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Bonnie M. Wells

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72 Hours & Counting:



It has now been more than 72 hours since Brook disappeared and that's very bad. Stats show that the chances of finding a victim alive after 72 hours in these circumstances is about the same as me winning the Power Ball Lottery on the same day that I am elected Pope.

Who ever did this is an experienced SK and may live in the same apartment complex where Brook was staying. I will try and get you a close up map of the area later today.

What is your best thought where she will be found ?

J.F. {Private Investigator}

My Reply To J.F.



Tell them to go south.


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Brooke was a very pretty girl with her whole life ahead of her...so sad,- so very sad.

What gets me is these men have priors of the same type offenses and do a little time and get out only to repeat! Every "repeated" crime gets worse until someone dies!

When are we going to learn there is no rehabilitation for sexual predators?

I say death to the sickos from the start!!! Hell, we put dogs down when they are aggressive and mad, why not these freaks of nature?

These men are not humans they are ANIMALS! Wild, untamable, aggressive, killing animals. Why do we have to wait until they kill? I say "death to them" at the first brutal rape!

First warning sign to law enforcement should be Scoptophilia..the act of peeping at women/children and or being looked at by women/children ( masturbating in front of)

And from what I am reading law enforcement is well aware of this Scoptophilia trait in almost ALL of these psychopathic killers.....

Makes sense to me that any decent man would not do such a thing...In fact any decent man would be repulsed by that kind of behavior. But yet, too many men don't want to make waves, so they stay tight liped and don't speak out against it!

*Lanry and good ole *Wild Bill.....right there are two shinning examples of Scoptophilia!

Wild Bill has gotten away with sex offenses several times, while Lanry has found a way to stalk people legally, secretely and get paid for it to boot! He's no dummy!

Too many have the attitude - "Oh, Boys will be boys" - and laugh about it... but I'm not talking about children, I'm talking about grown men - many with chilren of their own, and one has to wonder - "Can it be inherited? What kind of monsters do we have to look forward to in the future, if it can be inherited?" A very frightening thought.

Laughing and ignoring this alarming behavior only reinforces the sick 'Peeping Tom' behaviors and the feeling that it's okay to do......

I know of 2 men who have been busted repeatedly for masturbating in public.. Big deal, they got locked up for a bit and back out on the streets.. years and years of approaching women or children and mastubating in front of them .... M.A. has been busted 7 times. The last time he was 36 years old and had been doing this since he was 15!

There is probably a thousand more like him right now doing something to someone. What a sick world we have made of this planet, so toxic.....

We are in real trouble in this country... especially women and children.

Men are too but not like women and children...

You have to really wonder the next time you're at WalMart, the Mall, Supermarket, Movie Theater or Gas Station if the guy next to you or just passed you might be a psychopath killer or a psychopath potential killer given the opportunity...

Bonnie in the last 6 years I know of 5 killers... really, really bad ones, 3 have finally been brought to justice for murders they committed, and the other two have not been caught yet. I believe Lanry is one of the two.

So thinking about it, if I have come across paths of 5 in 6 years alone then how many more have I crossed paths with and did not know of, or have yet to discover down the road in News reports?

Thats just a speck of dust in my little world so how many are really out there across the nation?

You have come in contact with one that you know of...How many more have you crossed paths with and had no idea about?

So you see I don't believe when people says it is rare that there is a serial killer or that a psychopathic killer might cross your path.



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Lanry is a fictitious name created by me to represent a man who is playing havoc in the lives of several people, but especially in the life of the author of the above letter.

Marjie is also a fictitious name, created by me to protect the identity of the victim.

These characters will remain Lanry and Marjie within the new web page special that I will soon be posting. It too will be a series and will be titled - TO CHASE A KILLER. It should be as thrilling and suspensful as any story about Wild Bill. But beyond the thrill and the excitement, I want my readers to know and remember - these stories are real. The victims are real. Some live long enough to try to warn people about these psychopaths, while others go suddenly and unsuspecting to their grave at the hands of these monsters.

It is for the victims, and the loved ones of the victims that I write and do my work. The opinions of others is helpful at times, and hurtful at others, but I continue on because the one thing I want to go to my own grave with is the answer to a question the Lord may ask me someday. "When these sheep were being slaughtered, and those swarn to protect them were in fact heaping their own form of cruelty upon them and their loved ones, what were you doing?"

I want to be able to say that I was working my butt off to try to stop the killers, educate the people, help law enforcement, and never, never, never stood in silence.... never judged a case by "who" the victim was ... never rejected a case because of "who" asked me for help ... never turned my back because I didn't care or wasn't getting paid to do the job."


Bonnie M. Wells

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An Arrest Is Made

I've just been reading your page on Brooke Wilberger with great interest. It's fascinating! You're probably already well aware that an arrest has just been made in the case, but as I live near Corvallis I wanted to send you a link to the Eugene Register Guard in case you didn't have access to local news here.


I'm looking forward to discovering more on your website!



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Dear R. H.

Thank you for writing and sending the link. Yes, I'm aware that Joel Patrick Courtney has been arrested in Brooke's case - and I feel he's probably the correct guy. That still doesn't help us find Brooke, though, does it? Maybe he'll be human enough to tell the police what he did with her - at least I hope he will.

I was notified almost immediately when Courtney was arrested, and have since posted 2 separate news articles on Brooke's second page.

When I have time, I intend to go back into her page and show some of the interesting things that have surfaced thus far - for example, they mentioned that Courtney had committed sexual crimes in Washington County - and I'd stated that whoever took Brooke either "looked like Wild Bill or was of the same character as he." Wild Bill has been arrested twice for committing sex crimes in Washington County {Ohio, of course.} Still, the common denominators of "Washington County, sex offender, repeat sex offender, " are right there for the world to see. That's what's so amazing about my work. Sometimes - most of the time - it's as if I'm working blindfolded and with ear plugs, and yet, I give what is sent to me usually through the dreams of other people - often times people I do not know and have never met - and then I give the interpretation, and just wait to see how it comes out.

I guess we won't know too much about the rest of it until she is found. Only then will we see if I'm right about the direction Courtney took her, and what he did with her body.

I worked the Dru Sjodin case the same way I worked Brooke's case and was pretty much right on target, so I'm anxious to see how Brooke's turns out.

Anyway, thanks for writing. I'm enclosing a couple of links I thought you might enjoy.


Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic Detective-Profiler

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Thank you so much for your response. I guess I somehow overlooked Brooke's second page on your website and wasn't aware you had already posted the information about the arrest of Mr. Courtney.

What struck me immediately and sent shivers down my spine was your description of the perpetrator and his history of having committed prior sex crimes (in Washington County). I realize most sex offenders are repeat offenders, but your connection and interpretation was more than coincidentally accurate.

This case is very hurtful for everyone, even and maybe most especially for Mr. Courtney's family. Brooke disappeared the morning of my youngest child's 10th birthday, and her fliers are still posted in nearly every business establishment across the state. We all continue to pray for a miracle, but know the outcome will likely not be a happy one.

Tragically and coincidentally, a woman I grew up with in my hometown of San Jose, California disappeared shortly before we moved from there to our present home in Oregon three years ago. Her name is Jeanine (Sanchez) Harms, and an arrest was made recently in her case as well. To my knowledge, this man has given no information regarding the whereabouts of her body or any other details of the crime, but due to specific evidence recovered long after she went missing, we know she is dead.

Your work must give you much satisfaction, even with all its frustrations. I admire you so much. Have you ever considered utilizing electronic voice phenomena (EVP) as an aid in your investigations? Just a thought! I know of several psychics and mediums who are using it to gain insight into the Natalee Holloway case and feel they are receiving valid information. I've been attempting to record EVP for several months now with no obvious feedback.

I'm going to read the articles you sent now, so thanks again.



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After Courtney's arrest I continued to wonder why a Navajo warrior brought the message to the dreamer. What did it mean? This continued to nag at me until I dug out my Native Tribe Map, and then I saw why Many Arrows had come to the dreamer. Oregon is not a state that was noted for its Navajo population - however, Mr. Courtney was not living in Oregon. He lived in New Mexico. I was astonished to see that the Navajo people lived in New Mexico! Many Arrows had not only told us who Brooke's killer "was not / Wild Bill," but he had served to represent where her killer would be found - in his homeland - New Mexico! I also found it intriguing that although Navajo is pronounced as if it is spelled NavaHO, the correct spelling contained part of the accused's first name "Jo" - with his name being "Joel!"

And I recalled the initials on Brooke's ring - the CTR. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and then wrote her accused killer's initials beside them: JPC ..... How simple it is to convert the J to a T; the P to an R; and keep the C. CTR wasn't exactly the initials of Joel Patrick Courtney, but they certainly were close. Also of some "spiritual interest" is the last name "Courtney," as it reminded me of the section on page one of my pages on Brooke, and the breakdown of the word Philomath .... Philo {love} an old fashioned term for romancing a woman was "Court." Guess it doesn't mean a lot by itself, but when put with everything else, I'm beginning to think the dreams brought forth many clues that will be recognized as time goes by.

Remember the "circle of fire" shown in The Campfire Clock Dream, where Many Arrows pointed? Take a look at the flag for New Mexico!!!

The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain. First brought to New Mexico by Spanish explorers in 1540. On New Mexico's flag we see a red sun with rays stretching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the Zia. The Zia believed that the giver of all good gave them gifts in groups of four. These gifts are: The four directions - north, east, south and west. The four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. The day - sunrise, noon, evening and night. Life itself - childhood, youth, middle years and old age. All of these are bound by a circle of life and love, without a beginning or end.

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The Brook Spoke


I had a strange dream this morning. I doubt if it really means anything but it was very vivid and a young woman named Brooke was in it, she spoke to me.

The dream started off I was hiking through woods, not like the woods we have in [state name removed due to privacy.] The woods were not thick with brush. The floor of the woods had a lot of debris from the trees which I think were mainly of pine needles. I saw a red squirrel running and then climbing a tree. We have no red squirrels where I live.

I came upon a cabin/small house. I was afraid to look at it for some reason. Something blocked my view when I had turned my head to the right to see it. It scared me, it felt like a blindfold was coming down over my eyes when I tried to look.

I imagined it looked like my house - ranch, built into a small hill or on top of a small hill. I started walking slightly up in the yard. The yard was made up of tall thin grasses and a lot of weeds, sporadic clumps everywhere and trees.

News clip: "Joel Patrick Courtney, 39, of Rio "Rancho", N.M" ...

I stopped and stood in the yard when I came to 3 fallen rotting trees that had once grown up around a huge rock. I looked down and saw 2 snakes. One was a small snake slithering in between the rock and a rotten tree trunk and the other was on a partial standing rotting tree, watching me. I saw the big one's head close up, it was a copper head snake.....

Next thing I knew a man showed up. A tall, 6 foot, slim build of a man. Wearing a short sleeved, button down shirt ( colors of light yellow,white,blue criss cross pattern) and a pair of dark navy shorts with a lot of pockets, [flip flops on his feet.] He was forty-ish, with a five o'clock fuzzy blond shadow on his face. Haggard, hard-life face, blond hair with strong muscular looking forearms, bleached out blond hairy arms. He reminded me of a beach bum for some reason. Some one who likes to be at the beach a lot..

News clip: "Courtney, a former mechanic, commercial cleaner and deep-sea fisherman, has a pattern of violence against women, and drug and alcohol abuse, according to police and court records."

News clip: "The citation noted that Courtney wasn't the registered owner, and he gave police a "Cocoa Beach," Fla., address."

I warned him there were snakes in the tree trunks. He said he knew them, they were his and picked the bigger one up that had been watching me. I saw or heard something in the woods behind this man, I asked whats that? He said "oh thats just a brook". I then saw something move behind him like a body of water running down the hill.

Then came a womans voice behind me "I'm Brook"( the younger snake) "lets go into the house", I have to do the dishes".

I followed her into the kitchen. While she stood by the sink I noticed it was an old kind of sink, a big white porcelain deep sink,counter top was old like from the 40s or 50s faded in spots, a greenish blue Formica. One window behind the sink with white yellowed out curtains and two small potted vine plants on the window sill. A breeze blowing swaying the curtains.

She was a young girl with long blond hair that kept changing to a copper color. I asked her what is up with your hair? "Oh" she said "that is his idea" They want me to be a copper head, and stay inside that trunk, I don't wanna" "That is his mother out there keeping an eye on me and you" She is a snake"....

"She has been telling him he needs a wife" "I guess I was his wife".

She washed one plate dried it and then one cup and dried it.

I thought it unusual that she was washing dishes for one person. She would wash and show me each the plate and then the cup, holding it up at my face as she dried, for me to see.

The young woman wore a white T shirt, cut off jeans that were too large for her, and she barefooted with cuts on her heels. I noticed dried blood spots on the floor, around her feet. I told her to go have her heels checked. She said she couldn't.

End of dream.....

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Thus Far:

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We have seen the following things revealed in dreams so far:

Washington County / repeat sex offender / the number 12 / Noon / footbridge exactly as described from the dream in which Many Arrows appeared / a light exactly like the one from another person's dream / the location of New Mexico - "native" homeland of Many Arrows and the Navajo tribe / the partial name "Jo" / and an even more intriguing fact - the name Joel Courtney contains 12 letters!!!

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{from my guest book}

Two Pictures:

Name: Wanda

E-mail: evilgidget2@yahoo.com

IP Address: ""


I am having difficulty understanding how a photo taken on two separate occasions can be at the exact same angle. Absolutely nothing is different in the photo except the dog house. Even the same amount of sky showing in the upper left corner. WOW

My reply, as it appears on my guest book:



You might want to write to the person who took the picture of the dog house instead of me. I live in Ohio, and the case you are questioning is in Oregon.

I plainly state on that page, that the information comes from a local "Oregon" woman, and even provide her email address for those who want to interrogate or question the evidence - which you seem to fit into that category.

All I know is, Brooke Wilberger remains missing, and there are a large number of people who appreciate any help that can be given in her case as well as other missing person cases. And that's all I've tried to do - help in some small way.

But obviously, that's not good enough for some - some who probably never turned their own hands over to do anything for anyone other than themselves in their lives.

So yes, I guess WOW says it pretty well.

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Interest In Noon Road Area:

Letter #1 from A.

Hello Bonnie,

I stumbled across your web site and found it very intriguing. Enough to make me go and wonder around Noon Road. Odd that this area out here was never searched, and there is a nearby rock quarry that came to my mind, when Brooke first disappeared. I had hoped that during hunting season when all of the hunters are out there in the woods that they would came across her. Unfortunately a lot of that is private and so unable to trek through.

I wanted to let you know that regarding the dog house and the painting, the owners that lived there previously are Mormon and had painted that on the dog house after they built the house and then about six months ago they sold the home and moved. The new owners are not Mormon so they just painted over it.

Unfortunately that is the extent of the sign on the dog house. I just wanted to let you know for future reference. However, I am going to go hike up on Noon Rd. tomorrow and see if there is anything I find interesting.

Thanks for your time,


Letter #2 from A.


Hello again,

I am very interested in what you have written so, I drove from the apartments where Brooke was taken, which the number on each building begin with 12, and drove to Noon Rd. It was 6 miles. The property consists of a huge saw mill with two houses. The road to the homes is a sharp left and then a sharp right with a little curved foot bridge and a huge hill with the woods behind. I am thinking of asking the owners if I can hike up there in the woods. Perhaps 6 miles up there. It is all private property up there.

On the other side of the mill is an old road with the river on the right side and an old deserted saw mill on the left. The saw mill has the same light hanging above it as in the girls dream.

I don't know anything, like I said I found this all very interesting as I feel I have a sense for things, sometimes which creeps me out a bit. But I didn't know if this information may help you. The pictures of the bridge is on Bald Hill which is on West Hills Rd. and the people did do a huge search up there last summer. Unfortunately were unable to find anything. But odd as it is, no search has been done out this way like I said.

If you would like I could take pictures of the areas on Noon Rd and the rd next to it. Perhaps it would help you.


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Letters From Argentina:

Letter #1:

Hello, my name is F. and I write you from Argentina.

First of all, I clarify that there can be very much mistakes in my email since I am helping myself with a translator online to write it, but I hope that you could understand me.

I am following closely all the information that you offer on Brooke Wilberger's case, and everything seems to me to be very interesting and real.

I wonder if in any moment you put in touch with the family or the police of Corvallis, in order that they follow your track. I believe this could be very useful.

Really I feel that lamentably it is very late for Brooke, but finding her remains, at least, the family could have the corresponding grief, and have a place where to cry for her daughter.

In addition finding her remains, thanks to the forensic medicine, could be traced the one that kidnap Brooke.

Sincerely, I congratulate you on your site, and expect to receive your response.

Thank you so much!


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Letter #2:

First of all, I want to thank you for writing me back with the last news of the case.

I cannot believe that the police do not notice the first real track that they have on the case, because up to this moment they do not have anything on Brooke's disappearance. What do you think means the finding of these letters written in this place of the Noon´s street?

Your gift is incredible! I would love to possess a gift as yours!

I really don't know why I'm so interested in this case, it is very strange, I always considered myself a person with some kind of a sixth sense, and can sense when something bad is going to happen to me or someone I love, I wish I could explain me well, and this case caught my attention in a way that I cant understand. Do you have any idea of whats happening to me?

For moments, stupid can sound what I am going to say, but I feel as if I was connected in some point to what happened to her, or rather with what she feels or felt in those terrible moments. I don't want to sound crazy so I better stop talking.

Already sign your guestbook, and obviously, already read all the rest cases and I trust in the things that you say.

Thank you so much again.


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Swimmer Reports Strange Feeling

Hi Bonnie,

As a resident of Oregon I was curious to find out how the Brooke Wilberger investigation had been going, and came across your website.

It is wonderful that you have such a sensitive spiritual sense.

Although I'm as in tune as yourself, I have always had a tinge of spiritual intuitiveness which compels me to pass on this bit of information. It could be nothing more than a "feeling," but in the case that it might be helpful, I'll send it out.

After Brooke's abduction, I have felt a certain gravity toward the Mary's River as a link to her case.

I wrote this off as an obvious & unimportant idea at first, as part of the river is just across the road from where Brooke disappeared and this happens to be in the area that I often drive by.

Over the next few months, as summer came along, I was invited to swim in part of the river just off of this area. Despite the fact that I often swim in this river over the summers, there was something horrifying about this particular area at this time. The first time, I wrote it off. The second time, the feeling was even more acute and I could not suppress this very strong sense of horror. I have never had a problem with water, swimming or fear in this way. Often I get small amounts of these feelings when I enter a place where there is a connection to something bad that has happened.

This particular time, it was the same feeling, but just much stronger. At the time, I had this strange feeling of something trying to grab me and tie me down to the bottom of the river.

Anyhow, when I looked at the map on which you have circled "Noon" I was interested to notice just how closely the Marys River flows to this area. Depending on whether measured from the road or the actual "city" mark, it is between a hundred to three hundred feet away.

As I said, this could all be meaningless and my own projection onto the case. If there is anything I can do to help, though, please let me know.


J. D.

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