Buffalo Bird Woman

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Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic Help Requested

August 2002: A few weeks ago I was contacted by a private detective who asked for my "psychic" assistance in an old 1996 case. As far as everyone in this area was concerned, the case in question was solved. I'd never been convinced that it had been "solved correctly" though, so I agreed to lend a helping hand ...... or mind, whichever one chose. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to do something that I really enjoyed. Read! I loved to read court transcripts, police reports, autopsy reports, witness statements, anything and everything about a murder case ...... any murder case, but especially one that I'd already felt "involved" in due to spiritual information.

And so it was that I agreed to "take a look" at the case of murder victim Sheree Petry and her convicted killer Dennis Rydbom.

There are many places on this web site where a person can read various portions of the Petry story as I pieced them together back in 1996. However, until now, there were many "pieces" that I did not have myself. Well, I did have them, I guess, and I did send them to Detective John Winstanley as well as Marietta Police Officer Greg Nohe, but until right now, I was never told how "on the mark" my words really were.... perhaps because no one ever noticed. No one ever took the time to actually read what I wrote and see how it all fit together like a hand in a glove. Except me, that is. I wrote it all down and sent out the copies. But I kept the originals, documented them as they unfolded and watched as the world went blindly ahead.

Ahead Or Behind?

When Sheree was murdered, I immediately felt that someone had acted out my Sey Von Sharee story. I would continue to believe this in spite of the conviction of Dennis Rydbom, a man whom I did not know.

I had said many things to "my cop friends," all in an effort to get ahead of a killer. It would be several years before I realized just how far ahead of him I'd always been ....... and how far behind me the rest of the pack really was.

Supernatural Events

There is another woman who contacted me recently, and tonight I must write about the events of this past week because they are so supernatural that even I am astonished. Either that.....or, we are continuing with our "duplication," which is a damned scary thought.

Jennifer Short contacted me via this web site by signing the guest book and asking that I get in touch with her as soon as possible. I did, and the information she has given me in the past few weeks has been very interesting to say the least.

Strange Experience

August 15th, 2002: There was a break in the Fox News program that I was watching and I decided to go to the kitchen and refresh my cola drink, but before I could do so a news flash came across the screen. Another girl was missing. This summer had been a nightmare of one missing/abducted kid after another, and now we had another one. It was the girl's name though that stopped me in my tracks and told me I was back into weird and was about to uncover something of importance.

"Nine year old Jennifer Short has disappeared from her Bassett, Virginia home. Both of her parents have been discovered "shot" to death," the news alert declared.

"Jennifer Short?" What the heck ..... that was the "exact" name of the woman who recently contacted me.

I tried to shake the feeling that something strange was beginning ......

"Coincidence, simple as that," I told my husband as I started for the kitchen. But ..... was it?

I thought of Carol Gordon, and how she had been shot in Virginia back in June of 1998.

As far as I knew Carol Gordon's murder had not been solved, although Detective John Lyerly had been concerned enough to drive to my home from Front Royal, Virginia in order to meet me and speak to me about the case.

I appreciated the man's efforts, and continue to believe that he thought I had a pretty good theory going. However, it doesn't always seem to matter what the cops and I think. At least not for now.

Carol Gordon case

Jennifer Short case

Really Into Weird

Once in the kitchen I refilled my glass and sat down at the table where the daily mail still lay stacked in a neat pile. Advertisements, a couple of bills, everybody and his brother wanting me to use my credit cards and charge this or that, and a packet from one of the Native American groups that I usually contribute to at some point during the year.

Instead of the customary name tags, this time St. Joseph's Indian School had sent me a brochure of books and audio cassette tapes that were available from Tipi Press. I loved books ..... all kinds of books ..... anything true. I didn't like fiction, didn't write fiction, didn't read fiction. The real things of my life far outweighed anyone's imaginations.

I opened the brochure and began to read.The very first thing advertised was an audio cassette titled Buffalo Bird Woman, My Life On The Northern Plains. The add went on to say that this story was narrated by Buffalo Bird Woman's great granddaughter ..... Bonnie Goodbird Wells! That's when I about fell off my chair! Two minutes earlier I'd heard the exact name of the person I'd been corresponding with concerning Dennis Rydbom who was supposedly part Iroquois, a tribe originally inhabiting the Northeastern United States..... now this!

Duplications? Again?

These two events stayed on my mind most of the rest of the evening regardless of what I was doing. It was the first time that I'd had two names "duplicated" in one evening, and I didn't know if there was a meaning to it or if it was just another of those strange coincidences that seem to follow me around.

Instinct told me to be alert to "duplications" and their meaning. It was something I'd been aware of for many years anyhow so I was sure I'd notice when they occurred. Little did I realize what I was about to discover within the pages of information I was reading about the Rydbom case!

Bonnie Goodbird Wells

I decided to "analyze" my name and the name of Buffalo Bird Woman's granddaughter ..... Bonnie Goodbird Wells.

My first name is Bonnie. My maiden name had been Martin ......everyone knows Martin birds are "good birds" !! and my married name is Wells.

If a story is "narrated" it is "told" ....therefore I concluded that "the story of Buffalo Bird Woman" is to be told by "me."

Now I can't tell the story of the Native American woman who lived clear across the country from me and died fifty years before I was even born, so what story am I supposed to tell? Do I leave the name "whole" or break it up and analyze each piece of it? I wasn't certain. But I was certain I'd give it one hell of a try from every angle. I never could let anything mysterious alone!

The Eagle Is My Sister

I recalled the warning I'd sent Detective Winstanley right after Sheree Petry was murdered and just before "Jennifer" McCrady was murdered .... I said ....."He has killed my hawk, his next bite will be from my green eagle. I know the eagle, she is my sister."

It was another of my parable warnings, I guess. I never knew exactly what the things I wrote meant but I was just sure Winstanley would recognize them when they occurred. I was just so sure.....

So ... I reasoned .... a hawk is a "bird," and I'd already identified "my hawk" in the murder of Sheree Petry.

Still, (and Winstanley may still be wondering this too .... provided he gave it any thought to begin with) .... what was I talking about when I said "My green eagle and my sister?"

I was warning of "the next crime .... the next local murder," and those who are interested in this continuing drama should see unit eighteen for further details of that crime, although some will become clear within this story also.

The word Buffalo continued to nag at me. If I was the one who was destined to "tell the story" of the "Bird Woman" I had to understand what Buffalo was symbolic of. I turned to my dictionary.

Of course the standard meaning is that of an animal that once inhabited the great plains in abundant numbers. But it was the slang terms that I was more interested in at this point and time.

To "baffle" ...."bewilder" ..... "bluff" ..... or "overawe". I also thought of a common name which almost everyone is familiar with ..... Buffalo Bill. A man who gained a reputation as a great hunter of buffalo.

This made me think of another "Bill" that was never far from my thoughts. I'd called him Wild Bill.


I had to admit, the Petry case continued to "baffle" me as well as many others. I wasn't exactly "overawed" at it, and I figured the term "bluff" might apply to her killer more than to her or something she had done. Perhaps he "bluffed" his way into her home or life. Perhaps not. Maybe none of it meant anything at all.

That only left the word "bewilder" coming from my dictionary excursion. Be wilder..... Why did I think of Wild Bill again? Wild Bill, whose last name contained the German word for "beer". Be Wilder .... pull out the word wild, and you have be ..er, beer remaining. Strange, really strange.

I looked at the name Rydbom. It was a very unusual name as far as I was concerned. Until Sheree Petry was murdered I don't recall ever hearing the name.

I pulled B Y R and D from the name. It was simply another spelling for bird.

I looked closer at the letters in Rydbom's name. Perhaps there were other clues. Perhaps they were nothing at all.

When B Y R and D were removed, all that remained of Rydbom was two letters .... O and M.

O M, according to the only listing in the dictionary meant Order Of Merit, which I found intriguing. Wasn't that the same thing as "order of importance?" Seemed so to me. And if the letters were reversed, I saw M and O .... MO, why that stood for modus operandi / mode of operation. I knew this term because "drugs" had been the "MO" in the Petry case....

Diphenhydramine and Chloroform.......

Old Memories

So many things raced through my mind. I just kept recalling things I'd said to John Winstanley and several other cops, although John had always been my "main man!" He was destined, and I knew it. Had known it from the first time I ever laid eyes on him, but the "mountain" that had to be moved was almost more than I could handle! Now, now .....no one really expected me to admit defeat, did they? I said "almost" .... I'll get it moved, just hang in there!

How many times had I told Winstanley and other lawmen that from Janet Miller right down to the present, all the murders were "connected to me in one way or another, but especially through the word Martin.? I'd said it over and over again. I'd even gone so far as to tell certain, so called "news reporters" the murders will continue to involve the same "names, times, dates, places, etc. and they will continue to be connected to me until (he) is stopped.

Return To Normal

Eventually I convinced myself the "deciphering" of Rydbom's name had meant little, if anything, and what I needed to do was get myself back into "normal" mode ....if that was possible!

I returned to the stack of papers that I'd been reading through for several days now. There were many reports. Each contained important information about the Rydbom case and the murder of Sheree Petry. It was difficult to read such information, and I could only imagine how terrible it had been for close friends and family members. Still, something nagged at me about the case. Rydbom still insisted he was innocent. I guess most prisoners do that though, don't they?

My mind drifted back to the deciphering of words.

Sheree Petry drove a Mazda RX 7.

RX, wasn't that the symbol for drugs, especially prescription drugs? And wasn't it peculiar that Sheree was dumped at the end of 7th Street in Marietta? Did this signify or fulfill part of the title of her own vehicle ....RX 7 ... or was I simply being swept away with imagined possibilities?

Wonder what could ever cause a reasonably intelligent woman with no history of imagining things to begin to see descriptions of material possessions within the murder cases of strangers? Lord, that sounded like a pretty serious condition .... unless she could produce the cases and show a blind person "exactly" what she was talking about, that is!

I couldn't say for certain that what I was looking at was another "coincidence," or if it really was a "duplication." And if it was a duplication, I couldn't say for certain who had engineered it, but there was one thing I could say with certainty .... I knew "who" duplicated, re-produced, identified (or whatever term anyone wanted to use) my gray Corvette. Yes siree, I didn't have any trouble noticing that one. In fact I thought old Wild Bill did an excellent job on that one as well as my gray Pontiac Bonneville! I was actually proud of his accomplishments. Too bad I was the only one who noticed them!

I forced myself to return to the documents at hand.

More Coincidence

Within one page I was stumbling across names of people that had witnessed one thing or another in the Petry case, but the thing that absolutely amazed me was that these same names would show up in months to come as yet more crimes were committed.

I found the names Bill and Bonnie and learned that they owned a Mazda RX 7. The name Hayes surfaced as part of a business, in which I could see the strong possibility that my Wild Bill character would have had reason to approach that business.

Martin was as prominent in the Rydbom case as it had always been in everything else, but I hadn't known back in 1996 that it was part of anything. No one ever bothered to tell me anything. I was beginning to see why.

And I thought, Bill and Bonnie? In May of 1996, when Petry was murdered, my Wild Bill character was living with the other Bonnie and the duplication of me was already well under way.

By October 1996, the husband of one of my lifelong friends was accused of going into the home of a woman named Hayes and threatening to harm her. Everyone knew my friend had not committed the crime, and everyone knew who had. Still, once the charges were dropped against my friend's husband the investigation stonewalled and nothing else was ever done on the case.

It was a real shame too, because had the real offender been stopped at that point, perhaps another acquaintance, Brian Bock wouldn't have had to go through what he went through the following April when "someone" set his Mazda RX 7 on fire which led to an explosion which burned his home and nearly killed his son. That case remained unsolved too.

I was reminded that Bock meant "beer" in the German language.

The names Dunn and Dye were important in the Petry case too and would also be prominent again in the McCrady case.

Sheree Petry's vehicle was abandoned at the home of one of her friends on Riverside Lane in Marietta. This location just happened to be directly across the Muskingum River from where the next victim Jenifer McCrady worked at the old BF Goodrich factory. And Jenifer's vehicle had been abandoned by the river side in Belpre.

But that wasn't all I discovered tucked inside those old case file pages. No, that was only the beginning.

Hayes strike (2006)


Same Names .... Same Games

If Sheree Petry was being stalked (as Rydbom was accused of doing) then chances were real good that her killer knew the name Bock, as well as the name of her friend where the car was left.

If I was right, Sheree Petry was murdered by someone who had killed before. In fact he may have killed several before her and would probably kill several after her before he was caught.

One of Dennis Rydbom's favorite author's was Carlos Castaneda, with his favorite Castaneda book being The Eagles Gift. How peculiar that my sister owned a Native American gift shop on Greene Street in Marietta when Sheree was murdered. The name of her shop was The Eagles Gift. Castaneda was also one of her favorite author's. In fact I knew several people who liked the author and his books. Guess it made all of us suspects in the Petry case, because it certainly sunk Rydbom, who was accused of acting out something he'd read, in The Eagles Gift. Strange how acting out a story, or part of a story made sense when the state said it about Dennis Rydbom, but was considered crazy when I said it.

One of the most astonishing pieces of information that I have come across thus far in the Rydbom case is the fact that a comforter was reported as missing from the home of the woman where Petry's car was abandoned.

Green .....Eagle .....My Sister

Jenifer McCrady was the next murder victim after Sheree Petry. Her husband was a state trooper who drove a vehicle with an eagle on the side of it. At one time he dated my sister. According to one expert witness, a mark on Jenifer's cheek appeared to be a bite mark. It was never DNA tested though, so no one will ever know. But I recognize the warning ..."His next bite will be my green eagle. I know the eagle, she is my sister."

Jenifer McCrady was found wrapped in a comforter in a makeshift grave here in Little Hocking. She completed the "Sleeping Beauty Trio," which began with Kimberly "Fulton" and included Sheree Petry and finally Jenifer McCrady.

Each had been found right at one mile inside the Washington County line, with one at the east extreme, one at the north extreme and one at the south extreme. They all resembled one another in hair color, style and age. They all wore eyeglasses or contacts but none had their eye wear on when found. All were dressed for bed, but none were in their own beds. One was married, one divorced, one single. Their names made up the initials of my sister (P.J.M-F.) and my friend (J.K.S.), whom I had introduced to Brian Bock back in 1990, at a time when Wild Bill was stalking me, but I didn't know it. J.K.S.'s birthday is 6-13.

One victim had my sister's last name .... Fulton, and my friend's middle name Kay. From the last names of the victim's came my sister's initials ....P fromPetry, M from McCrady and F from Fulton, with her middle name coming from the first name of Jenifer McCrady and it being the letter J. However, I have never been certain the killer knows Patty's middle name or if he does I didn't think it counted in these cases as I believed he was after Patty Martin-Fulton. Whereas my friend's initials were made up from the victims first names ....J coming from Jenifer, K coming fromKimberly and S coming from Sheree.

Time Moves On

There were many other "common denominators" within the three cases, but most of those have been listed in various story clips on this web site so I won't repeat them here.

I realize the world doesn't stand still ..... time marches on and so do our crimes. I'm probably one of the few people in this world who continues to look back at these old cases and say ..... "He's picking on me, my family, my friends, anything and everything I ever wrote. He's acting out stories and other things he's read .... like nursery rhymes (Jack & Jill), and old stories I wrote years ago; the names of vehicles, etc.

And, I know it sounds insane. It is insane. If I hadn't seen it done, I would never in a million years have believed it possible. But I did see it done, and I know exactly who did it where I am concerned, and his name is not Dennis Rydbom, Jackie McCrady, Terry Hook, Sammy Davis, or any other among the numerous names of those who the system wants us to believe are guilty.

Jack & Jill [2005 case]

August 18th, 2002

I received a frantic message from another source that I've been working with on the Rydbom case. It went something like this .....

"My God Bonnie, have you heard the news about the little nine year old girl that is missing from Virginia? Her name is Jennifer Short. I saw it on the news and immediately thought of Jenifer McCrady and how she had been shot, and how this kid's name was Jennifer and her parents had been shot.

I remember seeing the name "Jennifer Short" on your guest book. I know it's not the same person because the missing girl is not old enough.

I thought of all you've said on your web site about people dying just because their name "fit" into the warped plans of a madman. Is this what you mean by 'Always connected to you, in one way or another?' My God Bonnie, is this what you have been going through all this time with everyone calling you crazy?"

Another Horrible Coincidence

Until proven otherwise, I must assume that the incident which occurred in Virginia as my grandson's birthday approached (the 17th) and which is but ten minutes away from Martinsville, and that "symbolically murders" yet another person ..... even a new comer ..... in my life, is nothing more than another of those horrible coincidences that I have been forced to live with for several years now.

I just can't stop thinking though .... I had a few coincidences in my life all along. Who doesn't? But none ever required the lives of innocent people, until I met Wild Bill. That's when it all changed. That's when it became deadly.

Yes, this is a prime example of what I meant when I said the crimes centered around me...my name, my family, my friends, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

In Conclusion

This update is being done in February of 2006, and several changes are currently underway for my website. Therefore, I have chosen to move "the rest of the story" to the Jennifer Short section of my website.

As I leave this page, I'd like to remind everyone that the murders of Jennifer Short and her family remain unsolved in the state of Virginia.

I have posted a photo of my granddaughter Mariah beside one of Jennifer Short. I'd like for those reading the page to drop me a quick email and let me know if they think the two girls look as much alike as I think they do.

As I mentioned in "Another Horrible Coincidence" above, this tragedy occurred on the night of August 14th. Mr. and Mrs. Short were discovered on the morning of August 15th, and Jennifer had disappeared, not to be found for several weeks.

You have to move forward to 2004 for the next piece of this twisted puzzle [and a link will be provided on the Jennifer Short page] but on August 14th, 2004, a young man disappeared from a county fair in Kentucky. He was 21 years old, and a law student. His name was John Thrasher.

My grandson is Joshua Thrasher .... his birthday is August 17th. I told Winstanley [and others] repeatedly - "watch for a 3 day spread each direction on a strike date." - meaning: If the precise date was the 17th of the month, then the crime that symbolically duplicates or replaces the 'target' will be sometime between the 14th and the 20th of the month - with a preference toward early, rather than late.

Please see the following link if you'd like to continue with the Jenifer Short drama:

Jennifer Short case

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