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Bonnie M. Wells

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Another Psychic

Letter #1 - June 4th, 2005:


Hello, hello!

Just read a good portion of your site and I'm very impressed and relieved. I honestly didn't think anyone else did what I do! I've been helping solve cases for some time and often wish I had help interpreting my many dreams and "visions". Polly Klass was the first young lady I became involved with and I sent a detailed map and dream description to Sylvia Brown who was working the case.

The disappearance of Brooke has stumped me good....I've gotten very few "hits" on her.

One of the few I did get however, is that the abductor travelled West with her. I sent this to the family site a long time ago. This is the one direct thing I got and I'm sure of it. Awhile back I went onto the sex offender site for that area and strongly reacted to a photo there. I'm not sure if he was incarcerated at the time of Brooke's abduction, or if the real criminal looks like the photo. I have a F.A.C.E.S system and I would be happy to work with you.

I sent an e-mail that practically screamed to the local police and I happen to agree with your opinion of some officers. How can they say that an attempted abduction a few weeks earlier had nothing to do with Brooke?????? By the way, the description/sketch of that man looked an awful lot like the sex offender picture!

An Indian guide comes to me now and then too, although I believe he's Lakota. I also have a guide who acts like a "tour guide" in my dreams....I never see him, I just get a voice like James Earl Jones. This is the guide who showed me Polly Klass and the other children who were killed by that horrible man. I saw the old mill and literally a door in the ground that blew away like dust to reveal Polly. I cried hysterically when she was found in a field under a discarded door.

I would love to send you any impressions I get and also the picture of the sex offender and the description of the man involved in the abduction attempt. There was also a road between Corvallis and Noon I keyed in on as a possible place the abductor lived. I will search for that again and send it.

This case is totally solve-able if the athorities reach beyond the "norm" and listen to folks like us. When I saw the first picture of the bridge, I got affirmation goosebumps and didn't want to look at it. This is what happens when I am on the right track. Go with that area, you are right on! Since I go to God for help with the missing, I will continue to pray for all involved. Please write back!

D. Mc.

P.S. I believe the name of the sex offender is S. L.

Letter #2 - June 4th, 2005:


The street was SW Brookline or Brooklane Dr, just south of 26th and rte 20. I don't know the lay of the land, so this is pure "vibe". I don't know if the guy lived there, spied on her from there or what.

I do believe he stalked her awhile and that he's no beginner. I see him in his late 20's or early 30's and think he's been doing this for awhile. I also think he may have left the area with all the heat over Brooke.

I got the name Austin awhile back, just randomly and I wasn't sure which crime it was associated with. I'm thinking it's a city name, like Austin, TX. I do believe she's passed and that he didn't hold her for long before he killed her, too much risk.

I feel she was bound and strangled, possibly stabbed. it would be something up close and personal with him. I feel sexual rage - alot of it. I see light to medium brown hair & blue eyes, fairly tall and with a mustache. He had or has a twisted sense of love for the women he attacks.

"Marked skin" came to me, don't know if it's scars or tattoos. I will ask to be shown the marks so I can tell you.

Although this guy may not be smart in the classic sense, I feel he's experienced and it won't be easy to nail him.

If you need any references about my "work" I can give you some. Oregon has some horrible things happening on any given day! I worked on the Ashley Pond/Miranda Gaddis murders and I got such good info it kind of scared me! I'm throwing alot of info at you. Write back and we'll confer. Okay?

D. Mc.

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Searching For Brooke

Letter #1 from D.H..


First of all, let me preface my remarks by saying that I have never claimed to have prophetic dreams or psychic abilities, but I have had, over the course of my life, strange "gut" feelings that simply don't go away easily.

Two nights ago (Saturday) I was having trouble sleeping and decided to turn on the computer to check my email and browse around. As soon as my homepage popped up, I felt this overwhelming urge to type "Brooke Wilberger" into the search engine. I am from Oregon (Portland area) and honestly have never really followed any details of Brooke's case (perhaps news of the recent arrest was on my mind).

Anyway, I bypassed all the other sites and went immediately to yours. I read about the dreams, the dog box, Shawna's experiences etc, and the pit in my stomach was enormous (and I haven't a clue why- honestly, I'm never like this- I'm usually a very grounded "if I can't touch it- it ain't there" guy (although I've always believed in the paranormal and in people with "gifts").

I printed the twenty pages about Brooke from your site and put them on my dresser and tried to fall asleep (didn't really happen). After a restless night, all I continued to think about was Brooke and the map you showed.

I lived near Corvallis for a number of years in the mid nineties, so I was somewhat familiar with the area.

You can probably guess at this point, but I got up on Sunday (yesterday) and drove to the area you circled.

My first stop was Noon (which is actually a very short private drive- not a town at all). It "appears" to be the property of Mary's River Lumber Company and has "No Trespassing" signs all over.

From the parking lot of the lumber company, I looked across the road to the dog box. I told myself before I left on this journey that the letters "CTR" looked like they may have been drawn on the photo with a computer and I needed to definitely see for myself. I took a pair of binoculars with me and used them to look at the side of the box that was said to have contained the spray-painted letters. I COULD see the paint lines where there was the fresh paint against the oxidized paint.

I then began to go up Noon road- I crossed the railroad tracks and drove past the signs. There was a lumber yard lot, a "Y" in the road (houses on each side) a pond in the middle, and a hill in the background.

I felt very strange- not because I was on private land or anything like that, more because I thought I may be in danger- that kind of adrenaline feeling. I turned around and decided to go to the park you spoke of. I'm not sure you know this, but the park is back in Philomath (not technically in the Noon area). It's kind of behind Main street in Philomath and behind City Hall.

I parked in the main parking area and walked back on one of the trails. Yes, there are posts there with numbers. Yes, I found the footbridge (arched in the middle, 6 inch wide wooden planks spaced 1inch apart). What Shawna didn't mention is that there is the post marked "12" very (yes, VERY) close to this footbridge. I walked across the bridge and to my surprise, I saw a car parked right next to the bridge (a gravel road comes off of Main street down by the water treatment plant and basically dead-ends right at the arched footbridge).

I know its morbid, but I thought "How perfect this area might be to leave a body (if one was thinking like a killer)- you can drive right into this area-- nobody would choose to drag or struggle with a body along a lengthy trail...". To add an eerie irony to the scene, when I walked by the car and peeked inside, there was a folded newspaper on the driver's seat that had a large picture of Brooke on the page - true story!

I looked around the area a while. There is a clearing by this arched bridge and if you look to the north, you technically might be looking toward the backside of that hill (on Noon).

My issues (as many as there are at this point) are these:

I walked around the park for an hour or more and I never felt a fraction of what I felt when I was simply parked on "Private Noon Road".

Yes, seeing the arched bridge and the "12" on the marker post gave me chills, but my attention seemed more drawn to the area of the dog box and to the homes up the hill behind the lumber company on Noon road.

The property containing the dog box is completely fenced and a good walk from the main highway- not an easy or hidden area for someone to "tag" with spray paint (it's literally in the middle of an open field area).

From the picture, the letters were indeed in the same "style" as would be found on a "CTR" ring. I also can't help but think about the literal translation- "Choose the Right".

If you are traveling west on the highway (the only direction the letters would have been visible) and you "choose the right" when you see the letters, you would turn onto Noon road.

I've never been involved with anything like this before in my life and I feel like I want to jump in with both feet now after my visit. I had to drive an hour and a half each way and I am anxious to go back (with a "posse" this time!).

In the dream, the park seemed to be the focus... is it possible that Brooke was taken there, but then left further west at "Noon". Could this be why the Indian pointed in the air and shook his head "no"?

Bonnie, please help me with a thorough response- I have all this nervous energy with nowhere to direct it. Do you feel they arrested the right man? Did he act alone? I am willing to be your "feet on the ground"- I pledge this to you. Let's find her together, please.

Thank you for reading this- I hope this finds you and finds you well. Write back soon!

D. H.


My Reply To D.H.'s First Letter:

----- Original Message -----

From: bmwells

To: D. H.

Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 12:12 AM

Subject: Re: Brooke Wilberger


Thank you very much for writing about the Brooke Wilberger case.

I live in Ohio and have never been to Oregon or anywhere in that area. My work is based upon dreams and/or visions. In Brooke's case, as in Dru Sjodin's case, it has been dreams. Most of which are NOT my own dreams.

I do feel that Courtney is the man responsible for Brooke's disappearance and ultimate murder - although, at the rate we find our missing people in this nation, we may never know for sure where she is!

Many times I've asked the same question that you asked me - doesn't anyone care? Sometimes I don't think they do - and then along comes someone like you, and I think - well, maybe there's a couple of us! I cared enough about a stranger to work several hours researching; typing out and then interpreting other peoples dreams { dreams that I paid long distance phone bills to get, I might add}; hours of doing map research; building the web pages, putting the backgrounds on them, doing all the html codes myself, and posting them usually in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is asleep. {Posting dates are usually at the very bottom of each page} - and obviously, if it took 21 sheets of paper to print out all my work on Brooke's case, then you can imagine how long it took to actually do the work.

Even Shawna's pictures and her research work had to be converted to fit my pages, so there was a lot of time invested. So far Shawna is about the only one who's said thanks. Most people only want to ridicule and criticize me and my work. They do not want to see anything that pan's out- but are very quick to question anything that doesn't look just right - even though no one can say it's actually wrong until Brooke is found. I went through the same thing in Dru's case - letter after letter of criticism, and not one word of thanks from anyone - especially the cops or other's working her case.

So, I'm going to be slow to encourage you to jump in there with both feet, because there's no thanks, no credit, nothing except rejection, ridicule and cruelty. And I can guarantee - any reward that is ever given will never come to me or anyone working the psychic aspect of the case. If they can't give it to the killer himself !!! then they will give it to a member of his family!!! Remember the Unabomber - always remember the Unabomber. His family stood in blind ignorance for 18 years while he destroyed people's lives, and only after the reward reached one million dollars did his brother begin to see similarities between his writing and those sent to news papers!!! Yeah, right.

[ irrelevant portions removed ]

I can't explain the Indian. He's come to me and a friend of mine several times, but I can tell you that he was pointing at Wild Bill and shaking his head no.

I said then, and repeat now - "It was not Wild Bill but it WAS someone like him - same character - same warped mind - sex offender. Wild Bill has committed sex crimes 2 times against women in "Washington County {Ohio} and it turns out that Courtney has been jailed for committing sex crimes in "Washington County" {Oregon!} - and you know something that I thought of a day or so ago - those fires - all those camp fires in the dream - and all those fires they are fighting in our western states right now!!

Could it have been a time period? Could it have shown when Brooke's killer would be caught? Could it also have indicated summer time {camping time}??? Possibly. If so, then my work is still right on track, and if that much of it is correct, then the rest is also.

By the way; CTR was painted on the dog box by the people who formerly lived in the house and who were Mormons. The house was sold to new people who are not Mormons and so they painted over the letters - or at least that's what I've been told, so that part of the puzzle is solved and didn't amount to anything.



Searching For Brooke

Letter #2 from D.H..


Thanks for your reply and congrats on the new pup! (I am a huge animal lover, have two dogs of my own and have also rehabbed wildlife...).

I have just minutes before needing to leave for work, but I had to check my mail for your possible reply.

To respond to a couple of points: I DO want to jump in with both feet- I don't know that I even have a choice after visiting the two sites.

I will NOT accept any reward offered by the family or anyone else- this I can easily promise! As far am I'm concerned, the family should put their money to better use (pursuing more of these monsters) and any other monies should go there as well.

I can not honestly tell you why I care so much- I always have found causes here and there (like rehabilitating wildlife) and yes, I most always jump in with both feet only to turn around to see others meandering slowly behind me.

I am sincere in my efforts- I am truly of the belief that the family needs closure in this case (and ALL cases like this one).

I've seen it on the news a dozen or more times- someone is arrested, convicted, perhaps even executed and the family doesn't ever feel peace until their loved one is "returned home".

Alive or dead- I think parents always have an overriding need to know where their children are- that's all I can figure is fueling me.

Thanks again, Bonnie. I don't know where to go from here, but stand poised and ready. You've taken us this far- I will always be here on the other end if you need me to confirm/deny anything you think or feel.

Guide me as you see fit- I'm at a confusing place right now...

I appreciate you!



My Response To D.H.

----- Original Message -----

From: bmwells

To: D. H.

Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2005 2:27 AM

Subject: Brooke Wilberger


I dug out my tribal map and would you believe Navajo is written in big, bold letters across the top of New Mexico!!! And I am impressed!

Many Arrows indicated where the killer was from!! I am really impressed. See, I'm the worst one in the bunch! Every time a dream pans out I get so excited and so thrilled. I'm like a kid in wonderland!


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----- Original Message -----

From: Child Seek

Received: January 13, 2006 at 7:02 pm:

Subject: Shawna Wacko


You must be as crazy as Shawna Cox if you think she is psychic or even normal.

Did you know she has a arrest record for theft and criminal mischief like painting on dog houses.

Did you know she has been contacted for internet fraud, harassment and identity theft.

Dont believe me? Contact the Albany police, Marion county police, Brookes family.

That is just start

My Response To D.H.

----- Original Message -----

From: bmwells

To: Child Seek

Sent: January 13, 2006 / 8:10pm:

Subject: Brooke Wilberger

You must really be something yourself. Anyone who would write and insult a person whose done nothing but try to help people find a missing girl.... how proud you all must be out in your territory.

I'll be more than happy to post your rude, critical remarks on Brooke's page for a short time before I take the entire thing off my web site. It's simply posted as a "free" effort to help people who obviously don't want any help to begin with, so I won't waste any more of my time and effort on it, and you can be thanked for that - whoever you are.

I'd wish you the best, but why bother


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A Word Or Two From The Owner/Operator Of The Starlight Inner-Prizes Web Site:

After receiving the above letter today, I began thinking about this web site and my efforts, and I decided something needed to be said.

The above letter is not the first rude, insulting and critical letter I've ever received - but I'll tell you something folks, it's pretty near the end of them.

My web site is vast, and covers dozens of cases. Some of the missing and/or murdered are not considered important enough as human beings to even be listed anywhere else on the internet. That has never made any difference to me. I've always felt that one person was just as good as the next, and I have always tried to show my appreciation to anyone and everyone who wanted to help me [or the victim] in any way that they felt they could help.

I never felt the Lord wanted me to do a background search on people who sent me information - regardless of the scope of that information.

I don't know anything about Shawna Cox's background - be it her mental history, criminal history, or financial history. And I never thought I needed to know it.

"Child Seek" and her/his kind will neither make me nor break me, because my psychic work is not within her grasp, and I can [and will] do as I see fit with the stories on my web site, because it is my work. It is all documented and witnessed by thousands, and when the time is right, whatever needs to be done, will be done.

Like I said, I don't know much of anything about Shawna Cox - except the girl has tried to help, perhaps in the only way she had. Personally, I appreciate her efforts -especially if she doesn't have much money or the ability to go out and research things. I think that her efforts and interest should be commended, not condemned.

But I do want to say something to Child Seek [and anyone else who should be interested] This stuff of contacting me and calling me crazy, [as well as a few other chosen names and terms] had best stop, because I can [and will] prove that I am not crazy, have never been under any doctors care for any kind of mental [or emotional] problems in my entire life [and I'm 57 years old]. I have never had as much as a parking ticket in my entire life; am not a welfare recipient and never have been; use no illegal [or legal, for that matter] drugs or alcohol, and never have, and I'm pretty well fed up with the likes of "Child Seek" looking down their ignorant, arrogant noses at me and others who have done nothing to them, and have only tried to help locate someone who is missing.

Furthermore, it's not as if "we" weren't asked to help. When people go to the media and "beg" for the publics help - any kind of help - when they are seen on national tv speaking to psychics; speaking to reporters and there again, pleading for help, then it has always been my belief, that if I or someone who contacts me believes they have something that might help locate the missing person [or as in Dru Sojin's case, the identity of the abductor], then I believe that should be handed to those who request it.

And that's all I've done folks. I have given and given and given - and in my humble opinion, the least the "Child Seeks" of this old world could do is wait until the victim is actually found before they call me crazy - before they ridicule my efforts and the efforts of others who have only tried to help.

Just a few days ago I received a large number of photographs in the mail from a person who lives in the area where Brooke disappeared. These photographs represent another persons concerns and interest in Brooke's case. [They did not come from Shawna]

And these photographs also represent something else - more time, money and effort from me - because they will have to be taken to the dreamer who provided the Many Arrows portion of this story. This particular dreamer does not presently have a computer, and lives more than an hours drive from me. Never the less, I [was] willing to take the photographs to the dreamer, because the dreamer was willing to look at them and see if any area stood out as the possible location of Brooke's remains.

Perhaps we should all get together and see how badly we can slander this person's reputation -- heck, maybe we should all attack the person who spent their own time, money and effort to go out, tramp around the woods, take a chance on getting snake bitten, or injured in some way, spend the money to send me the pictures by land mail, and just see how much damage we can all do to that person's emotions!

And we wonder why we live in a non-caring society. Need we ask why so many of our young people hold no value for life? Dare we ask why so many people refuse to "get involved," - refuse to report things they have seen - refuse to take part in anything.

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So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word. (Psalms 119:42)

Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. [Luke 7:47]

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October 2009; Brooke Wilberger is found!

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6-13-2013 Note: I am adding a new page to the Brooke Wilberger series.

The new page will deal with a book - The Last Time We Saw Her - written by Robert Scott of California.

A link to my new page - All About Brooke - follows.


Bonnie M. Wells

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