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Washington County, Ohio

Two women face charges for threatening a Marietta woman in her apartment Sunday afternoon in a drug related incident.

Nineteen-year old Maegan Schlicher, the daughter of former Washington County Sheriff Robert Schlicher, allegedly reported two people were in her apartment demanding drug money earlier Sunday afternoon.

Maegan's father, Robert Schlicher called the Marietta Police who responded to the Marietta residence.

According to police, 19-year-old Alicia Conant of Marietta, 19-year old Erica Earhart of Belpre, and another woman whose name was unavailable were in the apartment Sunday.

Police believe Conant and Earhart were threatening Schlicher for the money.

"I believe she indicated to her mother that they had a gun in their possession and she felt that she was in fear of something bad happening to her if she didn't come up with a hundred and fifty dollars," said Sgt. Edward Wright, Marietta Police Dept.

According to police, no guns were found but items that could be drugs were.

Drug charges could come out of this but none have been made.

Conant and Earhart face first degree misdemeanor charges of aggravated menacing and could each serve up to a year in prison.

Schlicher's boyfriend, 19-year old Zachary Sterling of Vienna allegedly lied to officials about who was in the apartment and was arrested for obstructing.

As of Sunday evening, officials planned to release each individual.



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