Oklahoma Sheriff Charged With Using Inmates As Sex Slaves

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Oklahoma Female Inmates Allegedly Made Into Sex Slaves, Forced Into Wet T-Shirt Contests

April 17, 2008


ARAPAHO, Okla. — Authorities have charged a western Oklahoma sheriff with coercing and bribing female inmates so he could use them in a sex-slave operation run out of his jail.

Custer County Sheriff Mike Burgess resigned Wednesday just as state prosecutors filed 35 felony charges against him, including 14 counts of second-degree rape, seven counts of forcible oral sodomy and five counts of bribery by a public official.

Burgess, the top officer in the county of 26,000 since 1994, appeared in court Wednesday was released after posting $50,000 bail.

A message left at Burgess’ home Thursday was not immediately returned.

Among other things, Burgess is accused of having sex with a female drug court participant who was in his custody. The crimes are to have occurred between October 2005 and April 2007.

A federal lawsuit filed in October claims Burgess told one drug court participant he would have her sent to prison if she didn’t comply with his sexual demands.

The lawsuit, filed by 12 former inmates, alleges the sheriff’s employees had them engage in wet T-shirt contests and offered cigarettes to those who would flash their breasts.

One prisoner alleged she became a jail trusty with more freedom after agreeing to perform a sex act on Burgess, but lost that status when she later refused.

Burgess also faces two counts each of sexual battery, rape by instrumentation and subornation of perjury, and one count each of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses, indecent exposure and kidnapping.

He could be sentenced to 467 years in prison if convicted on all counts, special prosecutor James Boring said, though a lesser sentence would be more likely.



What could anyone ever say that would make this mess sound less serious? Far be it from me to ever try to defend such actions. Personally, I think someone should start looking into every branch of law enforcement in this nation.

Based upon personal experience and things that I've seen others go through, law enforcement isn't what it is supposed to be -- perhaps it never has been..... however, that's no excuse for allowing such things to continue in the future.

I am somewhat perplexed though. I don't understand how charges against every cop in the country EXCEPT Belpre's Officer Dave Garvey can be mentioned and explained in the media as soon as it happens.

I wish someone could explain this to me, because those of this area {Washington County Ohio} have waited for several months now, just to learn exactly what Officer Garvey has been accused of.

Well, if I know the powers that be around here, they will sweep it under the rug and figure everyone will forget about it. Most will. One will NEVER forget .... and it's always that one that seems to be the problem for those who want to hide their actions from the world.

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