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WTAP News // Feb. 26, 2009

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Former Belpre Police Chief Dies

A former police chief with the Belpre Police Department died Thursday.

William D. "Buzz" Abbott was 67. He had served as a sergeant in the Belpre Police Department before he became chief. He also had served in the Washington County Sheriff's Office. He also had worked as private investigator.

Survivors include his wife Rebecca Abbott, his mother, Virginia Abbott of Belpre and two daughters.


In Memory Of Buzz

The last time I saw Buzz was at the Redwood Resturant in Belpre. He liked to hang out there, sip coffee, and reminise about the old days.

Funny, I'd been thinking of Buzz lately .... almost every time I watched the evening news, I thought of Buzz, and recalled those days, thirty some years ago, when I was a chapter leader in the John Birch Society and trying so hard to warn my fellow American's of the perrils of big government and nationalization.

Buzz always stopped by my house and picked up his copy of the monthly news letter and pamphlets that the society printed up, and of course we'd always have a discussion about something that was happening.

Then, I moved out of Belpre, decided to design and build a house, while raising my daughter and producing German Shepherd Dogs for police and other service work, and Buzz and I didn't get to chat as often as before.

Still, we remained friends and never failed to stop and chat for a moment whenever we ran into one another.

I remember the time I was at the Belpre homecoming -- Buzz had retired from the force by that time and wasn't in the best of health. We were talking politics, as usual, when he suddenly looked at me and said, "Bonnie, why don't you run for something in this county?"

Smart alec that I was {and have always been} I never missed a beat -- simply turned to face the Ohio River and struck a running pose as I replied -- "If you say 'go' now, I might have time to make it to the river before someone shoots my ass. And that's about as far as any 'run' I could ever make would get me!"

Buzz just howled with laughter! "Woman, you are really something," he laughed.

And I remember the night that Buzz, my daughter Christina, our friend Sindee and I sat at Hardee's until the wee hours of the morning talking about a serial killer in our midst .... that was the night that Roda Snyder was murdered.

Buzz told more than one person that he thought I was right on the money with my opionion of who the killer is --- but, it never done him any more good than it's ever done me.

Well, he's out of the old rat race now, and it just doesn't matter any more what anyone thinks or says.

He was my friend. I will miss him.

Rest in peace, my friend ..... and may God grant you a place at his side. Put in a good word for me if you get a chance!



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