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More Decisions Made in Sexual Allegation Case

More decisions have been made in connection with a sexual allegation case involving four Marietta and Washington County authority figures.

Marietta Safety-Service Director Chad Pressley says Sergeant Edward Wright has been demoted from a sergeant to a police officer, and is now back on duty.

Pressley says Officer Joseph Hilverding has been terminated.

The two police officers were accused of misconduct by 27-year-old Crystle Phillips.

Phillips also made allegations against two other authority figures.

Marietta Firefighter John Brooks was terminated for, among other things, allegedly having sex with Phillips in fire station one, while on duty.

And Sergeant Robert Eddy with the Washington County Sheriff's Department resigned after being questioned about the allegations.

Crystle Phillips, who made the allegations of misconduct against those authority figures, will now face a Grand Jury.

She was arrested a couple of weeks ago in connection with drug trafficking.

Phillips' preliminary hearing was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, but was dismissed and is now set to go to a Grand Jury.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says Phillips made the allegations after being informed she was going to be arrested on drug charges.

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