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2007 - A Deadly Year

Cops Stealing Cocaine & Selling It, Zanesville, Ohio

Marietta, Ohio Cop Charged With Child Endangerment

Has Lady Justice Became A Hooker? - Athens, Ohio

Firefighter Arrested

Corrections Officer Arrested

Mayor's Court-Hanging Rock, Ohio

Double Dipping Cops

Youngstown, Ohio Cop Accused Of Selling Cocaine

Sheriff Under Investigation

Belpre, Ohio Cop Accused Of Criminal Activity

Prosecutor's Secretary - Drug Charge

Parole Officer - Drug Charge

Senator Pleads Guilty

Dentist Pleads Guilty

Former Sheriff Schlicher's Daughter Threatened Over Drug Money

Former State Police Trooper Indicted on Assault Charges

Mayor Accused Of Road Rage

More Tickets, Please!

Cops Indicted - Wellston, Ohio

Middleport Officer Suspended

Former Cop On Trial For Murder

Wash.Co. Ohio: Detective Seevers Retiring

Wash.Co. Ohio: Deputy Scott Parks Shot In The Face; Judge Orders Silence

Columbus Ohio: Attorney Barry Mentser Pleads Guilty In Statehouse Sex Sting

Connecting The Dots {DNA}

Washington County Deputy Mark Tilton

Former L.A. Cop Mark Arneson Accused Of Illegally Tapping Phones, Accessing Data Bases

Oklahoma Sheriff Charged With Sex Crimes

Drug Bust In Jackson, Ohio Nets 4.4 Million!

Ohio: Wellston Attorney Randy Dupree Indicted For Violation of Ohio Revised Code 2907.323, "Illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance."

Ohio: Officer Dave Garvey Indicted - 4 Felony Counts

Ohio: Washington County Grand Jury Indictments For 4-08

Pleading Innocence

Dave Garvey Sues Belpre PD, Officers Fields & Williams

Courtroom Quotes

Catapal Crimes

Addictions; cat burglars; escape attempts; murder for hire; crime at its hairiest!

LA. Trooper IDs Body Unclaimed Since His Boyhood

Charges Dropped Against Garvey

Gravey; Charges & The Ohio Revised Code

Drug Money Given To Law Enforcement

Ohio Supreme Court Seeks Public Comments

Ohio Supreme Court Disbars Attorney Hickman

Ohio Supreme Court Disbars Attorney Marosan

2008 - President Bush - Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act

42 Year Old Officer Fired After Telling 13 Year Old He Was In Love With Her

Jackson Cop Threatens Lives Of Chief & Others

More Washington County Style: Felonies Reduced To Misdemeanors

Chief Of Police Arrested For Drunk Driving

Noble Co. Sheriff & His Wife Resign

Marietta Cops-Fireman, Sex Accusations

Sheriff Mike Byrd Indicted On 31 Counts



Detective Robert Surgenor / Author of NO FEAR


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Is 'At It Again'!

ViCAP Goes 'Online'

The Justice Withheld Series

N.C. News & Observer:

"Innocent people wrongfully and often deliberately convicted of crimes: Should be a red flag to every American, and well worth the time to read" - BMW

State Bar Accuses Two Of Misconduct

Bar Calls Ex-DA's Actions Felonies

Death & Doubt

Woman Robbed Of Freedom, Love

Truth, Love Trump Injustice

Cheating Prosecutors Ruin Lives

Ex-Prosecutors Fight Sanctions

A Rape Case Totters; A Marines Life Falls Apart

A Deal That Cut

Withheld Info Leads To New Trial

Former State Lawyers Cleared

Multiple Misdeeds

Should DA Have To Tell All?

Da Turned Blind Eye To Evidence

Union County Prosecutor To Resign

N.C. Prosecutors Stiffled Evidence

Investigator Blames Prosecutor

Reprimands In Gell Case

Bar Panel To Review Hoak, Groves Case

Gell Files Suit Over Prosecution

Lawyers Plead For Clemency

Key Vote Expected On Executions

Black Plans Death Penalty Pannel

Black Delays Vote To Hault Executions

SPECIAL: From the same region of our nation as the above series, comes yet another bizarre situation:

The Duke Lacrosse Team


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