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Brooke Wilberger

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The Ring:


Found on February 13th, 2004: I said -

"I do not feel the ring is a "message" from someone who is already "missing." However I do feel it is an "omen" of things to come. The number 3 comes to me as I write this.

The case has not occurred yet. It will be an abduction: The victim will be younger than the missing woman you were wondering about: There may be actual information about a "ring" in the case. Perhaps the "ring" will be a clue to the woman/girl's abductor: The number 3 will be prominent and important: The victim will be abducted, possibly from her "home" since you found the ring in your "home": I'm afraid the "missing stone or set" may indicate that the victim will be, abducted, raped, murdered and removed from her "bed" - meaning her home: Please put this interpretation in a safe place, "keep your ear to the ground," and watch 3. If it pan's out, I will recognize the case, and we will pick up the pieces and go forward from there."

I also mentioned - "western states and Native American" - at that time:

Brooke Wilberger was abducted from her sister's home some [3] months later: She was living in the "western state" of Oregon, and was wearing a "ring" with [3] initials engraved upon it: CTR:

A slight modification of those initials C T and R will give us the initials of the man who has been arrested and charged with Brooke Wilberger's "abduction and murder." His initials are J P and C. The T easily converts to a J, the R to a P, and the C remains the same:

There has been no word from the man who requested my assistance with the discovery of the ring in his bed, and what it could possibly mean. That's okay. At that time, I told him - "Please put this interpretation in a safe place, "keep your ear to the ground," and watch 3. If it pan's out, I will recognize the case, and we will pick up the pieces and go forward from there."

It doesn't really matter that there has been no response from him. I remember, and that's good enough. And my readers remember too, and they all know that page one of Brooke's story has been posted and available on the internet since June 5th, 2004:

My "interpretation" of the discovery of the ring was 100% accurate.

The Campfire Clock:


This dream has been the most phenomenal thus far in Brooke Wilberger's case.

The dreamer lives in Ohio and knows little or nothing about Oregon or New Mexico. Neither she nor I have ever been to either place.

The dream seems to indicate an area in Oregon which is known as Mary's River Park. Now whether Brooke Wilberger's remains are there or not, I cannot say for certain because I live too far away and cannot search the area myself. But considering everything that has panned out in the Campfire Clock dream, let's just say I will not be surprised if Brooke is eventually found in that area.

The Campfire Clock dream has proved to be one of the most accurate dreams that have come in on Brooke's case thus far. Many portions of it have already "panned-out" and have been identified by several people local to the area. Those things are shown on previous pages of this story.

I rate this dream as a 98.5 percentage rate. Only after Brooke has been found will I be able to change the rating.

UPDATE: October 2009: Brooke has been discovered, and the Campfire Clock dream rating has been changed to a 99.9% rating, with the only thing missing being the wooden bridge. Quite remarkable, if you ask me!


The Brook Spoke:


I imagined it looked like my house - ranch, / As indicated on another page by a news clip - this does not describe an actual "house," but does give us a clue as to "where Brooke's killer lived." Rio "Rancho."

I stopped and stood in the yard when I came to 3 fallen rotting trees that had once grown up around a huge rock. / Once again, we have reference to an area that is wooded with fallen trees and rocks. // UPDATE: Courtney buried Brooke beneath a fallen tree!Here's a clip from the news article on page 6 of this series: "He meticulously concealed her body beneath a fallen tree, using ferns and moss, according to authorities."


I looked down and saw 2 snakes. One was a small snake slithering in between the rock and a rotten tree trunk and the other was on a partial standing rotting tree, watching me. I saw the big one's head close up, it was a copper head snake.....

Next thing I knew a man showed up. A tall, 6 foot, slim build of a man. Wearing a short sleeved, button down shirt ( colors of light yellow, white, blue - criss cross pattern) and a pair of dark navy shorts with a lot of pockets, [flipflops on his feet.] He was forty-ish, with a five o'clock fuzzy blond shadow on his face. Haggard, hard-life face, blond hair with strong muscular looking forearms, bleached out blond hairy arms. He reminded me of a beach bum for some reason. / Police say that Joel Courtney traveled a lot - to Florida, to Oregon, to New Mexico.

Florida state flag: Notice the colors - yellow, white, blue and dark navy blue - with a "cris-cross" [X] behind it

I warned him there were snakes in the tree trunks. He said he knew them, they were his and picked the bigger one up that had been watching me. I saw or heard something in the woods behind this man, I asked whats that? He said "oh thats just brook". / This man sees women as "just another snake in the grass," - very low opinion of women.

I then saw something move behind him like a body of water running down the hill.

Then came a womans voice behind me "I'm Brook"( the younger snake) "lets go into the house," I have to do the dishes". / Identification factors: Brooke was "washing" something breakable when abducted:

She was a young girl with long blond hair that kept changing to a copper color. I asked her what is up with your hair? "Oh" she said "that is his idea" They want me to be a copper head, and stay inside that trunk, I don't wanna." /This may be our first indication that Brooke was forced into the "trunk" of a vehicle, and hauled away! If this is the case, she may not even be in the state of Oregon, much less near her home!

"That is his mother out there keeping an eye on me and you" She is a snake".... /Again we are reminded that the person who abducted Brooke sees women - all women as low life snakes that were put here for him to "handle as he pleased." This portion of this dream indicates this opinion of women began with his mother.

"She has been telling him he needs a wife" "I guess I was his wife". /This indicates that Brooke was molested/raped, and that it was all against her will.

I thought it unusual that she was washing dishes for one person. She would wash and show me each the plate and then the cup, holding it up at my face as she dried, for me to see. /This indicates that her abductor was alone. He had no accomplice, and although Brooke tried to talk her way out of the situation, and may have told the man she had to go into the house to do the dishes, he paid no attention to her.

The young woman wore a white T shirt, cut off jeans, and she was barefooted with cuts on her heels. I noticed dried blood spots on the floor, around her feet. I told her to go have her heels checked. She said she couldn't. / Brooke was barefooted when she was abducted. Her "flipflops" were found in the area where she had been working. There is dried blood somewhere - Brooke's blood. It may be in the abductor's vehicle.

Response Page {ONE} For Brooke Wilberger

"Response page [1] is the [third] page in the Brooke Wilberger Series."

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