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Possible Felony Charges Sought

Summonses on hold for deputy and another man

A request for a summons for a Washington County sheriff’s deputy and a man he reportedly fought with last weekend are on hold as the investigation continues, officials said.

Sheriff Larry Mincks said rather than filing misdemeanor charges, officers are attempting to build a case that will be presented to a grand jury for possible felony indictment.

Detective Mark Tilton, 39, of Lowell, was accused March 21 of assaulting Andrew S. Mahoney, 39, of Lowell, after an argument.

Officers said Mahoney had been drinking and was in possession of a firearm.

Initially, officers requested misdemeanor summonses for assault and having a weapon while intoxicated.

Mincks said the argument was likely related to an internal affairs investigation that was the result of domestic violence charges filed against Tilton in February. He said Mahoney was asked to provide information for that investigation.

Mincks declined to say what possible felony charges are being examined in the investigation.

“We feel there is probably enough for felony indictments for both men,” Mincks said.

Tilton, a seven-year veteran officer, has been on military leave since September. He has been preparing a unit for deployment to Iraq.

Tilton has pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charges. No court date has been set.

Deputy Cuts A Deal, Quits

April 2, 2008 // Washington County, Ohio

Charges were dismissed Tuesday against a Washington County sheriff’s detective in exchange for his resignation, according to court officials.

The agreement also calls for Detective Mark Tilton, 39, of Lowell, to successfully complete alcohol and anger management programs within the next year.

Tilton, a seven-year officer, was accused of assaulting his wife, Teresa Tilton, 38, at their home. Tilton’s attorneys said the woman fabricated the accusation in order to put his career and livelihood in jeopardy.

The couple have since filed for divorce.

“This deal was in no way an admission of guilt,” said Rolf Baumgartel, Mark Tilton’s attorney.

Baumgartel said the agreement means his client will be able to continue his service in the U.S. Army. Tilton has been on military leave from the sheriff’s office since September as he is preparing a unit for deployment to Iraq.

With a domestic violence charge pending, Tilton was not permitted to carry a gun.

An investigation is still ongoing into a March 21 incident where Tilton is accused of assaulting a man after a card game in Lowell.

Sheriff Larry Mincks said he is attempting to build felony cases against Tilton and the other man involved in the incident, Andrew S. Mahoney, 39, of 308 Bear Creek Road, Lowell.

Mincks said the fight was likely in response to an internal affairs investigation being conducted by the sheriff’s office relating to the domestic violence charges. He said Mahoney was recently asked to provide information about the couple.

“That investigation is still ongoing and I expect it to be completed very soon and forwarded to the prosecutor for possible charges,” Mincks said.

Baumgartel called the investigation “a witch hunt” and said his client only tried to disarm a man who had been drinking and making threats.

“A guy pulls a gun and he tries to take it away and now he’s facing a felony?” Baumgartel asked. “It’s crazy. The facts are that the other guy had the gun and the other guy had been drinking.”

Tilton had served as the head of the department’s drug task force and computer crime division.


My Comments

I wish our sheriff a lot of luck. I've seen many, many people turned loose in this area, when they really should have gone to prison for what they did.

One such case was that of William Richard Bauerbach, who was accused of raping a 12 year old girl in 1998.

First of all the prosecuting attorney {Mike Spahr} waited 2 years before even seeking an indictment against the man, and then turned around and kicked all our cops and everyone in this area in the teeth when he dropped all the charges and allowed this worthless piece of crap to walk out scott free the very day the case came into the court room.

I've said many times that it does not matter to me who a person is or what 'job title' they hold. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

ANYONE who breaks our laws should face the consequences of their action -- and ANYONE who knows me will tell you, I honestly do believe this, and it doesn't matter WHO the lawbreaker is.... family, friend or foe.

I am a staunch supporter of our police .... but in my opinion, there is NOTHING worse than a person who has been trusted with upholding our laws, and then uses that position to wrack havoc on the lives of those around them. And there again, it matters not in the least who that person is .... although if they were a friend of mine in the beginning, I doubt they will be in the end, as I tend to separate myself from this type of person.

Former Detective, Wife, Sue Sheriff’s Office Over Guns

By Brad Bauer, bbauer@mariettatimes.com // May 9th, 2008:

A former Washington County sheriff’s detective will not face felony charges out of a March incident in which he was accused of assaulting a man.

The former officer, Mark Tilton, 39, of Lowell, filed suit against the sheriff’s office Thursday, claiming they refuse to return his property.

Despite calls for a felony prosecution from Sheriff Larry Mincks, the special prosecutor assigned to the case determined only misdemeanor charges are appropriate.

“There will be charges filed, but not (felony) charges,” said special prosecutor Cliff Sickler of Noble County. “I consulted with a number of folks to get a handle on this situation. This is what I determined was appropriate.”

Sickler said he expects to charge Tilton with misdemeanor counts of aggravated menacing and assault for striking Andrew S. Mahoney, 39, of Lowell, after an argument March 21.

Mincks has said the argument was likely related to an internal affairs investigation that was the result of domestic violence charges filed against Tilton in February. He said Mahoney was asked to provide information for that investigation.

Mahoney also faces the possibility of charges out of the incident. Officers said he had been drinking and was in possession of a firearm at the time of the incident.

Tilton resigned from the sheriff’s office April 1 in exchange for the dismissal of the domestic violence charges against him.

Tilton maintained there was no domestic violence and that his wife, Teresa, who also worked for the sheriff’s office, had fabricated the story to put his career in jeopardy.

The couple filed for divorce, but have since reconciled, said Bill Burton, the couples’ attorney.

On Thursday, the Tiltons filed suit against Mincks and the sheriff’s office because, they claim, the sheriff refuses to return two of their guns.

The guns were taken by the sheriff’s office in response to a civil protection order that came out of the domestic violence charges, Mincks said.

“I would assume we will be returning those items; it is just a matter of the appropriate paperwork processing,” Mincks said.

Burton said the civil protection order was no longer in effect once the domestic violence charges were dismissed. That was more than a month ago.

“Teresa, the alleged domestic violence victim, went in (Wednesday) and requested the guns back and was denied them,” Burton said. “She couldn’t even get her own gun. That is stunning to me.”

Teresa Tilton, 37, worked as a corrections officer at the Washington County Jail until she was recently fired.

Burton said he is preparing another suit based on her termination. He said the firing was against all union rules.

Last month, Mincks said Teresa Tilton was also the target of an internal investigation.

“Other than to say she was terminated for a violation of our rules and regulations and code of conduct, I can’t really elaborate,” the sheriff said.

As for possible misdemeanor charges being filed against Mark Tilton, Mincks said he would trust the prosecutor’s judgment. Earlier, he withdrew misdemeanor charges in favor of pursuing possible felony counts.

“That is a decision he made based on our investigation,” Mincks said. “He’s the man that has to prosecute the case.”

Mark Tilton was set to deploy this week to Iraq with a U.S. Army Reserves unit he commands. Burton said his client was held back because of the pending charges.

“The individual penalty he is paying is so great it is incomprehensible,” Burton said.

Charges Filed Against Tilton

May 16, 2008

Misdemeanor charges of assault and aggravated menacing have been filed against a former Washington County sheriff’s detective out of a March incident in which he is accused of striking and threatening another man.

The sheriff’s office had sought felony charges against Mark Tilton, 39, of Lowell, but a special prosecutor determined misdemeanor counts were appropriate.

Tilton resigned from the sheriff’s office April 1 in exchange for domestic violence charges against him being dropped.

According to a complaint filed with Marietta Municipal Court, Tilton threatened to kill 39-year-old Andrew S. Mahoney, also of Lowell, after a card game on March 21. The complaint says Mahoney got into his vehicle, where Tilton later struck him through a rolled-down window.

The complaint says an internal affairs investigation of Tilton, for which Mahoney was interviewed, was a factor in the argument. Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks said Tilton could still face a felony charge of intimidation of a witness because of that.

Charges may also be filed against Mahoney, who police say was drinking and in possession of a firearm at the time.

Tilton and his wife, Teresa, a former sheriff’s office employee with whom he has since reconciled, filed suit against the sheriff’s office this month, claiming they refuse to return two guns taken when a civil protection order was filed. The order has been dropped.

Tilton Acquitted

Jun 27, 2008 // WTAP NEWS

A jury has decided that a former Washington County Sheriff's Detective is not guilty of assaulting a man after a card game.

Mark Tilton was originally facing two misdemeanor charges of assault and aggravated menacing from that March incident.

Tilton's attorney says the Prosecutor dismissed one of those charges early in the day on Friday.

After closing arguments, the jury deliberated for 30 minutes before finding Tilton not guilty on all charges.

Tilton Acquitted Then Arrested

Jun 30, 2008 // WTAP NEWS

A former Washington County Sheriff's detective who was acquitted of his legal problems Friday got himself into more trouble the next day.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department says Mark Tilton was charged with DUI after crashing into an embankment on I-77 Saturday night.

Tilton faces more than the normal penalty for DUI because this is in direct violation of a plea agreement Tilton signed in the spring.

One of the terms the domestic violence plea agreement says that Tilton cannot drink alcohol.

Officials are notifying the special prosecutor that handled Titlon's case.

Friday, Tilton was acquitted of assault charges that resulted from a March card game.

My Comments

It's beginning to sound as if Mike Spahr is back! The cops do their jobs, bring them in, and someone turns them loose! How many chances are they going to give this guy?

See below article. Seems he's 'at it again'!

Former Deputy Facing Domestic Violence Charges

WTAP News / Dec 25, 2008 / Reporter: Lauren Keeling Email Address: lauren.keeling@wtap.com

Officials with the Washington County Sheriff's Department say Mark Tilton is behind bars this Christmas for punching his wife on Christmas Eve.

Deputies were called to the Tilton home in Lowell after a 911 hangup.

Officials say when interviewed, Tilton's wife, Teresa, said her husband was drunk, and an argument started. Deputies say the argument escalated to the point that Tilton punched his wife in the face and then fled from the home.

Tilton was caught in the woods nearby after being tracked by the K-9 Unit.

He is facing domestic violence and resisting arrest charges, and is in the Washington County Jail in lieu of bond.

Tilton is a former detective with the Washington County Sheriff's Department, who resigned amid legal trouble last spring.

He was acquitted of the assault charges in June.

My Comments

How long is this going to continue? And how many times will 'the system' allow the charges to be dropped? Someone better wake up, and if the remedy includes aditional charges against someone else, then so be it. Sometimes you have to play hard ball with idiots.

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