truck: This is a link to info concerning that truck: Notice the state in which it was from because this proves he traveled into our western states:

9-27 is a date that I remember only too well. It is the date on which I met Wild Bill in 1990. He is a 'date keeper and anniversary' guy as well as a birthday celebrator.

In 1995 Wild Bill was dating a woman named Bonnie Hickman. He moved her into his home on 9-27.

I was just recently told by a former girlfriend of his (not Bonnie Hickman) that he intends to get married, and that he announced his plans on the anniversary of when he had met her. I wasn't surprised.

For nearly 20 years now I have been documenting cases and following them all over our nation, and although I do realize that within this time span a person is going to run across people who look similar to someone we know; or who have the same first name or the same last name, or perhaps the same birthday, but in all my years I have never seen the number of similarities in cases that I've see while tracking Wild Bill.

Most people want to call them coincidences ...... far too many in law enforcement have wanted to dismiss everything as a coincidence. Maybe it is, but I just can't hardly believe that.

Regardless, Wild Bill has a sex offense history, but no one around here (Washington County Ohio) ever considered it serious enough to worry about. Here's a link to a page that tells some of his (documented/public record) sordid history.

I'll end this page at this point because I have yet another case - a new local one - that also needs to be posted. I guess it's nice to have old Wild Bill back home. He's now employed (again) with the same company that fired his ass when he went to jail in 1994 for a sex offense against a Marietta woman. Guess the company didn't learn very much the first 18 years that he worked for them. Maybe he'll give them a real good education this time round.

Meanwhile, I'm still wondering why he left the job that afforded him travel all over the country. I'm told he just up and quit, but I don't believe that for one minute. I know him far too well. He would never have quit that job, and I'm betting he got fired, but who on earth can tell me exactly when and what for?

I guess his son no longer works for the company either ..... like father, like son??? Lord, I hope not .... but it's a genetic thing so anything is possible!


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This page posted July 21, 2013

This page updated: 7-28-13 // BMW

Invisible note: 7-28-13 Mike and I saw the PIT boat heading up-river around 4 pm: Assume Bill was the pilot. Don't know how far he was going but wanted to make a note in case something happens in/around Wheeling or another area in which he's at.