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Although there has been no response or reaction from any branch of law enforcement at least one other "common person" such as I, has become interested in trying to help locate Samantha Burns.

That person, who does not want their name known at this time, has taken the psychic clues that I provided, and with a little knowledge of the Huntington area {which I do not have myself}, has gone out into an area that seemed to fit the description as given, and has been kind enough to take several photos of the area.

The photos appear to reveal several things that I originally predicted might be in the area where Samantha Burns is. They also reveal a few other things that I feel are important. I will explain as we work through the pictures.

Above each photo I will list the portion from my own work that I feel pertains to the photo.

I will not give precise directions on this web site, to the area in which the photo's were taken, but am willing to give as many details as I can to law enforcement. I can be contacted via email or by phone .... 740/989/2283: I'm a "night owl" so no morning calls, please!

Police have finally admitted that there is a connection between the Burns case and the Donovan case. The license plate from Samantha Burns' vehicle was found on Alice Donovan's vehicle at the time that Fulks and Basham were apprehended. So that's one more point that I was correct on "before" the news was released. There are several others, with even more expected as time goes by!

Perhaps with some police involvement, or even some dedicated citizen involvement, Samantha Burns could be recovered within a short time, because I continue to believe she is in the Huntington area.

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Photo Number One

"I feel .... electric power lines ... like on the huge metal towers".....

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Photo Number Two

"I feel ... a guard rail" ...

Only after I saw this photo did I realize "guard and rails" were two separate things. Originally, I assumed my "impression" was of a "guardrail" along a road. However, I now realize that was incorrect. The gate that one has to go through is a metal "rail" gate, and the small white building just past the gate is a "guard" house.

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"The abductors may have gotten off 64 and onto 152 and dropped straight into Wayne county, or they may have stayed on route 64 until they hit Wayne county. Not knowing where the vehicle was found makes it impossible to trace their route."

The above map shows where Samantha's car was located: The one below is a reprint from the preceding page of this story. As closely as I can determine, it looks to me as if the road referred to as .... Harveytown Road in the first map is actually the same as route 152 in the second map. If so, I'm guessing that's the route they took.

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Photo Number Three

The above photo is a house in which Chad Fulks once lived. It is located very near the other areas shown in the photos on this page. This means he is familiar with the area.

I'm wondering something. Did Samantha's vehicle have a personalized plate on the front of it that said .... S A M ??? Anyone know?

{{October 2004 Update: No one has ever bothered to answer this question:}}


Warning: The following photo's contain letters and/or numbers which probably had nothing to do with the disappearance of Samantha Burns. I doubt her abductors put them there, and I doubt that whoever did had any idea that some day they would play an important part in a murder case. I will explain why they are important after I present them.


Photo S or 5 ??

Photo B or 8 ??

Photo 817 - Joshua


Remember the story about the words and numbers that appeared in the steamed up mirror at my sister's house?

8-17 is my grandson Joshua's birthday. Remember how "birthday" was emphasized within the story and how it connected a cop to a child? In my honest opinion, I believe Samantha Burns could be located on August 17th, if there was a massive search of the area in which I'm trying to direct attention.

I took Joshua with me the night I went to my sister's house to see the "writing on the mirror." I also took my granddaughter Mariah, and although her birthday does not seem to be important in this matter, I'm wondering if her name isn't. It means "desert wind." It's usually pretty hot in August in this area.

Another person I took with me that night was my friend Judith. Her birthday is 6-13, and wouldn't you know, June 13th is when I had my first conversation with the individual who sent me these pictures!!

Yeah, it's psychic ... spiritual ..... whatever you want to call it ..... but I believe the arrow in the 817-Joshua picture points the way to where Samantha Burns is located.

Now, as for the other two photo's that no one seems to be able to agree upon .... some say they are strangely written letters ....{Remember the letters in the mirror? Some of them were written backward} ... and some say they are numbers.

Me? Oh, you know me by now .... I say they are both!!

I say they are S and B, each with a period after it, just like a person's initials should have. {Remember the P and the B in the mirror?} These were early "clues" that the spirit world knew only certain people would be aware of and be on the outlook for. They were usual. Thus I think the S. B. stands for Samantha Burns.

Of course they could be 8 and 5. Remember the number presented in the mirror 305? That totals [8]. 3 plus 0, plus 5 equals [8]. But of even more importance is the fact that Samantha contains [8] letters while Burns contains [5] letters. So, I rest my case. They are both numbers and letters, and they both indicate Samantha Burns and the area in which she was left.... at least that's my honest opinion and interpretation of the strange events thus far.

{{2007 Update: As far as I'm aware, there was no search conducted in August. There has been no response from any media source or any police agency. Samantha Burns and Alice Donovan remain missing:}}


Bonnie M. Wells



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