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Bonnie M. Wells

Pasco County Deputy Fired

NEW PORT RICHEY A Pasco County deputy is out of a job after investigators say he told a 13-year-old student he was falling in love with her.

Deputy Christopher Magavero, 42, worked as a school resource officer at River Ridge Middle School in New Port Richey.

Detectives say the student told school counselors, and Magavero admitted he made the remark.


Meanwhile, Here At Home In Ohio

By: Bonnie M. Wells

I'm always amazed when I see an article like the one above. It seems so foreign to how things are done in this area.

I know of several cases in this area in which police officers have been involved with teen aged girls - sometimes the cops were married men with children almost as old as the kid they were interested in - and yet, no one seems able to do anything about it.

I remember one case, back in 1998, in which a woman discovered that her 16 year old daughter was involved with a local 'city' cop, and she went to 'higher ups' to try to get something done. Didn't work. In fact, after the woman complained the officer's cruiser could be seen at her house almost daily! Neighbors gossiped about it, but that was about all that happened. Now I'm told that same 'officer' could easily be selected as 'Chief Of Police' next!

Another case I recall is an officer allowing a drug dealer to operate in 'his' town, in exchange for sexual favors from the dealer's wife! Nothing was ever done about that either.

In another town, just about an hours drive south of here, correction officers brag about carrying bags of 'Dumb Dumb Lolly Pops' to entice the little girls with!

Yeah, things are different in some areas, I guess.

Oh well, no one can ever say I stood in silence and allowed it to continue.

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Bonnie M. Wells

Oct 9, 2008 // BMW