Brown Eyed Boy


Bonnie M. Wells


Through the tears, the years, the strife and the joy

The clock turns back for mama's brown eyed boy

*****First born son of Dick and Stella(Frazer)Martin*****

Born February 9th, 1952 on a cold and windy night

How the Angels in Heaven must have cheered at his sight

Born of a family.....all eyes of blue

He was like....a dream come true

*****His name was...Richard "Michael" Martin*****

Born of a simple life.....neither fortune nor fame

How the Angels in Heaven must have rejoiced at his name

An Aquarian...sent as a blessing and a joy

So it was, for mama's brown eyed boy.

*****Younger brother to....Bonnie May Martin*****

The rolling hills of Little Hocking, Ohio ....would be his home

And the Angels protected....as those hills he'd roam

Such boundless energy in a little tyke

What a worker.....that "Little Mike."

*****Older brother to.....Robert Lee Martin*****

He grew up strong.....with senses keen

How the Angels did marvel at the boy they seen

He saw life...and the world as his toy

And the master of the game...was mama's brown eyed boy.

*****Oldest brother of.....Charles Eugene Martin*****

Now "the boys"....numbered three

How the Angels in Heaven must have sympathized with me!

Cows to milk, hay to pitch and horses to ride

In the challenge....lay Michael's pride.

*****Big brother to.....Patricia June Martin*****

Graduation from Warren High School....that spring day

And I knew the Angels had guided his way.

He learned to be cool....and coy,

As the man emerged from mama's brown eyed boy.

*****Sergent Richard Michael Martin*****

In the United States Marines, upon the U.S.S. Roosevelt

How the Angels in Heaven must have blushed at the pride we felt.

He learned to fight.....and learned it well,

Of his battles won....no man can tell.

*****Husband to Joyce Dxxxx Martin*****

Father of Sally, Scotty and Tommy.

And the Angels in Heaven smiled contentedly.

Now his "little ones" were his source of joy,

And it showed in the face of mama's brown eyed boy.

*****Brakeman.....Richard Micahel Martin*****

Local Chairman of the United Transportation Workers Union, B&O Railroad,

And the Angels did guard him as those cold steel rails he rode.

Sometimes adversary.....sometimes friend,

But always, I loved him.....from beginning to end.

*****Dear Richard Michael Martin*****

None shall ever forget that fateful November day,

When from the arms of your sisters, the Angels of Heaven lifted you away.

Gone....along with part of our hearts and most of our joy,

Mama's one and only....brown eyed boy.


"In Loving Memory of Richard Michael Martin"

February 9th, 1952 - November 24th, 1986

Cause of death...massive heart attack after just being given a "clean bill of health" and told by a cardiac specialist that there was 'nothing wrong with his heart'!!



Bonnie M. Wells


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