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Bonnie M. Wells



Those who know Brooke best describe her as friendly, cheerful and upbeat with a winning smile and a gentle, caring personality.

The 19 year-old Brigham Young University student is further described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall, 105 pounds, blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair, with a scar in her right forearm going from her wrist to her elbow.

Brooke's sister manages an apartment complex in Benton County, Corvallis, Oregon, and when college let out for the summer Brooke decided to stay with her sister for awhile and help out around the complex.

Around 10am, on the morning of May 24th, 2004, Brooke was busily cleaning lamp covers at the complex while her sister drove one of her children to an appointment. By the time her sister returned, Brooke was nowhere to be found.

It is believed that Brooke wore .... a gray Brigham Young University sweatshirt, a light-blue hooded sweatshirt with the words "Fresh Jive" on it, blue jeans, a ring engraved with 'CTR', small hoop earrings, a silver watch, and was possibly wearing flip-flop shoes.

Police say there are signs of a possible struggle inside the building where Brooke was working, and that none of her personal possessions were taken with her when she left, therefore leading many to believe that Brooke Wilberger was abducted and forced to leave the area against her will.


The following information was sent to me on or about February 16th, 2004. I have never met the person from which it came although we have communicated via email for a year or so.

On February 13th, the "informant" changed the sheets on his/her bed. They slept in the bed that night and remade it the following morning. That night, February 14th {Valentines Day} when the person folded the blankets and sheets back before climbing into bed, they discovered a small, silver ring lying in their bed.

The ring was discribbed to me as one that might belong to a girl, not an adult woman. It was not an expensive ring, and the set was missing from it.

The informant has worked several missing person cases, and at the time they sent the above information to me wondered if the ring might be a "message" from one of the missing women.

As I re-read the informant's letter and description of the ring, I began to "tune in to" the ring and replied with the following message .....

"I do not feel the ring is a "message" from someone who is already "missing." However I do feel it is an "omen" of things to come. The number 3 comes to me as I write this. I do not know if it is 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, etc. but I advise to watch "3" in all ways, as I believe "the ring" is symbolic of several things.

The case has not occured yet. It will be an abduction: The victim will be younger than the missing woman you were wondering about: There may be actual information about a "ring" in the case. Perhaps the "ring" will be a clue to the woman/girl's abductor: The number 3 will be prominant and important: The victim will be abducted, possibly from her "home" since you found the ring in your "home": I'm afraid the "missing stone or set" may indicate that the victim will be, abducted, raped, murdered and removed from her "bed" - meaning her home: Please put this interpretation in a safe place, "keep your ear to the ground," and watch 3. If it pan's out, I will recognize the case, and we will pick up the pieces and go forward from there."

We discussed the ring no more between February and May, as our minds and time were occupied with other cases and events, one of which was the Dru Sjodin case. {That case is profiled elsewhere on this web site.}

I will not give the informant's name, because just as my name, it is irrelavant. However I must state here and now that the initials by which this person goes, as far as e-mail is concerned are ....T. and C. and of course the Ring that they found was what our conversation was about.


Old time "cowboys" of the west used to place an ear to the ground to see if there were horses riding fast behind them. Granted, some were "outlaws" running from the sheriff, and had good reason to wonder if they were being followed! However, it was also a Native American trick that was used to determine thundering herds of buffalo, wild horses, and the U.S. Calvary! It was also a trick that could be used to locate running water, such as brooks, streams, rivers and water falls. It probably wouldn't work well in todays world .... with all the modern traffic and such, so why I told T.C. to keep an ear to the ground, is something I could not answer for some time. In fact, I almost cut that part from my reply because it sounded so stupid. However, years of sending Detective John Winstanley bizarre messages that I did not understand myself until they "panned-out" has taught me ..... if it comes, then you write it down. It is not up to me to pick and choose from those things which are given to me.

When Brooke Wilberger disappeared {and was in all likelyhood abducted}from where she was staying/home in the western state of Oregon on May 24th, I pulled the correspondence up and re-read it. Then I wrote another letter to T.C. and said ... "This is it."

19 year old Brooke was several years younger than the woman T.C. had thought the "message" was about. She disappeared on a Canadian holiday known as Victoria Day precisely 3 months and 11 days from the date T.C. found the Ring..... and she was wearing a ring with the letters CTR inscribed on it! And I was impressed .... again! My job doesn't pay much. It's long, lonely hours of pecking away at the computer while the rest of the world sleeps. There's not much credit or thanks involved in my job, and a lot of ridicule and rejection. But I thank God for my job, because it is through His grace that I am able to stay ahead of the killers. It really doesn't matter that the world doesn't listen most of the time. I listen, and that's what's important.

So far the search for Brooke has covered hundreds of acres. She has not been found, so obviously I was correct on another point. "She will be taken away from where she was abducted."

Of course I hope and pray that I am wrong about her being raped and killed. Heck, I'd like to be wrong about her being abducted. I'd like to see her come walking into her home and say she'd just took an unannounced vacation .... but, I'm really afraid this is not going to be the case.

As I told T.C. in the beginning. After I recognize the case, we will pick up from there and go forward. What we need to do now is find Brooke. Where is she?

I turned to a map search since I am not the least familiar with Oregon.

When I first looked at the above map I noticed Wellsdale, north of Corvallis and Dry Creek to the "south."

I feel a pull toward the Dry Creek area and possibly to the west, so I'd have to say ..... slightly south, and then west.


I have been contacted by a woman who has had prophetic, as well as revelationary dreams concerning other cases. This woman has a daughter named Victoria, and I was in fact hoping that something might be channeled her direction since Brooke disappeared on Victoria Day.

The dreamer had no clue as to what her dreams meant, and was not familiar with Brooke Wilberger's case at all. I believe the dreams pertain to Brooke. I will present them, and then present my interpretation for them.

Dream Title: The Campfire Clock


Date of dreams: May 29th & May 30th:

The dreamer was in an unfamiliar area and was walking along a street when she noticed a Native American whom I identified several years ago as Navajo warrior Many Arrows, { and who has come to several people in dreams over the years} standing by a campfire in a wooded area only a few feet from the place the dreamer was. Many Arrows motioned for her to come to him, and she stepped from the concrete she'd been walking on into the grassy area which led to the campfire and the Indian.

As the dreamer approached the campfire, Many Arrows began walking deeper into the woods, and motioning for her to follow him. He spoke no words as she followed along behind him, and peered in first one direction and then another.

There were several "trails" in the wooded area and the dreamer thought it must be a park, a national forrest, wildlife preserve or a camping area. The two continued to walk along with no words spoken between them. First they walked along a trail that curved slightly to the right, then curved back to the left, and once again to the right.

A small hill loomed just ahead of the pair as they continued their hike through the woods. As they began to climb the hill, Many Arrows stopped, looked back at the dreamer, turned to face the hill again and pointed upward, into the air.

The dreamer looked to where the Indian was pointing and suddenly a circle of small campfires appeared in the air. The fires were placed as the numbers on a clock would be placed, and right in the center of the circle of fire was the face of a man who is pretty well known here in southeastern Ohio as Wild Bill! The dreamer was shocked, and turned her gaze from Wild Bill back to Many Arrows, who was shaking his finger at Wild Bill and shaking his head "no."

He looked from the circle of fire back to the dreamer, and then back to the fires, while continuing to shake his finger at the image of Wild Bill and shake his head "no." {end of that dream}

The next night, the dreamer had the exact dream with the exception that in the second dream Many Arrows took her across a wooden footbridge which had a slight arch in the center of it. The bridge was constructed of wooden boards about 6 inches wide which had been set approximately 1 inch apart. Again the dream ended with the circle of fires and Many Arrows pointing at Wild Bill and shaking his head "no."

Many Arrows; Navajo Warrior; Photo - 1903

The "Oregon Trail"

Although the Navajo were not prominent in Oregon, I believe Many Arrows came to the dreamer because he knew she would report to me, and he knew which area of the country I was concentrating on in my search for Brooke Wilberger. I do not think "Navajo" is as important as "Native American/Indian". My reasoning will become aparent.

Based upon the two dreams in question ..... and these are the only dreams thus far that I feel concern Brooke's disappearance - I conclude that Brooke was taken into a wooded area. Possibly one in which a wooden foot bridge exists - although this bridge might also be symbolic of crossing a brook or stream, and therefore might simply be to show what case we are looking at .... Brooke:

I believe Brooke's abductor was "on foot" when he abducted her, but soon placed her into a vehicle.

He may very well have had a "campsite" somewhere near the area where Brooke was working and perhaps had been watching her for awhile before he made a move against her.

Wild Bill is a "stalker", a "sex offender" and a "window peeper." It is highly possible that whoever abducted Brooke had been watching her for some time - perhaps even before she came to stay with her sister. I believe this is why the "image of Wild Bill" was presented to the dreamer. Whoever abducted Brooke either "looks like Wild Bill" or is of the same character as he. However, Wild Bill is "not" the one who took her. That's why Many Arrows was shaking his head "no."

The small fires set in a clock pattern remain somewhat a puzzle to me, and I cannot help but think it has something to do with a "time period." And of course the number 12 is emphasized.

As with the ring that TC found, I cannot say whether this 12 is 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 years, etc. However, we know for a fact it goes beyond 12 hours and 12:00 o'clock noon or midnight. However, since no one seems to know exactly what time Brooke was abducted, perhaps it was right at noon. There is also the possibility of 12 miles: It could also be a road or street number, house number, etc.

I just do not know what the 12 stands for, but feel very confident it will show up in Brooke's case.

I would urge police and search teams to check very closely any wooded camping areas, hiking trails, etc. and search in any direction that the 12 might be emphasized.

My Hopes

It is my sincere hope that none of this "pans-out" and that Brooke is found alive and well.

If it were within my ability, I would help search for Brooke. But I cannot travel from Ohio to Oregon, so I have given all that is within my ability to give, at least for now.


Bonnie M. Wells


Following is an email I received on 2-15-05:


My name is Shawna and I run a missing site on Brooke Wilberger. I came across your info on Brooke and was wondering if you had any new thoughts on where Brooke could be or if she is still alive.

I've had several dreams that she could be locked up like in a basement type setting and the walls were painted grey and there is a small boxed window and an oblong light fixture with metal around it.

Now I dont know what this means but if you can email me back that would be great. Here is the link to the Brooke site...thank you.

Shawna's Site:

My Response:

In a phone conversation with Shawna shortly after recieving the above mail, I told her that I believe Brooke is dead, and that it is highly possible she is dreaming about the last place that Brooke was alive. Shawna informs me that she saw the outside of the building in her dream also. I advised her to go to the area where Brook was last seen alive and drive around that area to see if she could locate such a building. Especially one that had interrior such as was in her dream.

Shawna said that she had in fact already spoken to a man who described the interrior of a nearby building almost exactly as in her dream.

Based upon the work that appears upon this page {which is all I have on Brooke's case} I do not believe Brooke is being held captive, as Shawna thought, but I do believe it is possible she was taken to this room and perhaps murdered there.

Even now, I continue to think that the area directed on the map on this page is the location of Brooke's body, and I especially believe that the area of "Noon" on the map should be gone over very carefully.

See map: Corvallis, take route 20, pass Philomath, on to Flynn and stop at "Noon." Special Note: Shawna has informed me that the name of the street is also "Noon":

More Info

I have received information from Shawna in the Corvallis area. She used this web page as a guide in her search of Corvallis and surrounding areas. 12 was the maximum number on which she searched - meaning she went no further in any direction than 12 miles. The results were astonishing!

There does not appear to be much "searching for Brooke" taking place in the area, and I do not understand this any more than I've ever understood it in my own area. Doesn't people realize the more time goes by the less likely the case will ever be solved?

Personally, I'm fed up with the attitude that "nothing will bring the missing/dead person back," so there's no hurry in finding out who took the person. This is absolutely insane. In almost every case the men who do these type of things are repeat offenders. If someone had found him earlier perhaps Brooke would not have been abducted. If he can be found now, maybe some other family will be spared the grief that Brooke's family and friends are now going through. So come on folks, wake up. We really are our brother's keeper. We must help one another before the wolf comes to our own door.

Following are some pictures that have been sent to me. I will present the picture and then, below the picture I will show the portions from the dream that fit into the reality:

Special note: Notice the similarity between "Shawna" and "Shawnee" - an Indian:


The Dream - The Reality:

"There were several "trails" in the wooded area and the dreamer thought it must be a park, a national forrest, wildlife preserve or a camping area. The two continued to walk along with "no words spoken between them.":

Shawna says this area is in fact a "park" - just as the dreamer thought:

"a wooded area: she stepped from the concrete:

"Many Arrows took her across a wooden footbridge which had a slight arch in the center of it. The bridge was constructed of wooden boards about 6 inches wide which had been set approximately 1 inch apart."

"deeper into the woods: There were several "trails" in the wooded area:"

A small hill loomed just ahead {See Map: Notice "West Hills Rd." Notice that if you were traveling from Corvallis toward "Noon," West Hills Road would be "just ahead"of you. Also notice that as you leave Corvallis and go toward Noon, the road itself curves slightly to the right, back to the left and then right again, just as the dreamer described:}

The dreamer looked to where the Indian was pointing: The fires were placed as the numbers on a clock would be placed:

Shawna has gone to this area and "pointed out" several things that I believe are valuable in Brooke's case. She has informed me that the trails within this park are "numbered."


I have mentioned "numbers" several times during this report, and if the reader will go back and re-read the section titled "Spiritual" they will see that I mentioned "the ring" that T.C. found on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day represents "love":

Now the thing that I find intriguing is this - I did a dictionary search to determine the meaning of the name Philomath. Of course the word in its entirety does not exist, so I broke it down into two words - philo and math:

Philo - meaning: "loving, liking, having a predilection for:

And of course we all know that "math" means - "numbers."

And so, as far as I can determine at this time, our attention is once again directed toward the Noon area, via "love and math" - Philomath! And I really am IMPRESSED! Not with myself, for I am nothing in the final scheme of things, but I am so impressed with the way the Lord grants me the ability to try to help those in need by identifying things within dreams.

There is so much information within this page, and as far as I can determine at this time, a great deal of it is 100% on target in an area of our country that I have never in my life seen. I have never known anyone who lived in the area until Shawna contacted me, and began to work with me. However, this page was posted long before Shawna contacted me, and in fact is the reason she contacted me.

T.C. in the ring discovery lives in South Dakota, and we have never met either. Nor have I ever been to South Dakota. We met via the computer and in consideration of the Jodi Huisentruit case, which I have given some attention to, and do believe I have some excellent leads in. However, my information does not appear to be what those in charge want to hear, so Jodi's case has been put on the back burner {in my book} and others that people are actually interested in solving have been moved forward.

PS: Since there appears to be so many clues within this page concerning numbers, places, etc. I cannot help but wonder if the name of the person who abducted Brooke doesn't also appear here in some form - perhaps camoflauged in some way. So, I'm going to list a few names, and when her case is solved, we'll all come back here and see if I hit the target with any of them:

First and foremost is the name William in any variation, but especially "Bill." Then comes - James, Jim, etc. / Phillip / Shaun / Michael-Mike / Joseph-Joe,etc. / Sandford-Sandy:

The Light In Shawna's Dream

The above light is almost exactly like the one that is mounted on the side of the house on my rental property where my daughter lives.

I believe this was shown to Shawna so she could indentify the person who would "shed light" or "light the way" in the psychic search for Brooke Wilberger. Somehow the spirit world {of which Many Arrows has been a part for many years now} knew that mankind would need assistance in solving the case. And they knew me well enough to know that I needed "identifying factors" before I'd jump into the case. It was also so that Shawna and I could identify one another and work together with trust.


When Brooke disappeared she was wearing a ring that had CTR engraved on it. I did not know what the initials stood for and thought perhaps it was a school thing, or the initials of a boyfriend, or someone else in Brooke's life. Until February 22, 2005 the initals were of little concern to me. Then everything changed.

Shawna's first trip into the "Noon" area revealed several things, some of which are the wooden foot bridges pictured earlier on this page. But probably one of the most astonishing things she found was the following:

The discovery of CTR painted on the side of this dog box made it imperrative that these initials be identified.

Shawna reported the discovery to a police officer in the area and was more or less told that it was none of her business to begin with - {yeah, these are the same people who ask the public for help, and then insult every person who tries to help them! Strange damned way to operate police forces, but it going on all across this nation.} Anyway, he informed Shawna that CTR was a "Mormon" thing, and it was common to see it painted on houses, building, etc. Shawna, being of the Mormon religon herself immediately knew the man was incorrect, because she had never seen CTR painted on anything in her life, and didn't even know what the letters stood for - so just how "common" could it be?

Needless to say, Shawna and I were not impressed with the know-it-all cop {and yes, we have his name} and so we set off on our own search to determine what the letters meant and just how "common" they were.

I went after the meaning while Shawna did a little more exploring:

A lady by the name of Sandra was very helpful. She explained that CTR stood for "Choose The Right," and it was in fact a Mormon tradition much like "WWJD" {What Would Jesus Do} was popular among other religons, and served as an identifyer when young people met. Sandra sent me several links that showed some of the rings.

Meanwhile, Shawna was calling Mormon friends and asking if they were aware of how "common" it was to see CTR painted on houses, garages, barns, fences, dog boxes, etc., etc. and she was watching everywhere she went, and had friends watching. The cop seemed to be the only person who thought this was "normal and common," and no one could find it anywhere except on the dog box where Shawna had first seen it!

Well, Surprise, Surprise!

On Sunday, February 28th, 2005, Shawna and the same friend that had seen the CTR painted on the dog box returned to the Noon area to once again see if they could find any other clues that are posted on this page. They were astonished to see the same dog box, but this time without the CTR!!!! Someone had painted over the letters!

If you look at the photo carefully you can actually distinguish the new paint from the old.

Now, I've done some painting in my time, and I can tell you right now that it is not normal for anyone to be outside painting this time of year. The temperature should be 75 degrees before you paint outside. It has not been that warm, and I can think of no logical reason that anyone would have painted just the portion of a dog box that had contained these letters - can you?

And more importantly, WHY would they have chosen this precise time period to do such painting?

Well, Shawna hasn't said much, but anyone who knows me, knows that my mind immediately went to the smart-assed cop who wasn't the least bit interested in finding Brooke Wilberger and who only seemed intent on insulting a woman who was only trying to comply with police requests.

I wondered - where does he live? Does he know the people who live in the house by the CTR dog box? Did he warn them? If so, why? But most important of all - why were those letters painted on that dog box to begin with, and WHEN were they originally painted on it? Were they there "before" Brooke disappeared - or did they show up afterwards??

I have studied psychopaths and serial killers until I can almost name them and their characteristics in my sleep. One thing that I have noticed is that they want to brag - but in such a way that few or none can actually figure out what they are saying.

Another thing I've noticed is the exceptionally high number of fruit cakes - pedophiles, arsonists, serial killers, etc are attracted to police work. If I was a cop, I wouldn't want to do anything that would bring attention to myself as far as a murder investigation is concerned. And if I were the sheriff or the chief of police and one of my men did such a thing, he could bet his arrogant little ass that he'd head my list of suspicious characters.

But, thank God I'm not in such a position, because if I were someone would be doing some explaining about a dog box repainted in the dead of winter - right after it was reported to a certain cop. Yes, sir, someone would be doing some talking - and then I'd draw a hard line, round up my boys, saddle up my horses, and we'd all meet back at Mary's River Park, because Justice Is The One Thing You Should Always Find:

Brooke's "News" Page

Bonnie M. Wells

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This story is part of the Panned-Out Dreams Series, as well as the Without A Trace Series: {PC-21}

6-13-2013 Note: I am adding a new page to the Brooke Wilberger series.

The new page will deal with a book - The Last Time We Saw Her - written by Robert Scott of California.

A link to my new page - All About Brooke - follows.


Bonnie M. Wells

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6-23-04 Note: Little did I know that even as I posted the above story, former president Ronald Reagan was drawing some of his final breaths. He passed away in the afternoon of 6-05.

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