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Police seeking missing Pike woman

Crystal Gayle (Branham) Hall, 24-year-old white female, of 108 Kentucky Ave. Apt 16 in Pikeville, has been reported as a missing person to Kentucky State Police Post 9.

Hall is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs approximately 107 pounds and is of fair complexion. She has shoulder length red hair and brown eyes. Mrs. Hall possibly has the tattoo H on a lower leg. Her teeth are reported as straight.

She was last seen on Kentucky Avenue in Pikeville, but has not contacted any family since March 1. Anyone with information of Hall's whereabouts is asked to contact Kentucky State Police Post 09 at (800) 222-5555, or (606) 433-7711.

Webslueths: 4/30/09:

Still No Sign Of Missing Woman

A Pike County woman is still missing after more than two months.

25-year-old Crystal Gayle Branham Hall was last seen in Pikeville on March 1st.

Police are investigating and now her family is begging for answers.

Her family members say she would never leave like this without telling them and say she never left her young children.

The family and police are searching everywhere for her and asking for help.

Crystal Gayle Branham Hall's family just celebrated her 25th birthday on Monday without her.

They have not seen or talked to her in two months.

“Oh, I miss her a lot. I hate it. I just can't go through the day hardly without,” Myrtle Branham said.

Hall's grandmother Myrtle Branham takes care of two of her young sons.

Branham says her granddaughter visited or called the boys every night to say good night. She has not called since March 1st.

“Her little boys miss her calling and telling them good night. They ask every night why hasn't she called and I give them some excuse,” Branham said.

Police are investigating her disappearance.

They say she was last seen March 1st at her sister's apartment in Pikeville.

Her family says she was there alone the last time someone talked to her on the phone.

She had no car.

Her purse and coat were still inside the apartment when she went missing.

“She just disappeared. There's no sign of her, nobody knows, no friends know where she's at,” Branham said.

“She's loved more than what she knows she is. Her whole family is out there looking for her,” Elitha Collins said.

“It’s just hard to go through with no lead at all. Nowhere of finding where she might be,” Branham said.

Her family is begging for help.


Info about Crystal Hall on Kentucky State Police web site: KY State Police

Information That Has Been Sent To Me:


I guess my first question would be why you placed Crystal on your web page? Did a family member ask you to look into it?

I started going through all the web sites dealing with Crystal, when I came upon yours.

You named Crystal and Megan Maxwell as having similarities to Kimberly Sue Jones, who has been missing from West Virginia since Feb 3.

I read through the dream section and found it quite interesting....One dreamer mentioned March 17 as a significant date....(The day the news first reported Crystal missing)

Another dreamer mentioned a dream about a rare crystal....(My niece's name is Crystal)

{{NOTE: Portions withheld, but it does fit into another dream reported on this web site: // BMW}}

Her sister (which she stayed with,) lived with a man with the last name of Martin.

You have another person named Crystal Gail (Soles) as a missing person.

Some other dates and materials mentioned on your site have similarities also.

Coincidence or what! Am I just trying to find the similarities or are these some similarities that you have found?

I use to have feelings when something bad was coming up or have dreams of my aunt or grandmother telling me what would happen to a family member.

I haven't had any feelings or dreams in about a year, but a song that came to me when I prayed for a dream or something to help me find Crystal.

Bonnie, I would like to thank you for all you have done to get the word out about Crystal!

{{NOTE: I wrote and asked what the song was: // BMW}}

REPLY: "The song was Dead and Gone by Justin Timberlake...I could hear it all night and as I was waking."

After being visciously attacked for my 'evil' work on these missing girl cases {See my page on Murder In Otway for full details} I sent Crystal's aunt copies of what was being said, so she could decide for herself whether Crystal's case should remain on my wicked, warped and evil web site. Here's her reply:


I was searching the internet looking for clues and information to help me find my niece. At this time, its all I can do to help. No matter what anyone else is saying, I thank you for getting information out there about her. I'm sure the other families feel the same. If at least one person is getting information out there, no matter where it comes from, it is helping!

I am a religous person, even though I don't know what all the Bible says. I have heard, seen, and dreamed about enough things in my life, that I believe there are other people out there that can do the same. That is why I am so angry about not being able to do anything about finding Crystal. I knew about other things that were going to happen throughout my life through these dreams, visions, and words/sounds that I heard. If that makes me psycho or psychic let others decide, because I don't really care what others think. All I want to know is why when I need it most, there is nothing! I want to find my niece!!!!

Again, thank you for your internet site because you are getting word out there, so we can possibly find her!

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