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Investigators Found No Blood Evidence In Pregnant Woman’s Death

CANTON, Ohio (AP) — Investigators in the death of a pregnant woman found no blood in her bedroom or on the truck authorities say was used to dispose of her body by the former police officer accused in her killing, experts testified Thursday.

No traces of blood or significant fingerprints were found in Jessie Marie Davis’ bedroom, where investigators have said they found a mattress partially off the bed and a night stand and lamp knocked over, said Jay Spencer, a criminalist with the Canton-Stark County crime lab.

Bobby Cutts Jr., the father of Davis’ 2 1/2-year-old son and her unborn girl, is accused of strangling Davis last June and dumping her body in a park about 20 miles from her northeast Ohio home.

Chris Garnett, head of the evidence response team for the FBI’s Cleveland office, said his team searched Davis’ home, Cutts’ Chevy Silverado pickup and a Saturn Ion belonging to Cutts’ ex-wife. Garnett said they did not find any traces of blood in Cutts’ truck, only a handful of mulch. A blood detecting agent and ultraviolet lights were used.

Authorities have said previously that Cutts sprayed the back of his truck at a service station after disposing of Davis’ body. They’ve also said bleach was found on the flood of Davis’ bedroom.

Defense attorneys say prosecutors have no evidence linking Cutts to Davis’ killing. They have not challenged testimony from Cutts’ friend Myisha Ferrell that he dumped the body in the park.

Thousands searched for Davis in the area surrounding her home in the days she was missing after her death and before Cutts led authorities to the body.

Cutts, 30, could face the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder in the death of Davis and her fetus. He has pleaded not guilty and resigned from his post as a Canton patrolman.

Prosecutors say Cutts was feeling the pressure of his crumbling marriage, financial debt and supporting several children.

Cutts was 13 million times more likely than any other man to have fathered Davis’ unborn child, Michele Foster of the Stark County-Canton crime lab told the jury.

He would have owed another $365 a month in child support for the child, said Kim Hopwood of the Stark County Child Support Enforcement Agency. The amount is only a calculation and not a legal order.

That would have been added to the $1,200 a month the amount he paid for the three children he fathered with his ex-wife, Davis and a former girlfriend.

Prosecutors are expected to rest their case Friday. They have three witnesses left, including a medical examiner who ruled Davis died of homicidal violence but was unable to determine a more exact cause.

Former Officer's Friend Says He Threatened To Kill Pregnant Woman

CANTON, Ohio (AP) _ A former police officer threatened to kill his pregnant lover a month before she disappeared, a longtime friend testified Wednesday.

Bobby Cutts Jr. said he was going to kill her and "throw her in the woods," calling her a derogatory name, according to Richard Mitchell, who added that he didn't think his friend was serious.



After all this time, one would think that people would know and understand that when police officers 'threaten' to do bodily harm to someone, it's serious! It's more serious than if an average person made the same type of threats.

For example, I know of one member of law enforcement that has abandoned his family, after years of intimidation and emotional abuse; is now refusing to support his own child, even though there is a Child Care Enforcement Agency Administrative Order that he do just that, and has been threatening to 'set fire' to the home in which his former family lives.

So far no one seems willing to 'take his threats seriously' -- except the captive victims, that is! They are taking it all pretty seriously.

Personally, and in view of the fact that this 'officer' was written up for Dereliction Of Duty less than a year ago; and a few months earlier, had a 'cracky' spell in which he refused to go to work for several weeks, prowled the house day and night peeking out windows; crying, and refusing to seek medical attention, -- I think he should be taken quite seriously -- and probably 'taken' a few other places -- such as a mental ward where he could have his first mental evaluation, since he was employed without ever having one!

Diagnosed 'borderline alcoholic' more than a decade ago, his disease has silently progressed to the point that he has walked through his home in front of his little eight year old daughter stark naked, only to swear he has no memory of it the next day! In fact, that's what the Dereliction of Duty report said too ..... he failed to respond, and even failed to remember anything about the incident!! And yet, there he is -- a man of 'stature' as he says, in a town where all the judges are former law partners, and where the most recently elected judge was his lawyer before the election -- meanwhile, the woman in question, the mother of his child, has absolutely nowhere to turn, because she has no money to hire an attorney; the legal aid attorney she spoke with thought 'his' attorney was going to make a wonderful judge!! and didn't have the time to help the woman!!

So be it. But he needs to remember -- I'm out here, and I'm watching and documenting -- and if I've spent 17 years tracking a killer who has never really harmed anyone I know -- how long does he think I will watch him and gather evidence against him when he is hurting my friends? Better think about this J.E. Better think about it buddy -- and the next time someone tries to break into my home, they can expect a bullet right between their damned eyes, and that is a promise!

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