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Sexual Violence, Homicide And

The Criminal Mind

Written by Roy Hazelwood

w/Stephen G. Michaud:

The list below contains quotes taken from the pages of Dark Dreams: They are placed here in hopes the reader will consider the experience and expertise of the author of Dark Dreams, and realize that his words of warning and wisdom can educate people and perhaps save lives.

Sexual Sadists

The most resourceful, destructive, and elusive of all deviant offenders is the ritualistic sexual sadist:

The sexual sadist is a meticulous planner, spending inordinate amounts of time inside his own head.

He may devote months or even years imagining his intended crime, turning it over in his mind, playing with it, as one might examine a prism in a sunbeam, studying all the different ways it refracts the light.

This talent for planning is an important reason why police agencies try to learn whether a sexual sadist is responsible for any crime under investigation.

Sexual sadists are sexually voracious, indiscriminate, capable in many instances of coupling with humans of either sex or any age, as well as animals and inanimate objects as the opportunity presents itself.

The vast majority of sexual sadists in our study - twenty-nine out of thirty - were whites of European descent.

The key to (one sexual sadists) success was patient and obsessive planning. In some cases he invested up to two years in preparation before carrying out an assault. These offenders also tended to come from middle-class or higher families.

The fact that some of the most heinous offenders operating in North America had no arrest history is a strong testament to their planning and intelligence.

Jon Barry Simonis was a former star high school athlete with a full-scale IQ of 128 (the average is 90-110). By his own count,

Simonis raped and battered as many as seventy-five women across at least twelve states.

The sexual sadist Gerald John Schaeref is believed to have killed more than twenty women -- and he was a deputy sheriff. Thirteen (of the study group) were married and fifteen were fathers.

Nine of them committed incest with their children. One of the men in the survey, Gerald Gallego, is believed responsible for ten murders. In addition to his crimes against strangers, Gallego reportedly forced himself on his daughter from her childhood well into her teens. On one occasion he allegedly assaulted her anally as a birthday present! Another time he is said to have sexually assaulted both his daughter and a female friend who was visiting.

(Some of the study group) had a history of voyeurism, obscene phone calls and exhibitionism.

The longer a sexual offender fantasizes prior to committing his crimes, the more specific his desired victim's characteristics will be.

As a result of the great amount of time (the ritualistic criminal) spends in fantasizing, this imaginative offender develops highly specific selection standards for his victims. He may seek out an aberrant, albeit noncriminal, sexual experience even as he is committing rapes and murders.

The sexual offender is never fully inactive. He may not be acting out against a specific victim, but he will be making plans, selecting new targets, acting out against other victims, or gathering materials. He is never dormant.

The development of a ritualistic offender's fantasy is similar to the production of a stage play. The central figure is the playwright-director, the offender. In his fantasies, he scripts the action, chooses the settings, and selects the props. Of course, he casts himself (who else?) as the star, but he also requires a co-star - his victim. Once he has fully developed the criteria for her, he's ready to begin his search for someone to play that role. When the play is ready to open, the crime is about to occur.

Sexually sadistic offenders habitually plan their crimes in much greater detail than do other criminals. (the victim) was not a random victim of violence. She was chosen well in advance of the abduction, and the area to which (the killer) took her was carefully preselected.

Sexual sadists almost invariably are psychopaths. (The killer) exhaustively considered the subject of body disposal. Once the victim was captured, the ultimate disposal site should be no more than an hour's drive away, he said, and the grave should be predug.

Experienced sexual crimes investigators know that when an offender commits his crimes in a ritualistic manner, they should contact local prostitutes. He likely has attempted to enact with them the same fantasies he plays out with his victims.

Some ritualistic offenders (most commonly sexual sadists) act out fantasies with compliant victims, usually wives or girlfriends. Other times, they were rehearsal partners, stand-ins for future victims.

Personality disorders are common among sexual offenders. Narcissism is the most common personality disorder among sexual offenders. He displayed a strong presumption of entitlement

These are the classic characteristics of a narcissist.

The narcissist demands constant admiration.

The narcissist offender expresses himself most revealingly in the ways he preserves a record of his crimes for later use.

He may keep "diaries," write manuscripts, logs or journals. "Calendars" help him plan and remember dates. He may draw maps, invent codes, take photographs, or record audiotapes and videotapes.

Many law enforcement officers have learned the hard way that it is a mistake to uncritically accept what an offender tells you.

Extreme narcissism leads the criminal to the belief that he is superior to everyone in general, and to law enforcement in particular.

Law enforcement should be deeply grateful for the narcissistic personality disorder; it is the serial sexual offender's Achilles' heel.

You can almost take for granted that after a while the bulletproof syndrome will set in, and he will begin to take unnecessary risks.

Boredom will push him in search of the bigger jolt he gets from pushing the envelope, risking more.


Perhaps the most frightening personality disorder is that of the psychopath.

Psychopaths do not feel remorse or shame, guilt or appropriate fear.

They do not learn from punishment.

They are easily bored.

They like excitement.

They find it difficult to delay gratification, no matter where their self-interest may lie.

Psychopaths are chronic liars, even when they have no need or reason to lie. They have no understanding of, or concern for, the harm they cause others.

Billy Lee Chadd, a native San Diegan, husband and father, described himself as a "normal, easy going guy." Eventually, he claimed to have killed scores of people. (In one case...) Chad strangled her and used a steak knife to stab her repeatedly in the neck.

Roy Hazelwood speaking..."From my experience with this type of killer, I believe that had Chadd thought his wife would countenance such behavior, eventually he would have involved her in his sexual fantasy and possibly in the crimes themselves."

Dark Dreams is highly recommended by me as a source of valuable information on the serial offender......

Bonnie M. Wells

The Duplication Series

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Patty Martin-Fulton

#2: The Symbolic Duplication Of Me-

Bonnie Martin-Wells

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Mysde Evans

Note: If, after reading the Duplication Series, you don't recognize at least a dozen of the above listed characteristics from Dark Dreams in my Wild Bill character, would you please send me an e-mail and tell me.

And for God's sake, if you know anyone who has more of the characteristics than Wild Bill get away from him as fast as possible, and "try" to turn him in to your local law enforcement.

It may not work any better than it has here, but at least the day will never come when any prosecuting attorney, sheriff or other member of law enforcement can look you {or me} in the eye and say ..."If we'd been informed, we could have done something!" I don't intend to ever hear those words.

This maniac's actions will NOT be blamed on my negligence or ignorance..... ever!

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Washington County, Ohio Grand Jury Indictments

March 2000

Three area men indicted on rape charges A Reno man and two Belpre men were indicted for rape by the Washington County Grand Jury Friday.

Rex L. Hill, 49, of Marietta Township 540 in Reno, faces up to 30 years in prison and fines up to $60,000 on two counts of rape and two counts of corrupting a minor. Hill is accused of raping a 12-year-old girl and corrupting a 16-year-old girl. The incidents, investigators say, have happened since the fall of 1999. Hill’s bond was set at $250,000 in Marietta Municipal Court Thursday.

William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998. See Footnote # 1:

Stanley Bennett, 49, of 406 1/2 Main St. in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape for an incident that occurred in late summer in 1997 involving a 14-year-old

Other indictments by the Washington County Grand Jury were:

Janet Bruce, 42, of 1103 Colegate Drive and Karen Samuels, 45, of 710 Ninth St., charged with burglary. Bruce faces nine burglary charges and six theft charges. Samuels faces four burglary charges and two counts of theft. A third party involved with Bruce and Samuels, Richard E. Smith, 32, of Ross Correctional Institute in Cincinnati, is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property and having weapons. See Footnote #2:

Both the Marietta Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office have been investigating a string of burglaries that Bruce and Samuels are thought to have committed. Many of the burglaries occurred in a two-mile radius of the Pit Stop at the I-77 interchange

David L. Beaver, 47, of Newport, faces two counts of domestic violence, two counts of violating a protection order, kidnapping and felonious assault. Beaver is accused of hiding in his girlfriend’s vehicle and attacking her from the back seat. When the girlfriend pulled the car over, Beaver beat her head against the pavement and kicked her. The woman managed to break away, scramble back into the car and drive off.

Charles S. Williams, 30, of Parkersburg, charged with one count of burglary and three counts of grand theft. The charges stem from incidents in January and February in Belpre where Williams rented a furnished apartment and decided to take the furniture when he moved out. He is accused of paying a man $200 to steal all the furniture from the apartment. He is also accused of stealing a blank check from his landlord and making it out to himself.

Donald J. Covey, 25, 127 Ward St., was charged with having weapons while under disability. Originally reported as a domestic violence suspect, Covey reportedly left his home with a 12-gauge shotgun. Having been previously charged with a drug offense, Covey now faces felony charges for possession of a weapon.

Kevin M. Friend II, 23, 133 Maple Drive, Williamstown, was charged with theft and safe cracking. While an employee at Damon’s, he is accused of breaking into a safe and taking $9,762 in cash on Feb. 6.

Jeffrey A. Ash, 39, of Friendly, W.Va., was charged with passing bad checks in July and November 1999. Ash allegedly wrote two checks to Steve’s Vans & Accessories for $863 and $223 and a third check for $5,800 to Big 4 Suzuki-Yamaha & Kawasaki.

Joshua C. Antill, 18, Marietta Route 1, is charged with two counts of complicity to commit theft, safe cracking and one count of complicity to commit burglary. Antill and two juveniles are accused of breaking into a home on Ohio 676 Nov. 10, 1999 and taking a 9-mm. pistol, cash and a safe. The safe contained $3,200 in cash and $13,000 in jewelry. The juveniles’ cases were bound over to the Washington County Juvenile Court.

Rodney Snyder, 49, of 738 George St., in Belpre, was charged with one count of felonious assault stemming from a Jan. 31 incident in Belpre. Snyder is accused of attacking a man with an 18-inch metal ratchet.

Deana J. Beaver, 35, of 710 Barlow Ave. in Barlow, was charged with one count of theft. She is accused of stealing $18,000 worth of cash and checks from the Belpre branch of the Marietta Savings Bank between March and November 1999 while an employee of the bank. Thus far, Beaver has returned $16,000 of the money.

Footnote #1: The charges against William Richard Bauerbach of 1924 Washington Blvd. Belpre, Ohio were dropped by Prosecuting Attorney Michael Spahr on July 26th, 2000, just as the case was coming into the court room: Reasoning: Lack of physical evidence reduced the case to Bauerbach's word against the alleged victim's word:

Footnote #2: Janet Bruce served her time and has since been released from prison

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