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Brooke Wilberger Is Found

"This is the [sixth] page in the Brooke Wilberger Series."


Bonnie M. Wells

6-13-2013 Note: I am adding a new page to the Brooke Wilberger series.

The new page will deal with a book - The Last Time We Saw Her - written by Robert Scott of California.

A link to my new page - All About Brooke - follows, and another will be at the end of this page.


Bonnie M. Wells

All About Brooke

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Shawna Cox was the first person to contact me with the news that Brooke Wilberger had been found. Here's her email:



I wanted to email you to let you know that you were right all along here is some info on where Brooke was found.

News Article:

NEAR BLODGETT, Ore. - Officials have completed recovering the remains of murdered 19-year-old Brooke Wilberger, and the location of where they were is no longer a secret.

Wilberger’s remains were found on an abandoned logging road off Highway 20 about 12 miles west of Corvallis.

The location was being kept secret so authorities could complete the recovery of Wilberger's remains.

The area was searched by volunteers when Wilberger first went missing in May 2004, but according to District Attorney John Haroldson, her body was well hidden.

Joel Courtney, who pleaded guilty to murdering Wilberger and will serve a life sentence in New Mexico, hid her body about 500 yards up the logging road on private property. He meticulously concealed her body beneath a fallen tree, using ferns and moss, according to authorities.

Locals near Blodgett have known about the crime scene for more than a week but kept quiet while searchers worked to recover all of Wilberger’s remains.

Courtney abducted Wilberger by knife point in the parking lot of Oak Park Apartments, which is only about one block from Highway 20. From there it is just less than 12 miles to the logging road.

According to Haroldson, Courtney took pride in being able to find remote locations and was extremely detailed when he explained to authorities where to find Wilberger’s remains.

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D.H. was running a close second with the following:

Hi, Bonnie,

Not sure you'll remember me, but I emailed you several years ago concerning the case of Brooke Wilberger. I'm also the one that mailed a box of photographs to you for you to show to "The Dreamer".

As you know, her remains were found. I wanted to finish this chapter with you, since this is where you and I began. The local news, as well as nearby residents know the exact location, but the media is abiding by the wishes of the DA and investigators to keep things quiet until all of the remains can be recovered and returned.

I'm wondering if you have feelings or comments you could pass along, since it has been so long since we last corresponded. When the time is right, I plan to visit the site and see how close "we" were (I put in so many hours and days searching parts of Benton County- it will be so important for me to make that "final journey".

I'm happy to keep you posted and am very interested in hearing your latest thoughts and feelings.

I also wanted to convey a little something that you often mention is missing in your work....."Thank You"!

D. H.

Here's my reply to D.H.

From: Bonnie Wells [mailto:bmw_fastasu@yahoo.com]

Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To: D.H.

Subject: Re: Brooke

Hi D----,

It was so nice to hear from you.

Yes, I already knew they found Brooke. Shawna Cox called me yesterday just before the media broadcast, to tell me.

I want to go back and re-read Brooke's pages, because as you said, it's been such a long, long time now, and there have been so many other cases since hers, that I just cannot recall what my predictions were.

If I recall correctly I thought Brook was west of where she disappeared [although I'm not even certain of this right now! I really do need to go look at my pages!} and Shawna said she believed the area where she was located is west of Corvallis.

I did finally manage to get your pictures to the dreamer, and after weeks of her trying to find the needed time to concentrate on them, she said that yes, much of the area looked like that within her dream.

Thank you D---- for expressing your appreciation for my work. That does mean a lot to me.

When all the info is finally released, I plan on doing up another page or two on Brooke. Hopefully, I'll be able to show how some of the dreams did 'pan-out,' and could have led to her discovery years ago, had they been followed. Then again, if nothing panned out, I will tell that too, because it's never been about me. It's always been trying to help law enforcement and the remaining family and friends of the missing person.

Please stay in touch, and thank you for your time and work on this case also.

Maybe we could do a book together someday! That would be fun.


Here's another email from D.H.

Here is an exact excerpt from your writings: (This was before Courtney was even arrested)

I believe Brooke's abductor was "on foot" when he abducted her, but soon placed her into a vehicle.

He may very well have had a "campsite" somewhere near the area where Brooke was working and perhaps had been watching her for awhile before he made a move against her.

Wild Bill is a "stalker", a "sex offender" and a "window peeper." It is highly possible that whoever abducted Brooke had been watching her for some time - perhaps even before she came to stay with her sister. I believe this is why the "image of Wild Bill" was presented to the dreamer. Whoever abducted Brooke either "looks like Wild Bill" or is of the same character as he. However, Wild Bill is "not" the one who took her. That's why Many Arrows was shaking his head "no."

The small fires set in a clock pattern remain somewhat a puzzle to me, and I cannot help but think it has something to do with a "time period." And of course the number 12 is emphasized.

As with the ring that TC found, I cannot say whether this 12 is 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, etc. However, we know for a fact it goes beyond 12 hours and 12:00 o'clock noon or midnight. However, since no one seems to know exactly what time Brooke was abducted, perhaps it was right at noon. There is also the possibility of 12 miles: It could also be a road or street number, house number, etc.

I just do not know what the 12 stands for, but feel very confident it will show up in Brooke's case.

Bonnie- Courtney was “on foot” when he took Brooke and soon placed her into a vehicle. Brooke’s remains were found in a wooded area 12 miles west from where she was abducted! Bonnie- I can’t believe I couldn’t locate her and give her family closure over four years ago! - I’m so sorry…I tried.


I'm going to finish this page out with quotes from previous Brooke Wilberger pages. Those things that I wish to emphasize will be in this color:

[from page 1]

"I do not feel the ring is a "message" from someone who is already "missing." However I do feel it is an "omen" of things to come. The number 3 comes to me as I write this. I do not know if it is 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, etc. but I advise to watch "3" in all ways, as I believe "the ring" is symbolic of several things.

The case has not occurred yet. It will be an abduction: The victim will be younger than the missing woman you were wondering about: There may be actual information about a "ring" in the case. Perhaps the "ring" will be a clue to the woman/girl's abductor: The number 3 will be prominent and important: The victim will be abducted, possibly from her "home" since you found the ring in your "home": I'm afraid the "missing stone or set" may indicate that the victim will be, abducted, raped, murdered and removed from her "bed" - meaning her home: Please put this interpretation in a safe place, "keep your ear to the ground," and watch 3. If it pan's out, I will recognize the case, and we will pick up the pieces and go forward from there."

We discussed the ring no more between February and May, as our minds and time were occupied with other cases and events, one of which was the Dru Sjodin case. {That case is profiled elsewhere on this web site.}

I will not give the informant's name, because just as my name, it is irrelevant. However I must state here and now that the initials by which this person goes, as far as e-mail is concerned are ....T. and C. and of course the Ring that they found was what our conversation was about.

When Brooke Wilberger disappeared {and was in all likelihood abducted}from where she was staying/home in the western state of Oregon on May 24th, I pulled the correspondence up and re-read it. Then I wrote another letter to T.C. and said ... "This is it."

19 year old Brooke was several years younger than the woman T.C. had thought the "message" was about. ..... She disappeared precisely 3 months and 11 days from the date T.C. found the Ring..... and she was wearing a ring with the letters CTR inscribed on it!

I feel a pull toward the Dry Creek area and possibly to the west, so I'd have to say ..... slightly south, and then west.

Repeating; from above news article: "NEAR BLODGETT, Ore. - Officials have completed recovering the remains of murdered 19-year-old Brooke Wilberger.....

Courtney abducted Wilberger by knife point in the parking lot of Oak Park Apartments, which is only about ** one block from Highway 20. From there it is just less than 12 miles to the logging road.

**Wilberger’s remains were found on an abandoned logging road off **Highway 20 about 12 miles west of Corvallis.

Notice the map above: It appears the apartment complex from which Brooke disappeared was one block 'north' of highway 20. I was right when I said "slightly south, and then west." My remarks were posted: 6-05-04 at 1:30 am. - the "12th" day

Continuing from page 1) "**In almost every case the men who do these type of things are repeat offenders. If someone had found him earlier perhaps Brooke would not have been abducted. **If he can be found now, maybe some other family will be spared the grief that Brooke's family and friends are now going through.

{October 2009} As I work on this page today, more than two weeks after Brooke's remains have been located, I can't help but notice that I have heard not one word from the man who wrote to me about the ring he'd found. I told him to put the interpretation in a safe place and not to lose it. Now that almost everything I said has panned-out to near perfection, one would think he'd be calling - or writing. But he hasn't. Perhaps he thinks I haven't noticed. I have.

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"Quotes From Page 5:

The Brook Spoke

I looked down and saw 2 snakes. One was a small snake slithering in between the rock and a rotten tree trunk ......

..... He was **forty-ish, with a five o'clock fuzzy blond shadow on his face. Haggard, hard-life face, blond hair with strong muscular looking forearms, bleached out blond hairy arms. He reminded me of a beach bum for some reason. / Police say that Joel Courtney traveled a lot - to Florida, to Oregon, to New Mexico. // The above news article says he was 39 years old and that "He meticulously concealed her body beneath a fallen tree."

The news article and the photos below show just how accurate The Brook Spoke dream actually was.

Joel Courtney 1985 // Joel Courtney 1991 // Courtney2004

Courtney, born June 2, 1966 in Beaverton, Oregon, attended both Beaverton and Sunset High Schools. He left school in 1984. In 1985, he was charged with attempted rape and first-degree sex abuse in Oregon's Washington County.

Joel Courtney, April 2008


(continuing with quotes from page 5)... I warned him there were snakes in the tree trunks. He said he knew them, they were his and picked the bigger one up that had been watching me. I saw or heard something in the woods behind this man, I asked whats that? He said "oh thats just brook". / This man sees women as "just another snake in the grass," - very low opinion of women. // He, like Wild Bill, apparently saw any and all women as 'his for the taking.' Just reach out and grab them and do whatever he wanted to them. Real piece of scum. // This dream also warned of another 'abduction' after Brooke -- "something in the woods behind this man."

{from page 1} "First and foremost is the name William in any variation, but especially "Bill." Then comes - .......... *Joseph-Joe,etc. .......

(NEWS ARTICLE:).... On November 30, 2004, a foreign exchange student in New Mexico was grabbed at knife point and ordered into the back of a red two-door Honda with tinted windows.

The victim took police to the parking lot where she was assaulted. They found a shoelace on the ground. When they interviewed neighbors, they were told that a man named *Joe hung around there a lot.

With the details provided by the college student, Albuquerque police arrested Joel Patrick Courtney, a married father of three. After being treated at the hospital, the woman positively identified him as her attacker.

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[quotes from page 2]

8-03-05: (AP) CORVALLIS A 39-year-old man held on rape and kidnap charges in New Mexico has been charged with the murder of Brooke Wilberger.....

Joel Patrick Courtney, in custody in Albuquerque, N.M., has been charged with killing Wilberger, .....

Noble refused to say what led police to Courtney, who was previously arrested on Nov. 30, 2004, for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a foreign exchange student at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces.

**That incident occurred six months after Wilberger's disappearance.

Courtney's criminal history in Oregon dates back to at least 1985 when he was charged with attempted rape in Washington County. Court records show that he pleaded guilty to sex abuse and served three months in jail and five years probation.

Court records indicate Courtney, 39, spent much of 2004 on the road, traveling from Florida to Oregon and back to New Mexico. // **Remember the 'circle of fire' in the Campfire Clock dream?

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[quotes from page 3]

I was notified almost immediately when Courtney was arrested, and have since posted 2 separate news articles on Brooke's second page.

When I have time, I intend to go back into her page and show some of the interesting things that have surfaced thus far - for example, they mentioned that Courtney had committed sexual crimes in Washington County - and I'd stated that whoever took Brooke either "looked like Wild Bill or was of the same character as he." Wild Bill has been arrested twice for committing sex crimes in Washington County {Ohio, of course.} Still, the common denominators of "Washington County, sex offender, repeat sex offender, " are right there for the world to see.


What struck me immediately and sent shivers down my spine was your description of the perpetrator and his history of having committed prior sex crimes (in Washington County). I realize most sex offenders are repeat offenders, but your connection and interpretation was more than coincidentally accurate.

After Courtney's arrest I continued to wonder why a Navajo warrior brought the message to the dreamer. What did it mean? This continued to nag at me until I dug out my Native Tribe Map, and then I saw why Many Arrows had come to the dreamer. Oregon is not a state that was noted for its Navajo population - however, Mr. Courtney was not living in Oregon. He lived in New Mexico. I was astonished to see that the Navajo people lived in New Mexico! Many Arrows had not only told us who Brooke's killer "was not / Wild Bill," but he had served to represent where her killer would be found - in his homeland - New Mexico! I also found it intriguing that although Navajo is pronounced as if it is spelled NavaHO, the correct spelling contained part of the accused's first name "Jo" - with his name being "Joel!"

And I recalled the initials on Brooke's ring - the CTR. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and then wrote her accused killer's initials beside them: JPC ..... How simple it is to convert the J to a T; the P to an R; and keep the C. CTR wasn't exactly the initials of Joel Patrick Courtney, but they certainly were close. Also of some "spiritual interest" is the last name "Courtney," as it reminded me of the section on page one of my pages on Brooke, and the breakdown of the word Philomath .... Philo {love} an old fashioned term for romancing a woman was "Court." Guess it doesn't mean a lot by itself, but when put with everything else, I'm beginning to think the dreams brought forth many clues that will be recognized as time goes by.

Remember the "circle of fire" shown in The Campfire Clock Dream, where Many Arrows pointed? Take a look at the flag for New Mexico!!!

The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain. First brought to New Mexico by Spanish explorers in 1540. On New Mexico's flag we see a red sun with rays stretching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the Zia. The Zia believed that the giver of all good gave them gifts in groups of four. These gifts are: The four directions - north, east, south and west. The four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. The day - sunrise, noon, evening and night. Life itself - childhood, youth, middle years and old age. All of these are bound by a circle of life and love, without a beginning or end.

{Another quote from page 5} .... The young woman wore a white T shirt, cut off jeans, and she was barefooted with cuts on her heels. I noticed dried blood spots on the floor, around her feet. I told her to go have her heels checked. She said she couldn't. / Brooke was barefooted when she was abducted. Her "flip-flops" were found in the area where she had been working. There is dried blood somewhere - Brooke's blood. It may be in the abductor's vehicle.

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I'm going to close this page with this article that I found on the internet. The author is duly noted. My comments will follow his article - of course!

Psychic Detectives

Allow Murderer to Escape Death Penalty

Submitted by Benjamin Radford

posted: 21 September 2009 07:24 pm ET

It is a tragic end to the story, but with more than 500 psychic detectives offering information on the case (and five years of searching and investigation by police, her family, and others) why hadn't Wilberger's body been found years ago?

Why wasn't a single psychic able to tell police where her body would be found?

Why couldn't one of the psychics read the killer's mind, or contact Brooke's departed spirit, and locate the poor woman's body so that her family could find closure?

Why didn't the psychics come forward to remove this murderer's bargaining chip and let him pay for his crime?

If psychics really had the powers they claim, they could save lives and prevent horrific crimes and miscarriages of justice.

It would be an incredible boon to police and the families of missing persons, but their track record of failure speaks for itself.

Comments By Bonnie M. Wells

I don't know Benjamin Radford -- don't need or want to know him -- but I'd like to ask him how much time and effort he devoted to working Brooke Wilberger's case.

Can his efforts match mine? I doubt that. In fact, I doubt he's done much of anything except sit around a criticize other people.

I can't speak for other 'psychics', but this one was {3 MONTHS AHEAD} of the abduction of Brooke Wilberger, and said so immediately. If you go back up this page, {and on page 1 of my Brooke Series} you will see that I immediately wrote to T.C. and told him --- "THIS IS IT." - meaning, this is the case that the discovery of the ring identified. I identified the state the man was from 'before' he was ever arrested, and told that he would abduct yet another young woman before he was caught. I came up with part of the man's name, and a pretty damned good description of him, as well as his age.

Yes, it's a 'tragic story,' but why blame psychics for 'allowing the murderer to escape the death penalty?" That's nothing shy of bs and we all know it. If you want to blame anyone, blame the prosecuting attorneys of this nation, because it is they who are allowing this type of crime to continue.

If I had my way, Joel Courtney and all those like him would be put before a firing squad, and that would be the end of them.

As far as being able to 'tell the police where her body would be found," is concerned .... what more could I have possibly said? I'm living half the nation away from the area in which the girl was abducted from and then ultimately left in, so how am I supposed to be able to direct them to the exact spot?

I said ..... go slightly south and then due west; I named Noon, which is right along the road the killer took when leaving town with Brooke ..... I said 12 miles ... on private property on which there was trails of some sort and I'd guarantee there are 'trails' on any area that's been logged or timbered. I said 'old log/fallen tree' etc. etc.

I've been told that my work was passed on to detectives working the Wilberger case -- and if that is true, then all I can say is this -- they did exactly what dozens of others before them and since them have done with my work -- they laughed at it and tossed it into the nearest trash can. So be it. But no one, not Benjamin Radford, the police, the prosecuting attorneys, or anyone else is going to get by with saying I didn't tell them. I have told them repeatedly in case after case. It has NEVER done any good, but I'll just be damned if I'm going to sit here and allow someone to rip me to pieces and not even defend myself. That's just not my Aquarian style!

Actually, it's the likes of Benjamin Radford that inspired me to create this web site .... him and the liars in uniform ...... those that you could break your back to help and then never receive as much as acknowledgment from when the case is solved. I know, I've sat through it for nearly twenty years now. I've read the glowing reports in the news papers about their 'persistent police work' that only took 12 years to solve the case ..... and then only after the killer confessed and told them where he'd left the victim!! Persistent police work.....hahaha.

It's almost as if I knew the 'psychics' were going to get the blame for not finding Brooke -- oh yeah, I almost forgot - I'm psychic - so of course I knew. Well, here's a copy of the last letter that I sent to D.H. ...... eat your heart out Benjamin Radford. I already knew you were coming, and got the jump on you!!


Don't beat yourself up over this case D-----. It was not meant for you to find her. It was intended for the authorities to find her so they wouldn't have to make the deal that they just made with the piece of scum that murdered Brooke. We could have been rid of one of them, but no, instead they sit on their asses and wait for him to offer them a deal --- her dead body in exchange for his live one. Not much of a bargain, as far as I'm concerned, but it seems to be the way the old game is played ....... and make no mistake about it, it is very much a game.


Benjamin Radford says - "If psychics really had the powers they claim, they could save lives and prevent horrific crimes and miscarriages of justice."

How does Mr. Radford know how many lives have been saved? I don't know, so how could he? How would he know how many times a killer has been turned aside simply because a victim didn't do what he expected her to do that evening - possibly because I [or some other psychic] had warned her in advance?

And how pray tell Mr. Radford, would you suggest that I or others 'warn' all the potential victims in this nation?

The courts of this nation had several opportunities to get Joel Courtney off our streets -- but did they? No, why not? Because of people like you Mr. Radford ...... because of people like you. People who are only too eager to attack innocent people who have done nothing other than devote {donate} thousands of dollars worth of their own time, energy and money to help people..... mostly people who wouldn't give them the time of day, while they turn a blind eye to the arrogance of our courts that continually turn the scum loose so they can drum up more business for them and get more federal funds to 'help fight crime.'

I'm not much on 'fighting crime,' myself. I'd prefer to eradicate it. Stop it cold the first time round and then you don't have to deal with it again.

Mr. Radford says ----- "It would be an incredible boon to police and the families of missing persons, but their track record of failure speaks for itself."

You cannot 'help' those who refuse help, or those that are too lazy to read, or that are too stupid to understand what they have read ..... simple as that Mr. Radford .... simple as that.

And as far as Radford's comment -- "their track record of failure speaks for itself," is concerned .... he is WRONG again.

At this point and time, there are nearly 900 pages on my web site {starlightinnerprizes.com}, hundreds of which are devoted to missing and murdered people. I have worked each case with as much compassion and gusto as I worked Brooke Wilberger's case, and I posted those cases so the likes of Benjamin Radford could be proven wrong ..... and time and time again, I have done that very thing.

I have worked with people that were so lacking in integrity and character that it made me cringe; knowing all the while that if what I told them panned-out they would never admit it. Knowing all the while that they were simply seeking information that they could pass on as their own .... but, that's where I got their asses too, because I keep ALL my emails {in a safe place, I might add}, and I post the cases and date them far in advance of anything that I hand out to the seekers of this old world.

Some of them got me back in 1996 and THEY caused an innocent man to go to prison. I will never forgive them, nor will I ever forget who they are.

Mr. Radford is wrong. This web site stands as evidence; proof; and testimony to my 'track record of success' -- I am no failure. Whatever God gives me to do, I do with all my might, and it was not me who failed in the Brooke Wilberger case.

And anyone who takes the time to read the [6] pages that I have now posted on Brooke's case, can plainly see that I was well ahead of the case, and the cops and the killer - and even the prosecuting attorneys, for that matter. My interpretations of dreams and events should have found Brooke Wilberger within days...... not years. No one followed them.

Anyone out there wishing to add anything to my comments? Send me an email, and I'll be proud to put them up here so Mr. Radford and the rest of the world can see them.


Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic Tracker, Profiler & Dream Interpretor

Responses To This Page & Brooke's Case:

Thank you for posting all of this on your pages. I really do thank you, and you were right all along. If only I had gone another 6 more miles we would have been able to find her and Courtney would be put to death.

Shawna / 10-16-09

Hi Bonnie,

Keep up the good work!

Regarding Benjamin Radford...

I read his article at LiveScience.com

For being a man of science, there is one major flaw in his reasoning...

Yes, the police did receive 500 tips from psychics. However, he makes the false assumption that the police ACTED on the 500 tips. He ASSUMED they did, when they didn't.

That's my take on it.

Ken / 10-16-09

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